Real Name: Aurelio Santurce

Identity/Class: Human cyborg (citizen of San Gregario?) - see comments

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Franco Santera,  the "Tera Squad"

Enemies: Venom (Eddie Brock), Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch/Noble Kale), Stigmata, various nuns

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Venom: Sign of the Boss#1 (September, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: The lower half of Teraknid's body has been replaced with a 8-legged mechanical assemblage. At least two of the mechanical legs contain venom injectors. The venom contained therein was sufficiently powerful to temporarily paralyze the super-powered Stigmata - and Teraknid hinted that a larger dosage could kill. Additionally, Teraknid is somewhat immune to the effects of his own venom


History: (Venom: Sign of the Boss#2 (fb)) - Teraknid was hired by San Gregarian dictator Franco Santera to attack him at a speaking engagement in the United States, in order to elicit sympathy for himself and verify his recent conversion to Christianity. Santera intended to reason with his 'attackers' and show them the error of their ways - all on live television, of course.

(Venom: Sign of the Boss#1) - Teraknid attended Santera's speech at St. Jude's Cathedral in the Bronx ingognito (well, with his eight mecha-spider legs poking out from under his trenchcoat), along with his goons. In the middle of the speech, the goons leapt out of their seats, firing their guns into the air and taking all present (including Danny Ketch, his friend Melissa Maro, and Eddie Brock (disguised as a nun)) hostage. Stigmata, Santera's bodyguard, took out a number of the goons, but was quickly stopped by Teraknid, who revealed himself and injected her with his poison, paralyzing her. With the only opposition neutralized, Teraknid began to rant about the unforgivable sins of Santera and announcing his impending execution, making sure that the TV cameras were rolling. Sadly, the only TV crew present was from public access…

   Just as Teraknid prepared to have his men execute Santera's wife, Venom burst up through the floor, having been assigned by his then-employers, the US government, to watch Santera. He tore through the goons, only to find himself facing Teraknid himself (whose name and dialogue he found hilarious). Teraknid injected Venom with his toxin, which the symbiote quickly (and messily) purged. He then proceeded to tear off Teraknid's venom-injecting leg and stabbed him with it, poisoning him with his own venom. Teraknid collapsed to the floor.

(Venom: Sign of the Boss#2) - Teraknid stood up, shakily, having metabolized the poison. He recounted the plans he'd made with Santera in his head - plans that had been disrupted by both Venom and the newly-arrived Ghost Rider. He planned to salvage the mission by poisoning the two battling anti-heroes before they could cause any more trouble - but that was dashed when Sister Maryann, one of the hostage nuns, clobbered him from behind with a statue. Out cold, Tera.

Comments: Created by Ivan Velez, Tom Derenick and Chris Ivy.

    Mocked by Venom, poisoned by his own toxins, and KO'd by a nun - and on top of that, his name's 'Teraknid'. He's lucky Scourge isn't around anymore….still, if the Cockroach Conspiracy needs some arthropod-themed muscle, they could do worse.

    It doesn't look like there's enough room for Teraknid's actual legs to fit inside the spider-walker, so he either lost his legs in an accident, or had them amputated to accommodate the walker..

    Teraknid inserted various Spanish phrases into his dialogue, as Spanish-speaking comic characters are wont to do - he may be from San Gregario, like Santera, or from any number of other Spanish-speaking countries.

His real name was revealed in Anti-Venom's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#14.

Profile by Minor Irritant

Clarifications: Teraknid, hilarious enemy of Venom and Ghost Rider, has no known connection to


The "Tera Squad"

    Teraknid's goons were hired to help further the charade of Franco Santera's phony assassination attempt. After they revealed themselves at Santera's speech, many of them were taken out by Stigmata. Later, several were killed by Venom. After the cathedral's priest was wounded in the crossfire, he convinced Venom to stop killing in the house of the Lord - leaving the remaining terrorists to be merely wounded by Venom and Ghost Rider. The members of the "Tera Squad" were armed with machine guns and seemed reasonably competent, but they were no match for the various superhumans they encountered.

-- Venom: Sign of the Boss#1 (Venom: Sign of the Boss#2

Full shot - Venom: Sign of the Boss#1, p13 (including ads)
Head shot - Venom: Sign of the Boss#2, p10
'Tera Squad' - Venom: Sign of the Boss#1, p10

Venom: Sign of the Boss#1-2 (September-October, 1997) - Ivan Velez (writer), Thomas Derenick (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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