We're going to re-use the Page 1 that you had drawn for our earlier "audition" -- the one showing Notre-Dame in the background. Don't change the picture of the Cathedral, or that of THE PEREGRINE. The only thing that the editor wanted to see changed was the position of the Girl (SHAMROCK). Instead of just seeing her from the back, the editor wanted us to show a fuller view of her.

So, I would suggest that you bring her up by about three inches, and draw her in a profile shot, maybe even three quarter turned towards the reader, as if she were arguing with the PEREGRINE.  (See dialog below.)

Please also add five VILLAINS running out of the Church on the esplanade below. One man with a cape (VOLTARR) and four goons behind him.

Finally, please also change the Title to: A TIGER BY THE TAIL! (don't forget the exclamation point and check the spelling) And in the box in the bottom right corner, write the following credits: Writer: R.J.M. Lofficier - Artist: Leo Duranona.

Below the title and above the Peregrine's head, we have two captions. These will read:

Caption No. 1: Sometime around 300 B.C., a band of Celts known as the PARISII gathered here to rob their fellow barbarians...

Caption No. 2: There are those who say it hasn't changed much since, except now, they call the place "PARIS", and they call the barbarians "TOURISTS"...

Peregrine: Frankly, chere amie, I never DOUBTED you!

Shamrock: Oh, by Gor, you DID! Yer' a sore loser, Peregrine! 


You'll have to draw a new page, but we're going to re-use the bottom part of the second page that you had originally drawn, starting with panel 3.

Please remember to stick to a more conservative page breakdown and story-telling technique, with easy-to-read, left-to-right, rectangular panels. Last time, the editor wasn't wild about the breakdown that you used on Page 2, which he thought was too hard to follow.

Panel 1

This is another shot of the Peregrine and Shamrock continuing their argument. I'll let you decide what is the most visually interesting way to stage it. Maybe a medium or a close-up shot would be best. Note that all my directions are just indications.  You don't have to follow them. If you come up with what you feel is a better way to stage the scene, feel free to try it.

Shamrock (smiling): It was FORCE I used to drag you here!  Besides, your party was a BORE! You French don't know how to throw a good party!

Peregrine: What you Irish call a party, we call a RIOT, ma chere, and we have LAWS against these, haven't you heard?

Peregrine: Anyway, what do you have in mind?

Panel 2

Same scene, but from a different angle. Maybe we could have a long shot in which Shamrock could be shown pointing at the five villains running away down below?

Shamrock: It's certain I am that our old enemy, VOLTARR, would never pass up an opportunity to steal the jeweled CHALICE exhibited at Notre-Dame...

Shamrock: And I just have a hunch it's TONIGHT he'll be trying it!

Peregrine: Your miraculous LUCK again?

Panel 3

This should be drawn like your original panel 5 of the earlier page, but larger. It shows Shamrock leaping over the edge of the building, while Peregrine attempts to hold her.

Peregrine: SHAMROCK! Wait! What are you doing?...

Shamrock: Catch me if you can, my darlin'!

Panel 4

This would be like your panel 6, showing Shamrock in mid-fall.  No need to change anything

Shamrock: After all, what KIND of li'l judy from Dubleen Town would I be...

Shamrock: ... if I couldn't use my LUCK to make dramatic exits!

Panel 5

This would be like your panel 7, showing Shamrock landing on the awning, with our villain, VOLTARR, running towards her. Again, no need to change anything.

Shamrock: Can't help it! I was born that way!

Shamrock: Ah! A PROVIDENTIAL awning! Luck, I love you!

Panel 6

This would be like your last panel (panel 8), showing Shamrock landing on her feet right in front of Voltarr.

Regarding VOLTARR, since there is no reference for him -- he is a totally new character that I just made up -- you've got to make up a new design for him. Since his powers are obviously electricity-related (hence his name), you should come up with a design that revolves around a thunderbolt motif. A helmet and a cape would be nice too.

Shamrock: And in just the bloody right place, too!

Shamrock: Hullo, Voltarr! Fancy meeting YOU here! 


Panel 1

You can make your panel 1 similar to the original panel 1 of your earlier Page 3, except that we should see the four goons in the background. These are typical supervillain goons. They wear dull jumpsuits and hoods. Remember that they are armed.

Voltarr: SHAMROCK!

Voltarr: If you're here, then that high-flying LOVER BOY of yours can't be too far...

Shamrock: LOVER BOY? You shouldn't believe everything you read in the gossip columns!

Panel 2

A long shot -- maybe a view from above? -- of the Peregrine flying down from the rooftop and into the scene to join the action would be welcome. Also, it enables us to establish that we are near a bridge overlooking the Seine.

Peregrine: BONSOIR! Did I hear someone mention me?

Panel 3

In the foreground, we show the goons shooting a hail of bullets at the Peregrine, who's swooping towards them. Shamrock and Voltarr are in the background.

Peregrine: I'll take care of these voyous! You fix Voltarr!

Peregrine: I believe you have an OLD SCORE to settle with him, Cherie?

Shamrock: That I do!

Panel 4

Close-up on Voltarr's face, looking fiercely mad.

Voltarr: You're fools if you think you can stop me! This time, I'm READY for you!

Voltarr: You think I'm an easy target, little girl...

Panel 5

Medium shot of Voltarr displaying his electric powers. It should be impressive. Flash! Sizzle! Bolts of lightning thrown at Shamrock.

Voltarr: But I'll show you what POWER really means!

Panel 6

Shamrock does a pirouette to avoid a bolt of electricity, while looking definitely unimpressed by Voltarr's performance

Shamrock: Mercy, but you're only making it more DIFFICULT for yourself, Voltarr! 


Panel 1

The Peregrine kicks two of the goons with his feet, sending them over the bridge (and into the Seine) while the other two still shoot at him.

Peregrine: That should cool you down for a while!

Goon No.1: Shoot him!

Goon No.2: I'm tryin', but I can't get a CLEAR FIX on him!

Panel 2

The Peregrine now swoops down towards the other two goons. If you do this as a long shot, then show the other two goons splashing into the Seine. In this case, also remember to show a burst of electricity in the background, to indicate where Voltarr is fighting Shamrock. (But DO NOT show what's happening there!)

Peregrine: Now for the rest of the party!

Panel 3:

Close-up on the crooks, looking very worried.

Goons: What are ya gonna do? What are --

Panel 4:

The Peregrine is suspended in mid-air above Notre-Dame, holding the two guys by the collars. Remember to draw some bursts of power where Voltarr is.

Peregrine: So, mes amis, are you ready to GIVE UP now?

Goons: Yeah! We surrender! Please take us down!

Panel 5:

The Peregrine walks back towards Shamrock, dragging the two goons behind him. In the foreground, Shamrock stands over a Voltarr crumpled on the ground. His costume is in shreds, and he looks utterly defeated. Shamrock looks cool and amused, like she's thinking "what took you so long."

Peregrine: I seem to have finished mine. They don't last as long as they used to.

Peregrine: What happened to yours?

Panel 6:

Close-up on Shamrock smiling.

Shamrock: Poor Voltarr. It's bad luck he's been havin'. He TRIPPED over a puddle of water. Near ELECTROCUTED himself, he did! 


Panel 1

Skyline view of Paris -- near the Champs-Elysees. The Arc De Triomphe (right) and the Eiffel Tower (left) are in the background. In the middle, the view should focus on an expensive, rooftop, penthouse apartment, with plants and all.

Caption: The following day, at noon, in the penthouse of best-selling writer Alain Racine...

Balloon (left): Saints alive! Yer' UP already?

Balloon (right): I can't help it! I'm a MORNING person!

Panel 2

We are in a luxuriously-furnished living room, with a large bay window, through which the sun enters profusely. We can see the Paris skyline in the b.g.

Shamrock has just stepped into the room from a door on the left (leading to a bedroom?). She is wearing a very sexy and expensive, embroidered silk kimono. Peregrine is sitting in front of a word processor at a table on the right side of the room. He is wearing a bathrobe and slippers and has obviously been working on a book. No masks, no costumes.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that there is a writing trophy -- a metal sculpture of some sort -- prominently displayed on the work table. It will be important later.

Shamrock: I have a theory that morning people secretly want to become MASTERS OF THE WORLD!

Shamrock: It's certain I am that all the villains we fought were morning people!

Panel 3

Shamrock now stands next to Peregrine, a couple of sheets of his manuscript in her hand. It'd be a good idea to have a close-up on the writing trophy on the foreground, so that we again establish its presence. (There could be words engraved on it, like "GRAND PRIX DE L'HORREUR 1985" or whatever date.)

Shamrock: And what are you working on now?

Shamrock: DOCTEUR SQUELETTE? Gor', how can you write such gruesome stuff?

Panel 4

In the foreground, Peregrine has stopped working and is relaxing back in his chair (his hands crossed behind his head) and is enjoying his argument with Shamrock (who is in the background).

Peregrine: Actually, this one is based on that case we solved in CORSICA last year...

Shamrock: Urgh! Don't remind me! It's NIGHTMARES I still have when I think about it!

Panel 5

Here, we could reverse the angle of the previous panel: Shamrock in the foreground, Peregrine in the background. We should also see a typically French panelled double-door in the far background since the doorbell rings at that time.

Peregrine: PRECISELY, ma chere! And hopefully, you won't be the only one! We can't all be LUCKY enough to win the Irish sweepstakes!

Shamrock: There's a difference between being an HONEST writer like Bernard Shaw and...

SFX: DING-DONG! (bell sound from the door)

Panel 6

Shamrock walks towards the door. Make her look sexy.

Shamrock: The door.

Shamrock: By Gor', I hope it's not another of your ghoulish fans!

Panel 7

Shamrock has opened half of the double door. The man in the doorway is ERIC PRAWN. (See REFERENCE) Behind him, we see a carpeted hall, with marble stairs and a typical open French elevator. Or we could show the scene from the hallway, in which case, we would only see Shamrock through the opened door.

Prawn: Hi! You must be Molly Fitzgerald. My name's Prawn, ERIC PRAWN, and I work for SHIELD... 


Panel 1

Prawn is sitting in a chair, a glass of something in hand.  Peregrine might be sitting across a coffee table, facing him, with Shamrock standing up behind him, leaning on his chair.

Caption: A few minutes later...

Prawn: At the request of the various governments, SHIELD keeps tabs on all known SUPERHEROES operating in Continental Europe...

Prawn: We've followed you two for years. We know ALL about you!

Shamrock: What bloody cheek!

Panel 2

Same scene, different angle. Maybe we could go for a closer shot or a reverse shot.

Prawn: But don't worry! Your secret's SAFE with us!

Prawn: What brings me here is that we've just found that this Voltarr guy of yours was secretly being controlled by ICON!

Peregrine: ICON? Qu'est-ce que c'est? I never head of them?

Panel 3

Same scene, different angle. Maybe we could go for a close-up on Prawn.

Prawn: You wouldn't. It stands for INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION NEXUS. One of those criminal rings that pop up now and again...

Prawn: We thought it DISBANDED, but obviously, it's just gone deeper UNDERGROUND!

Panel 4

Same scene, different angle. Maybe back to a long shot.

Prawn: Several years ago, when I was a PRIVATE EYE, I became involved with them. (*) That's why Fury threw the case in my lap!

Footnote: See MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN Nos. 13-17.

Shamrock: That's all well and good, but how does this CONCERN us?

Panel 5

Same scene, different angle. Maybe a close-up on Shamrock and the Peregrine.

Peregrine: Haven't you read any SPY FICTION, mon chou? He obviously wants our help -- UNOFFICIALLY!

Peregrine: N'est-ce pas, Prawn?

Panel 6

Rainbow's Command Room, pretty much as shown on the REFERENCE attached.

Caption: Cut to: A mysterious room in a secret citadel in the Swiss Alps. ICON H.Q.

Rainbow: This is RAINBOW. Report, AGENT VERMILION! 


Panel 1

Aerial view of Paris outside the penthouse. In the foreground, we see a commando guy in a scarlet jumpsuit and some kind of flying rocket pack enabling him to remain airborne. He holds a nasty-looking gun in his hands. Add belts and gimmicks.

Vermilion: I've located Prawn, Sir. What are your orders?

Balloon (burst): KILL HIM! And everyone with him!

Panel 2

Close-up on Vermilion's face, showing sadistic glee.

Vermilion: With pleasure! Vermilion over and out!

Panel 3

Larger panel. Our viewpoint shifts back to inside the penthouse where Shamrock, Peregrine and Prawn are reacting in shock (foreground left), half standing up, pushing chairs back, etc. as they see (on the right) Vermilion crashing through the bay window, ready for the kill.

Vermilion: Prawn! You fool! No one can escape ICON's DEATH WARRANT!

Panel 4

Prawn has taken a gun out of his pocket, but Vermilion is faster and guns him down. Prawn is shown already hit.

Vermilion: I'm just here to NOTARIZE it!

Prawn (burst): ARGH!

Panel 5

Vermilion (in the background) turns leeringly towards Shamrock (in the foreground, straight in front of him) and the Peregrine (to the right). He is pointing the gun at them.

Vermilion: Now, it's your turn, suckers! You're unarmed! Easy pickings!  


Panel 1

Shamrock opens her kimono wide. Obviously, we see her from the back, with maybe a shot of Vermilion in the background (from between her legs?), but it should be obvious that she's naked underneath.

Shamrock: Unarmed? I'd say that's a matter of opinion, boyo!

Panel 2

Close-up on Vermilion. His jaws drop. He looks very distracted.

No copy.

Panel 3

Peregrine has slipped behind Vermilion and bops him hard on the head with the writing trophy. Shamrock ties up her kimono.


Shamrock: Sorry! But it was the only thing I could think of!

Peregrine: Isn't it always, cherie? But I'd say it served the purpose quite adequately!

Panel 4

The two of them are now shown bending over Prawn's body.  Peregrine should be very close to Prawn's face, and Shamrock behind him.

Peregrine: I think we're too late. He's dying. We...

Prawn: ... (unreadable)

Panel 5

Peregrine and Shamrock are standing up. If you chose to do it as a long shot (maybe from above?), Prawn's body is obviously there at their feet, and so is Vermilion, a little bit further to the right.

Peregrine: It's over.

Shamrock: But what did he say? What did he say?

Panel 6

Close-up on Peregrine's face looking straight at the reader.  Shamrock looks at him, her mouth open in surprise.   Peregrine: "FIND FRANKENSTEIN!" @END(VERBATIM)





It is dusk. The sun is setting. Shamrock and the Peregrine stand on the ramparts of the walls of CARCASSONNE. I have provided you with tons of REFERENCE and pictures of the City for you to use throughout this story. Make the best of it. In this case, the cover picture strikes me as a good choice, especially if it could be shown from a higher angle so that you see the land behind in the background. But you do what you think best.

At the top, across the page, write in the title of the episode, which is: A KNIGHT ON THE TOWN! (With an exclamation mark and with a "k" in knight -- it's a pun!)

At the bottom of the page, somewhere, provide a box for the credits, which are, at this stage: Writer: R.J.M. Lofficier - Artist: Leo Duranona.

Caption: CARCASSONNE, in Southern France. Once the mighty fortress of the CATHARS, heretics whose very name meant the PURE, and who believed that Man was a creation of the GOD OF EVIL...

Caption: ... A belief that this night's events may well BEAR OUT!

Peregrine: According to SHIELD, this is where the last recorded Frankenstein, VERONICA, has decided to live in tranquility...

Shamrock: Bloody yanks! And do they keep files on EVERYONE?




Panel 1

Shamrock is running on the ramparts, jumping from stone to stone while the Peregrine is flying over her. The REFERENCE on Page 21 (bottom picture) could provide you with a good shot for this.

Peregrine: The only way to find out what ERIC PRAWN's dying words REALLY meant, is to meet Veronica! (*)

Shamrock: If my map is right, she lives in that BIG TOWER over there!

Footnote: (*): See previous issue.

Panel 2

Same scene, but from a different angle, maybe from behind the two heroes, focusing on a large tower in the middle. The Tower on Page 2 would fit the bill perfectly, with two changes. One: it should be "closed" with huge, wooden doors and medieval-like bas-reliefs. Two: you should draw a big, oval, glass bay window on one of the two tower roofs. (Obviously the tower has been reconverted to become a modern habitation, and this is an addition to the original design.)

Peregrine: Mazette! It's quite a place!

Shamrock: Sainted Mother! Another bloody member of the proletariat!

Panel 3

The two heroes are now at the Tower's entrance. This is seen from their viewpoint. (In fact, you can show the heroes on each side of the panel if you wish.) A beautiful, young woman -- VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN -- stands in the doorway. Next and behind her is RALPH CACCONE (See REFERENCES provided).

Veronica: Welcome! I've been waiting for you since your call...

Veronica: I'm VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN! And this is my friend, RALPH CACCONE!

Ralph: Enter of your own FREE WILL, as they say! I must admit that I'm not against a bit of rescue from TERMINAL BOREDOM!

Panel 4

Inside the Tower's living room. Use the CARCASSONNE reference pictures to convey the medieval feel of the room, like Pages 19 and 20, but with a higher ceiling. Make sure the round, bay window is shown. Otherwise, keep the furniture sparse, and in the period. I'd also like to have a big fireplace with a mantelpiece.

The four characters are in the scene. You can arrange them in the way you like best, but I'd like Veronica to stand next to the fireplace and lean on the mantelpiece.  Caption: Later, after some explanations...

Veronica: So ICON killed poor ERIC PRAWN! How sad! I'm deeply sorry to hear that!

Ralph: The CREEPS! I thought they'd been wiped out after that FIASCO in the Alps! (*)

Peregrine: SHIELD seems to think they're back in business, mon ami!

Peregrine: They assigned Prawn to the case because he once worked for you, and you had a skirmish with ICON...

Footnote: (*): MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN Nos. 16-18.

Panel 5

Closer angle on the Peregrine and Shamrock.

Peregrine: But their file on your family is rather THIN, and what's there seems EXAGGERATED, so I wouldn't mind hearing the whole thing!

Shamrock: EXAGGERATED? As if himself should talk!

Panel 6

Close-up on Veronica's face, looking into the fire. If you have the space, it'd be a good idea to draw a picture of young VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN in the flames (check REFERENCE) to start the flashback.

Veronica: It's a LONG story. I suppose it begins with the most notorious of my ancestors, my great uncle, several times removed, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN!




This is going to be a flashback page recapping previous events, and making heavy use of the REFERENCE material that I dug up. I would suggest that you simply divide the page into eight, rectangular panels of equal size (four and four), and leave room at the top of each panel for the narration.

Panel 1

Here, check REFERENCE for "VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use panel 3 on page 2 (circled in yellow).

Caption: "Victor was born in the late 1700s, the oldest of three sons. During his studies at the University of GENEVA, he became obsessed with discovering the SECRET OF LIFE...

Older Doctor: Your work is OUTSTANDING, my boy. But you must SLOW DOWN, ere you drive yourself to an early GRAVE!

Panel 2

Here, check REFERENCE for "VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the picture that's on the front page cover.

Caption: "He used his arcane science to create a MONSTER, who later killed his best friend, his fiancee, and his younger brother... (*)

Victor: It's -- ALIVE! Heaven help me! IT'S ALIVE!

Footnote: (*): MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN Nos. 1-3.

Panel 3

Here, check REFERENCE for "VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the last panel of Page 21, but maybe as a longer shot.

Caption: "Victor then PURSUED his creature to the arctic wilderness, where he DIED. But the Monster SURVIVED and returned to life A HUNDRED YEARS LATER...

Victor: CURSED BEAST! BREATHE YOUR LAST! For in this moment, we shall both know PEACE!

Panel 4)

Here, check REFERENCE for "VINCENT FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the panel circled in yellow on Page 12.

Caption: "Eventually, the Creature encountered VINCENT, the great grand-son of Victor's remaining brother, who tried to use him for his own EVIL ENDS... (*)

Vincent: When I finish the OPERATION, the Creature will be under my control -- and soon after, the world will be at my FEET!

Footnote: (*): MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN Nos. 10-11.

Panel 5

Here, check REFERENCE for "VINCENT FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use a montage of the last two panels (circled in yellow) on Page 19, where the nurse kills him (that is, him being shot as shown in panel 6, and she shooting him as shown in panel 5), plus show her carrying a baby in her other arm.

Caption: "But Vincent FAILED, and was later KILLED by his own servant, a mad woman who stole away his only son, BASIL...

Nurse: You let my mistress DIE and now you're going to PAY for it!

Nurse: I will raise your son as my OWN and try to free him of the CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN!

Panel 6

Here, check REFERENCE for "BASIL FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the front cover provided here, except that I want you to draw a picture of Basil, as he is shown on panel 4 of Page 2 (circled in yellow), in a wheelchair and with his assistant, in the space also circled in yellow in the background of the cover illustration.

Caption: "But Basil grew up in my family's shameful tradition, and raised another monster for the NAZIS, although eventually he was defeated by THE INVADERS... (*)

Basil: Pummel CAPTAIN AMERICA, slave, until he can give you no more OPPOSITION! But be careful NOT to damage his BODY!

Footnote: (*): INVADERS No. 31.

Panel 7

Here, check REFERENCE for "LUDWIG FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the drawing on Page 1.

Caption: "Basil, too, had a son, LUDWIG -- my own father -- who was equally MAD in his desire to recreate life...

Ludwig: This time, I shall know SUCCESS... Even as my ANCESTORS did before me!

Panel 8

Here, check REFERENCE for "LUDWIG FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use the front cover drawing.

Caption: "And like his ancestors, my father too came to a TRAGIC END when he created an evil doppleganger of the alien SILVER SURFER... (*)

Ludwig: Since I have DUPLICATED you, I have no further NEED of you...

Ludwig: And that which I no longer NEED, shall soon be DESTROYED!

Footnote: (*): SILVER SURFER No. 7.




Panel 1

Here, check REFERENCE for "VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use a montage of several drawings on Page 2: Veronica touching the brow of the Monster (panels 3 & 4), while Eric Prawn and Ralph Caccone stand in the background (panel 1).

Caption: "I tried to ATONE for my family's sins by hiring Prawn to find the original Monster, who had been MIRACULOUSLY brought back into the 20th century...

Veronica: TELL me, poor creature... Would you like to SPEAK?

Panel 2

Here, check REFERENCE for "BERSERKER". I'd like to use the panel circled in yellow on Page 2, except that it should show a full view of the Monster on the operating table, and there should be more scientific equipment in the lab.

Caption: I tried helping the Creature, but was thwarted by ICON and their BERSERKER, an almost unstoppable robot... (*)

Veronica: I need a moment more, Mr. Prawn. DETAIN IT!

Footnote: (*): MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN Nos. 15-17.

Panel 3

Now, we leave the flashbacks and return to the present. Make this a large panel. The DREADKNIGHT suddenly breaks through the glass blay window. In one hand, he holds some kind of cable (obviously attached to his horse up above), while the other holds his peculiar gun, with which he shoots at Veronica and Ralph.  They are shown collapsing, while Shamrock and the Peregrine react in surprise.

Dreadknight: The Berserker isn't the only UNSTOPPABLE agent of ICON, my dear! There is also...


Panel 4

The Dreadknight attaches the unconscious body of Veronica to the end of the cable that he used to get down into the room.

Dreadknight: There's a PRICE on your head, woman, and I intend to COLLECT it!

Panel 5

Shamrock rushes towards the villain, as we see Veronica's body rise in the air. (You can use the bottom panel of yourearlier Page 3 as a model for this.)

Shamrock: Saints alive! Yer' CRAZY if ye think ye can just waltz in here and play us for FOOLS!




We're going to reuse the original page 4 that you drew before for the "audition," with some changes, of course.

Panel 1

The Dreadknight attempts to strangle Shamrock. No changes.

Dreadknight: You ARE a fool, woman, if you believe you can stop me...

Dreadknight: ... from KILLING you!

Shamrock: Blessed Mary! But, you're STRONG...

Panel 2

Close-up of the characters' feet. Shamrock trips the villain.  No changes.

Shamrock: ... Still, it'll be takin' MORE than strength...

Panel 3

Shamrock sends the Dreadknight falling over her shoulder. No changes.

Shamrock: ... To kill Ireland's LUCKY LADY!

Dreadknight: WHAT?!

Panel 4

The Dreadknight grabs the end of the cable (dropping from the broken bay window) as he prepares his exit. Obviously, you should erase the Notre-Dame background and replace it with the interior of the room. Also, get rid of the box the Dreadknight holds in his right hand.

Dreadknight: I won't WASTE anymore time with you, woman! I already have my PRIZE!

Shamrock: You're making a BIG mistake, matey! Ye haven't seen the LAST of me!

Panel 5

Picture of the Dreadknight's flying horse. You should add Veronica's body tied to its back, and also show that this is viewed through the broken bay window.

Dreadknight: To me, my HELLHORSE!

Panel 6

The Dreadknight leaves. Add Veronica's body on the horse's back, and show Shamrock through the broken bay window.

Dreadknight: You'd better PRAY that I have, wench! I may not be as MERCIFUL next time!

Shamrock (thought): With an EGO that size, it's surprised I am he could move so fast!

Shamrock (thought): I hope Peregrine's READY for him!




We're going to reuse the original page 5 that you drew before for the "audition," with some changes, of course.

Panel 1

Large panel of the Dreadknight confronted by the Peregrine. I'd keep the cathedral rooftop pretty much as is (after all, the period's good, and who'll know the difference). On the other hand, you need to erase the Seine river and replace it with rooftops. (Check Carcassonne reference Page 4.)

Also, remember to draw Veronica's body on the back of the horse.

Caption (top left): And, indeed, the high-soaring Peregrine is already at the rendez-vous!

Peregrine: You didn't think we'd let you give us the slip that easily, did you, MON AMI?

Dreadknight: You costumed BUFFOON!

Panel 2

The Dreadknight zaps the Peregrine. No changes.

Dreadknight: NONE can defy the Dreadknight, fool!

Dreadknight: My POWER LANCE will stop you!

Panel 3

The Peregrine kicks the lance oout of the Dreadknight's hand. No changes.

Peregrine: My suit generates a forcefield against precisely that kind of attack!

Peregrine: Which, after some SAVATE, is unlikely to ever REOCCUR!

Dreadknight: My lance!

Panel 4

The Dreadknight turns against the Peregrine. No changes.

Dreadknight: You think you've DISARMED me, Frenchman, but the Dreadknight is never WEAPONLESS as long as he has...

Dreadknight: HIS HELLHORSE!

Panel 5

Shamrock running through the Tower. No changes.

Shamrock: And where might the blessed stairs be? I've got to help Peregrine! 


Now back to totally new material.

Panel 1

Shamrock comes out of a trap door on the Tower's roof, and sees the two combatants below. Peregrine is shown using his savate to deflect the hellhorse's blows.

Shamrock: Look at him! And if that's not TYPICAL! I knew he'd need my help!

Panel 2

Shamrock projects herself in a pirouette into the air. Show some background so that we realize how brave she is.

Shamrock: Luck, I trust you now as I've NEVER trusted you before!  Don't let me down...

Shamrock: I mean, in the WRONG place!

Panel 3

Larger panel. Shamrock lands precisely on the Dreadknight's shoulders, like a circus acrobats. The Peregrine is suspended in mid-air, a karate kick aimed at the horse!

Peregrine: SHAMROCK!

Shamrock: Blessed Mother! I bloody well did it!

Shamrock: Now, you're going to surrender peacefully, boyo, or else...

Dreadknight: You've DOOMED yourself, woman!

Panel 4

Closer shot of the Dreadknight preparing to touch a stud on his belt.

Dreadknight: I can electrify my armor with a VOLTAGE that only my mount can survive!

Peregrine: Par pitie! JUMP, Shamrock! I'll catch you!

Panel 5

Very small panel, showing the strap of the Dreadknight's saddle break.

No copy.


Panel 6

The Dreadknight falls to his death below. Shamrock has caught the hellhorse's reins. Peregrine is suspended in mid-air.

Dreadknight: Aaaaaaah!

Shamrock: No! I didn't want him to... It's my luck again!

Peregrine: But he was going to KILL you, cherie!




Panel 1

We're now on a stone balcony, overlooking Carcassonne. (See REFERENCE page 33 or 59). Shamrock and the Peregrine are looking at the view. Veronica walks in from the inside.

Veronica: Ralph is only SLIGHTLY wounded. He'll recover QUICKLY.  I don't know how to THANK the two of you!

Veronica: But this episode indicates that things are WORSE than even SHIELD could imagine!

Panel 2

Same scene. Different angle.

Shamrock: And what would you be meaning?

Veronica: I didn't have time to tell you the end of my story...

Panel 3

Same scene, different angle, this time focusing on Veronica.

Veronica: There IS another Frankenstein, a direct descendent of a liaison that Victor had while he was still at university, my cousin VICTORIA...

Panel 4

Flashback. Here, check REFERENCE for "VICTORIA FRANKENSTEIN".  I'd like to use a montage of panel 4 on Page 31 (Victoria hugging the Monster) with the stone stairs and all the little creatures from Page 23.

Caption: "Her existence is known to few but me. She leads a PEACEFUL LIFE in the family castle, with the MONSTER and the other REJECTS of my various ancestors' experiments... (*)

Footnote: (*): MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN No. 18.

Panel 5

Here, check REFERENCE for "VICTORIA FRANKENSTEIN". I'd like to use a panel 3 on Page 16.

Caption: "One day, a Latverian scientist driven away by DR. DOOM came to the Castle, took it over and became the DREADKNIGHT -- eventually he was defeated by IRON MAN... (*)

Dreadknight: I want the secret of life -- and you will give it to me or see your precious creatures PERISH!

Footnote: (*): IRON MAN No. 102.

Panel 6

Back to the scene, with angle on Veronica.

Veronica: You see, if the Dreadknight was sent by ICON, it means they know about Victoria...

Veronica: And something VERY WRONG must have happened at CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN! 




SHAMROCK, THE PEREGRINE, and VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN stand in the foreground, overlooking CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN in the Swiss Alps.  Make this a dark and moody panel. It is night. Maybe a full moon? The Castle stands on some kind of craggy site, surrounded by fir trees. Think in terms of some of Mad King Ludwig's Bavarian castles, but with a more sinister look.

At the top, across the page, write in the title of the episode, which is: CASTLE OF THE DAMNED). At the bottom, somewhere, provide a box for the credits: Writer: R.J.M. Lofficier; Artist: Leo Duranona.

Shamrock: So THAT'S Castle Frankenstein! A CREEPY place it is, and that's no lie! The kind you like to portray in your books, Peregrine!

Peregrine: I hope you're wrong, Cherie, because unlike my fictional heroes, WE must come out of this one ALIVE!

Peregrine: You know what to do, Veronica?

Veronica: Yes! And frankly, considering the DANGER, I'm glad Ralph was still not well enough to come with us! (*)

Footnote: (*) Ralph Caccone was injured in our last story.




Panel 1

The Peregrine is zooming towards the castle. He is flying low, very close to the ground. Shamrock is holding onto his waist.

Shamrock: I'm glad you finally left SILVER SABLE's service!  This is so much more fun!

Peregrine: Enjoy it while it lasts, ma belle! If the DREADKNIGHT's words were true, ICON is now the new Master of CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN! (*)

Peregrine: ... And I don't inagine they'll extend us a particularly warm WELCOME!

Footnote: (*) That's International Crime Organization Nexus -- see previous issue again.

Panel 2

The Peregrine has done a 90-degree turn and is now flying upwards, parallel and close to the Castle's walls.

Shamrock: Oh, get on with ya, Peregrine, 'tis a wet blanket you are, to be sure!

Peregrine: Better a wet blanket than a dead duck, ma chere! We don't all have your uncanny LUCK, you know!

Panel 3

We are inside a bedroom, decorated in some kind of classic period style. There is a huge baldaquin-bed, etc. There is a large, open double window. Shamrock is setting foot in the room.  Through the window, we see the Peregrine.

Shamrock: Hmmm, cozy, isn't it? Does it not remind you of the boudoir in Dr. LIMBUS' castle?

Peregrine: I wish you would stop dragging up that SORDID affair, Shamrock. The poor girl was OBVIOUSLY under some kind of spell!

Panel 4

Shamrock is opening the bedroom's door. This should be a profile shot, so that we do NOT see what's behind the door.

Shamrock: Men! You're all the same!

Shamrock (burst): BLESSED MOTHER!

Panel 5

Now, a front shot of what is behind the door: A small creature, looking like a pink spider with one eye and lots of arms and/or tentacles. It has grabbed Shamrock with these. Peregrine stands in the foreground.

Shamrock (burst): ARGH!

Peregrine: SHAMROCK!

Panel 6

Two characters watch the above scene on a video monitor: LILAC, a super-villainess dressed somewhat like VERMILION (From Episode 1), but with a lilac color scheme; next to her is a huge, hulking humanoid figure (THE BERSERKER). Show him from the back.

Lilac: Intruders in the East Wing! I must alert RAINBOW!

Rainbow (off-panel balloon): You don't have to! I see them, you fool!

Panel 7

On another screen, we see a shot of Rainbow, the mysterious head of ICON, in his secret H.Q. (See Episode 1, Panel 6, Page 6).  The character is kept entirely in shadows, so we preserve the secret of his identity.

Rainbow: Those two are a nuisance. Stop them -- but don't kill them YET! I must learn what they did with the Frankenstein woman!




Panel 1

The Peregrine is kneeling over the spider-creature, which is dead or unconscious at his feet. Shamrock is standing next to him, looking in surprise at something that has just appeared behind the Frenchman. (We may even show a shadow being cast over the Peregrine.)

Peregrine: What would you do without me, cherie... What a GROTESQUE creature!

Shamrock: Peregrine! BEHIND YOU!

Panel 2

The silhouette of the Berserker (still shown as a totally dark shape) blasts our heroes with twin eye beams. They writhe under the shock.

Peregrine (burst): What? -- ARGH!

Panel 3

Ground level shot of the two heroes lying crumpled on the floor.  On the foreground we see one masive silver leg, while from above one massive silver hand descends to grab the heroes.

No copy.

Panel 4

Small panel -- maybe even an insert in panel 5? Close-up on the Peregrine's head and chest. He is strapped to some kind of metal slab. He is waking up.

Peregrine: Ou suis-je? Where am I?

Panel 5

Large panel. Long shot of Lilac's command post. There's lots and lots of mad scientist equipment all around. There's a row of computer bank and controls on a mezzanine. Important: on one side of the lab, there is a closed, oval, airlock type of door.

The Peregrine and Shamrock are indeed strapped to metal slabs in the center of the room, under some nasty-looking surgical apparatus. They are being confronted by Lilac and the Berserker, whom we see completely revealed for the first time.

For the Berserker (See REFERENCE), stay with the original head design, but feel free to create a more impressive, aggressive looking body, since it is supposed to have been rebuilt.

Shamrock: Glory! Is it in hell we are, Peregrine?

Lilac: You might prefer that to being in my hands, woman! I am LILAC, Chief Scientist of ICON, and I believe you've just met my creation...





Panel 1

Flashback. Check REFERENCE No. 1 for "BERSERKER". I'd like to use a montage of the drawing at the bottom of the page where the Frankenstein Monster gives the Berserker back its arm and they become friends.

Caption: "The ultimate combination of man and machine, totally devoted to destruction! It dared betray me before, by befriending that pitiful wretch, the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER! (*)

Frankenstein Monster: TOGETHER we will learn who we ARE... Why we LIVE...

Footnote: (*) See FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER No. 17.

Panel 2

Flashback. Check REFERENCE No. 2 for "BERSERKER". I'd like to use the third drawing where the little creatures clobber the Berserker and its head is shown rolling away

Caption: "It was lucky that fate, and not I, punished it by causing it to be dismembered by Baroness Frankenstein's little creatures... (*)

Little Creature: No one may hurt MOTHER'S CHILDREN!

Berserker: Observation: KLAKK!

Footnote: (*) See FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER No. 18.

Panel 3

Back to scene. Lilac is lightly passing her hand upon the expressionless face of the Berserker. Her face shows a gleeful, almost sadistic expression.

Lilac: I recovered its head, and fixed its emotional malfunction... Oh, how I fixed it! You learned your lesson, didn't you, my pretty toy?

Lilac: I then returned to my original plan, and used my new, improved Berserker to TAKE OVER Frankenstein Castle!

Peregrine: But WHY?

Panel 4

Lilac stands in a typical mad scientist pose over the strapped down heroes. The Berserker still stands motionless at her side.

Lilac: To obtain what ICON has always craved -- ETERNAL LIFE! A secret once discovered by Victor Frankenstein and one that I plan to TEAR AWAY from his immortal creature's genetic code!

Shamrock: As if the poor wain hasn't suffered enough!

Panel 5

Close-up on Lilac, activating the nasty-looking machines located above the heroes. It begins to glow. Blades pop out, etc.

Lilac: You don't yet know the least thing about suffering, my dear! When I'm through with you, each of your cells will have been DISSECTED a thousand times, each of your nerves FLAYED...

Panel 6

Shamrock turns her head to look at the Peregrine.

Shamrock: By gor'! This is all your fault, Peregrine! If this madwoman gets her way, my ghost will soon be haunting yer nights!

Peregrine: But, cherie, you ALREADY haunt my nights!




Panel 1

Veronica is walking in a secret passage carved into the rock. It looks damp, moldy and sinister. She is holding some kind of gun in her hand.

Caption: Meanwhile, deep beneath the Castle...

Veronica (thought): Luckily, there are still some things known only to a Frankenstein...

Veronica (thought): ... Like this Secret Passage!

Panel 2

Veronica emerges from the secret passage into a deserted, torch-lit corridor. She looks around.

Veronica (thought): No guards. Shamrock and the Peregrine must have made quite a diversion up there...

Veronica (thought): Now, to the Dungeon!

Panel 3

In the foreground, Veronica looks through the bars of a cell.  Inside is an attractive, raven-haired woman, VICTORIA FRANKENSTEIN (See REFERENCE). She is held with chains.

Veronica: VICTORIA!

Victoria: Veronica? You! Here! But how?

Panel 4

Veronica cuts Victoria's chains with a small hand-held laser.  Behind her, show the metal bars, also neatly cut.

Veronica: Later. I've come to free you! What happened to the CHILDREN?

Victoria: That woman experimented on them first! Most of them died... Horribly...

Panel 5

Flashback. Try to show what Victoria is telling.

Caption: "Some, their bones GREW until their bodies could no longer contain them... Some were forced to DEVOUR themselves, because only their own flesh could APPEASE their hunger...  Others were used as raw materials for her MONSTROUS experiments..."

Panel 6

The two women are standing outside of the cell. They are confronted by the same spider creature that attacked Shamrock and the Peregrine earlier.

Veronica: We'll soon put a stop to -- WHAT?!

Victoria: One of Lilac's watchdogs!




Panel 1

Veronica prepares to shoot it with her laser, but Victoria grabs her arm.

Veronica: I can stop him before he can make a move!

Victoria: NO!

Panel 2

Victoria stands tall, proud again, with a determined, almost mean-spirited expression on her face.

Victoria: I am still the MISTRESS of this Castle, and all who live in it! ICON will learn to rue the day they DARED cross the path of a Frankenstein!

Panel 3

Victoria is facing the spider creature. Veronica stands back.

Victoria: Listen to me, my Child! I am your MOTHER! You are MINE! You must OBEY me!

Creature: Mother... Praise Mother...

Panel 4

Lilac is preparing to perform some horrible deed on Shamrock wnen the straps that held the heroes captive suddenly snap open. They all show surprise at this unexpected development.


Peregrine: Quoi?

Lilac: Who tampered with the controls!? WHO?

Panel 5

View of the mezzanine. Veronica and Victoria stand near a control bank. Victoria is working the controls, while Veromica waves at the two heroes. Several friendly little spider creatures are at their feet or on their shoulders.

Veronica: Shamrock! Peregrine! Are you okay?

Victoria: I've just released them!

Panel 6

The Peregrine flies upwards, his fists smashing the surgical equipment. Shamrock performs a loop de loop. Lilac points at them, ordering the Berserker into action.

Shamrock: Would you be wanting a wee bit of help, Peregrine?

Lilac: I don't need you ALIVE, woman! Your corpse can still be of use to me!

Lilac: Berserker -- KILL THEM BOTH!




Panel 1

The Berserker fires a twin set of beams at Shamrock, who easily evades them with another loop. The Peregrine flies above and behind the robot, preparing to kick it.

Peregrine: I wouldn't get too close if I were you, ma belle! He might still attack!

Shamrock: With MY bit of luck? Not bloody likely, Peregrine!

Panel 2

The Peregrine kicks the Berserker hard, forcing the robot to back against the airlock door.

Peregrine: C'est terrible! Even with the two of us, the monster seems UNSTOPPABLE!

Shamrock: You Frenchmen are all the same! Have some FAITH, miscreant!

Panel 3

Small panel: The Berserker's elbow hits a control knob. The door opens.


Panel 4

Small panel -- maybe an insert in the top left corner of Panel 5 -- showing a close-up of Lilac's face, expressing her anger and fury.

Llilac: NO! Not my Core-Lab!

Panel 5

Make this a large, bottom half-page panel. On the other side of the opened airlock door is a monstrous laboratory. (Use your imagination here, but it should be horrifying.)

The centerpiece of the lab is the head of the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER, mounted on some kind of tubing system with electrodes, etc. The expression on his face is one of great suffering. The rest of his body lies around it in transparent vats, or on operating slabs, in various stages of dissection.


Shamrock: Blessed Mary! What have they done!

Panel 6

Small panel -- maybe an insert in the bottom right corner of Panel 5 -- showing a close-up of the Berserker's face, expressing his silent horror.

No copy.




Panel 1

We use the same set up as in the previous panel, but this time, Shamrock is shown pleading with the Berserker, pointing towards the Monster's head.

Shamrock: Berserker! Look! This poor creature was once your friend! Your ONLY friend! Look what she's done to him!

Shamrock: Reach within yourself! You've fought off their EVIL GRIP once! You can do it again! I KNOW you can!

Panel 2

The Berserker throws his arm in the air, expressing great rage and fury.

Berserker (burst): AARGH!

Panel 3

The Berserker turns against Lilac, who backs up.

Berserker: Observation: You killed my friend! You are EVIL! You must be destroyed!

Lilac: No! No! You're my slave! MY SLAVE!

Panel 4

Lilac backs into a broken machine and is electrocuted in a big flash.


Lilac (burst): AIIEEE!

Panel 5

The two Frankensteins join the heroes as they gather around the Berserker and Lilac's crumpled body in the center of the room.

Shamrock: What a death! May her soul find some peace!

Victoria: Veronica and I will begin work at once on putting our ancestor's creation back together!

Peregrine: Bonne idee! I feel we will soon need all the muscle we can get if we are to go after the rest of ICON!

Panel 6

Rainbow's secret H.Q. (See Panel 7, Page 2) Rainbow is watching the previous scene on a monitor. Behind him is a huge, dark, massive silhouette, also kept in the shadows.

Rainbow: Fool! I've already learned many of Frankenstein's secrets... No amount of muscle can cope with what I have in store for you...





SHAMROCK, THE PEREGRINE, THE BERSERKER and THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER arrive at the gates of ICON H.Q. As indicated on the REFERENCE attached, this is a high-tech building located on a Swiss Alpine mountain top.

Do not feel too bound by the REFERENCE -- besides, they might have redone some parts of the building since the 1970s! Feel free to improvise, as long as we retain the feeling of a super-villain "aerie" (e.g.: like Blofeld's H.Q. in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service").  As far as the characters are concerned, I think the best way of presenting them is to show them arriving on the right (or the left) side of the panel, facing the reader, while the Entrance of the ICON H.Q. is shown on the opposite side. The Peregrine should, of course, be shown in mid-flight. Shamrock is wrapped in some kind of big, eskimo-like fur coat.


Caption: In 1816, it was here that young MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY first stumbled upon ERNST FRANKENSTEIN, Victor's younger brother, who, in hushed whispers, told her of his family's ghastly secret...

Caption: Today, this small, secluded part of Europe still trembles in fear at the very mention of that hated name, seemingly cursed to live forever under...

This segues into the title of this episode, which is: THE SHADOW OF FRANKENSTEIN!) At the bottom, somewhere, provide a box for the credits: Writer: R.J.M. Lofficier; Artist: Leo Duranona.

Peregrine: We've arrived, mes amis!

Frankenstein Monster: Is this -- ICON H.Q.?

Berserker: Observation: No guards. No alert. Caution is advised.

Shamrock: Blessed Mary! You'd not think we had luck all 'round us! Have some faith, ye mechanical man! 


Panel 1

Here, we begin a series of FLASHBACKS showing scenes from the earlier episodes of this story. The first flashback is to Episode 1 and deals with the assassination of ERIC PRAWN. I think we could use a montage of panels 3 and 4 of page 7 of Episode 1, depicting VERMILION shooting Prawn, while Shamrock and the Peregrine (in their civvies) watch in horror. To make it clear that the Peregrine is "narrating" the flashback, maybe we should show his face in one of the panel's corners.

Caption: "The Berserker's right. After all, ICON did try to kill us after their AGENT VERMILION mercilessly gunned down SHIELD operative ERIC PRAWN in my Paris apartment...

Vermilion: Prawn! You fool! No one can escape ICON's DEATH WARRANT!

Panel 2

Our Flashback continues with a scene from Episode 2, recapping our heroes' battle with the DREADKNIGHT. Panel 3 of page 7 showing Shamrock and the Dreadknight fighting with the Peregrine in the background, might be good. Don't forget Veronica's body on the back of the horse.

Caption: "Before he died, Prawn left us a clue, one that led us to VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN, the last descendent of a long line of mad scientists. But ICON would not stop; they sent the DREADKNIGHT after us...

Shamrock: Now, you're going to surrender peacefully, boyo, or else...

Dreadknight: You've DOOMED yourself, woman!

Panel 3

More Flashback with a scene from Episode 3, showing our heroes on a slab, prisoners of LILAC and the Berserker. Use panel 5, page 3 of that episode as an inspiration.

Caption: "Eventually, we arrived at the mysterious CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN, whose mistress, VICTORIA, Veronica's Cousin, had fallen prey to ICON's crazy scheme -- as we almost did!

Lilac: I'm LILAC, Chief Scientist of ICON, and I believe you've just met my creation -- the BERSERKER!

Panel 4

From the same episode, the scene where the heroes discover the sorry state of the Frankenstein Monster. Use panel 5 of page 7.

Caption: "Obssessed with finding the SECRET OF IMMORTALITY for her master, Lilac was busy dissecting Victor Frankenstein's original creation...

Shamrock: Blessed Mary! What have they done!

Panel 5

The next two panels are not, properly speaking, real flashbacks, since they don't refer to any scene actually shown in any of the previous episodes. But since they deal with events that happened after Episode 3, and prior to this story, they will be treated as such.

Here, we show VICTORIA and VERONICA FRANKENSTEIN, dressed in surgical masks, surrounded by weird scientific equipment, working on the Monster, whose body lies on an operating table.

Caption: "But we quickly put a stop to that, and happily, the Frankensteins were soon able to UNDO Lilac's evil. By then, we had all decided that none of us would know peace until ICON had been laid to rest...

Victoria: Poor creature! Doomed to wander the Earth forever in a simulacrum of eternal life...

Panel 6

Now, we show our four heroes crossing the vast and snowy Alpine mountains, progressing towards ICON H.Q., shown as a small dot on the horizon. The Peregrine is flying over the other three.

Caption: "Documents that we found among Lilac's secret files led us here, to this desolate peak in the Alps, where we plan to confront ICON's mysterious head --




Panel 1

Back to scene. The huge metal gates which bar the entrance to the ICON H.Q. silently open in front of our heroes.

Frankenstein Monster: RAINBOW! We've come for you! Show yourself!

Voice (from inside): I do NOT fear you, Monster! Enter -- if you dare!

Panel 2

The four characters are now inside ICON H.Q. Naturally, it looks like one of the James Bond villains' H.Q. -- full of weird, futuristic machines, etc. It is also totally deserted and empty -- except for them. We should emphasize this through some kind of long shot or from-above angle. The Peregrine is looking straight at the reader, his expression showing surprise.

Berserker: Statement: The place appears deserted.

Shamrock: And where might be the hordes of costumed blokes that these villains like to throw at us?

Peregrine: There -- LOOK!

Panel 3

Another steel door (previously unseen) opens. Behind it, we see Rainbow's private office (For REFERENCE, see Episode 1, Page 6, Panel 6 or xerox attached). Rainbow's silhouette, behind the desk, is still kept in the shadows. Behind him is another, much larger, humanoid shape, also kept in shadows. It is at least as tall as the Frankenstein Monster.

Rainbow: ICON has always been a very selective organization, my dear Shamrock!

Rainbow: But mere minions are hardly necessary to deal with vermin such as you!

Panel 4

Closer angle on Rainbow's desk. This time, Rainbow stands in full light. We show him to be LUDWIG FRANKENSTEIN (For a variety of poses and facial expressions, see REFERENCE attached). You can portray him standing up, in a mad, gesturing posture.



Shamrock: Veronica's father! But she said you'd died after...

Panel 5

This is a Flashback to the events that took place in SILVER SURFER No. 7. I'd suggest using the top panel that I have circled in yellow in the attached REFERENCE, showing Ludwig preparing to duplicate the Surfer.

Caption: "After my near-fatal encounter with the alien SILVER SURFER? Hardly! I may not have found the secret of eternal life discovered by my ancestor, but my DUPLICATOR made me more than a match for his prowess!

Ludwig: I shall create NEW LIFE in a blob of lifeless clay -- for I AM THE GREATEST FRANKENSTEIN OF ALL!

Footnote: (*): See SILVER SURFER (1st. series) No. 7.

Panel 6

Another "pseudo-flasback," this time showing Ludwig Frankenstein sitting, thinking, brooding behind a set of sophisticated controls. In the background, picture a mad scientist's laboratory, with transparent cylinders containing deformed creatures.

Caption: "Being thought dead gave me the freedom to use my duplicator's LIMITLESS power to create ICON, another tool in my quest for immortality! Imagine my surprise when I first learned of...

Ludwig: VICTORIA! A niece whose very existence I had never even suspected... One in possession of Victor Frankenstein's secrets!



PAGE 4 Panel 1

Back to scene. Ludwig Frankenstein walks towards the huge humanoid figure that is still standing in the shadows.

Ludwig: Those secrets had to be MINE! And since she refused to yield them PEACEFULLY, I took them by FORCE!

Ludwig: But you shattered my plans, and more, you've come to challenge me here! In my own sanctum!

Panel 2

Large panel. Ludwig has reached his creature, which now stands revealed in full light. We might want to show him with his arms lovingly placed on the creature's shoulders -- a creator insanely proud of his creation. For the SILVER MONSTER, think of a Frankenstein-like monster, a big, shambling, hulk, but one with the perfect, gleaming skin of the Silver Surfer.

Ludwig: You see, my experiment with the Surfer was not WASTED.  My duplicator RECORDED his alien skin's molecular composition -- a substance able to withstand the HEAT of the sun or the FRIGIDNESS of space!

Ludwig: Behold my indestructible... SILVER MONSTER!

Panel 3

Ludwig points towards the heroes. The Silver Monster advances.

Ludwig: Do you understand now why, to me, you are no more than gnats waiting to be crushed on a whim?

Ludwig: KILL THEM, my Monster, but do not damage the Frankenstein Creature's head! I shall need it for my experiments!

Panel 4

The Berserker rushes to meet the Silver Monster in a deadly embrace.

Berserker: Statement: You will not hurt my friend again.

Peregrine: Berserker -- Attends! WAIT!  


Panel 1

With a tremendous punch, the Silver Monster sends the Berserker reeling away. Ludwig remains in the background.

Ludwig: I humored Lilac when she created you, machine, but you always were a useless reject...

Ludwig: A failure I should have had destroyed long ago!

Panel 2

The Frankenstein Monster, his face expressing rage, rushes towards the Silver Monster, fists raised. Shamrock and the Peregrine are in the background.

Frankenstein Monster: The Silver Monster... Hurt my friend!

Shamrock: By Gor'! Why are you males always so eager to rush into a fight?

Peregrine: We can't all have your delicate sensibilities, ma chere!

Panel 3

The Frankenstein Monster and the Silver Monster clash, gripping each other in a titanic embrace.

Frankenstein Monster: You've hounded me! You've made my life an eternity of pain!

Panel 4

The clash of the two Monsters causes the wall behind them to collapse. We see the snowy landscape outside.


Frankenstein Monster: But NO MORE!

Frankenstein Monster: You... Are not... STRONGER... Than I!

Panel 5

Still fighting, the two Monsters roll in the snow outside.  Ludwig is in the foreground.

Ludwig: Maybe he isn't, freak, but your blows CANNOT hurt him...

Panel 6

The Silver Monster has gained the upper hand, and is pummeling the Frankenstein Monster, who now lies under him in the snow.

Ludwig (off-panel): ... Which is MORE I can say for you!




Panel 1

The Berserker comes rushing out of the building (through the hole in the wall) to join the fray. By now, the Frankenstein Monster is unconscious, at the feet of the Silver Monster. Ludwig is walking towards the Silver Monster, and is shown turning his head in surprise as he hears the Berserker.

Ludwig: Now, remove his head so that I --

Ludwig (burst): WHAT?!

Panel 2

With yet another tremendous punch, the Silver Monster stops the Berserker dead in his tracks.

No copy.

Panel 3

With his two opponents lying unconscious at his feet, the Silver Monster now turns his attention to Shamrock and Peregrine, who have just walked out through the hole in the wall.

Shamrock: I think it's time we put the wain to bed, what say ye, Peregrine?

Peregrine: Agreed, cherie! This has gone on long enough!  Panel 4

Ludwig, gloating, confronts the two heroes. The Silver Monster is walking threateningly towards them.

Ludwig: You think you can defeat my Monster when the Frankenstein Creature itself couldn't? You must be mad, Frenchman!

Shamrock: Ye're naught bu a thundergub!


Panel 5

The Peregrine (in flight) grabs the Silver Monster by his shoulders. Ludwig reacts in surprise. Shamrock is in the background.

Peregrine: Care for a lift, mon vieux?

Ludwig (burst): WHAT!?

Shamrock: You've not provided your creature with wings, perhaps, Frankenstein?

Panel 6

The Peregrine, still carrying the Silver Monster, flies higher and higher.

Peregrine (thought): Dis donc! This creature is heavier than it looks! But my antigrav unit is compensating for it!

Panel 7

Up above, the Peregrine drops the Silver Monster, who falls. In the foreground, we have Shamrock and Ludwig.

Shamrock: No, I thought not! Flies like a stone, doesn't he?




Panel 1

Shamrock is running towards the Berserker and the Frankenstein Monster, who are recovering consciousness, massaging their heads, etc.

Shamrock: On your feet, me boys! Here's what you're going to do!

Frankenstein Monster: Uh, my head!

Panel 2

The Silver Monster lands hard on the ground. The Berserker and the Frankenstein Monster are jumping on him.


Berserker: Observation: A most perfect landing.

Panel 3

Close-up on the Berserker and the Frankenstein Monster pushing hard to keep the Silver Monster's face buried in the snow.

Berserker: Instruction: We must keep his face buried in the snow.

Frankenstein Monster: That's it! He's not moving anymore!

Panel 4

The Silver Monster's body lies still in the background. The Berserker and the Frankenstein Monster are up. Shamrock is in the foreground.

Berserker: Analysis: The Silver Monster is now unconscious due to temporary deprivation of oxygen.

Shamrock: An ol' Irish trick that is! Works every time!

Panel 5

A spiteful Ludwig reveals a hidden jet belt under his cloak, which he activates with a flick of the hand.

Ludwig: Gloat as you will, Shamrock! I may have lost this time, but I'll be back! Mark my word!

Panel 6

The Frankenstein Monster jumps forward to catch him, but Shamrock stops him.

Frankenstein Monster: We must stop him!

Shamrock: Don't put yourself in a state, my friend. He'll not get far!

Panel 7

Shamrock points upwards, smiling. The Frankenstein Monster and the Berserker look up too.

SFX (top of panel): K-POW!

Shamrock: See?




Panel 1

Peregrine lands, holding a battered-looking Ludwig.

Peregrine: Quel imbecile! Did he really think he could outfly ME?

Shamrock: Peregrine, 'tis wonderful you are!

Page 2

We are back inside ICON H.Q. Shamrock, the Peregrine and the Frankenstein Monster are talking. In the background, the Berserker is tying up Ludwig. The Silver Monster's face is covered in some kind of gas mask.

Peregrine: I was just on with SHIELD in Geneva! They'll send a squad to mop up and go through the files!

Shamrock: Poor Veronica! It'll be like losing her father a second time.

Page 3

In the foreground, the Frankenstein Monster walks away. The heroes stand in the background.

Frankenstein Monster: Now that ICON is finished, I'll return to the peace of my Mistress' castle.

Peregrine: Tell Victoria that her secret -- and yours -- is safe with us!

Shamrock: And may God at long last grant you PEACE, ye poor soul!

Panel 4

The Berserker comes and joins Shamrock and the Peregrine.

Shamrock: Berserker? Are you not going back to Victoria's castle?

Berserker: Exposition: According to ICON's files, the sum total of a human's memories was transprinted into my POSITRONIC BRAIN, thereby granting that human a form of IMMORTALITY...

Panel 5

Close-up on the Berserker's face.

Berserker: Statement: These memories once belonged to a man named LEGRAND...

Berserker: Query: Who is -- or WAS -- Legrand?

Panel 6

They all leave the H.Q., arm in arm, walking away in the snowy landscape.

Shamrock: Well, then, I'd say we know what to do NEXT, don't we, Peregrine?

Peregrine: Whatever you say, mon chou!

Caption: The Swiss Alps. For a while at least, the Shadow has been lifted.

    This 4-part SHAMROCK-PEREGRINE was commissioned by Kavanaugh for Marvel Comics Presents, written & paid for. Then Kavanaugh got told that MCP should feature more commercial characters like, say, Wolverine, so exit Shamrock & Peregrine.

    So far it would be of zero interest if not for the fact that this story (a) made sense of all the Von Frankensteins floating around in Marvel and (b) it also wrapped up the unfinished ICON storyline from the FRANKENSTEIN comic.

    Also, though unpublished, a fair amount of the background material got reused verbatim in DR STRANGE III #37 ("FRANKENSURFER" story).

--Jean-Marc Lofficier

published to the Appendix site with the express permission of JML.

(Still) unanswered questions:

Snood: At the very end, the Berserker said he had been programmed with the mind of a man who knew everything about the human race--or something like
that--and his name was LeGrand...?

JML: I'll be darned. I looked at it and I have absolutely no idea why I did this or where I was planning to go with it. My best guess is that I just dropped it in there in order to give me a loose thread I might reuse later in another story, closing one door, opening another so to speak. Legrand is a rather common French name, but it carries no specific significance.