Real Name : Royce Nero

Identity/Class : Human technology user

Occupation : Research scientist in the private sector, formerly government scientist

Group Membership: On-Line Research

Affiliations: Employed by On-Line Research; former U.S. government employee

Enemies : Spider-Man

Known Relatives : None

Aliases : None

Base of Operations : Emporia, Kansas

First Appearance : Amazing Spider-Man I#302 (July, 1988)



Powers/Abilities : Nero wears a protective riot suit, over which he wears an apparatus which consists of a power generator backpack, an exo-frame worn on his left arm, and a control grid worn on his right arm. His exo-frame gauntlet can fire a heat ray, a blinding combination of liquid soap and onion juice, a pneumatic blast with the force of a battering ram, foam with which to bind an opponent, and sonic blasts which can disorient people and break through doors.

History : (prior to ASM#302) - Dr. Royce Nero was a government scientist who developed riot control equipment. However, after twenty years in government service, he was "retired" when his inventions proved to be too extreme. He went to work for On-Line Research in Kansas, but, determined to put his skill to more nefarious uses, he worked "to turn defensive devices into offensive ones."

(ASM#302) - Upon completing his arsenal, Nero tried to steal secret plans from On-Line. Unfortunately for him, Spider-Man happened to be in the area (as part of a job interview as Peter Parker), and although Nero's sonic blast had Spider-Man disoriented for a time, the hero managed to aim an experimental laser at the villain, causing him to redirect his power long enough for Spider-Man to down him with one punch. Nero was taken into police custody and presumably went to prison.


Comments : Created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane

Doctor Nero should not be confused with:

  • Nero of Earth- Ultraverse, an agent of Xanadu @ Warstrike#1
  • Diamanda Nero of Earth-Cable, Prelate to Apocalypse @ X-Men: Phoenix#1
  • Neros of Ultraverse, a realm of men opposed to Gwendor @ Giant-Size Mantra#1

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Amazing Spider-Man I#302, p16, pan4 (main image)

p8, pan2 (head shot)

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