Real Name: Lionel Dibbs

Identity/Class: Human, Cyborg

Occupation: Rioter

Affiliations: Dr. Donald Blake, Roscoe

Enemies: Black Bolt, Gorgon, Joey, Karnak, Medusa, Thor

Known Relatives: unnamed sister (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Harlem, New York City

First Appearance: (hand only) Amazing Adventures II#6 (May, 1971); (full) Amazing Adventures II#7 (July, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Dibbs' right hand has been replaced with a cybernetic device which can be disguised as a regular hand. The hand has a built-in gun, which can fire six rounds.

History: Lionel Dibbs described his childhood thusly: "I was born on this block, man-- I fought the rats for my breakfast-- and my kid sister died so our honky landlord could save a few bucks on fuel oil. Long time ago, I made a promise-- swore I'd see this block leveled to the ground before I died-- and every white man I ever met can tell you-- Lionel Dibbs always keeps his word!"

(Amazing Adventures II#8 (fb))- Some time after losing his hand, Dibbs was informed by his doctor, Donald Blake, that he had cancer and would be dead within two months. Dibbs resolved to see his promise to the end, and went to Stark Industries to obtain a replacement hand.

(Amazing Adventures II#6)- Dibbs happened across the amnesiac Inhuman Black Bolt on the streets of New York following his attack on his friend Roscoe.

(Amazing Adventures II#7)- Dibbs pretended to be a friend towards Black Bolt and his young friend Joey, claiming that he could help them, but instead he lured them into his vehicle where he gassed them unconscious. He and Roscoe then examined Black Bolt's costume, and decided to use it to good effect. Roscoe donned Black Bolt's costume so that he could wield his power, and the two of them appeared on Johnson Street in Harlem, proclaiming that they would level the streets!

(Amazing Adventures II#8)- Dibbs was confronted by Karnak, Gorgon and Medusa of the Inhumans, but they were opposed by Thor, who sought to protect Dibbs, knowing of his cancer. Dibbs refused to stand down when Thor confronted him and ordered Roscoe to level the block, but Roscoe was unable to control Black Bolt's power and died.

Subsequently, Dibbs' trial was set for two months later. He smiled when he heard the news.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Neal Adams and John Verpoorten.

Dibbs' constant demand that he be called "Mr. Dibbs" throughout Amazing Adventures II#7-- a reference to the Sidney Poitier film "In the Heat of the Night." ("They call me MR. TIBBS!")

by Prime Eternal

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