(of Earth-200111)

Real Name: Robert Fragosi

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-200111) human

Occupation: Former bank robber, FBI agent

Group Membership: Formerly FBI

Affiliations: Formerly FBI

Enemies: The Wolverine (Logan)

Known Relatives: Unidentified ex-wife

Aliases: "Bobby," Vincent Briscoe

Base of Operations: An unidentified USA town somewhere between Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada

First Appearance: Wolverine MAX I#9 (July, 2013)

Powers/Abilities: Robert Fragosi had the skills necessary to become a FBI novice agent. Even after losing his FBI position, Fragosi retained his knowledge of law enforcement and crime, knowledge he used as a skilled bank robber.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White (balding); formerly blonde

History: (Wolverine MAX I#10 (fb)) - In 1978, Robert Fragosi graduated from Quantico and joined the FBI. As an FBI agent, he was sent after the Wolverine (Logan), a famous killer of only criminals, whom the FBI had left alone up until a regime change in the Bureau had them trying to bring him down. At one point, Fragosi surveyed Logan personally with no idea that Logan had enhanced senses capable of informing him of being watched. Logan easily gave Fragosi the slip and killed the men he had been after.

Fragosi was disgraced and spiraled into drug and alcohol addiction, which cost him his position at the Bureau as well as his marriage. Throughout the 1980s, he used his knowledge of law enforcement and crime to become a successful bank robber, even making number nine on the Bureau's most wanted list before his capture. Eventually arrested by the FBI, Fragosi was sent to prison, where, due to his former career in law enforcement, he suffered greatly.

By 2013, after decades of imprisonment, Fragosi broke out with an unidentified prisoner. Staying in a little town located between Miami and Las Vegas, Frisco settled in an abandoned house, where he killed and buried his fellow escaped prisoner. He lived there for a long time under the name of Vincent Briscoe.

(Wolverine MAX I#9) - One month later, Robert ate soup at a local diner when Logan, who had lost his memory, entered and saved Robert from a group of thugs. Recognizing Logan, Robert drove after him in a car. Logan quickly realized he was being followed, which he wasn't in the mood for, and ran the car off the road. Upon checking who was driving the car, Logan realized the car had earlier failed to stop for him when he was broken down and that the driver was the man he helped out in the diner. Logan pulled Robert from the vehicle moments before the ruptured gas tank exploded. After checking Robert's driver's license, Logan found the name Vincent Briscoe and headed to the nearest town to get "Vincent" medical help. Robert soon regained consciousness and told Logan not to take him for medical assistance, and he attempted to intimidate Logan by revealing his knowledge of Logan's ability to heal.

(Wolverine MAX I#10) - Unaware of Logan's memory loss, Robert threatened to turn Logan in to authorities if Logan didn't do as he was told, including not going to a hospital. Robert then directed Logan to his home, where Logan smelled a corpse and "Vincent" finally revealed himself as "Bobby" Fragosi, claiming that he and Logan once knew one another in the 1970s.

Logan convinced Fragosi to tell him what he knew about their shared histories and Robert detailed how they met in the late 1970s while Fragosi was assigned to capture Logan. From what Fragosi told him, Logan learned that in 1978, he not yet gained his retractable claws. Logan tried to get more information about the origin of his claws from Fragosi but Fragosi told Logan that he didn't know anymore, as he'd only busted out of prison a month beforehand. Suspecting Fragosi knew more than he was saying, Logan nonetheless had to cut things short when he heard the police approaching the building and Logan stole a car to escape. Fragosi wanted the two of them to work together, combining their resources and knowledge but Logan instead questioned Fragosi as to the identity of the the body rotting in Fragosi's house. Learning that the corpse was someone that Fragosi had escaped prison with, Logan was disgusted with the man and proceeded to decapitate Fragosi with his claws, leaving his body for the coyotes in the Mojave Desert.

Comments: Created by Jason Starr and Roland Boschi.

Given Logan's words and lack of memory, some facts of Robert Fragosi's biography remain hidden, but it seems unlikely we will never know about them.

Profile by Sasasych.

Robert Fragosi has no known connections to:

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Wolverine MAX I#10, p9, pan1 (younger Robert Fragosi, main image)
Wolverine MAX I#10, p6, pan6 (older Robert Fragosi, headshot)
Wolverine MAX I#10, p19, pan4-5 (death)

Wolverine MAX I#9-10 (July-August, 2013) – Jason Starr (writer), Roland Boschi (pencils, inks), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)

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