Real Name: Doggerel

Identity/Class: demon (class 2); citizen of Realm of Nightmare

Occupation: Servant of Nightmare

Group Membership: Netherdemons

Affiliations: Netherdemons, Neurotica, Nightmare, Nightmare Owl

Enemies: Dementia, Exile, Paranoia, Phobia

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dog-boy (called by Paranoia)

Base of Operations: Realm of Nightmare

First Appearance: Nightmare#1 (December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He was a rhyming and loyal dog-shaped Netherdemon. He didn't show any special powers although he should've possessed the average powers of a Netherdemon (whatever they are).


(Nightmare#1): Doggerel didn't understand why his master Nightmare was bored with his life. He thought him supreme and too important and tried to explain to him why he was needed in his realm. He couldn't understand why his master was so interested in a woman who was in many people's nightmares. He didn't want Nightmare to leave and told him to draw her astral form to the realm to be near her, but Nightmare didn't listen to Doggerel and left his own realm. Doggerel was now in fear of being trampled by the enemies of Nightmare. Soon many foes of Nightmare came to claim the portal to the Dreamworld and only Doggerel stood in their way. Paranoia and Phobia broke through the hordes and mocked Doggerel until the Exile awakened and went to the portal. Doggerel couldn't stop him. He didn't know who the "other" of the Exile was. Doggerel saw the horrors that happened because he couldn't stop Exile from looking through the portal and begged for the return of Nightmare.

(NM#2): Nightmare saw Paranoia, Phobia and Doggerel in a dream when he tried to see what was going on in his realm. In Nightmare's realm Doggerel worked hard for his new master Exile. He had to listen to the analyses of Phobia. He served Exile and didn't stop him from feeding from the energies of the portal again. Doggerel built the tower Exile wanted without asking questions. When Exile went to sleep Doggerel took his chance to send the Nightmare Owl through the portal to warn his true master Nightmare about the happenings in his realm.

(NM#3): Doggerel watched the Exile throw Paranoia through the portal to Earth. Now he knew that the Nightmare Owl would be able to get to Earth too because Nightmare's realm and Club Fear were now linked to each other through the Nightmare Chair. Doggerel watched Exile who didn't stop to feast on the energies from the portal to the Dreamworld. Some time later he saw Paranoia return, having failed to kill Nightmare.

(NM#4): Doggerel brought Dementia and Neurotica to Nightmare's realm as additional fear assassins for Exile. He warned Exile not to touch Neurotica because she didn't like germs. He wished he could save her when he saw how bravely she entered the portal. She was like Joan of Arc or Snow White for him and he would've liked to be her slave. Doggerel asked Exile to take a nap again after the last fear assassins were on their way on Earth. Doggerel was happy when Nightmare finally returned. Exile was stopped and Nightmare gave Doggerel the order to rule the realm because Nightmare wanted to stay with Roxanne. Doggerel could call Nightmare anytime through Club Fear. Doggerel was happy with his new power and the former fear assassins kneeled before him. He wondered where Neurotica was and she was behind him. Doggerel didn't resist when she entered the throne and became a willing slave for her. He even stopped rhyming because she wanted it.

(Over the Edge#7): Dr. Strange came to Nightmare's realm to get answers from Nightmare, but he wasn't there. Strange asked Doggerel where his master was and the loyal servant told Dr. Strange that Nightmare was on Earth at a place called Club Fear on Coney Island. Dr. Strange returned with Nightmare to his realm for an interrogation of Doggerel. Doggerel couldn't tell Nightmare who was responsible for the human Sherwood to enter the realm. He begged for mercy, but Nightmare was merciless this day and killed his servant Doggerel.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, Joe Bennett and Mike Witherby.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Doggerel has no known connections to

Nightmare Owl is connected to Nightmare the ruler of Nightmare's realm, but it has no known connections to

Nightmare Owl

The Nightmare Owl was sent through the portal to the Dreamworld by Doggerel. He tied a thread to the claw of the owl so that it could find its way back. It arrived on Earth when the connection between Nightmare's realm and Club Fear was finally established. Phobia didn't see it flying above him and it soon found Nightmare who understood that this rhyming owl was a message from Doggerel. The owl helped Nightmare return to his realm when he was stuck in the Nightmare Chair.

--Nightmare#2 (3-4

Nightmare#3, p14, pan2 (main image)
  #1, p3, pan2 (head shot)
  #2, p22, pan4 (Nightmare Owl)

Nightmare 2-4 (January, 1995 - March, 1995) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Joe Bennett (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks), Chris Cooper (editor)
Over the Edge#7 (May, 1996) - John Rozum (writer), Stephen Jones (pencils), Mike Witherby & Ralph Cabrera (inks), James Felder (editor)

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