This list is by no means complete . I'm only including characters, groups, etc. who I see as major targets. There are certainly races, technology, and supporting characters not on the list. However, if they're not on this list, I'm most likely not interested in them as of now (unless, of course, I just missed someone...nah, couldn't be). If you want someone not on this list then:

1) Check the other resources listed at Any on these are generally considered as already having a profile, and thus not needing one here. Please direct additions/corrections/etc. to those sites/sources.

2) Ask yourself, is this character a non-powered, supporting character? If so, then if you want an entry, then your best bet is to do it yourself (I'll be happy to publish it if you want to submit it). I'm more interested in doing super-characters, etc., and I've got thousands to do. (I won't reply to e-mails debating this)

...if your character is not disqualified by one of the above, let me know

Last updated:11/20/2016

Series based listings:

Other listings (OHotMU and Files characters not covered; other groupings to come)

Alias characters (2001):
too big: Jessica Jones

Alpha Flight:
I: Marrina, Puck, Tundra, Beta Flight, Box, Gamma Flight, Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Wild Child (1), Doug Thompson, Tom & Gladys Smallwood, Omnijet (2), Master's ship (3), Plodex race (4), Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (5), Kolomaq, Hodiak, Nelvanna, Turoq (7), Nemesis/Isabel St. Ives (8), Mount Logan Cosmic Ray Research Station (9), Omega Flight (11), Ranaq (14), Alpha Flight Tamarind Isle headquarters (20), Tanaraq (23), Great Beasts, Kariooq, Somon, Tolomaq (24), Qwrlln race (25), Eaglet (35), Pestilence (36), baby Thompson (37), Purple Girl (41), Manikin/Whitman Knapp, Carmody Whyte, agent Billings, Ms. Kelly (43), New Life Clinic (44), Derangers, Breakdown, Pathway, Freakout, Janus, Goblyn (48), Bedlam (52), Susan & Darby Dean (54), Liveworld (55), Dreamqueen (56), Veronica Langkowski, High Lama, Jade Dragon (59), Technomancer (63), Becky McNeil, China Force, Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Snake (64), Zilla Char (67), Eye of the World (68), Rat (69), Dexter Rayne, Brian Winslow, Llan the Sorcerer (71), Earth-7475 (73), Witchfire, Nemesis/Jane Thorne (76), Cat Elves (81), Windshear (87), Remnant Men (88), Latverian Liberation Front, Kerry Patrick (91), Consortium (97), Elematrix (103), Amy Brewer (105), Joanne Beabier (106), Omega Flight, Bile, Miss Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, Tech-Noir (110), Ska'r race (111), Hardliners Feedback/Albert Louis, Robert Hagon (118), Carcass (125), Ice Station Red Leaf (Annual2)
II (1997-1999): Flex, Radius (-1), Guardian (James Hudson clone), Director X, Epsilon Guard, Doctor Krypt, Edwin, Dr Morbius (1), Doctor Horatio Huxley, Coordinator Proctor, Doctor Ko Bin Su, Miss de la Salle, Hull House, Lt. Oculus (2), Doctor Myra Haddock (4), Warwick Jamieson (9), Beta Flight, Mr. Gentry, Hames (14), Weapon X/Thetagen24 (17)
III (2004-2005): Yukon Jack, Puck (Zuzha Yu), Nemesis (Amelia Weatherly), Major Mapleleaf, Centennial, Thunder (1), Makkamakkamaktsptoo (2), Mar (4)
IV (2011-2012):
X-Men and Alpha Flight II (1998): Lemieu (1)

Avengers (and related) characters:
All-New, All-Different Avengers: Augie, Girl Cadet Cookies (1), Avengers Hangar (4), Thor (Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers) of fanfic reality, Dreadbot (5), Mr. Horton (7), Barry (10), Techtronicon cannon (11), Kang’s mother, Kang’s father (13), Ying (14), Rotruvia country, Molynite (15), Natasha Allegri, Zac Gorman, Faith Erin Hicks, Megan Wilson, Scott Kurtz, Steve Hamaker, Mark Waid, Chip Zdarsky, Gatr95, Skrull Antagonauts, Captain Marvel/Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan) (prev 2 only in “The Once & Future Marvel” fanfic reality), “bumblee Avenger,” “apple ghost” (prev 2 only in “The Adventures of She-Hulk” fanfic reality), Hss, Marvel, the Spectacular Spider-Mole, Ham-ilton Theater, Kinky Hooves musical, Chicked musical, Jersey Cows musical, 3 Mice’s Slices, Quack o’Lantern, Cal & Murray’s Italian Cuisine, Squirrel Girl (squirrel version) (prev 11 only in the “Up Close & Fursonal” fanfic reality), Ultimate Squirrel Girl (only in “Squirrel Girl vs. Ms. Marvel” fanfic reality), Kenneth Raymond, Rob, Jeremy the Hydra agent, Charlie (prev 4 only in “An Evening with Ms. Marvel” fanfic reality) (Annual 1)
Solo Avengers/Avengers Spotlight:
    list II:
Avengers West Coast:
--list II: Quantum, MODAM, Great Lakes Avengers/Lightning Rods, Bytes, War Machines
Avengers: Powersurge
--list II: Space Phantom, Lava Men, Collector, Red Guardian (Shostakov), Hyperion of the Squadron Sinister, Monica Lynne, Vizier of Polemachus, Polemachus, Sentinels (Mark II), Thanos-Thralls, Nuklo, Black Talon, Judy Parks, Blood Brothers, Quasimodo, Nebula, Nebula's crewmen, Guardsmen, Yellowjacket (DeMara), Portal, Iron Man/young Tony Stark
--list III: Lord Seth, Aero-Cars, Magneto's Magna-Cars, the Cosmic Viewer, Inspector Flint, Magneto's Magna-Screen, Crystal of Conquest, W'Kabi, the White Gorilla Idol, Cape Citadel Missile Base, Taku, the Energy Ring, Roy & Jean Thomas, Tom Thumb & His Micro-Module, T'Chaka, Judge Robert C. Harrison Chalmers, Larry Trask
big 'uns
: Kang, Swordsman, Power Man/Atlas, Collector, Whirlwind, Grim Reaper, Ultron, Grandmaster, Red Wolf, Squadron Sinister, HYDRA, Mantis, High Evolutionary, Squadron Supreme, Jocasta, Guardians of the Galaxy, Korvac, Henry Gyrich, Absorbing Man, Taskmaster, Moonstone, Dire Wraiths, Paladin, Marrina, Tyrannus, Jane Foster-Kincaid
Avengers III: (1998) Triathlon
New Avengers: Ronin, Michael Pointer
New Avengers (2015 series): Avengers Idea Mechanics/New Avengers, Avenger One ship, Iron Patriot/Rescue/Dr. Toni Ho, Life-Minus mutates (1), S.H.I.E.L.D. Genetic Enhanciles, Moridun, Mandy O’Connor (2), Castle Tarnala, Mur-G’nn, M’ryn the Magus, Lan-Zarr, K’kyy, Knights of the Infinite, Darja Vollun, Avenger Three ship, Excelsior sword (3), Forbidden Asteroids, Xaccus planet, Dorrek Supreme, Ryga’a, Sch-Larr (4), Marvel Woman (Marlena Brashear), Namorina (Dorma McKenzie), Collapsar (Manu Chauhan), Iron Mariner (Jako Krangsen), O.M.N.I.T.R.O.N.I.C.U.S., Larry, Avenger Four ship (5), New Revengers, Squamorr the Eldritch Man, W.H.I.S.P.E.R. (7), Dr. Varghese, Red Hulk/Gen. Robert L. Maverick, Project Troubleshooter, Avenger Two ship, Avenger Five (9), Avenger Base Two (10), Terry, Plunder-Bots (11), Agent Rowse, Frisky Fred the squirrel, Bunco the squirrel, Acorn Annie (12), Helicarrier Bellopheron, Megan (13), S.H.I.E.L.D. Annihilation Drone (15), Molecule Man (alternate reality), Brad (17), “I.A.M.,” American Intelligence Mechanics (18)
Avengers limited series:
Avengers: The Initiative: Baron von Blitzschlag, Butterball, Camp HAMMER, Camp Hammond, Cloud 9, Gauntlet, Hardball, Komodo, Reptil, Trauma, Arthur Woodman
Avengers Academy: Avengers Academy, Jeremy Briggs, Earth-11511, Finesse, Kelly Garnett, Hazmat, Mettle, Weston Minkovitch, Striker, Veil, White Tiger (Ava)
Avengers Arena: Apex, Cullen Bloodstone, Death Locket, Nara
Avengers Solo: complete

Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha: Agent Branson, Agent Hauser, Agent Thomas, Compost-Mobile, Bev’s Diner, Bev, Betsy the librarian (1)
Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega: Quasar (Avril Kincaid), World Security Council, Rendell, Went (1)
Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill
: Dr. Erik Selvig, Dr. Fowler, Kearns, Pleasant Hill, Vicki, Dortohy Bixby, Liz, Patricia (1)

Free Comic Book Day 2015: Avengers: Qeng Dynasty, Ajay Roy, Parvati Mehta, One Night in Oozy movie, Dinesh Deol

Black Panther characters:
BP II: General Magnus Moorbecx
BP III(1998): Achebe
Jungle Action: Kantu, Killmonger, Preyy, Tayete + Kazibe

Black Widow characters:
Amazing Adventures II: Ivan Petrovich
Black Widow (2016 series): Agent Elder, Weeping Lion/Platch Liev (Ilija Knezevic), the Lion’s Den (2), Anya/Recluse, Dr. Kohn, Yugoslavian, Headmistress (3), Iosef, Dark Room (4), Lisa, Ivan (6), Nat (8)
The Coldest War: ARNOLD (powerful new generation lmd), Senator Clair, Deb + Melvin + unidentified son (tourists) + [Aunt Martha], Derenski Clinic (Moscova University), Dr. Gorff and Arnold, Henry (dances with Natasha), Jackie + Lacey (sushi shop, apparent SHIELD front], MERGER & ACQUISITION (yacht), Pound (criminal, dies), Sterling (criminal, dies), SHIELD LMD Research Control Center, Sylvia (social friend of Natasha), Wilson (SHIELD agent)

Blaze characters:
II: Quentin Carnival

Bloodstone characters:
Rampaging Hulk: Bloodstone Island, Philip Lerou, Suite Fear

Bullseye characters:
Bullseye (2017 series): Tim Jones, Houghton, Lomax, Boudreau, Smith, Bobby Karnelli, Raph Losani, Joy Jones, Jerry, Black Knife Carteli, Teodor Zarco, Fabian Losani, Alejandro, Camilo, Eddie K., Gary (1), El Cerdo Muerto Bar, Pedro, Gonzo (2), Hacienda Motel (3), Bronson the tiger (4), Agent Cutter (5)

Cable characters:
II: Sinsear, Gunshot, Order of the Askani, Blockade, Acidroid, Inner Secret, Ranshi Empire, Harmonists
Soldier X: Geo, Virgin
Cable & Deadpool: Professor copy

Captain America characters:
list II: Cosmic Cube/Kubik
Captain America I: Dakini, Elite

Captain Marvel characters:
I: Quasimodo's androids
Captain Marvel/Photon, CM II, III: Powderkeg
Marvel Spotlight II: Those-Who-See

Captain Universe characters:
Dr. Strange, Arcturus Rann, Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, Dr. Evan Swann

ClanDestine characters:
I: Clan Destine, Cuckoo, Adam, Albert, Dominic, Florence, Garth, Lance, Maurice, Newton, Pandora, Rory, Samantha, Sherlock, Vincent, Walter, djinn

Cloak and Dagger characters:
I: Father Francis Delgado
II: Melissa Bowen, Phillip Carlisle, Bill Clayton
III: Crotus, Darkform & Lightform, Dennis Fiedler
Strange Tales II: Michael Bowen, Day, Mr. Jip, Rebecca "Rusty" Nales, Night, Yipyap

Conan characters:
Ageera, Ispirana, Keiv, Meroe, Nafertari, Pathir, Renrutanit, Shatterer of Worlds, Tetra, Turgohl, Totrasmek
Conan the Adventurer:
Conan the Barbarian: Ahmaan (65), Ajaga, Amra, Beeya, Belit, Black Corsairs, devil crabs, Gunderman, Gwenalda, Hobb, Imbalayo, Kawaku, Krato, M'Gora, N'Yaga, Riders of the River Dragon, Sea Queen (SSoC40), Shulo, Tezcatlipoca (65), toad-thing, Watambi tribe,
Conan the King:
Savage Sword of Conan: Chabella, Ferdrugo, Kulamtu trees, Menkara, Ninus, Nzinga, Petrel (SSoC40), Shamash-Shum-Ukin, Villagro, Warrior Women of Gamburu (Amazons), Wastrel, Zarono, Zeltran (SSoC40)
Conan the Savage:
Limited series: Captain Alvaro, Ariostro, Epimetrius the Sage, Red Lion, Goram Singh, Strabo, Yakov

Daredevil characters:
Chaste, le Concierge, Fatboys, Izanami, Josie's Bar, KO, Nameless Ones, Number Nine, Eric Slaughter, Snakeskin, Stone, Sunturion, Surgeon General, Synapse, Vice Agent
II: Echo, Earth-6381, Nelson Blake & Murdock, Righteous Cons
Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock: Josie

Darkhawk characters:
Dreamkiller, Force 10, Overhawk, Seekers

Darkhold characters:

Dazzler characters:
GN: Eric Beale, Eddie Stanachek

Deadpool characters:
III (1997): Deadend + other interns, Hellhouse, Dirty Wolff/Damnation City
Cable & Deadpool: Gen. Hartecort, Conrad, Foot of Doom, Infinity TAP, Slough, Three Strikes bar, Molecular Accuator, Bob the Hydra agent

Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu characters:

Death's Head characters (Marvel UK):
II: Death's Head of Un-Earth, Lionheart, Yorrick

Deathlok I characters:
Astonishing Tales: Mike Travers, Teresa Deveraux, Linc Shane
Deathlok I: Mainframe I
Deathlok II: Jesus Badalemente
Deathlok III: Deathlok V+VI, Zero Company

Defenders characters:
Secret Defenders: Bureau 18, Oracle, Secret Defenders
II (2001) - Bird Doctor, Bird People/Avians, Froja, Omni-wave blaster, Priest lord (Avians?), Scientist Supreme of Yann, Torkon, Trellnax-3, Lord Vashti, Vassal (BTS; Wayfinder demons entry vol 3 hc), stone monsters & wizard (unidentified; 'Nuff Said story), Normal man(dies at mountain)
III (2006): demon princess from the lower depths of Asmodeus' realm

Devil Dinosaur characters:
Dinosaur World, Killer Folk, Small Folk

Dr. Strange characters:
Strange Tales I:
Marvel Premiere: Living Buddha, Living Gargoyle, Shadow Men of Kaa-U, Sise-Neg
Dr. Strange II:  Children of the Night/Eyekillers, Phaseworld, Rome-World,
Strange Tales II: Arioch
Dr. Strange III: Executioner, Grease, Paradox, Werewolves, Xaos
Others:  Temple of the Three

Dracula characters:
Dracula Lives: DuMonte, Durenyi, Father Vergilius Flotsky, Lou Garver, Hauptmann Kriss, Jackson Kubbard, Anton Levka, Lupescu, Mason, Count Vryslaw, Zaveria
Tomb of Dracula I: Blade, Lucas Brand, Marianne Cutlass, Alestar Dunwick, Frenchman, Janus, Scotsman, Lyza Strang, Ilsa Strangway
Tomb of Dracula IV (2004-2005):
Benjamin Alomii, Enzo Ferrara, Lucas Telling-Stone, Noah van Helsing, Michiko Watanabe
Dracula: Lord of the Undead: Charles Seward
Stoker's Dracula: Berserker, Czarina Catherine ship, Demeter ship, Jon Harker, Mina Murray Harker, Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris, Renfield, John Seward, Mr. Swales, Lucy Westernra, Mrs. Westenra
other: Phineas Kroner, Raynee

Elektra characters:
Elektra: Assassin: Dr. Beaker, ExTechOp, Sandy Newton
Elektra I: Kuroyama
Elektra II (2001): Stanley Dreyfuss, Ione Katamides, Jeremy K. Locke, Coalition, Drake, Pain + Shadow + Thought, Leonard Prebble, Bridget Hapanmyas, Piaka Loio, Urishka Bezzubenkov, Bara

Excalibur characters:
I (1988-1999): Widget, Queen Ai'sha, Yeoman UK (1), Kylun (2), W.H.O., Alysande Stuart, Alistaire Stuart, Reichminister of Genetics MacTaggert-earth-597, Callisto-earth-597 (6), Crotus (7), Lightning Force (Hauptmann Englande, Nightcrawler, Meggan) (9), Lockheed-eath-597 (11), Prince William/Billy the Kid, Princess Katherine, Captain Marshall all Earth-1193 (12), Queen Mother, Queen Consort both Earth-1193 (13), Rafi (15), Lockheed-earth1289 (16), Slavers (17), Crusader X (21), Justicer Bull, Lord High Justicer, Chief Examining Magistrate, Cadbury (23), Lady London, Centurion Britannus, Chevalier Bretagne, Captain Cymru, Kozfran (24), Cooter, Bash (28), Phoebe Huntsman (32), Phineous Umbridge (41), Officer Savon, Britanotron, Maasai Marion, Bruccaneer Britain (43), Enforcer Capone, Sister Gaia, Brother Brit-Man, Captain Colonies, Madam Sussex, keNDRA matsumoto, Friar Albion, Right Honourable Captain Winston Fane-Shaw-Sinclair, Centurianous Britanicosaurus, Anglo-Simian (44), Necrom, Inky Blott (45) Cerise (46), Feron, Anti-Phoenix (48), Butcher Britain, Kl'rt, Caliburians (Cap'n Saxonia, Dr Strange, Hulk, Iron Fist, Spider-Girl) (49), Will of the People (51), Sat-Yr-9's troops (Brigette, Cynthia, Vanya) (56),  Icon, Raleigh Chamberlain, Knight Errant (59), Luke, Mr. Jordan, Advocates (Aberdeen Angus, Celery, Mustard, Salt, Shrew), Rory Campbell (72), Black Air, Threadgold, Michele Scicluna, Pete Wisdom (86), Shrine, Uncreated (90), Earth-9620 (94), Red King/Alan Wilson, Black Queen/Emma Steed, Black King/Quentin Templeton, Red Rook/Scribe, Scratch (96) Red Bishop/Conrad Strathdee, Nicholas Rutledge (97), Selby (104), Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, A'yin, Barak, Ra'al (107), Xiandu (108), Knights of Wundagore (Lord Gator, Lady Ursula, Sir Delphis), Executioner/Sari St Hubbins (113)
II (2001): Sir Benedict (2)
III (2004-2005): Freakshow, Wicked, Hub (1), Excalibur/new team (2), Stripmine, trolls (5), Appraiser (6), Rebecca Lauria (9), Rastus (10), Askari (11), Taniqa Umbaja, General Umbaja (12)
New Excalibur (2006-2007): Rana Mousabi (4), Albion (5), Scarlet Knights (6)
One-Shots (1988-1992): Bodybag, China Doll, Waxworks, Joyboy, Warwolves (SwordIsDrawn), Ricochet Rita/The Agent (MojoMayhem), Earth-597 with subs for Reichsmen and other inhabitants (WeirdWarIII)

Fantastic Force characters:
Devlor, Huntara, Omnivirus, Psi-Lord

Fantastic Four characters:
Fantastic Four I:  Crimson Cadre, He who summons
list II: Monster Isle, Yancy Street Gang, Impossible Man, Awesome Android, Leonard McKenzie, Gregson Gilbert, Dorrie Evans, Millie the Model, Frightful Four, "Evil" Inhumans, Quasimodo, Phineas T. Horton, Inhumans Genetics Council, Baluurians, Professor Daniel Damian, Livewire, Dr. Molinari, Sonic Shark, Fantastic Four android replicas, Chiron, Asmodeus, Rudyarda, Air-Walker and android, Krawl, Avius, Silent Ones/Cheemuzwa, Sub-Mariner's android guard, Albert DeVoor, Captain Ultra, Witches of New Salem, Salem's Seven, Rebecca Rainbow, Thraxon, Sphinx, Adora, Tanak Valt/Nova-Prime, Dr. Sun, Powerhouse, Diamondhead, Lorrie Melton, Elementals of Doom (Diablo), Nightmare Crystal, Kristoff Vernard/Dr. Doom, Nathaniel Richards, Malice (Sue), Aquira, She-Thing/Sharon Ventura/Ms. Marvel, Cat People, Arcturus IV, Beyonders, Fantomask, Eliminators (High Ev), Gatherers (High Ev), Ahab, Kubik, Radical Dodecahedron, Ultimate Nullifier, Theodore Bannion, Seekers, Dreadface, Lyja, General Ator, Andros + Artabazus of the that time period that Reed was sent to
list III: Kurtz (Dr. Doom's assistant), the Ovoids, the Poppupian race, Mr. Howell, Captain Nelson, the Red Ghost, the Red Ghost's Super-Apes, Blackie Starr, Bones & Bailey Circus, Peggy (former Johnny Storm girlfriend), Pierre (hairdresser), Fatal Finnegan, Higgens (chauffeur), Cartwright (New England's General Electronics), Roger (New England's General Electronics), Van Dorn (New England's General Electronics), Molly Margaret McSnide, Mr. Spade, Warlord Krang, Warlord Thakos, Princess Fen, Emperor Thakorr, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Blake, Jenkins (crew of Icebreaker Oracle), Acme Atomics Corporation, Big Joe, Sam (truck driver), Joe (motorcycle policeman), Baron Hugo, Featherstone (wealthy man), Nelson Rockefeller of Earth-A, General Thunderbolt Ross of Earth-A, Calvin McClary, Pearson P. Morgan, Dr. Matthew Horace Grayson, Col. Sellers, Joe (pilot), Ralph (passenger of 747 Jumbo Jet), Charlie (bystander), Hal (booking agent), Annabelle (Manny's Bar & Grill denizen), Wilbur (Manny's Bar & Grill denizen), Jerry (Manny's Bar & Grill denizen), Harry (Manny's Bar & Grill denizen), Daryl Williams, General Fitz-Hugh, Jerry & Joe (police officers), Marv Wolfman, John Verpoorten, Archie Goodwin, George Perez, John Romita, Len Wein, Gerry Conway, Kronar (Latverian Freedom Fighter), Lorenzo (movie producer), Luigi Cantalope, Walter the Dancing Plastic Surgeon, Annabelle & Her Singing Appendix Scar, Captain Forbes, Agnes (cleaning lady), Dr. Wallace, Dean Joseph Wayne, Lanie (the Monocle's assistant), the Xandarian race, Arnie (soldier), George (soldier), Frank (soldier), Sarge (soldier), the War-Men, the Landlak race,
Fantastic Four III (1998): Alyssa Moy, Kay Cera/Cuckoo, Bounty, Twisted Sisters, Marvel Girl, Dorma + Divinity + Shakti + Technarx of Counter Earth-Franklin, Hellscout, Jian Feeta, Rene & his monsters
Fantastic Four Unlimited: Ahura, Earth-Pax Atlantea, Panther Posse, Time-arang
Giant-Size Fantastic Four: Dr. Daniel & Joan Madrox
limiteds/etc: Apocalypse Beast, Counter Earth-Franklin, Fugushi, Giant Monster Museum, Radu

Gambit characters:
I (1993-1994): Henri LeBeau, Jean-Luc LeBeau, Assassins Guild, Julien Boudreaux, Thieves Guild, Tithe Collector, Candra (1), Marius Boudreaux (2), Tante Mattie (3)
II (1997): Father Miguel Bonavita, Brother Marcelo (1), Sister Katrina, Sybil (2)
III (1999-2001): Sekmeht Conoway, Mariah Ellenthorpe, Fontanelle, Anwar Anubar, Fireballs/Jack Farley (1), Mengo Brothers (2), Quiet Bill, Pig (3), Shirow Ishihara, Zoe Ishihara (4), Etienne Marceaux (6), New Sun, Genard Alouette (7), Momentary Princess, Tomorrow Stone (10), Jacques LeBeau, Belize Marceaux (12), Harvest Master/Rouler Marceaux (13), Folding City (15), Harvest Master/Theoren Marceaux, Mercy LeBeau (16), Minister of Tome & Hoard, Claude Potier (Annual 2000), Unified Guild (22), Heth'sa (23)
IV (2004-2005): Alphonse, 'Fast' Jack Jessup, Camille D'aubigne, Genevieve D'aubigne (1), Stone (4), Noreen Tanaka (7)
V (2012-2013): Femme Mysterieuse/Joelle, Borya Cich, Remlik (1), Fence (2), Guatemalan Dragon God (3), Kahlil (15), Ajna, Nil, Slips (16)

Ghost Rider foes:
Ghost Rider I: (Phantom Rider): Cougar, Mountain Man
Ghost Rider II (Blaze): Quentin Carnival
Ghost Rider III: Dogface/Doghead, Hag+Troll, Next Wave
Spirits of Vengeance: Carver, Lilin
Ghost Rider V: Buttview, Jemima Catmint, Daniel, Father Adam, Earl Gustav, Hoss, Kazann, Malachi, Ruth
Ghost Rider VI (2006): Dixie, Numecet, Arvis, Bedelstraum, Strahorn, Clay

Giant-Man/Ant-Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket/Pym characters:
Irredeemable Ant-Man (O'Grady): Ant-Man (Chris McCarthy), Mitch Carson, Veronica King, Visioneer

Godzilla characters:
Tamara Hashioka, Dr. Gladstone Hawkins, Hugh Howards, Rob Takiguchi, Yuriko Takiguchi

Great Lakes Avengers:
Great Lakes Avengers (2017): Stark Assembly & Manufacturing, Ferrari & Hindel Associates, Amy, the Flat-Out Truth book, “Darth_VapeLord,” Pitchfork, Firebrand (Erikson Hades), Good Boy (Goodness Silva), Lucky Silva, Pansy, Rob Wilson, Jeff Powers (1), Baphomet club, Mike, Corky the cork, Nain Rouge/Red Dwarf (Dick Snerd) (2), Coolio Beans Coffee, Andrew, “frusta” (3), Brontasaur Russ, Firestarter app, Walter, Butler hospital (4), Corktown meats, Dr. Nod, Dr. Nod’s Good Bod, Dr. Nod’s Hot Cod, Jen, Bod Squad (5), Gregory Garlick, Irene, Mark, Dennis Syzmanski, Doug, Geoff (6)

Green Goblin characters: Freddie Glazer, Ricko the Sicko, Lynn Walsh, Mindy Urich, Arnold Urich, Ken Urich (1), John Dare (2), Meredith Campbell (7)

Guardians of the Galaxy characters:
GotG: Abrogate, Commandeers, Mainframe, Malevolence, Retox
    list two: Rancor, Replica, Talon

Guardians of the Galaxy (2015 series): Hala/the Destroyer of Worlds (1), planet Restogr (2), Yotat/the Destroyer of Destroyers, Frunta, Frunta’s House of Self-Defensery (3), Prism, Knowhere Corps (4), Xalda-Volta planet, Drystone Tower, Marud (9), Glonthorp Bistro & Brewpub (14), Wilson’s Big & Tall, George, Biagio’s (15), London (16), Berman (17)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout: M’ndarrel race, Dream Eater, Uqot (1)

Haunt of Horror characters:

Hellstorm characters:
Marvel Spotlight I: Byron Hyatt
Son of Satan: Brian Anderson, Amelia Sefton, Belial

Heroes for Hire characters:
I (1997-1999): Strider (2), Ignatz (5), Stonewall Brigade  (Stanley Buchovitz, Timmy, Billy-Bob) (17)
II (2007): Tarantula/Maria Vasquez, Ricadonna's Rogues, Crib, Det. Alan Summerset, Fernandez & Rosa Vasquez (Tarantula's father, dies), Toddler, Billy Delfini, Heroes for Hire HQ, NIGHT FLYERS (replicated by Corporation), Stark airship, Death Cadre (6), Doombot, Humbuggy, Louis "Shadows" Kravits
III (2011): Bernard Waterman (1)

Howard the Duck characters:
Howard the Duck I: All-Night Party, Amalgamated Charities, Dr. Avery, "Babbette," Bahnd-Birds, Hiram Bologna, Boorbanq, Elton Burke, Carlo, Cecil, Citadel of Sai-Fuur, nurse Coil, Xavier Coutoure, Seymour Driver, Sgt. Preston Dudley, Evolvo-Chamber, Flying Bonger, Professor Furgen, Joey Goniff, Dr. Pheels Good, Dreyfuss Gultch, Mildred Horowitz, Ignatz Hubley, Dr. Knudson, Land Between Night and Day, Lassie, "Ed MacMann," Mad Dog, Megrim, Joe Mountbatten, Amy Pope, Poultritis, Iris Raritan, Heathcliff Rochester, Rod, Ceci Ryder, Sauerbraten Mental Health Facility, Seven Gables Reality, Claude Starkowitz, G.Q. Studley, Waters of Eternity, Widgeon, D. Zastermarch
Howard the Duck magazine: J. Michael Anthony, Barquu Bookshop, Dirk Byrd, Miss Danberry, Demonstration for Decency, Cyrus Degree, Dino Digitalis, Dreadcliff Manor, R.L. Haney, Mammoth Mall, Spruce Payne, Mrs. Rosenzweig, Simon Sampson, Wally Sidney, Carol Starkowitz, Super-Scent, Thaxton, Wake No More Nursing Home
Crazy magazine: Mack Exacto, the Amazing Fred, Apple sisters and their All Girl Apple-Corps, Dr. Odd, Captain Wongo and his Norwegian Camels, Odd dimension, Tippi Canoe, Tyler II, Joe's Diner, ViPOTUS, Gregor, janitor, vampire refrigerator, Vacuum Pack
Howard the Duck III (2002): Boarding House of Mystery, Kenneth Flogg, "God", Splatter Gomorrah, Globally Branded Content.Com, Saint of Therapists, Ian Whippingham
Howard the Duck IV: MODOT, others
other: Elmer Dwedd, Dionysus Finster

Hulk characters:
Incredible Hulk II: Andromeda Starship, Changelings, Elamron, Harvestor from Beyond, Hulk V, K'ai, Loch Fear monster, Proselytes
Incredible Hulk III (1999): Union, Even Matthews
Rampaging Hulk I: Cybortrons, Sheila Marks, Myth-Realm, New Hope;
    Reality-7711: Ant-Man (Henry Pym), Bereet, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Rick Jones, Metal Master, Betty Ross, Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Spirou, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X)
other: "Spinach" (Marvel Double Shot)

Inhumans characters:
MGN: Ahura, Genetics Council
IV: Spartoi race

MTIO Annual: Fliegende Tod

Iron Fist: see Power Man and Iron Fist

Iron Man characters:
Iron Man I: Theron Atlanta, Berserkers, Chessmen, Circuits Maximus, Dragon Lords, GARD, HOMER, Masters of Silence, Mindstorm, Omnos, Raiders, Seekers, Sisterhood of Ishtar, Stark Enterprises, Stark Industries, Stark International, Technovore, VOR/TEX
list two: Franklin Fortney
Iron Man III (1998): Stark Solutions, Siege Engineers, Dragon of Heaven, Askew Electronics, Sons of Yinsen, Maximus Power, Tiberius Stone, Aislinn
Iron Man IV (2005): Extremis, Maya Hansen, Sal Kennedy, An Hu Po Psychiatric Facility, Cookie (SHIELD), Maria 985 (Stark Foundation Deep-Sea Exploration Vessel), Pervakov-VII aerosol bomb, SHIELD Airborne Stealth Personal Carrier, SHIELD Alpha Team (Iron Man-armored agents), Stark Tactical Assault Repulsors (STAR), Stark Tech Airborne Nano-Cameras, Venox compound (highly unstable V-class nerve agent), Darius Faraz, Gianni Glitz, Mandarin's bio-weapon, Stark Tech Stealth-Helicopters, Viewpoint, Prometheus Gentech, Inc.
limiteds: HOMER

Ka-Zar characters:
Ka-Zar Quarterly: Huntsman's Power-Staff
Astonishing Tales: Paul Allen, Percy Calvin, Iranda and the Lizard Men, Project: Gladiator, Pusher, Dr. Wendell
Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle: Behemoth, Brokar, Sar Derkin, Draumann, Durnon, Ghakar, Kuurak Ghodar, Gregor, Kem Horkus, Ilak-Aron, Illyana, Jira, Karansa, Khar-Tan the Beauteous, Bar Korus, Kramen tribe, Kronak, Lizard Men, Makrum, Narnia, Quann, Quanset, Quarl, Quarlians, Raknor, Ramansat, Rhazorak the Bold, Sansa, Saxtur, Shartram, Shauron, Sheenarians, Sheesa, Skysharks, Spartran, Sylitha, Tandar-Kaa, Tandylla, Tomas, Tordon-Na, Zartros, Zauri, Zebra-Men
Kazar the Savage: Aerie Shalan, Aerians, Athmeth, Atlantea, Awaklius, Beel, Biff, Botor race, Brighton, Buth,
Cat People, Chan, Charlie, Children of Dis, Dr. Cortland, Delphine, Felina, Ferdie, Feroc, Frank, Frederick, Gavan, Hank, Jack, Jeerka, Jolis, Kalpa, Kamin, K'lm Fhet, Khalf, Khup, Ku-La, Land of the Cancelled Heroes, Leanne, Leila, Lemura, Lemurans, L'Nep, Lodah, Lonnie, Dr. Mason, Mele, Morhah, Morrie, Nahgen island, Norm, Nulu, Pangea, Paru, Phangor, Phil, Previn, Pterons, Rhaza, Roescher, Sarak, Schoed, Schreiber, Selma, Sep, Sid (fireman), Sid (policeman), Skites, Smoot, Ramona Starr, Ramona Starr imposter, Tal, Tari, Thana, Tilbrok, Tina, Tubanti race, Dr. Tuttle, M'Dom Typ, Ular, Laslo Victor, Vobo, Wend, Zagah, Zephie
Guns of the Savage Land: Jeffrey D'Amico, Fort Rex, Dr. Ronald Franklin, Lestrade, Pluto Fuel Company, Randy, Leonard Roeder, Sibopay, Simmons
Ka-Zar of the Savage Land: Keeto
Ka-Zar (1997-1998): Benaza, Bhadwuans, Karen Conroy, Death Cult, Dez, Etuban, Gorankian tribe, Gwunda tribe, Dr. Joseph Heller, High Priestess of the Death Cult, Mr. Hughes, Jagatar, Jameka, Lenny, Michael, Miesho, N'Gala tribe, Norak, Everett K. Ross, sand scorpion, Trole, Uruban tribe, Waidian tribe, Willis, Zira, cube
Ka-Zar (2011): Arnold, Arwandi, Betty the dinosaur, Brother Schar, Brother Vurg, “centaur tribe,” Chrysalid tribe, Cliff Dweller tribe, Ether tribe, Felicity Fel, Grebah, Gr’ekk, Douglas Higham, Jennifer, Jimmy, Koor, Leyleh, Tim Litsch, Charlie Moon, Mouro, Congressman Overby, Salicon Holdings, Rucha, Martin Shepherd, Skeel, Spore tribe, Tooby, Torran, United Council of Tribes, Voltio, Vordis, Zahmis

Killraven characters:
Amazing Adventures II: Hawk, High Overlord, Martian Masters, Jenette Miller, Mourning Prey, Sirens of Kronos, 24 Hour Man, Warlord

Kingpin characters:
Kingpin (2017 series): Kohler’s Gym, Orlando Perez, Sarah Dewey, Joe Carrol, the Montauk Club, Gavin Boyce, Twin Donut, Pizzolo, David Menard, William Menard, Daniel Menard (1), Tray Dean, Vanessa Gives Charity, Vanessa Marianna Memorial Children’s Hospital, Anya, Mark, Christopher, Dr. D’Amico (2), Mr. Hahn, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Sugar Hill Developments, Smut Brothers, Hi-Lo Films, Mr. Alejandro, Manhattan 1 News, Shining Star Diner (3), Gideon Oliver, James Wesley, Mitchell Ellison, Giambone (4), Nani’s Tavern, Lou, Arthur Leo, Thunder Road Publishing, the Life & Times of Wilson Fisk book (5)

KISS characters:
Big Leo, KISS of "Earth-9658," Land of Legends, Mandu, Professor Maharishi, young boy from" Earth-9658"

Kull characters:
I: Borna, Ducalon, Enaros, H'Nar, Jirane, Kaanuub, Ka-Nu, Khor-Nah, Krista, Melkori, M'Ku, Om-Rah, Rebel Four, Shemenon (KtD#18?-22?), Shiva, Zakar
big 'uns: Brule, Kull, Ridondo, Tu
III: Daphna Bora Ballin, Valka' shield, Yagotha

Lilith characters:
Armand, Viktor Benzel, Della Fiorella, Anton Florescu, Gretchin, Walter Kallen, Tom MacDonald, Roger McGuire, Maltz, T. J. Novello, Audra Pennington, Charles Seward, "sex crime killer," Siegfried, Zofia

Living Mummy characters:
Super-Natural Thrillers: Aleph, Palace of the Gods
    Janice Carr, Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, Ron McAllister, Miles Olddan (expansion to individual entries from sub-profiles);
    expansion: Asp (Richard Harper), Dr. Alexi Skarab, Ruby Scarab - these were old, Appendix(1) full profiles - could likely use a keen eye to expand them and cover them to our current standards.
Other: Khet

Loki characters:
Vote Loki: Governor Adam Hitt, Kramco Stadium, Ted, Ophidia Research Center, Richard White, Mr. Contreras, Mrs. Contreras, Laureen, Michael, Nisa Contreras (1), Suzy, Octavio von Bardas, Doom’s Children, Billy McRiver, Politipalace, Gerald Kornfeld (2), Latverian New Prosperity Alliance (3)

Loners (2007-2008) :
I: Red Ronin/Namie (5)

Machine Man:
2001: A Space Odyssey: Monolith
X-51: XERO

Magneto characters:
I (1996-1997): Kamal, Razors (1)
II (2011): Cassandra Michaels, Abomination, Maureen (1)
Rex (1999): Genoshan Cabinet, Zealot (1)
Dark Seduction (2000): None (No new characters introduced)
Magneto Testament (2008-2009): Jakob Eisenhardt, Erich Eisenhardt, Edie Eisenhardt, Anya (mother of Magda), Fritz Kalb (1)
Not a Hero (2012): None (All of the characters introduced in and/or unique to this series have been profiled)
Magneto: The Twisting of a Soul 1993 - None (first two stories are reprints, the third is the only original story but no new characters were introduced)
Magneto: Ascendant 1999 - None as it is a reprint issue
X-Men: Magneto War 1999 - None (All of the characters introduced in this series have been profiled)

Man-Thing characters:
Adventures into Fear: Sominus
---list two: Sheriff Walter Corlee, Dakimh the Enchanter, Jaxon, Sandt, Dr. Warren B. Thompson
Man-Thing I: Cult of Entropy, Brian Lazarus, Viper
Man-Thing II: Barbie Bannister, John Daltry, John Kowalksi, Yeti
Man-Thing III:---list two: Creator, Fallen Stars, Owen Jackson, alien planet, Officer Fillmore

Marada characters:
Simyon Karashnu, Jaffar ibn Haroun Al-Rashid and his demon, Taric Redhand and his pirate crew, Casta, Gyatrias, Inkose, Keos, Macros

Marvel Fanfare characters:
I: Pride

Marvel Graphic Novel:
Revenge of the Living Pharaoh: Hassan
Iron Man: IM2
Black Widow: The Coldest War: Red Guardian LMD

Marvel Premiere characters (other): Tranquility Base

Marvel Super-Heroes characters:
III: Inquisitors, Luddites+Seraph, Troll Fee

Master of Kung-Fu characters: Bewitchers of the Night, Dark Angel, DuCharme, Noh Master, Dr. Petrie, Clive Reston, S'Ahra Sharn, Shadow Hand, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Yeti

Maverick: Elena Ivanova

Micronauts characters:
I: Argon, Battleaxe, Belladonna, Bioship, Biotron, "Biotron II," Centauria, Cilicia, Computrex, Death Squad, DeGrayde, Faceless Priests, Fireflytes, Esmera, Force Commander, Jasmine, Keys to the Enigma Force, Margrace, Microtron, "Microtron II," Pharoid, Professor Prometheus, Prometheus Pit, Dallan Rann, Sepsis Rann, Shadow Priests, Shaitan, Slug, Spacewall, Wartstaff
list two: Acroyears, Aegypta, Aquaria, Body Banks, B'zzk, Centaurians, Major D'ark, Dead Zone, Desert Devils, Devils, Dog Soldiers, First Zone, Endeavor, "Endeavor II," Farm Zone, Gar'ee, HELL, Hornetroid, Humanoids, Industrial Zone, Insectivorids, Kaliklak, Karsh, leviathans, Lobstros, molecule man's host, Muffin, Oberon, Oceana, Ostras, Planetary Council, Pleasure Pits, Polaria, Primal Zone, Prisonworld, Sandzone, Seazone, Ryak, Sharkos, Shatter-Sphere, Spartak, Subzero Zone, Subzone, sun cult, Temple of Light, Temple of Time, Terraphant, Tropica, Unmen
list three: Agent M, Amy, Antigone, Bobby Baxter, Mr. Carlyle, Chris, Mr. Clark, colonial governor (Kaliklak), Donna, Fawn, Miss Glockenspiel, Abner Jenkins, Mr. Karamatsu, Col. Macey, Mr. Michaels, Mr. Sprocket, Popchik, Reilly, Rodney, Sid, Spyder, Stiles, T'al, Wrigley, Marionette's parents
II: Confluence of Planets, Dreaming Star, Ecbatan, laser planet, Spiral Path
way big: Bug, Homeworld, Marionette, Micronauts, Microverse, Arcturus Rann

Midnight Sons characters:

Monsters Unleashed characters: Belial+4 demons

Moon Knight characters:
Rampaging Hulk I: Hatchet-Man
Moon Knight I: Marlene Alraune, Amutef, Blacksmith, Black Spectre, Bushman, Crawley, Jean Paul "Frenchie" Du Champ, Grand Bois, Midnight Man, Morpheus, Samuels, Druid Walsh
II: Mother White, Omnium
III: Bloodline, Chainsaw, Deadzone, Glitch Brothers, Knights of the Moon, Knights Templar, Nephthys, Pang, Pretorian Guard, Red Dragon Cult, Sensor Squad, Shadow Cabinet, Shadow Knight, Chloe Tran

Morbius characters:
Adventures into Fear: Cat People (individuals)
Morbius II: Becky Barnes, Chondra, Wanda Evans, Henry Evans, Nikoleta Harrow, Makarioa Morbius, Rose (unrevealed), Noah St. Germain

Mosaic characters:
Mosiac: New York Stride, Brooklyn Garnets, Mosaic (Morris Sackett), Crawford, Kane, William Fester Hospital Center, Fife, Dr. Kapany, Kaley, Sinead, Portia, Chelsea, Jae Yu, Beto, Angel, Pablo, Mason Sackett (1), Gerry, Brick Thomas, Terry, Chan, Bobby, Kenneth “Kenny/Cap” Gunning, Sonya Focarile, Paul, Phil, EMZ, Perkins, Mitchell (2), Mr. Busey, Candilisa “CC” Chang, T-Fleek (Tia Fitzgerald), Garrison Busey (3), Director White, Mike, Upsweep Project (4), Barney, Fisher (5), Dahlgren, Dr. Stokes, Newman, John Boardman (6), Vin (7), Elo (8)

Ms. Marvel characters: II: Cru, Sarah Day, "Earth-6084," Lori Griffin, Chewie the cat, Chicken Cow restaurant, "Earth-7192," Warbird-7192, Anti-Creation, Binary (book), "Earth-7031," Keeper, Gavin/Storyteller, Cafe Brioche, Sean Madigan/Head Case, William Wagner, Melissa, agent Baines, G-TAC Scrambler, agent Locke, Operation: Lightning Storm, SHIELD Minicarrier 13, agent Sum, Gnashers, Dr. Farrell

New Warriors characters:
I: Advent, Genetech, Poison Memories, Rebound, Soldiers of Misfortune, Tai, Undertow
II (1999-2000): Aegis (0), Ashur (3)
III (2005-2006): Microbe (1), Erika Hopson (2), Debrii (4)
IV (2007-2009): Bev Sykes, Harry Givens (1), Grace, Kaz (3), P-Jack, Junior Guardsmen (7), Aja, Seismic (10), Agent Atkins, Dread Dealers, Earth-81156,  Iron Man/Dwayne Taylor of Earth-81156 (16), Night Trasher/Tony Stark of Earth-81156 (17)
Justice: Adrenamix, Childwatch, Anderson Gaulthing, Kelly Hitchuk

Nightcrawler characters:
I (1985-1986): Long John McGurk, Jinjav Sabree, Meg, Sharmond, Thorfan (1), Blackknob, Slimey, Spikenose, Thorfan (2), Dark Bamf (3)
III (2004-2006): Barney Franks (1), Sandra Manning (2), Philip (9)
IV (2014-2015): Rico, Trimega (1)

Night Nurse: & Joe "The Scar" Bronson, Miss Brundage, Linda Carter 's parents & Tag Carter, Josh Henry, Ben + sibilings + Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Palmer, Victor Sloan, Mr. & Mrs. Toby, Dr. Jack Tryon

Nightstalkers characters: Shadowside dimension, Switchblade

Night Thrasher characters: Air Command, Field Force, Flashburn, Grind, Red Mirror, Scorch, Tantrum

Nightwatch characters: Fold, Mechamorph, Warbringer

Nomad characters: Needle II

Nova characters:
Nova I: Computer Prime, Diamondhead, Factor X, Kur, Powerhouse
Nova II: Alternova
Nova IV: Halexa, Hindsun Eight, Holzimm, Kano System, Parshad Collapsar, Planetfall Weapon, Research Habitat Sorona Dae, 77 Lucon, Turakis, Nova 001, Dimples, Drez-Lar, Flagpole, Gen-Kol pattern Kree Sentry, Sentry#823, Yan, Ess, Jul, Lightstorm, Sen, Tiptoe, Zam, Kree geothermal refinery faciloid, Nil-Rast, Bak-Larr 477, Abyss, Cosmo, Crater, Cynosure, Discharge, Faze, Luminals, Rip, Suspensor, Xarth Three

Omega the Unknown characters: Protar race, Srenesk race

Power Man/Iron Fist characters:
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Lady Meng
Iron Fist IV: Chi, Mary Blue Cloud, Karen Hildebrand, Andy Johnson, Shadow Thief,
Marvel Premiere
: Halwan, the One, Scylla, Lee Wing
Power Man/Iron Fist: Cheops Crystal, Control 7, Jade Tiger, Mingo, Power Gem of Quon, Senor Muerte/Senor Suerte, Supremo;
list II (I didn't go through the site to double check none of these are already on there, so best to double check yourself before starting a profile ): Adonis Chemicals (PM28), Noah Burstein, Quentin Chase, Checkpoint Charlie (PM37), Cybernauts (PM/IF51), Jerry Donaldson+Lt (PM46), Falstaff, Gem Theatre, giant robots (PM/IF52), DW Griffith, Frank & Mrs. Jenks (HFH5), Gideon Mace's Chicago HQ & bomb (PM43), Professor, Rat Pack (HFH5), RU Rossum (PM/IF51), Jennie Royce, Seagate Prison, Senor Suerte (PM/IF56), Solace (PM/IF64), Tyler Stuart (PM22), Dr. Claire Temple, Wichita Kid (PM18), Harmony Young (PM/IF50)

list III (I didn't go through the site to double check none of these are already on there, so best to double check yourself before starting a profile ): Acid Z (PM/IF88), Alexander Topkapi Cabaret (PM/IF60), Alpar (PM/IF60), Joey Andrews (PM/IF80), Arthur (PM46), Barbara (PM/IF55), Mr. Barnes (PM/IF58), Charlie & Tina Bennett (PM46), BK (HFH10), Bill (PM/IF71), Billy (PM/IF51), Billy (PM/IF52-same as 51?), Bob (HFH5), Borman Motors (PM/IF55), Eleyna Borodin (PM/IF77), Brackett (PM/IF64), Professor Bradford (PM/IF57), Jasper Brunt, Bumper (PM46), captain (PM45), Nick Carl (HFH11), Carl (HFH5), Carlos (HFH10), Carlotta (HFH11), Carol (HFH3), Cecil (PM/IF63), Kevin Chang (PM/IF72), Charlie (PM17), Christie Chase (PM30), girl Chase (PM31), Chaucer (PM/IF58), Mr. Chistopher (PM/IF58), Horace Claymore (HFH12), Mrs. Cortez (HFH13), Mr. Coyne (PM41), Anabelle Crawford (HFH12), Curtin (HFH2), Cynthia (PM35), Danny (HFH11), Debbie (PM22), Dobbs (HFH2), Don (PM/IF55), Doug (PM22), Margaret Dougherty (PM/IF78), Jeremy Drake (PM33), Ducal Cellar (PM/IF59), Duke (PM/IF58), Eddy (PM/IF71), Eddy's Diner (PM/IF71), Farouk (PM/IF59), Ferhat (PM/IF60), Filipe (HFH11), Sally + Leda Fontaine (PM/IF80), aura + Catherine + Raymond + Robert/Ansel Forsythe (HFH6), Fran (PM/IF55), Fred (PM/IF55), Freddy (PM37), Gabby (PM/IF64), Gary (PM46), Gilary (HFH15), Charlton Grundge (PM28), Gus (PM/IF51), Hank (PM17), Harry (PM/IF58), Hassan (PM/IF57), Mr. Hayes (PM/IF58), AJ Herbst (PM/IF77), Howard (HFH12), Izawa (PM An1), Jack (HFH12), Jack (PM/IF62), Jackson (PM30), Jake (PM29), Jamie (PM44), Jerry (PM/IF55), Joey (PM37), Joey (PM/IF52), John (HFH10), Al Jordan (PM/IF87), Bertie Jordan (PM/IF87), Julius (HFH8), Levitz (HFH15), Ling (PM/IF88), Professor Llewellyn (PM/IF57), Adrian Loring (HFH4), Maggie (PM/IF71), Mainstream Motors (HFH12), Manfred (HFH9), General Mantoff (HFH8), Mallard brothers (PM18), Marco (PM/IF71), Marley (HFH7), Profesor  Merridew (PM/IF56), Murphy Merriman (PM/IF80), Metin (PM/IF60), Mike & Ike (PM19), Mr. Slick (PM19), Mr. Montoya (PM/IF64 - maybe this is el Aguila?), Grassy Mow (PM30), O'Connor (HFH15), Owen (HFH3), Pao (PM/IF88), Parson, Pat (HFH10), Paul (HFH15), Peter Penkowsky (PM/IF77), Phil (PM/IF71), Plumm (PM18), Selma Pennington (HFH7), JP Preston (PM/IF58), Manny Redmond (HFH12), Richard (PM46), Ridgely (HFH3), Rocco the Gimp (HFH11), Peppy Rocco (PM24),  Rosie (PM21), Sabah (PM/IF60), Sagawaka (PM An1), Sally (PM/IF74), Salty (PM/IF76), Sandy (PM46), Scheele (PM46), Clark Seacrest (HFH13), Mr. Selby (PM/IF71), sergeant (PM45), Shiro (PM An1), Sheldon (PM/IF77), Tammilu Shipman (PM/IF77), Simon Shreeve (PM/IF51), Sim (PM/IF64), Georgie Simms (HFH5), Simons (PM/IF76), Oliver P. Sneagle (PM34), Solace (PM/IF64), Stefan (PM/IF59), Taggy (PM/IF55), Terry (PM/IF71), Mr. Thisby (PM/IF71), Leroy Thompson (PM/IF51), Timmy (HFH7), Toby (PM/IF56), Tony (PM/IF63), Trask (PM/IF76), Troy (PM/IF71), Vito (PM/IF59), Harry Wentworth (PM28), Winifred (PM30)

Immortal Iron Fist: Crane Mother, K'un-Zi, Iron Fist (Orson Randall) circa 1915 AD, Mechagorgon, Randrapid Train, Wai-Go Industries, Xao, Iron Fist of 1860 AD (Bei Bang-Wen), Five Points Station, Book of Iron Fists, Last Lightning Lord, Me-Lao, Chalices of Xu-Ma, Tournament of Heavenly Cities
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon: Chamber of Scissors, Chamber of Tongues, Diyu dimension, Fooh, Forest of Copper Columns, Kheng, Detective Li, the One, Pei, Sinclair, Skroce, Theodore Smith, spider-monster-woman, Star Gazette, Brenda Swanson, Thomas, Yama, Zhu-Rong
Iron Fist (2017):

Power Pack characters: Gilbert Gregson & monsters, Jakal, Maraud

Punisher characters:
I: Charlie Siciliano
Hachiman, Mortalis
IV: Stalkers
: Russian, Soap, Molly van Richtofen
VI: Grand Nixon Island, Little People, Man Down Below
VII: Nicky Cavella + Pittsy + Ink, Robert Bethel, Ms. O'Brien, William Roth, Kerry Castle, Finn & Peter Cooley, Napper French, Maginty, Pops Nesbitt, Tommy Toners, Andy Lorimer, Yorky Mitchell, River Rats, Leon Rastovich, Barbarossa virus, Galina Stenkov, Martin Vanheim, Colonel Semyon Lugansky (beard), MONGOLIAN, Major Yeremin, General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov/MAN of STONE
Punisher War Journal: Charlie Bash & Sam the Clam, Blind Joe Death, Sunrise Society
II: Hate-Monger
Punisher War Zone: Jack Oonuk, Wrench
limited: Council of Thrones
Daredevil vs. Punisher: Sgt. Sam Horton, Salamanca Federal Prison

Quasar characters: Interzone, Kid Reaper, Protectors of the Universe

Quicksilver: New Men

Rocket Raccoon characters:
Rocket Raccoon (2017 series): Ra’chaun, Mr. Soft Teeth, Soft Teeth Inc. (1), Jack Beagle, Tyler’s Tacos (2), Alien Kill Krew, Lazer Waste trash compacter (3), Sycorax (4)

Rogue characters:
I (1995): Gris Gris, Fifolet, Questa, Singer (1), Emil Lapin (3)
III (2004-2005): Campbell Sainte-Ange (1), Carrie, Priscilla, Owen (2), Hattie Saint-Ange (5), Blindspot (7)

Rom: Automata, Firefall

Satana characters: Jason & Jennifer Silence

Scarlet Spider II (Kaine): Annabelle Adams, Deadhand, Flare, Harvester, Courtney Johnson, Dr. Ketola, Wally Layton, Esmeralda Lobo, Mammon, the Mark, Marquis Radu, Donald Meland, Quark, Salamander, Shark (gangster), David Walsh, Zoe Walsh

Shadows and Light: Kallreich

Shanna characters: Aculdi, Telmah

She-Hulk characters:
Savage I (1980-1982): She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Jill Stevens (1), Lou Monkton (2)
Savage II (2009): Alexander Erde, Gynosure, Boudicca (1), Howlers, Crawlers, Men of Gold Goblinkin, Wargods (2), Cyber-Sidhe, Phinn Mac Mram (4)
Sensational (1989-1994): Fake Toad Men (2), people of Mount Pressure (subs for Wildmoon who could use an update himself..) (13), Jasper Keaton (21), Dutch Rosenblatt (22), Earth-9356 (51)
I (2004-2005): Mika/male model, Mallory Book, Holden Holliway, Augustus Pugliese, Goodman. Lieber. Kurtzberg and Holliway (1), Nicholas Wilkes, Ditto, Danger Man (and his family), Stu Cicero (2), Bailey Briggs (with subs for Angie Cryer, Maxwell Newton), Southpaw, Bobo, Big House (5), RT-Z9, Qyre, June Decker, Loomis (9), Vanessa Ashwood (10), Ant-Farm (12)
II (2005-2009): Charles Czarkowski, Justice Love (1), giant robot (illegal chronal entry, sub for Justice Peace) (2), Kravo, Piratasaurs, Justice Goodwill, Earth-6232, Xavi (3), Elliot Kohl (4), unknown metallic villain (as a sub for Recluses) (20), She-Hulk/Earth-A/Earth-721 (Uncanny X-Men#435,436, She-Hulk#21), Earth-A update with subs for 3-D Man, Anvil, Armadillo, Beast, Captain Ultra, Dazzler, Dr Strange, Egghead, Edward Whelan, Hammer, Hulkling, Jack of Hearts, Ms Marvel, Pulsar, Rhino, Scarlet Witch, Scorpion, White Tiger, Wrecker (21), Jazinda Kl'rt-Spawn, Hi-Lite (22), Bran Murphy, Emilee Freeman (24), Cazon, Kodor (25), Darqon Par (35)
She-Hulks (2011): Amelia Hopkins, Jake Constantine (1), Grigori (super-apes) (2), Byte (3)

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD) I:
list two:
A.R.C., Arms-Men, Brad Carter, Centurius' Atlantic base + robots + mutates, Kong, Tiffany, Valhalla Island, PDQ Warner
Fury I:
S.H.I.E.L.D. (2010-2011) Leonid, Brotherhood of the Shield, Isaac Newton, Pietro, Lorenzo, Leonardo da Vinci (although his first issue was ToS#49), Galileo Galilei, Zhang Heng, Imhotep, Celestial Madonna, Night Machine/Nikola Tesla, Mina (1), Nostradamus (2), The Second Man, Morda (deviant) (3), Star Child (4), Forever Man/Michelangelo (6)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (2011-2012) Last Caliphate (4)

Silver Sable:
Fin, Genesis Coalition, Intruders, Latisha, Man-Eater, Next Wave

Silver Surfer characters:
I: Monster of the Badoon

Slapstick characters:
Slapstick (2017 series): Bill, Portia Harmon, James Harmon, Lena Harmon, Richard Harmon, Merk app, Barb Halsey, Scarlet Sentinels, Empire State Jackals, Bro-Man, Princess of Ecch/Queen Princess (1), Agent Teresa Rigotti, Agent Isabel Cabrera, the Horde of the Taurs, Mystique, Shasta (prev 2 in dream only) (2), Jenny, Imposter-Syndrome Taur, D.I.Y. Taur, Pegataurs, Lead-Negotiator Taur, Taurette, Taur Village, Gorgonzola, Patriarchy Taur, Java Jam (3), War D.O.G.S. (Defense Operation Guerilla Squadron), High Caliber, Firehouse, Rex, Silent-but-Deadly, Sarge, Hardtack, Crimson, Snowblind, Winston, Doc Saint, Sopworth, Fisticuffs, Skratch, Lt. Fido, Agent 83 (4), Killer Clownia, Chairtron, Castle Greykin, Gorgonzola’s Observatory, Fort Good Boy, E.V.I.L. (Ecch Victorius Independence League), Storks, Lay-Zee-Boyee, Chairbots, Moons of Miyazaki, Throne of Games (5), Luna Marines, De-Animator machine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Birds, the Infinity Dingus (6)

I (1991-1994): Rick Sheridan, Rambo, Alyssa Conover, Mr & Mrs Epstein, Sleepwalker (1), Whitney Cooper (4), Carmella (Crimewave agent) (5), Psyko (28), Edward Ciccala (30), Harold Pruitt, Thaddeus Attwater (Holiday Special)

Spider-Man characters:
Amazing I: Caesar Cicero, Carlton Drake, Lynn Church, Life Foundation, Protectors, Steel Spider, Threetrees/Shaman
List II: Dr. Jonas Harrow, Chuck (Hammerhead's gang member), Frances Delon, Lt. Costeau, Thomas (Norman Osborn's chauffeur), Ray (Osborn family doctor), Kristine Saunders, Carter & Lombardo (advertising agents), the Spider-Mobile, "Mouthpiece" Moylan, Myron Feissberg, Bebo (crook), Fred (police officer), Dr. Crawford, the Tarantula (Anton Miguel Rodriguez), Hidalgo Rodriguez, Juan (Tarantula henchman), Hank (truck driver), Professor Harold Ward, Mr. Templeton, Mr. & Mrs. Turner (Mindworm's parents), Norton (Midtown Business Executives Club), Cyclone, Mr. Cooperton, Santonio (gangster), Hymie & Bernie (kids), Herman & Mabel (bystanders), George (Volkswagon owner), Lt. Ralph Arbuckle, Spencer Smythe, Green Goblin (Bart Hamilton), Paine (international criminal), Dr. Bradley "Boom-Boom" Bolton, Ellen Bolton, Mindy Bolton, Grabowski (football player), Joey & Howie (Kingpin's gang), Coleman Research, Duke & Benji (crooks), Jason Sledge, "Weasel" Jack, Officer Gillis, Anthony "The Whisperer" Cavelli, Seymor "Simian" Simms, "Big Mike" Mallony, Dr. Alice Joyce Maxfield, Elvira Kaufman, Dr. Hennessy, Dexter Bixby, Lu Chang, "Sarge" Crawford, Fingers (gang leader), "Fat Jack" Jackson, Murray & Lucille Futterman, Jerkins (Daily Bugle), Tommy (son of graveyard attendant), Emma Johnson Farrell, Frank & Helen (police officers), Dr. Tompkins, the Dragon Gangs, Tommy Li, Phillip Chang, Won Fong, Dr. Greene, Stanley Michaelson, Steven Mooney, John Musante, Gilbert O'Hara, Gerard Orlando, Leonard Parente, Ross Parney, Marvin Parkerson, Keith Parsons, Robert & Barry Starr, Rabinowitz (Daily Bugle), Louie & Archie (Jigsaw's gang), Terry O'Conner, Brad Davis, Lupus (crook), K. J. Clayton, Wyoming Bill Kelso, Joan Jameson, Lessman (Daily Bugle), Donaldson (Daily Bugle), Cliff (former Mary Jane boyfriend), Sandy Jones (Daily Globe), Henry (Restwell Nursing Home patient), Emil Greco, Mr. Williams (Restwell Nursing Home), Manny (Restwell Nursing Home), Michaelson (Daily Bugle), Cahill & Jones (Daily Bugle board of directors), Dr. Winters, Harold R. Grimsby & the Uneeda Realty Corporation, Sally (Restwell Nursing Home), Dutch Mallone, Kent & Sue Blake, "Jimbo" Ryan, Willie Wilde, Lorenzo Jacobi & his gang (Arnie, Reis, Seaman, Alfred, Jack Masters, Ralph Robbins), Dr. Walters, Hatay (heroin dealer), Lu Sing, Mehemet (Turkish youth), Pamela Dean, Lazio Bellflower, Lou & Bud (Hendricks Museum of Musical History security), Oswald Clum, George Ohm, Kay (Daily Bugle), Rupert Dockery, Mike Mullaney, Shrapnel (rock band), Dean Jastrow, Mr. Whitman, Dr. Kirchner, Mr. Perlman (Restwell Nursing Home), Senator Marlon Stensgard, Percy Alexander Rue, Mrs. Schwartz (Peter Parker's neighbor)
big 'uns: Marla Madison Jameson, Rocket Racer (Robert Farrell)
Giant-Size Spider-Man:
Edmond & Dorothy Amstead
Amazing II (1999): Anarchists for Freedom Army, Jake Martino
Amazing (2014): Lance Bannon (of Earth-001; 9), Beetle (new, male; 6), Cadie (1), Captain Universe (Spider-Man of Earth-13; 9), Chester (1), Clayton Cole (Clash; 1), Mrs. Cole (1), Curt Connors (of Earth-001; 9), Ms. Decker (5), Deke (1),
Jessica Drew (of Earth-001; 9), Earth-001/Loomworld (9), Earth-13 (9), Earth-67 (11), Earth-449 (9), Earth-833 (7), Earth-1983 (7), Earth-5682 (7), Earth-7831 (7), Earth-8847, Earth-13989 (11), Edgar (3), Emerald Elf (13), Fact Channel News (1), Fireheart (Earth-001 hound; 9), Firestar (Earth-1983; 7), Fitz (5), Francine (2), Phoebe Gold (3), Green Goblins (Earth-001 hounds; 13), Hydro-Man (Hobgoblin minion), Iceman (Earth-1983), Jacobson Jewelers (7), Jeneil (1), Joseph (Hammerhead of Earth-001, hound; 12), Nick Katzenberg (of Earth-001; 9), Knights of Wundagore (Earth-7831; 7), Kravinoff (Earth-001 hound; 9), Natalie Long (1), Madison (Marla Madison of Earth-803; 11), Menace (Earth-001 hound; 13), Menagerie (animal-themed group; 1), Mickey (1), Monster (Earth-001 hound; 13), Albert Moon, Jr. (3), Mr. Moon (4), Mrs. Moon (4), Ms. Lion (Earth-1983;7), Otto Octavius (of Earth-3145; 13), May Parker (of Earth-3145; 13), Peter Parker (of Earth-3145; 13), Percy (4), Phil (3), Pinkerton Auction House (16), Princess Sparklefist's Message Board (7), Raymond (Ox of Earth-001, hound; 12), Robbie Robertson (of Earth-001; 9), Rudy Rubinstein (16), Sable (Earth-001 hound; 9), Silk (Cindy Moon; 1), Slide-a-way (Eel's base; 5), Smythe (Alistair Smythe of Earth-803; 11), Solus (7), Spider-Cowboy (alternate reality Spider-Man; 12), Spider-Horse (Spider-Cowboy's horse; 12), Spider-Man (Earth-1983; 7), Spider-Man (Earth-7831; 7), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly; alternate reality; 9), Spider-Man (vampire, alternate reality; 9), Spider-Mobile (sentient, alternate reality, 12), Spider Moon-Man (Earth-449; 9), Spider-Wolf (alternate reality Spider-Man; 11), Squid (Hobgoblin minion), Spider-UK (Billy Braddock; 7), Flash Thompson (of Earth-001; 9), Tiger Shark (Hobgoblin minion), Tim (6), Regina Venderkamp (16), Warren (Miles Warren of Earth-803; 11)
MTU I: Dr. Benway, Kryllk, Mahkos+Elysia dimension, PRIDE, Strigor
list II: Mrs. Baker (Sandman's mom), Harry & Joe (security guards), the Polar Bear Clan, Bert Tacker & his gang, Jacob & Jefferson Bolt, Professor Hans Jorgenson, Ken & his pal (muggers), Jacob Reiss, Marcia Deaton Reiss Masters, Fred & his pal (muggers), Ms. Cartright & the four "sisters," Drake (a bodyguard), Karl Lubbings & friend (skiers), Watkins (power station manager), Samuels (former mayor of Chicago), Buck Cowen, Harvey & Clara (two San Franciscans), Arlene (waitress at Ben's Diner), Cora & Emma (mugger victims), Wally Bevins, Gail Gallan, Mr. Callan (her father), Joe Cord, Professor Aldritch, Dr. Francis William Maxwell, Ivan Carmichael, Bill Gordon, Luis Dominquez, Ralph McElroy, Bennie & Hermie (petty criminals), Manuel "Mosquito" Arguelies, Sarah Good, Strake & Grissom (government assassins), Sgt. O'Rourke, the Wraith, Sgt. Grady, Phillip DeWolff, Charlie Hacker, Tim (Brian DeWolff's police partner), Karl Bonn, Max Vorster, Judge Martin, Texas Jack Muldoon, Caspar (Batroc's butler), Senator "Stoneface" Turner, Dr. Fermizi, Sir Lionel, Dr. Mishkin & Boris, Brad, Mark, & Sandy (pilots & flight attendant), Tom Scortia, Josiah Rubin, Daniel (Wing Commander of the S. S. Queen Elizabeth II), Raul (member of Bushmaster's gang), Alice (physician), Dean Beatty, Nina & her co-pilot, Harley, Cissy, George, Martha (civilians), Dr. Jonas Cobb, McMurty (police officer), the Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Players (Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner), Lorne Michaels, Sally (SNL usher), Don Pardo, Statler, Waldorf, Harry, Gail, Ken Morrow (SNL audience members), Andre (Studio 13 owner), Lisa (disco denizen), Ken Jorgensen (fire chief), Billy & Lorie (tourists), Dr. Fiori, Madame Xenobia & Ruth, Alex & Billy (hoodlums), Dr. Ames, Maggie McCulloch, Ishiro Tagara, Jimmy Carter, Dr. Eric Salter, Ivor Carlson, Lawrence Whittier "Rap" Reynolds III, Thomas Agar, Walter (Roxxon Oil executive), Aubrey Pearson, the Hole in the Wall Gang (Daisy), Killer Shrike, KGB General Nikolai Gregorievitch, Lou (passenger), Li (Benway's assistant), Sheriff Bradley Martin, Johnny Yen, Simon Stroud
MTU II: Keerg (not Spidey)
Peter Parker: Spdm (1999): Outrider, Penny-Ante Brigade
Sensational Spdm: Technomancers
II: Tommy Monks, Ethan Myers, Brady O'Brien
Spec Spdm: insect swarm, Mad Dog Ward, Spider-Lizard
Spider-Man: Dusk III+IV, Fortunato, Jimmy 6, Subhumans
Spider-Man Unlimited: Raptar, Terror Unlimited
Avenging Spider-Man: Bastet cultists, Blackbird Security, Demon Dinosaur, Fear-Worm, Shelley Godwin, Frank Larrikin, Princess Lenka, Marek, Ra'ktar, Robyn Hood, Saints (assassins), Spags & Frankie, Top Dog
Superior Spider-Man: Alchemax (Earth-616), Arachnaughts, Mason Banks, Ruth Goldman, HEART Clinic, Smedley Kornfeld, Don Lamaze, Jaime + Leo Maldonado, Anna Maria Marconi, Antoine Morant, Neurolitic Scanner, Pedro Olivera, Miranda Pullman, Ted Shipley, Spiderlings
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up: Hatute Zeraze androids, Dr. David Jude, Molly (ESU student), Sun Girl (Selah Burke), Superior Six
Untold Spider-Man: Lantern of Lantarr
Web of Spider-Man: Cyber-Hunters, Simon Steele
other: Extreme Emergency Team

Civil War II: The Amazing Spider-Man:  Sully, Donna, Tyler, Rohan, Moynihan’s Social Club (2)

(1978-1983) : Senator James Wyatt (3), Samuel Davis (8), Barth Bukowski (13)
II (1993-1994): None (All of the characters introduced in and/or unique to this series have been profiled)
III (1999-2000) Phil Rodriguez, Randolph Conroy, Ronald Parady (1), Bones, Flesh (3), Shadowcaster (5), Cluster (7), Exomorph (10)
IV (2009-2010) None (All of the characters introduced in and/or unique to this series have been profiled)

X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers: 000020, Babob, Cult of Death, Mimoza, Pupugli, Tarq, Wiwarto

Star-Lord (Quill): Heaven, Symbion, Trinity-that-is-One
Starlord (Quarrel): expansions from sub-profiles: Newlin, Colonel Castonis

Super-Natural Thrillers: Janice Carr, Ron McCallister, Miles Olddan (expansion from sub-profiles);
    expansion/re-formatting: Asp (Richard Harper), Dr. Alexi Scarab

Superior Spider-Man: Alchemax (Earth-616), Arachnaughts, Mason Banks, Ruth Goldman, HEART Clinic, Smedley Kornfeld, Don Lamaze, Jaime + Leo Maldonado, Anna Maria Marconi, Antoine Morant, Neurolitic Scanner, Pedro Olivera, Miranda Pullman, Ted Shipley, Spiderlings

Tales to Astonish characters (other): Shana, Wobbows race

Brunhilda, Alexis Primo, Rekrab

Thing characters:
Marvel Two-In-One: Baluurians, Kinji Obatu;
    Jeannine O'Connnell (expand from sub-profile)
Thing: Battleworld
other: Albino/Istvan, Talmadge the Watcher

Thor characters:
Journey into Mystery I: Infinite Embassy
list II: Frog of Thunder, Odinsword, Surtur, Twilight, Ymir
Thor I: Animutants, Godpack, Razorfist, Spiral II
list two: Citadel at the End of Time, Erda, Eye of Odin, Grane, Gunther, Gutruna, Hagen, House of Volsungs, Hunding, Needful, Nibelung, Nieding clan, Rhinegold/Ring of Power, Siegfried, Sieglinda, Siegmund, Tarnhelm,
big uns: Jane Foster-Kincaid, Loki, Red Norvell, Odin, Thor, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man
Thor II (1998)
other: Crystal of Blood, Svraden, Vikings

Thunderbolts characters (1997): Scourge, Protoids, Redeemers
II: Lucy (Jack Flag's girlfriend), Rooney brothers, Thunderbolts Mountain, T-Wagon, Miss Thompson, Andy Bear, Doomstomp, Hellfang, Stabbity Jones, Who Wants to be a Thunderbolt
Thunderbolts (2016 series): Becky (2), Agent Shipley (7), Agent Davisson (8)

Tigra characters:
Cat: Joanne Tumulo, Zabo
Marvel Chillers: Professor Leon, Soul-Catcher Wand

U. S. One: Bongo Condo Corporation, Short Stop/Star Stop

Venom characters:
(2003): Ararat Research Center, Bob, Christmastown, Frankie + Vic, Patricia Robertson, the Suit, Venom spawn
limiteds: Mace, Stalkers
Venom II (Flash Thompson): Centivros, General Brad Dodge, Ferid Ekmecic, Encephalon, Evangelist, Darius "The Franchise" Fowler, Katherine Glover, Ichor, Jimmy-Z Johnston, Katy Kiernan, Krevius, Lord Ogre, Aaron MacKenzie, Mania (Andi Benton), Null-Tron, Gari Oyle, Raidus, Samson (dog), Symbiote-Slayers, Symbiote Warriors, United Nations Mech-Troopers, Veras, X-666, Xerxes, Coach Yates

Adam Warlock characters:
Marvel Premiere: Counter Earth-High Evolutionary
Warlock+Infinity Watch: Infinity Watch, Olik,

Warlock III:
Hope, Mainspring, Psi-Cops

War Machine:
I: Sheva Joseph, Skye, V3, Eidolon Warwear, Worldwatch, Zeitkrieg
II: Eaglestar International, Davis Harmon, Jake Oh

Weapon X:
(2002): Agent Zero, Boxbots, Children, Contingency, Director, Hans, Jackson, Megacorp, Neverland, Rapture, Satan's Corp, Underground, Washout

Werewolf by Night characters:
Marvel Spotlight: Agatha Timly
Werewolf by Night I: Baron Thunder, Cephalos, Half-Mad
Werewolf by Night II:

Ghost Rider I: (Phantom Rider): Jason Bartholomew, sheriff Ben Brooks, Natalie Brooks, Cougar, Mountain Man
Original Ghost Rider: Enrique Montoya, el Ojo, Temple of Quetzalcoatl
Western Gunfighters I: Phantom Rider (Jamie Jacobs), Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade)
Kid Colt: Avalanche, el Lopo, Man-Hunter, Rammer Rankin, Town Tamer
Rawhide Kid: Lynx, Marko the Manhunter, Masquerader, Peacemaker, Tyrant of Tombstone Valley
II (2003): Cisco Pike and his gang, Wells Junction
Two-Gun Kid: Durango, Gunslammer, Joe Goliath, Looter
limiteds: Apache Kid (Rosa), Marcel Fournier, Sunset Riders, Col. Trask, Wonderment

Wolverine characters:
Wolverine I: Goro, Honor Sword of Clan Yashida, Katsuyori, Masamune, Morita, Noburo-Hideki, Takahashi, Yashida' ancestral manor, Yukio
Wolverine II: Athabasca Ike, Nature Defense League, Rascal, Aria, Kaisheks, Watchtower, Geronimo Crow, Carver+Fugue, Mister X, the Cage, Mauvais, Director, Dogma, Sweeper
Wolverine III: Native, Buchman family, Lupine, Romulus
Wolverine IV (2010-2012): "Hellverine," Red Right Hand, Mongrels, Gunhawk, Shadow S., Fire Knives, Saw Fist, Cannon Foot (1), Black Samurai (2), Lord Deathstrike (9), Darkstriker (17), Seraph's Angels (20)
Wolverine V (2012): Silver Samurai/Shingen Harada II, Azuma Goda (300), Baylee Ann (306), Eva (309), Dreaming Maiden (314)
Wolverine VI (2013-2014): Detective Chikeko Tomomatsu, Robert Gregson, Alex Gregson (1), Agent McDougall (5)
Wolverine VII (2014): Offer's Squad, Offer, Lost Boy, Pinch, Fuel, Reflex, Marcy, Heavy, Stratus, Mr. Monkton (1)
Wolverine: First Class: Amp, agent Kinney
Wolverine: Weapon X: Jeffrey Winstone/Slag, Wendell Bryant
limiteds: Dr. Carling, Rose Carling, Chang, Harry Galvano, Geshem, Kyle Hatcher, Kenichiro, Antonio Vargas, Margie White

Wonder Man:
Crazy Eight (including individual members), Furor, Plan-Master, Psyk-Out

X-Men characters:
Astonishing X-Men I (1995): Age of Apocalypse characters the site is not focusing on at this moment.
Astonishing X-Men II (1999): None (No new characters introduced)
Astonishing X-Men III (2004-2013): Dr. Kavito Rao, Ord (1), Paladins, Agent Abigail Brand, SWORD (3), Armor/Hisako (5), Blindfold/Ruth (7), Danger (9), Sydren, Agent Deems (10), Breakworld race, Aghanne, Dafi, Powerlord Kruun, Sylatin (19), Agent Paulletz (20), Agent X-13, Annex Squads (25), Kaga (34), Broo (40), James Howlett of Earth-TRN208, Kurt Waggoner of Earth-TRN209, Kitty Pryde of Earth-TRN2012, Ororo Munroe of Earth-TRN192, Savior of Earth-TRN192 (44), X-Men of the Multiverse (45), Susan Hatchi (49), X-Men/Hatchitech (55)
Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes (2008-2009): Emmeline Frost of Earth-889 (1)

Extraordinary X-Men: Sapna, Aries, Coda, Azimuth, Cerebra (1), Chris, “scale-skinned Inhuman” (2), “elephant mutant,” Cyclops monster (4), “lizard-feet Inhuman” (5), Rhinosaurs, Boogers the demon (6), future Four Horsemen, “cannibal trolls,” “Kirashu tribes” (8), Moogum, Magika realm, Scarlet Queen, realm of the Werewolf by Nights, Stark-Self, Omega World (all of alternate future) (9), Daughters of Sapna (12), Anne Tenna, Jack Craw, Epoch, Spectra (13), the Lattice, World Eater (14), Maihava realm (15), Lucid (Maya Jackson), Alisha Jackson, Mrs. Jackson (17), Rhino Gang (of alternate future), Warrior Shaman (alternate future Forge) (18), Moon Rocket (Annual 1)
Generation X (1994-2001): Chamber, Emplate, D.O.A., Penance/Monet St. Croix (1), Cartier St. Croix (2), Cordelia Frost (3), Hellions (12), Bumpkin (17), Daydreamers (25), Chief Authier, Weasel, Dorain, Tracey Authier (33), Elwood (36), Gaia (37), Adrienne Frost (49), Hunter Brawn, Legault (51), Penance (as her own being, later called Hollow), Arthur DeLacourte, Tabitha Gance (60), House of Correction (63), Emma (64), Rana (71)

New Mutants I (1983-1991):
New Mutants II (2003-2004): Winddancer/Mantega, Walter Barrett and family (1), Wallflower/Collins, Hellion/Keller, Mercury/Kincaid, Anole/Borkowski (2), Wither/Ford, Rockslide/Vaccarro (3), Prodigy/Alleyne, Alleyne family, Elixir/Foley (5), Gail Collins, Foley family (6), Luna DePaula, Surge/Ashida (8), Tag/Cruz (10), Loa/Ryan (11)
New Mutants III (2009-2012): Marci Sabol (1), Project Purgatory, General Ulysses, Doctor Noc (9), Disir (11), General Combest (15), "Inferno Babies", Alex, Bob, Face, Loca, Maw, Russel, Scab, Shauna, Timothy, Toko, Trista (16), Drone Delta & Epsilon (22), New Mutates, Ronny (26), Gus Grim (28), Draumar (29), Bonegrinder (30), Diskhord (34), Virusplague (38)

New X-Men I (2001-2004): Cassandra Nova (114), Wild Sentinels (114), X-Corporation (2001 annual), John Sublime (2001 annual), U-Men (2001 annual), Xorn/Kuan-Yin (2001 annual), Beak (117), Angel Salvadore (118), Stepford Cuckoos (Sophie, Phoebe, Irma, Celeste, Esme (118)), Martha Johnson (118), Fantomex (128), E.V.A. (129), Dust (133), Jumbo Carnation (134), Omega Gang (Kid Omega, Tattoo, Glob Herman, Radian, Redneck (135)), Special Class, Ernst (135), Weapon XV/Ultimaton (143), Earth-15104 (Here Comes Tomorrow (151))
New X-Men II: Academy X (2004-2008): New Mutants Squad, Hellions Squad (2), Pixie (5), Trance (12), Dr. Jack Abrams (21), Matthew Risman, Bob Forward (22), Sentinel X (29), Kimura, Adam Harkins (31), Predator X (34)
New X-Men: Hellions (2005): Kingmaker, William Keller, Elizabeth Keller (1)

Uncanny X-Men I (1963-2011): Dr. Kurt Marko, Kathryn Worthington, Dr. Bolivar Trask, Mark I Sentinels, Norton & Edna Andrews McCoy, Master Mold, the Sirian race, Ted Roberts, Mr. Regal, Cyberno, Dr. Hunt, William Robert & Madeline Beatrice Drake, Rocky Beasely, Robert "Bob" McCoy, the Living Pharaoh's Egyptian base, the Grady Gang, Lawrence "Larry" Trask, Judge Robert C. Chalmers, Council of the Chosen, Cr'reee, Mark II Sentinels, the Sentinels' Adirondack Mountains Headquarters, David Brinkley, Mark IV Sentinels, Mr. & Mrs. Saburo Yoshida, the Z'nox race, Dr. Theodore Norton, Nikolai Rasputin, Alexandra Rasputina, Major Chasin, Len Wein, Dave Cockrum, Camp Verde Apache Reservation, the Urst-Oldynski Collective Farm, Dr. Stanchek, Hellen, Dr. Steven Lang, Mark III Sentinels, David & N'Dare Munroe, Elisabeth "Betsy" Wilford, Bonnie Wilford, Julius Schwartz, Roger Grimsby, Geraldo Rivera, Melba Tolliver, Dark Phoenix, Eamon O'Donnell, Achmed el Gibar, Katherine Anne "Kate" Summers, Joel (Jimmy Carter's science advisor), Gary Cody, Ethan Wilford, General Ortiz, Jorge Perez, Major Tirador, Tongah, Seesha, Nereel, Fahe, Commander Collins & Sammy, the Sheenarians, Bernard Kloss, the Deterrence Research Corporation, Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, Terry Austin, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Maelen, Roger Stern, Glynis Wein, Arcade's father, Sashia (Arkon's warlord), Isadore "Izzy" & Irmagarde "Ima" Uhman, Ferdie Duncan, Jennie Banks, Carmen & Terri Pryde, Hugh Hefner, Wade Cole, Angelo Macon, Murray Reese, Senator Robert Edward Kelly, Recorder#211, Margali Szardos, Earth-Days of Future Past, Douglas & Ellie Moore, Paolo (Lee Forrester's crewman), Jack Forrester, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Secretary of State Alexander Haig Jr., Premier Leonid Brezhnev, Chairman Hu Yaobang, Deputy Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping, President Daniel arap Moi, King Khalid ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Deputy Prime Minister Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, D'Syndri, the Sidri race, Storm-8280, X-Men-8280, Gabrielle Haller, Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen, Toni (Mariko Yashida's maid), Nabatone Yokuse, green dragon(181), Jim Shooter, Louise Jones [later Simonson], Eliot Brown, Michael Carlin, Ann Nocenti, Darlene Cole, Ron Zalme, Rick Parker, Larry Hama, Michael Golden, Jack Morelli, Lynn Cohen, Michael Hobson, Virginia Romita, Paul Smith, Dan Crespi, Judge Richard Petrie, Amiko's mother, Jiro (Japanese child), Akiro (Japanese child), Teruki (Japanese child), Eiko (Japanese child), Naze, Phillip Rosen, the Adversary, Arilynn Williams, Professor X's Columbia University students (Phil, John, Bobby, Mark, Mickey), General Morrison, Fenris, Kramer & Simone (Fenris' aides), Mick Travis, Masque, Leech, Mr. Ortiz, Shani (young girl), Mjnari, Avram Goldberg, David & Ruth Shulman, Chief Justice Michelle Devereux, Judge Sakharov, Admiral Gregori Mikailovitch Suvorov, Colin Lewis, Col. Max Reiger, Miss Randolph, the Body Shoppe, Officer Jerry Sirco, Scrambler, Malice, Walter & Louise Simonson, Riptide, Luther (drug dealer), Tom Tibbidoe, Stonewall, Super Sabre, Tommy (drug dealer), Dr. Julius Schwartz, Dr. Diane Duane, Wullis (trawler crewman), Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sgt.-Major Benton, Harry (police officer), Jamie Dalgliesh, Neal Conan, Gatherers, Purifiers, M Squad, Vladimir Semyandovitch Zaitsev, Tyger Tiger, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, Bonebreaker, Stanley (Reaver), Ollie (Reaver), X-Men's Australian base, Matthew Adam Kyle Plunder, Wolvie, Shower, Colossusus, Sugar, Psychilde, the X-Babies, Arthur Adams duplicate, Bob Wiacek duplicate, Tom Orzechowski duplicate, Glynis Oliver duplicate, Bob Harras duplicate, Vanna White duplicate, Hawkshaw, Pipeline, Punchout, the Press Gang, Jennifer Amelia "Jenny" Ransome, Chief Magistrate Anderson, Wipeout, Phillip Moreau, Mr. & Mrs. Ransome, Dr. George Martin, Dr. Snodgrass, Dr. Shiner, Lou Marcelli, Billy Sullivan, Strike Force Commander, the Cosmic Cutie Commandoes, the Hades John Ostrander, Jeremy Bingham, Storm LMD, Inspector Jacob Reisz, Dr. Lian Shen, Dr. Stuart Haydn, Roxanne (paramedic), Rose & Ruth Wu, Mr. Paulus, Ginger Baron, Mr. Fox, the X-Men (muggers), the Genoshan Foreign Minister, Governor Seward, Murphy (police officer), Seraph (past owner of Princess Bar), Herr Kreutzmann, Suzanne Gaffney, Lucas Hamilton, Col. Yuri Vassilyavich Semyanov, the Chronomancer (Trevor Fitzroy), Malcolm (XSE), Randall (XSE), Bantam, Styglut, Eye-Beam, Primate, Adjunct, Mr. Kobiashi, Hideko (Kobiashi's aide), Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Rosmenkov, Avatar (Sha-Har-a-Zath), the Captain J. Walker Kyle, Tra-Mai-a-Zath, Shackle, Phygim, Trelleri, Posse Comitatus (285), Death Sponsors (Cancellator, Deadair, Lead-in, Sweepzweak, Timeslot), Joseph (327), Ozymandias (332), Ozymandias' stone army (332), Carly Alverez (338), Grovel, Spat, Landscape (347), Chuleyn (357), Cerebro (360), Ejulp (368), Oktid race (368), Mannites (Nina, Glub, Headcase, Darco, Grace (372)), (Shockwave Riders (Gethrin (381), Farahd (383), Galadriel (383)), Lost Souls (Dirge, Lament, Requiem, Desolation (382)), Simyon Kuravasov (383), Revenant (383), Sketch (383), Ransome Sole (383), Big Casino (383), Bludgeon (383), Cudgel (383), Tulamore Voge (383), Barnacle (383), Crimson Pirates (Killian, Bloody Bess, Broadside, Sea Dogs (384)), Church of Humanity (399), Supreme Pontiff (400), X-Corps (401), Cardinal Hammond (409), Squid-Boy (410), Annie Ghazikhanian (411), Mutant 143 (423), Jeremy & Larry (427), Azazel (428), Ophis (429), Ginniyeh (429), Yidrazil (429), Jullian (429), Kiwi Black (430), Cabot family (437), Weaponeers (444), Lars Hoel (445), Hauk'ka (Raina, Kaidan, Masado, Council (455)), Bean (469), First Fallen (473), Ned Horrocks (473), Amina Synge (473), Godfrey Calthrop (473), Colonel Shetani (474), Apocalypse Hunters (475), Secret Order (483), Hellfire Cult (500), Xiong (502), Sisterhood of Mutants (503), X-Club (507), Kylie Jinadu (508), Salome (512), Molyneux (512), Dark X-Men (513), "New U-Men" (Lobe, Bouncing Betty, Burst, Thug, Verre (515)), Selach (528), Lobe's X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (530)), Haleena (breakworlder, 536)
big 'uns:
Lilandra, Dr. Valerie Cooper, the Vanisher
Uncanny X-Men II (2012): Phalanx strain 264 theta (4), Immortal Man (5), Apex (species), Savage (6), Sinister London, Marauder Battalions, Sabretooth Hounds (14)
Uncanny X-Men II (2013-NOW): Tempus/Eva Bell, Goldballs/Fabio Medina (1), Hijack/David Bond, Karen (6), Blockbuster Sentinel (10), Agent India Bradley (14), Geldhoff (15), Matthew Malloy (23)

X-Factor I (1986-1998): Rusty Collins (1), Artie Maddicks, Frenzy, Apocalypse (5), Trish Tilby, Skids (7), Siberian Tiger (Annual#1), Blockbuster, Prism (10), Fallen Angels, Celestial Ship/Prosh (15), Rictor (17), Infectia (28), Infectia's Anti-Bodies (29), N'Astirh (32), Purifiers, Major Purge, Doctor Stack (Annual#3), Alchemy, Troll Associates (41), Opal Tanaka, Charlotte Jones (51), Madame Reneau (60), Cybersamurai (Die’ode, Fu’se, Katsu’ta’ro, Hiro), Lord Tatsu’o (63), Dark Riders (Foxbat, Tusk, Gauntlet, Psynapse,Hard-Drive, Barrage) (65), Askani (66), Shinobi Shaw, Boak (67), Ricochet (72), Bladrick, Slab (74), Nasty Boys (Gorgeous George, Hairbag, Ramrod, Ruckus) (75), Prodigal (81), X-Patriots (Lukas, Pirouette) (82), Taylor (83), Exodus (92), Haven (96), Monsoon (99), Beatrice Connors (102), Bowser (121), Hound, Harper (123), Trevor Chase (127), Ralph Brickman (128), Stone (137)
X-Factor II (2002):
X-Factor III (2006-2009): Singularity, Damian Tryp, Gloria Santiago, Jack Vaughn, Dr. Locke, Nicole, Elijah Cross, X-Cell, Isolationist, Snow Queen, Purity Singers, Abby & Roy Tyler, Charles & June Tyler
All-New X-Factor (2014-2015):

X-Force I (1991-2002): Dr. Niles Roman, Russian Sleepers
X-Force II (2004-2005): Zed, Skornn (1), Adam Spectre, Lark, Sepulcher (2), Lady Anime (3), Admiral Ya'lont (5)
X-Force III (2008-2010): Eli Bard (1), Agent Morales (2), Human Council (3), Choir, Gabriel (4), Michael, Daniel (5)
X-Force IV (2014-2015): "Weapon Red", Sthagati (1), Fiqh, Qareen, Volga (2), Antonio Aggasiz (3), Le Bureau Discret, Le Necrogateur, Le Coq Bleu, Capitaine Fantome, Prochaine Sortie (4)
Uncanny X-Force I (2010-2012): Famine/Jeb Lee, War/Decimus Furius (1), Pestilence/Ichisumi, Death/Sanjar Javeed (2), Father, Earth-11045/Earth-Deathlok Nation (6), Harper Simmons, Edmund (10), Clan Akkaba of Earth-295, Dmitri of Earth-295 (11), Black Legion of Earth-295, Charles Xavier/MODOK of Earth-295, Celestial Gardener of Earth-295 (12), Krokwel, Skinless Man (21), White Sky, Omega Black, Omega Red, Omega White (24), Cluster, Weapon XIII (35)
Uncanny X-Force II (2013-2014): Ginny Guzman (1)
Cable & X-Force (2013-2014): Doctor Townley (1), Stryfe of Earth-13021 (2), Kliktok (7), Tucker (11)

X-Man: Absynthia, Jacknife, Ness, Psi-Ops, Hatchet-9, Scratch

X-Men II (1991-1996): Acolytes, Fabian Cortez, Anne Marie Cortez, Nance Winters (1), Omega Red (4), Team X (5), Belladonna (8), Revanche (17), Lord Nyoirin Henecha (18), Renee Majcomb (26), Threnody (27), Post (50), Bastion (52), Cecilia Reyes (65), Lance Gwynn (66), Mary Purcell (81), Alda Huxley (86), Beautiful Dreamer (92), R'tee (97), Neo (Domina, Jaeger (99)), Thunderbird/Neal Shaara, Neo (Kilmer, Rax, Barbican, Seth, Static (100)), Neo (Tartarus, Elysia, Salvo (101)), Rufus Delgado (101), Neo (Anteus (102)), Beldame, Sanguine, Wanderer (103), Goth (104), Torque (Twisted Sisters, 105), Junction, Jaunt (106)-->New X-Men;
X-Men II (2004-2008): Xorn/Shen (157), Eight Immortals (158), Mammomax (161), Golgotha, Butterfly-Bore, "the Sinner", Highsmith (166), Boy (167), Frankie (168), Gazer (169), Foxx(Mystique), Pulse (173), Paine (175), Cuddle-Face (176), O*N*E, General Lazer, Sapien League, Leper Queen  (HoM:DayAfter), Lex, Joni, Bulletproof Briggs, Jake Slayton, Doctor Foster (178), Daap (180), War Machine and Crazy Train (185), Children of the Vault (aguja, Fuego, Sangre, Serafina (188)), Perro (189), Cadena (193), Pandemic, Calvin Goynes (194), Hope Summers (205)
X-Men III (2010-2013): Alyssa, Stephen, Brad, Claw sect, Mystikos sect, Nosferatu sect, Atlantean sect/Aques, Moksha vampire sect, Siren vampire sect, Krieger vampire sect, Anchorite vampire sect, Svetlana, Thorn (11), Evolutionary, Evolutionaries, Guardian Clan (Stare, Pilar, Flare, Singularity, Sinew, Backhand, Repulse, Orb) (Giant-Size#1), Atahsaia (15.1), George Stanislaus, Kaddak (17), mensen (20), skrulls (28), Dr. Hunter, Dr. David Gray (30), Ister (31), Gabriel Shepherd (36), Armitage (39), Tin Man, Freedom Force (Haste, Brawl, Mass, Crimson Commando, Shift) (40)
All-New X-Men (2013-NOW):

X-Men: Hidden Years: Avia, Nhu'Ghari (2), Nhu'Abar (3), Krueger (8), Freaks (8), Dr. Stuart (14), Promise (15)
X-Men Legacy: Miss Sinister/Claudine Renko (214), Sovel Redhand, Glitter, Jat Vor-Thrul, Horse (220), Leon Matheson (231), Gavaskar family (of Indra), Luz (238), Vaipala Rani, Olvido (239), Piedra Dura (241), Reality-11326 (Age of X (245)), Endgame, Time-Sink, Chain, Susan in Sunshine, Bleeding Image, Styx (249), Grad Nan Holt (253), Vray (Chahr, Taros), Swarm (271), Swarm Queen, Vray King, Tritt (272)
X-Men Unlimited: Kree Resistance Front
X-Treme X-Men (2000): Arena, Barb, Elias Bogan, Bubble, Cutter, Marie D'Ancanto, Dervish, Dimension X, Khan, Masato Koga, Lady Mastermind, Lamprey, Lariat, Lifeguard, Musclehead, Paint, Paradise, Paul, Porous, Posterboy, Purge, Quills, Red Lotus, Shaitan, Silkworm, Spikes, Vargas, Evangeline Whedon, Zach
Angel: Tuesday Bird
Beast: Linda Donaldson
Chamber: Amber, Magnetic North, Neutrino Annihilator, Students for Tolerance
Civil War II: X-Men: “electricity-into-music mutant” (3)
Colossus: Grigory Rasputin, Elena, Ivan, Larisa Mishchenko, Vladimir Rasputin, Konstantin + Klara + Dimitriy Rasputin, Yuri
Havok/Wolverine: Dr. Neutron's agents
Iceman I:
Iceman II (2001): Foe-Dog
Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame Ginrei, Japanese Department of Supernatural Sciences, Kurokaze, Miyahiro, Nao, Ryoko Oshiba, Path of Destiny
Longshot: Mojoverse, Spineless Ones
Magik I:
Magik II: arch-fiend of the Pit, Horn of Harrowing,Silurian Guard, Vitchen
Psylocke+Archangel: Kuragari
Sabretooth: Kalashnikov+men
Sabretooth+Mystique: Catalyst
other: Reverend Stryker

Young Avengers characters:
Young Avengers I (2005-2006): Young Avengers, Asgardian/Wiccan, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Patriot, Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Susan Bishop (1), Avengers Fail-Safe Program (3), Vision/Jonas (5), Rebecca & Jeff Kaplan (7), Mrs. Altman/Skrull (9)
Young Avengers II (2013-2014): Skifflefuffles/race, Mother (1), Patriot/entity (6), Leah/construct (9) “fake” Young Avengers (10), Lord Eldritch the Pretheist (11)
Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways (2006): warden of the cube (possibly as sub-profile for Noh-Varr) (2)
Young Avengers Presents (2008): No new characters introduced.
Secret Invasion: Young Avengers and Runaways (2008): Commander Chrell, X’iv (1)
Dark Reign: Young Avengers (2009): Young Masters, Big Zero, Egghead, Melter/Chris Colchiss, Executioner/Danny DuBois, Enchantress/Sylvie Lushton, Coat of Arms/Lisa Molinari (1)
Siege: Young Avengers (2010): Angantyr the Beserker/asgardian
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2010-2012): No new characters introduced.

Zombie characters:
ToZom: Dramabu, Katanya, Layla, Red Sect, Papa Doc;
Phillip Bliss, Gyps, Det. Sam Jagger,
Strange Tales IV: Papa Nebo

Other limited series:
Abominations: Abominations
Agents of Atlas: Agents of Atlas, Venus (naiad)
Annihilation: Aegis, Aks’lo, Annihilation Wave, Antiphon, Brio, Caul 7, Canticus Prime, Chanda (possibly meant to be Chandra), Ch’tyrr, Currs, Daedalus 5, Daystar, Deko, Diableri, Eradica, Ethereals, Eudorian Reach, Extermina, Extirpia, Gamora’s Graces, Gargul, G’rang Beast, Harvester of Sorrow, Hawal, House of Fiyero, Kallis Ateratar, Koth, Lamentis, Lar-Ka, New Xeron, New Zaragz’na, Nexus of Igoa, Nyco Aristedes, Obada’an system, Om-Fad, Praxagora, Preak, Proemial Gods, Quasar, Ralek, Ravenous, Rhianda 9, R’kin, Salo, Sarnogg, S’Bak, Seekers, “Sentry#527,” Spine of Complicity, Syllth, Tala Prime, Tarq Martu, Tartus Minor, Ten-Cor, Tenebrous, Tercera Minor, Tercera Prime, Urlima Minor, UX-73, Verge System 001, Yarvan 7, Zaragz’na
Beta Ray Bill (2205): Meta-Orb, Rogotta, Sala, Ven
Black Cat:
Black Knight: Guardian of the Ebony Blade, the Brazier of Truth
B-Sides (2002): Leigh the Kree (and her skrull boyfriend)
Captain Marvel (Monica): Powderkeg
Other limited series:
Civil War II: Michelle, Ulysses Cain (0), Celestial Destructor (1), Alison Green (4)
Civil War II: Gods of War: Gods of War (2)
Civil War II: The Accused: Evelyn Stanzler, Judge Rapport, Mr. Rikleen (1)
Civil War II: The Oath: Jason Henry, James Green (1)
Civil War II: Ulysses: Lock, Glow, Tongue (2), Stark Needle (3), Jan, Jean-Luc, Gaston (4)
Dr. Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets: Fusilli’s Italian Restaurant, Fusilli crime family, Steelgraves, Bonfrisco, “Luftstreitkrafte demon” (1), Livio Fusilli, Lucretia Fusilli, Prentice Mangrove, Simon (2), Amulet of Amutra, Steelgrave family, Mr. Steelgrave (4), Liu Gang (5), Malonee, Shotwell, “Eldritch Giant” (6), Mrs. Park (7), Officer Wilson (8)
Domination Factor: Praxis
Fallen Angels: Bill, Chance, Don, Gomi, Unipar
Hellcat: G'Uranthic Gemstone
Heroes Return: Ashema
Infinity Crusade: Cosmic Egg, Paradise Omega
Marvels: Phil Sheldon
Nocturne: Dragonspaw, Hatemare, Nocturne, Noose, Yi Yang
Sable & Fortune: Mr. Albasini, Jasper Angevine, Dominic Fortune, Sam Kurokawa, Silver Wolf, Sword of Glory, Berecz, Johannes Boros
Secret Wars: Battleworld
Spellbound: Zxaxz, Other
Thor Corps: Thor Corps

Marvel UK characters :
Captain Britain characters:

Children of the Voyager: Mona St. Croix
Cyberspace 3000
: Clan Cyorse, Gamesworld, Myke Townsend, Trilexia
Dances with Demons:
Dragon's Claws characters: Deller, Digit, Dragon, Evil Dead, La Folie, William Raymond Golding, High Fliers, High Father, Incinerator Jones + boys, Matron, Mercy, N.U.R.S.E., Scavenger, Scourge, Scratch, Shrine, Split Infinity, Steel, Vanishing Ladies, Wildcats, World Development Court

Marvel Frontier Comics:
Dark Angel: Psycho-Wraiths, Safehouse
Dark Guard: Collapsar, Ultra-Marine

Die-Cut, Die-Cut vs G-Force: Crone, Cyberdrones, Hskelos, Manmaker, Primary Artifact
Gene Dogs
, Code Name: Genetix
Gun Runner
: Cynodd, Enhanced, Zoo, Kay Glayvor, Oracle, Smith, Glora Teth
Immortalis: Katherine Ainsley-Jones, Nicholas de Bellrais, unnamed demon
Killpower: The Early Years: mutates at the end of time
Knights of Pendragon:

ACE Corporation, Bad Boys, Dove Soldiers, Earth 2191, Earth 2195, Hyrkania

Night Raven:

Shadow Riders
Warheads: Aeish, Audit, Badhand, Bysshe, Tigon Liger, Lynx II, Master Key, Shrike
Wild Angels:
Wild Thing: Arcade, Burners, Crane, Death Duty, Effy and his agent, Finns, Gyle, Liddel, Mysterio, Lt. Pyke, Janet Richart, Dorian Trask, Trasktech, Trout, Virtual Ghosts

2099 characters:
Doom: Fever, Neon Angel, Nektrotek, Paloma, Radian, Thandaza
Fantastic Four: Chimera, Fantastic Four, Total Recall
Ghost Rider: Archfiends, Coda, D/Monix, Ghostworks, Heartbreaker, Vengeance
Hulk: Anti-Hulk, Cybershaman, Dr. Apollo, Draco, Human Tribe, Locusts
Punisher: Aesir, Barrio Man, Blue Max, Goldheart, IFO, Jigsaw/Multi-Fractor, Punisher II, Punishment Police, Synchron
Ravage: Avatarr, Deathstryk, Ferra, Hela, Hellrock/Mutroids, Lord Flame Bearer, Seeress, Soul-Dark, Throwback, X-11
Spider-Man: Alchemax, Cathode-Ray, Corporate Raiders, Discord, Fenris, Firelight, Goblin, Man-Spider, Payback, Risque, Strange, Thor, Venom, Vulture
2099 Unlimited: Chameleon, Dr. Pylon, Hazzerd, Hulk, Machina Jones, Kid Current, Sigurd, Steel Rain
X-Men: Bloodsmith, Brimstone Love, Broken Haiku, Chosen, Darkson, Freakshow, Free Radicals, Halloween Jack, Mama Hurricane, Rat Pack, Theatre of Pain, Underground, Xhao, X-Men (all), Zoomers
X-Nation: Metalsmith, Sisters of Howling Commandments, X-Nation (all)

Caldor,  Cookie, Daina, Debardinis, Syzygy Darklock, Doc Delphi, Vanth Dreadstar, Dreadstar Company, Fixx, Gecko Lingus, Gods of the Instrumentality, King Gregzor, the Grunts, the Gryxptznorsyw/Army Ants, Gund, Gunderson, Infra-Red, Instrumentality, James, Junior/Many-Dark, the Kagami, Lord High Papal, Lord Lastlaugh, Monarchy, Lord Mozam, Nash, King Nellor, Dr. North, Oedi, Omni, Ondru, Lord Palafox, Paxton, Skeevo Phlatus, Rainbow, Ren, Rok, Special Forces Unit, Supergrunt, Thorn, the Toth, Tuetun, Ultra-Violet, Willow, Z; dark gods of another galaxy, giant tentacled monster by Palafox's prison, insectoids aboard the derelict vessel, the sentience within the sword formerly held by Many-Dark;
Metamorphosis Odyssey: Byfrexia, Vanth Dreadstar,
Dreamsend, Empirical galaxy, Hall of Death and Mercy, Infinity Horn, Juliet, Light Cutter, Ra, Joenis Soule, Sword of Icy Fire, Tyjor, Whis'par, Za, Zyoteans
Dreadstar II: Bettina, Shakilians, Shandor'kan, Thorn, Tokailians, the Zon

MC2 characters:
A-Next: Big Man, Blacklight, Blue Streak, Coal Tiger, Crimson Curse, Doc Magus, Earth Sentry, Freebooter, Ion Man, Jolt ,Mainframe, Red Queen, Revengers, Soldiers of the Serpent, Stinger, Thunder Squad, Thunderstrike
Fantastic Five: F5
Spider-Girl (1998): Angelface, Green Goblins, Mr. Nobody, Ladyhawk, Killerwatt, Spyral, Raptor, Funny Face, unnamed agent of Stark, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Canis, New Warriors, Charlie Phillips, Scarlet Spider, Invisible Girl, Quickwire, Hobgoblin
Amazing Spider-Girl:
Wild Thing:

New Universe
DP7: Bazooka, Black Powers, Blindspot, Bloodhound, Blur, Captain Manhattan, Col. MacIntyre Browning, Chill, Clinic, Cure, DDTeens, Deadweight, Dementia, Dirtbag, "DP7", ESPeople, Famileech, Freefall, Freelancers, Ghost Driver/Shadowman, Glitter, Sgt. Haldeman, Harrington family, Interface, Mothball, Tanis Newhouse, Paranormal Platoon, Quiver, Raindrop, Receptor, Regulator, Reinforcer, Scrap Iron, Scuzz, Shock, Shrapnel, Sponge, Squirm, Stalagmite, Tangler, Thrust, Tracker, Twilight, Vice Versa, Wampus, White Eventists, Woodsman, Wormhole
Justice: Hanley, Hoyt Pittman, Dr. Michael Rabinowitz
Kickers INC: All-American, Kickers
Merc: Lincoln Griffin, Mark Hazzerd, Hazzerd family, Mal, Priestess, Sergeant-Major, Treetop
Nightmask: Lucian Ballad, Tulius Ballad, Gnome, Lita Mercado, Theodora Remsen
Psi-Force: Colby Shaw, Foundation, Medusa Web, Potiphar, Emmett Proudhawk, Rodstvow, Derek Shiningstar, Siberian Project, Skipper
Spitfire: Edmund Roth, Saxon St. James, Jake Travest
Starbrand: Jacob Burnley, Duck, Myron Feldman, Lt. Hanrahan, New Universe, Barb Pertovic, Pitt, Rory Ramos, Scrunch, Starchild
War/Draft: Kathi Blizzard, Blowout, Casey, Gridlock, Ayatollah Khomeini, Col. Oort, Paranormal Platoon, Ronald Reagan

Critical Mass: Grey Man, Orb
Doctor Zero: Anubis, Bryn Hengist, Marid, MERCHANTS
Powerline: Buddy, Gordon Castle, jellyfish, Lenard, Nagas, Eric Ravenscore, Tyler Ravenscore, Skigger, Yaisa
Saint George: Lorri Nimyeur, Sapir, Wikka

Ultraverse characters
Eliminator: Kickback Studios, Manic, Mannequin,Pod
: Bruno Armejan, Elven
Exiles-Strike: Blast, Exiles, Harvest, Hellblade, Elizabeth King, Charlie Kingsley, Maxis, Ozama, Progeny, Qune, Rocket, Shuriken, Sixx, Tulkar race, Velvet Fist
Firearm: Blood Brothers and Blood Mama, Butterfly, Danielle, Doctor Z, Firearm I, Firearm II, Hellblade, Lodge, Dan McDonald, Rightman, sasquatches, Sportsmen, Ellen Swan
Foxfire: Chaotician, Foxfire II, Jack Dancer, Mourning Star, Mustang II
Freex: Breakdown, Cole, Garden, Master of the Hunt, Night Patrol, Rush
Godwheel: Crystal Crown, Vahldala
Hardcase: Aerans, Aladdin, Alternate, Choice I, Choice II, Choice Corporation, Dirt Devil, Foxfire I, Hardcase, Hardwire, Headknocker, NM-E, Omega Team, Operator, Rex Mundi, Squad, Starburst, Trauma, Turf, War Eagle, Wynn, Xorn
Lord Pumpkin: Arielle, Crow
Mantra: Ahmed-Set, Ajak-Kar, Aniela, Archimage, Boneyard, Church of the Wicca, Coven, demon, dimension inside cloak, Guise, Gwendor, Heronvolk, Hybrid, Inquisitors, Mantra I-III, Moloch, Necromantra, Neros, Overlord, Pandora, Pinnacle, Repo Man, Edgar Strauss, Tattoo, Tradesmen, Tremblor, Mrs. Walker, Wrath II
Nightman: Bloodfly, Cernunnos, Chalk, Deathmask, Mangle, Nightman, Nightman duplicate, Rhiannon, Rigoletto, Teknight I+II+III
Prime: Cabal, Culebra, Dragonfly, demon, Doc Gross, Duey, Fifi, Gross Babies, Hiruko, Homebringer, Kutt, Liberty, Organism 8, Papa Verite, Phade, Planet Class, Prime II-V, Primevil, Primogenitor, Spider-Prime, Turbocharge, Ultrax
Prototype: alien race, Angela, Arena, Backstabber, Battlewagon, Edwin Doyle, Empire, Glare, Hundred Legs of Death, Donovan Jones, Manhattan Project, Prototype I-III+2000, Ranger, Supra, Terrordyne, Ultratech, Veil
Rune: A'Charr, Acolytes of Argus, Alexander, Argus, el Gato, GENIE, Janus, K-6, Mytos, Tantalus, Angelique Zane
Sludge: Bash Brothers, Bloodstorm, Caldwell Pharmaceuticals, Chiu, Dimension of Zuke, Hessshites, Don Johanssen, John Paul Marcello, Mr. Mischief, Pistol, Princess Die, Veffir Voon Iyax, Wertham Stone, witch, Zuke
Solitaire: Bug, Iris, Israel, Jinn, Anton Lone, Solitaire's agents, ultra
Solution: Aerwan race, Dark Shoppe, Darkurian race, Dropkick, Harmonica, Outrage, Quattro, Dr. Lilith, Riddlin, Seeker, Shadowmage, Solution, Tech, Techuza, Vorlexx, Vorps, Vyr race, Zothros
Strangers: Atom Bob, Aula, Bastinado, Brazen, Byter, Deathwish, Electrocute, Gangsta, Generator X, Grenade, Grip, Lady of Light, Lightshow, Nuware, Powerhouse, Raiders, Rodent, Spectral, Strangers, TNTNT, Mrs. Yee, Yrial, Zipzap
Ultraforce: Bonehammer, Cromwell, Demonseed, Dog, Fold, Lament, Meatrack, New World, Pascal, Rawborgs, Spook, Helen Volcano, Whistler, Wreckage
Warstrike: Blind Faith, Conductor, Giz, Strike/Warstrike
Witch Hunter: Witch Hunter
Wrath: Patriot, Radicals, Wrath I
other: Bob Anzano, Dilhaabi race, Godwheel, gorilla city, Jasvinder Johal, Lucy Jones, Seventh Sign, Trinity Kirkbride, Ultraverse, Vahldala, Wold, Zulus

Ultimate characters: characters the site is not focusing on at this moment.

Mangaverse: MarvellousLuke is focusing on creating profiles on these characters.

Earth X characters: characters the site is not focusing on at this moment. Although several already received profiles.

Other listings (in progress)

Characters from 20th century Official Handbook of the Marvel Universes not covered in 21st century OHotMUs or the Files books: Adversary, Aginar, Ajax (Pantheon), Analyzer (Recorder), Ani-Mator, Arcanna, Arclight, Arishem, Balor (has very limited Appendix sub-profile), Black Archer (Earth-S/712), Blue Eagle (Earth-S/712), Box (only Jaxon covered), Bulldozer (Wrecking Crew), Bullet (Daredevil foe), Captain Atlas, Chord, Cybele, Dakimh the Enchanter, Margo Damian, Laura Dean, Dr. Spectrum (Earth-S/712), Doom 2099, Doughboy, Earth-Lord, Energizer, Eon, Eson, Evilhawk, Fandral, Fearmaster, Foreigner, Foxfire, Gammenon, Gatecrasher, Geirrodur, Gideon, Glamor, Goblin, Gomi, Gosamyr, Hammer and Anvil, Hardcore, Harpoon, Haywire, Hogun the Grim, Illusion, Imperial Hydra, Inertia, Infectia, Ironclad, Jade Dragon, Jemiah (Celestial), Jetstream, Karkas, Khoryphos, Kofi, Kubik, Lamprey, Left-Winger, Al MacKenzie, Manikin, Mass Master, Master Menace, Master Mold, Kate Neville, Nezarr the Calculator, One Above All (Celestial), Oneg the Prober, Persuasion, Phastos, Alexander Pierce, Piledriver (Wrecking Crew), Dr. James Power, Margaret Power, Primus, Quagmire, Quantum (Dakkamite), Rancor (Reality-691), Red Guardian (Josef Petkus), Reject, Replica (Reality-691), Right-Winger, Ringmaster, Rom, Savage Steel  (Paul Trent, Harry Lennox, Johnny Leone), Scrambler, Senor Muerte, Shape, Shotgun, Sise-Neg, Smartship Friday, Spellbinder, Spirit of Vengeance 2099, Spyder, Stallior, Super Sabre, Talon (Reality-691), Black Jack Tarr, Tom Thumb (Earth-S/712), Ulik, Uni-Mind, Valkin, Vector, Aelfyre Whitemane, Whizzer (Earth-S/712), Wind Warrior, X-Ray, Ziran, Zuras