Real Name: Ibn Bheik (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Falconer, criminal, sheik

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsBrutus, Daisy Kane, Pettishford, Cleo Vanderlip

Enemies: Amos Culhane, Dakota North, Ricky North

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Grindelwald, Switzerland

First Appearance: Dakota North I#4 (December, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Sheik Ibn Bheik was an accomplished falconer, accustomed to using his falcon Brutus to attack his foes. He was vastly wealthy and has a number of men on his payroll who were well equipped with artillery.


(Dakota North I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Cleo Vanderlip contacted her ally in Switzerland, Sheik Ibn Bheik, to help her find a gold pen full of experimental nerve gas, which was being carried by Ricky North aboard the Orient Express along with her agents Daisy Kane. The Sheik ordered his man Pettishford to get them aboard his private car on the train, so that it could be dislodged in Switzerland.

(Dakota North I#4) - When the Sheik learned that Ricky had escaped, he was furious as he noted the publicity would lead Ricky's allies to them. He let his falcon Brutus scratch at Pettishford's face, seemingly killing him and disgusting Daisy, who he let live as Cleo had her own plans for Daisy. Sheik noticed Ricky on a nearby hill and he marshaled his men, on horseback, to hunt him down. The Sheik directly attacked Dakota North, who was seeking to protect her brother, avoiding her blows and gassing her into submission. She woke up in restraints in his home, where Ricky and her ally Amos Culhane were tied up as well. Ricky refused to reveal the location of the pen, so the Sheik had his falcon Brutus destroy several little birds, then threatened to send Brutus against Dakota.

(Dakota North I#5) - As the Sheik and his men kept searching for the pen, the Sheik furiously sent Brutus against Dakota, who managed to duck it at the last second, though tied to a chair. As the bird flew at her again, Ricky sarcastically asked her to be quiet while he watched cartoons. The bird tore open Dakota's pants as the Sheik and his men laughed, then she managed to arrange herself so the claws slashed through her ropes. She kicked Brutus, who flew down at her again. Dakota managed to break the leg off her chair and she knocked the bird out of the air. Furious, Sheik grabbed Ricky and put his chair in a pool of water. He then grabbed the TV, threatening to drop it and electrocute him, but Dakota jumped at Ricky and knocked him free. Sheik drew a gun, determined to end things, but Amos managed to trip him, causing Sheik to drop the TV and electrocute himself. Dakota freed Amos and Ricky and they jumped at the others as Ricky revealed he'd hid the pen in the pocket of one of the men. He grabbed the pen and forced them to drop their guns or he would break the pen. The trio rushed out and found a car to escape in, not noticing one of the men had stolen the pen again. The Sheik and his men fought over the pen, breaking it open and setting the gas free, and Dakota soon found them dead.

Comments: Created by Martha Thomases and Tony Salmons.

Profile by Chadman.

Sheik Ibn Bheik has no known connections to


(Dakota North I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Brutus was the trained falcon of Sheik Ibn Bheik, used to savagely attack any of the Sheik's foes.

(Dakota North I#4) - The Sheik had Brutus slash at the face of Pettishford, seemingly killing him. Later, Brutus killed several small birds as the Sheik sought to intimidate Dakota North.

(Dakota North I#5) - At the Sheik's orders, Brutus flew at the captive Dakota repeatedly, slashing her leg and unintentionally tearing her ropes free. She kicked the bird, then knocked it from the air with a chair leg.

--Dakota North I#4 (Dakota North I#4 (fb) - BTS, 4-5


(Dakota North I#4) - Pettishford greeted Daisy Kane and Ricky North on the private car of Sheik Ibn Bheik on the Orient Express. He agreed to get Ricky a chocolate malt. Ricky was surprised to see a change in terrain out the window, not knowing the entire train car had been dislodged. Daisy distracted him further by showing him all the Sheik's guns. Ricky kept playing poker with Daisy, not knowing the car was moving independently in Switzerland toward the Sheik's estate. When she asked about his pen again, Pettishford grew furious and grabbed a gun as she seized the wheel. Pettishford demanded the pen, but Ricky kicked him in the stomach, kissed Daisy, and jumped free of the car as it crashed into the building. The Sheik was furious at the wounded Pettishford and Daisy for their failure. He had his falcon Brutus scratch at Pettishford's face, seemingly killing hm.

--Dakota North I#4 (Dakota North I#4 (fb) - BTS, 4

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Dakota North I#5, p3, pan2 (main)
Dakota North I#4, p16, pan4 (2nd)
Dakota North I#5, p6, pan4 (Brutus)
Dakota North I#4, p4, pan2 (Pettishford)

Dakota North I#4-5 (December, 1986-February, 1987) - Martha Thomases (writer), Tony Salmons (penciler/inker), Larry Hama (editor)

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