Masters of Obscurity--Who are they?

Picking characters-Who's fair game?

Templates-Where do I find the forms to fill out?

Profile Guidelines-How do I do the profile?

Images-How do I choose and do them?

Submissions protocol-What and How do I send?

Joining the Masters-How can I be part of this illustrious group?



Choosing characters

This list of needed characters is here: Master List.

In addition, there is a Dibs List for characters on which certain Masters have already staked their claims. This is woefully out-of-date, so best check with me.

And, of course, there are close to 300 requests waiting to be filled under Upcoming Profiles.
If you can do ANY of these below the second horizontal line, PLEASE do!

Additionally, here's who we're looking for:
Who's Appendix-worthy?

I see our site as a companion to the Official Handbook, focusing on the more minor characters. I have NO problem posting profiles already covered (on the net or in the OHotMU handbooks), if it's one you really want to do (especially if you feel that you can do it better, or just really want to add your two cents worth), but I'd put them as lower on the list of priority. I'd rather cover all the left out characters before overlapping so much. If a character's not on the applist (Master List) page, check with me, and I'll tell you why.
As much as possible, avoid characters that will need frequent updates, as I or other writers typically get stuck doing the updates.

Profile templates

The current templates are:









--Download them and save them to your hard drive for future reference. Saving them as HTML keeps all of the links and formating intact and saves myself and the editors a world of headache.

How to save/use the Templates

1) Download the profile template to your computer.

2) Open the profile template from that folder, in whatever program you can use, such as Frontpage or Word.

3) "Save As" whatever filename you will use. See instruction#9 under profile guidelines.

4) Fill out the info per the guidelines below

5) "Save" and send the profile to Snood/Jeff Christiansen


***In the interest of time, I'm going to be concise, but that also means being blunt...please take no offense...there's none intended****

--Please review the profile format description

(1) Spellcheck your work!

(2) Don't forget to add the month and date of the first appearance

(3) Don't forget to put in the creators (writer(s), penciler(s), and inker(s))  - list names only in the Comments section, list their credits in the Appearances list at the bottom

(4) Pick your images!!!! As you do your profile, please select some nice representative images.
These should include (if possible/applicable):

(5) The profile must be done in HTML format (as seen on the site. Don't send me code, because I can't use it).

(6) Check your character bibliography BEFORE sending the profile. The Marvel Chronology Project is a good baseline. If you're not certain if you've got them all, e-mail the group--chances are pretty damn good that one of the Masters can fill in any holes. If you miss any, someone will catch it after its posted, but it's just more work for me.

(7) Clarifications:
**see any profile by Snood to see the format for doing these**
I'm not going to accept profiles where no effort has been made, and I have to do the busy work.
Here's a list of resources:

So, don't be a slack-@$$, and please do your own Clarifications

(8) Check with the other Masters on any info you're not clear on. For example, William Uchtman and Greg O are clearly very knowledgeable about mythology. Prime Eternal, is infinitely wise in all matters involving the Eternals, as well as Cowboy characters, Monsters, etc.

(9) The goal is too have fun with it, and we all want things to be as complete as possible. Make sure you fill everything out in as much detail as possible (you can be as succinct or verbose as you want). If you want to include additional material under comments, please feel free, but please cover the material completely (so it would be good enough for the original OHotMU). If you're not sure how to do it, just check the new profiles list for a similar type.


A Filename of at least 8 characters in length is desired in order to minimize the likelihood of overwriting profiles and images.

(11) Thanks and enjoy! Keep up the kickass work!  


Submissions Protocol

For your first profile, you must:

1. Check with me (Snood/Jeff Christiansen, get my address from this page link) to make sure the character is ok to do.

2. Use the Templates and the Guidelines.

3. Send the profile to me for evaluation.

4. I'll redirect it to wherever it needs to go, or perhaps instruct you on how it needs to be revised.


Choose images based on the image guidelines under #4 of profile guidelines.

If you can do images (You rule!), then please do so, following these instructions.

Anyone lacking images (or the ability to make) them should send their requests to the group.

Scanning your own images

If possible, capture the digital image from Marvel.com
If not available digitally, scanning images for your own profiles (or helping with others) is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.
You can be even more helpful if you follow these guidelines, so we have to do less editing.

Inserting Images into Profiles

Here is exactly what you need to do, in three easy steps.

1) Have one folder in which you store both your images, and your profiles.

2) After you’ve done your profile and scanned the images (and they’re all saved in that same folder, under the filenames we’re using),
from your top menu, choose Insert
Image (or picture),
Browse to the folder in which it is stored,
and then choose/insert the images.

3) That way, the path will be intact. When you send them to me, you still have to send the profile AND all of the images (they don’t come automatically). When I save them in the same folder on my computer, if you’ve done it right, they’ll still be associated with the profile.

Let me know if you're having troubles.

Google mail list

Welcome aboard!

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