Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human/Assassin

Occupation: "Confidential Services"/Hitman, Actor

Affiliations: Rampage, Former agent of Lotus Newmark.

Enemies: Wonder Man, Alex Flores, Crazy 8, Rampage

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base Of Operations: Hollywood, CA

First Appearence: Wonder Man II#4 (December, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Splice wears gauntlets with two retractable swords on his forearms. He also has access to explosives and is a highly skilled assassin. He also had special leaping boots, that enabled him to jump 30-40 feet up. His suit had to be armored, in order to take punches from Wonder Man.  (Wonder Man suggested that it was vibranium.)

Weaknesses: At times he got overly cocky or was just too focused on going in for the kill.

Splice was an actor whose time never came. Eventually he got to the point he was scrounging for roles as the hero's older brother who dies in the first scene. He got a job on a sitcom, but one of the child actors didn't like him and got him fired. A few years later the kid got into some trouble with a drug dealing heavy metal drummer and he got the call to deal with it. Two months from then, the drummer and the kid were both gone, but Splice was still there. "I never enjoyed a job so much"

(Wonder Man II#4) - Lotus briefs Splice on Wonder Man, who he later encounters in an empty movie set where Wonder Man was supposed to meet Unimedia agents about a "serious role" as a painter. Splice pelted Wonder Man with electro-grenades to no result, until he threw one right into WM's mouth! Splice was planning to find out what would happen if he stuck one down Wonder Man's eyehole, when Alex Flores, who was talking to Wonder Man earlier happened by. Splice chased her around until Wonder Man got his wits back and knocked him into a big electric wire, which was cut by his forearm blades in the scuffle. While Splice taunted Wonder Man, Alex took the severed wire and zapped Splice, knocking him out.

(Wonder Man Annual#2/2) - Splice shops around his film, Splice & Dice. One by one, Splice picks off the producers of said film. One of them produces a plan to escape, but after Splice takes care of him, the credits roll on Splice & Dice II "The Second Cut".

(Wonder Man II#17) - Lotus acquired the services of Splice and former Recession Raiders leader Rampage and demands Wonder Man's death.

(Wonder Man II#18) - Splice says he's done his homework on Wonder Man and doesn't need Rampage's help taking him out. Lotus tells Splice to have patience and decides to find him someone else to kill.

(Wonder Man II#19) - After a um... Productive night... Lotus and Splice discuss getting rid of the newly formed Crazy 8.

(Wonder Man II#20) - Splice laments about his failed acting career, while entering Gloria Angel's, a friend of Wonder Man's, apartment. Gloria confuses Splice with her newfound time control powers, until Crazy 8ers Attractive Lad and Buff show up to make the save. Luckily for Splice, Rampage makes his entrance and distracts them, while Splice puts an Ionic Dampener on Visionary, depriving him of his powers. Alex Flores shows up, using an illusion of Wonder Man to startle Splice and Rampage, but Splice quickly realizes who it is and throws a knife into her chest. Splice motions to throw a throwing star at Alex's daughter Jamie, but Spider shows up and distracts him, while some of his multiples and Jamie try to get Alex out of the apartment. Rampage and Splice have no problem with Spider's doubles, and Splice even guts one. Directing Rampage to kill the other Crazy 8ers, Splice chased after Alex, Spider and Jamie. Jamie just reaches Wonder Man's trailer, when Splice causes the car she was in to crash.

(Wonder Man II#21) - Wonder Man arrives just in time to stop Splice from gutting Jamie. Rampage arrives and knocks Splice away, telling him that he has history with Wonder Man too. Splice tells him to take his best shot... But he wants the winner. After Rampage floors Wonder Man, Splice tries to end the fight with his forearm blades, but Wonder Man wakes up and royally thrashes him and Rampage.

(Underworld#3) - Splice was playing poker at the Satan's Circus bar when a badly beaten Jackie Dio entered.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones & Jeff Johnson

I'm not a genius electrician, but shouldn't Splice's sword cutting the electric cable have shocked him in the first place?

Wonder Man Annual#2... Boy, those old Annual backup stories were something.

All in all, Splice was a pretty sadistic dude, having no problem attacking kids and women.

The Crazy 8 got their powers from Wonder Man's Ionic Energy projecting outwards to the people he lived near. He later took it back and returned them to the normal world of Hollywood.

Alex actually died, but got better.

Splice and Rampage had kind of a love-hate relationship, they loved to hate Wonder Man! HAHAHAHAHAHA... eh...

Splice the Hollywood Ninja MIGHT be a back-handed reference to the works of Godfrey "God" Ho, "the Ed Wood of Hong Kong cinema":
"Through the 1980s and early 1990s Ho created a series of martial arts films made with a "cut-and-paste" technique, which means they were created with the help of SPLICING various unrelated material (including the recurring motif of absurd NINJA-fighting scenes, often with little or no connection with the already disjointed plot) and dubbed more-or-less together." (emphasis added)
--Ronald Byrd

It probably is a reference to film splicing, but not specifically Godfrey Ho - it was a series about a superhero movie star, and thus his primary adversary had a movie theme, too. He could just as easily have been named Smash-Cut or Sequel Hook or Blockbuster.
--Minor Irritant

Thanks to Paul Lehnert for adding a few extra things to Splice's powers section.

Profile by: Zerostar

Clarifications: Splice is not to be confused with:

The Crazy 8, the group of associates of Wonder Man muated by his Ionic Energy, have no known connection to:

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