Real Name: Phobia

Identity/Class: demon (class 2); citizen of the Realm of Madness

Occupation: Fear Assassin

Group Membership: Demons of the Realm of Madness

Affiliations: Dementia, Exile, Neurotica, Paranoia

Enemies: Doggerel, Netherdemons, Nightmare, Nightmare Owl

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Doctor Phobia

Base of Operations: Realm of Nightmare
formerly: Realm of Madness

First Appearance: Nightmare#1 (December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He knows everything about psychology and analyses everyone walking around. He used a variety of knives in his fights.


(Venom: The Madness#2-BTS): Phobia was mentioned by Paranoia in a dream of Venom.

(Nightmare#1): Phobia was together with Paranoia in the Realm of Exiles from where they watched Nightmare. Phobia analysed the current situation of Nightmare and came to the conclusion that he was afraid of his end. He was harsh with Paranoia when he didn't understand him. He became afraid when he saw the unborn Exile who came from the Realm of Exiles to Nightmare's realm. Phobia analysed the problems of the creature and felt pity for the poor creature the Exile wanted to couple with. Together with Paranoia he later attacked Nightmare's realm when the leader himself was away on Earth. He slew some Netherdemons and nearly claimed the portal to the Dreamworld, but the Exile awakened and Phobia bowed before him in fear. He watched the Exile claim the portal.

(NM#2): Nightmare saw Paranoia, Phobia and Doggerel in a dream when he tried to see what's going on in his realm. Phobia listed all the mental diseases of Exile to Doggerel. He didn't say anything when the Exile arrived on the scene.

(NM#3): The Exile threw Phobia through the portal to the Dreamworld to Earth. Phobia entered the body of a guy who was sitting on Lucre's Nightmare Chair. He left the Fear Club and went on a search for Nightmare followed by Doggerel's Nightmare Owl.

(NM#4): Phobia found Nightmare near Lucre's studio and watched him throw Roxanne into the Nightmare Chair. He attacked Nightmare with a knife and analysed his mental disorders while fighting him. Phobia stopped his attack to write down the abilities of Dementia and Neurotica. He then helped them to push Nightmare into the Nightmare Chair. He soon returned and banished Phobia and his other attackers from the human bodies they possessed. Back in Nightmare's realm Phobia bowed to his new master Doggerel who was only seconds later willingly replaced by Neurotica.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, Joe Bennett and Mike Witherby.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Phobia has no known connections to

Phobia body shot: Nightmare#1, p4, pan1
Phobia head shot: Nightmare#1, p23, pan3

Nightmare 2-4 (January, 1995 - March, 1995)

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