Real Name: Mellow (first name unrevealed) 

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Soldier 

Group Membership: U.S. Army Commandos, the Laid-Back Commandos (Disco, others)

Affiliations: None 

Enemies: M.P.s 

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified army base

First Appearance: Crazy Magazine#71 (February, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Sgt. Mellow is presumably a reasonably competent soldier, given that he held a promoted position. He was seemingly good at night infiltration tactics, as he managed to evade base security even when drunk off his face.

History: (Crazy Magazine#71) - Sgt. Mellow led a team of laid-back commandos during peace time. After spending an evening of off-base drinking he led his men in sneaking back on base, despite the fact he couldn't get off his hands and knees without experiencing nausea, knowing that if the M.P.s caught them they would get a week swabbing latrines. His heart was pounding from the terror this induced, but the predicament only worsened when he realized that in the darkness none of them could tell their own barracks apart from the other identical buildings. Then things became critical when one of his men, Disco, stepped in something disgusting, leading the squad to realize that "the Major" had been out walking his dog in the area earlier that night, potentially littering the region with more, similar perils.

Comments: Created by Paul Kirchner.

Sgt. Mellow was one of several heroes to appear in a four page feature in Crazy#71, titled "Marvel Heroes Who Didn't Quite Make It." A follow-up feature in Crazy#78 introduced several more of these guys. It's almost certainly a sign of my increasing insanity, but I'd personally love to see them all get introduced into the Marvel universe proper, possibly taking on the heroes who "didn't make the cut" from Marvel Year in Review '93, the Hostess villains, Crazy and Not Brand Ecch's regular characters (Obnoxio, Forbush Man, Behemoth Jack, Teen Hulk, Aunty Nuke, etc.), and all the other "fringeworthy" characters (such as Cougar or Puzzle Man). It's not like some of them haven't already made it into 616 (Phone Ranger, Lectronn, etc), and these guys are no more bizarre than many of the others who preceded them into 616 canon.

A pastiche on Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, Sgt. Mellow and his Laid-back Commandos' appearance was portrayed as an excerpt from the series "Our Army at Peace," a parody of 1950s Atlas title "Our Army at War."

Profile by Loki.

Sgt. Mellow has no known connections to

The Laid-back Commandos

The Laid-back Commandos consisted of at least three men serving under Sgt. Mellow. After an off-base drinking expedition the group were trashed and snuck back on base, trying to avoid being caught by the M.P.s. Stumbling and crawling, depending on their level of inebriation, they tried to locate their barracks but found it hard to figure out which of the identical buildings was which in the dark. One commando spotted another, Disco, about to step on something disgusting, and risked crying out a warning, but it was too late. Another commando, this one with a moustache, subsequently reported Disco's sad fate to Sgt. Mellow.


--Crazy Magazine#71


Disco was one of Sgt. Mellow's Laid-back Commandos. After an evening of off-base drinking the group snuck back on base, trying to avoid being caught by the M.P.s, but, despite a last second warning cry from one of the other commandos, Disco stepped on something disgusting, discovering the hard way that the major had been out walking his dog in the area.


--Crazy Magazine#71

images: Crazy Magazine#71, p24, pan4 (main)
Crazy Magazine#71, p24, pan5 (face close-up)
Crazy Magazine#71, p24, pan7 (Commando warning Disco)
Crazy Magazine#71, p24, pan9 (Commando reporting Disco's fate)
Crazy Magazine#71, p24, pan8 (Disco)

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