(This is the character's official title as far as this page/website goes)

General rules:
--Capitalize the first word after the heading, don't capitalize other words unless they are proper nouns. DO capitalize the first word after a colon even if it's in parentheses.
--Don't capitalize "the" unless it starts a sentence or is the first word following the heading
--For you non-American folk: the abbreviation Mr and Dr need a period and a space before the last name: Mr. Smith
--In general, choose "unrevealed" over "unknown" and "unidentified" over "unnamed."
--Put commas inside the quotes when listing something. "Larry," "Billy," "Ronny"
--Please put periods outside of parentheses.
--There is no hyphen in extradimensional or extraterrestrial.
--Do not capitalize minor words in comic book titles. "Tales to Astonish" is correct. "Tales To Astonish" is not.
--Do not capitalize "van" or "von" unless the character is American. German and other nations do not generally capitalize these.
--Do not put an "s" after the apostrophe in possessive form of words already ending in "s." Thakos' is correct. Thakos's is not.
--Marvel created materials, such as Adamantium and Vibranium should be capitalized.

Please note that everything should be in 10 font (except the titles in the main and sub-profiles, and the link back to the main page)

Real Name: Civilian identity, birth name, legal name, etc.

Identity/Class: READ THIS INSTRUCTION! The order is important
Includes (1) broad classification of origins (you may use as many of these terms as necessary):
Human, (it may also list citizenship. If no citizenship is listed it means they're either from the USA, or I forgot to list it)
Sub-Species of Humanity (ex. Inhuman, Eternal)--
this should be listed as human sub-species (Inhuman, Eternal)
Demon (see the OHotMU Deluxe Edition#3 for description), God, etc
Terrestrial plant/animal, -native to Earth
Extraterrestrial-from the Earth Dimension, but off of the planet Earth., (specific race if known, ie. Skrull)
Extradimensional-from any other dimension besides the Earth-Prime/Mainstream Earth dimension, (specific dimension, if known, ie. Negative Zone, Earth-A, Earth-Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires)
-----a being from an alternate Earth is an Extradimensional human, with the name of his/her timeline in parentheses. Check the Master List or ask Snood if not sure.
Extratemporal-usually refers to an alternate future timeline, often of an alternate Earth, but not necessarily, (specific dimension/timeline, if known, ie. Earth-Guardians of the Galaxy, Earth-Killraven)
---ditto for alternate/potential future Earths

(2) Nature of abilities:
mutant (powers developed as result of natural mutation of genetic code, meaning no specific event generated the super-human abilities (or if it did, it happened to the character's parent(s), or in utero )
mutate (powers developed as a result of some event/circumstance that occurred after birth. A Deviant mutate refers to a deviant with monstrous and atypical appearance/ability, in some cases from genetic engineering)
technology user (derives abilities from armor, weaponry, or other equipment). May be divided into conventional (what you'd find in hte real world) and unconventional. May also be referred to as weapon user.
magic user (taps into energy considered magic, a la Dr. Strange, Morgan le Fay, etc)

***these are often arbitrary. I try to sum up the character in a few words. This may be a good source of info for searches, if I ever get to that***

(3) Period of activity (beyond the modern era)

(4) citizenship (only necessary to list if they are human, and not American)


Extradimensional (Earth-295) human mutate; Russian citizen
Extraterrestrial (Shi'ar) technology user
Sub-species of humanity (Eternal)
Human magic user (Hyborian era)

Occupation: Primary career;
    former careers

Group Membership: Current membership;
    former memberships (in alphabetical order)
*Note: Separate lists by commas, but use a semi-colon to separate current from former)*

Affiliations: Other characters/groups/etc. to which the character has a connection. It lists allies, close friends/confidants, associates, lovers
--If you are discussing a character who needs clarification, AND a profile exists at the Appendix for that character, you may link to it.
List in alphabetical order, unless you are grouping them by some means (see Dracula)
*Note: Separate lists by commas, but use a semi-colon to separate current from former)*

Current affiliations;
    former affiliations

Enemies: Self-explanatory (same format as Affiliations)

Known Relatives: Immediate family (wife, children, parents, siblings), followed by other relations (closer to more distant)
*Note: Separate lists by commas, but use a semi-colon to separate current from former)*

Aliases: Other identities the character uses or has used (ie. Warbird's real name is Carol Susan Danvers, but in the past, she's been known as Ms. Marvel and Binary.)

Base of Operations: Headquarters, stomping grounds, etc. Past and present
    Specify if not Earth-616

New York City, New York;
    formerly Trenton, New Jersey;
    formerly Wilmington, Delaware

First Appearance: First appearance (real time, issue and DATE of publication--Month and Year)

The Roman numeral after the title indicates which series it was. This means Avengers I is the first series of Avengers. The date should help if there's any further confusion.

Backslash / either indicates the appearance is in the second part or chapter (ie. Solo Avenger#8/2), or that appearances overlap, such as Iron Man#80(fb) / #74(fb). In the case of the latter, put spaces before and after the backslash.

NO SPACE BETWEEN the issue/volume and the "#" sign!!!

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman abilities. Special talents and training. Equipment. Weaponry. etc. All data are ballpark figures, guesstimated.

I don't usually specific exact figures b/c its unknown, but wherever possible, I try to ballpark it in this classification scheme, based on the one from the OHotMU Master Edition.

Below normal,
Peak human (ie. Captain America-800#),
Enhanced human--means greater than human (stronger than Captain America), but less than 2 tons.
Class 10, 25, 50, 75, 90
----Class __ refers to a rough estimate of the amount of tons a character could lift over his or her head under normal conditions.
Class 100-refers to anything GREATER than 100 tons. ie. the Hulk
Incalculable-refers to immeasurable strength, such as would exist with Galactus.

History: A summary of the characters origins, as well as synopses of what they've done in their appearances. They should be listed by issue, and in chronological order (ie. flashbacks should be put between or before whatever events they took place around--NOT WHEN THEY ARE REVEALED).
I try my best to stick to reporter the events as the occur (and leaving the editorial comments for the comment section), but sometimes there are break-downs.

The character's chronology is given, in order, as best as I can do. If there's a discrepancy between my information, and the Marvel Chronology Project, (1) the one with the omission is probably wrong, (2) I'll plead no contest in most cases. They put a lot of time into how events fit together. Let me know if I missed any appearances.

BTS indicate behind the scenes appearances. i.e. the character was not directly seen, but either directed the actions of others, or their presence was felt somehow.

fb = flashback. The events are being referenced as having occurred before the events as they are being told

--There is never to be a BTS without an issue listed. The whole reason for listing the issues is so the issue can be double checked for accuracy.
--If something occurred before the events of the story, it is a flashback, whether it is seen on panel or told.
Your choices are:
(Namor I#52) - Events occurring in this issue
(Namor I#52 - BTS) - Events occurring in this issue where the character is not on panel.
(Namor I#52 (fb)) - Flashback events shown on panel in this issue
(Namor I#52 (fb) - BTS) - Flashback events referenced or spoken about (or where the events are shown, but the character isn't).

The modern era refers to the Marvel Age of comics, beginning with Fantastic Four I#1. As most people know, this is a sliding time period, and approximately 10 years have taken place since then. So the cover date of 1961 is irrelevant, as will a current cover date of 2001 not have any meaning in a few years. While some events are fixed in time prior to this era (such as the first half of the Marvel: The Lost Generation Series) and will receive specific dates, other events are set to occur 5 or 10 years before FF#1, and so any specific date is topical, or irrelevant once the time of that issue has passed.

Comments: Creators (usually limited to the writer, penciler, and INKER in the issue in which the character first appeared. I realize that won't always be right, and I'm more than happy to correct any mis-credits).

Anything else of significance that doesn't fit into the other sections. Feel free to expound on anything you see as halfway relevant.

In older entries, this may be under "Note"

"Profile by" information goes here

Clarifications: For most of my first couple hundred entries I underlined the characters from which the one I'm talking about should be distinguished. I didn't realize that could be confused for a non-functional link. Sorry. The subsequent ones will use italics in place of underlining. Currently, I'm putting the characters' names in bold to distinguish each different character.

I make distinctions between this character and others of similar (or same) names, and in some cases, origins, etc. I try to list a brief synopsis and first appearance of the other characters for clarity.

AVOID USING ROMAN NUMERALS TO DISTINGUISH CHARACTERS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. No system of numbering is going to be universally accepted. My system made perfect sense to me (and still does). However, I immediately started get tons of really annoying e-mails telling me II should be IV, VIII should be I, etc. It's a moot point. In addition, updates and re-numbering would be required.
A lot of old profiles still have the Roman Numerals in them. A lot of profiles submitted to me use them--despite my efforts to stop this. Please DO NOT do it. ASK me if you are unable to understand this.
Instead, I would do this:

<the character described in this profile> has no known connection to:
character by same or similar name, that character's real name, anything distinguishing or of significance, such as group affiliation or history, @ First Appearance
--in addition, if a profile at the Appendix exists for one of those being distinguished, you can link it (as I did below)
i. e.
Dr. Deming's Exiles should be distinguished from:

I will also accept the Master List format

For really confusing/involved ones, I'll link to a site detailing those (ie. Death's Head, Ghost Rider, Scourge).

Sub profiles (They are supposed go after comments and clarifications; a lot of people mess this up).

image (s) (usually to the far left or far right)        Character name (18 Font, bold, centered)

Real name if applicable

Brief History

Brief power summary

--"First appearance" followed by a space, a left parenthesis, and then a chronological listing of appearances

--Strange Tales I#127 (Dr. Strange III#30/2, StrT#127, Dr. Strange II#3, 7,8, Thor Annual#9, Doc58, 67, 71, 73, Doc50, ClanDestine#8

(see for a more detailed description, but don't include the notations for deceased, golden age, etc., and DO spell out all titles.

down below the bottom horizontal line, I would like to list the sources of the images.
ie. Fantastic Four I#199, page 19,
    panel 5; 199,
    page 15, panel 1; etc.
This is both for ease of replacement in case an image is damaged, as well as to hopefully make it easier to pick images for future Marvel Encyclopediae

List all other issues not covered under first appearances, so that they're dates of publication can be referenced.
List them in order of the date of publication
Issue#5 (Month, Year)
 - XXX (writer), YYY (penciler), ZZZ (inker), ABCD (editor)
Issue#6 (Month, Year)
- XXX (writer), YYY (penciler), ZZZ (inker), ABCD (editor)

Micronauts II#1 (October, 1984) - Peter Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Bruce Patterson (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Micronauts II#2 (November, 1984) - Peter Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Bruce Patterson (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Micronauts II#3 (December, 1984) - Peter Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Bruce Patterson (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Micronauts II#4 (January, 1985) - Peter Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Bruce Patterson, w/ Akin & Garvey (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

Last updated: last time I made any significant edits to the page. The entries I did before putting the site together will all be between the end of August 2001 and mid-September 2001, because that's when I modified them to fit into the HTML format. Otherwise you can tell older ones by changes in style (really old ones have a title as part of the image, added from the scanner program).
If you cut and paste everything from the horizontal line down, this should update every time the page is opened and saved.

Any Additions/Corrections? please let me know.

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