Real Name: Dr. Leonard Skivorski

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Psychotherapist, author

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Mrs. Skivorski (wife), Leonard Skivorski Jr (Doc Samson, son), Ricky Myers (grandson)

Aliases: Leo Skivorski, Samson

Base of Operations: Tulsa, Oklahoma

First Appearance: Hulk II#18 (February, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Leo Skivorski is a trained psychotherapist focused on dealing with eating disorders, a topic he has written a book about.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Hulk II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Leonard "Leo" Skivorski opened a therapy practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he focused on treating women with eating disorders, soon writing a book, "A Slender Balance - How We See Ourselves", one of the first comprehensive studies of eating disorders. Skivorski married and had a son, Leonard, and his wife often called her husband Samson, due to his long flowing hair. It was implied that Skivorski had sexual relationships with his clients.

(Hulk II#18 (fb) ) - One day, Leo took his son Leonard to work with him and had him wait in the lobby while Leo treated young women in his office all day.

(Hulk II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually Leonard moved to New York to pursue psychotherapy as a career. After he was exposed to Gamma rays, he made his super hero name Doc Samson.

Comments: Created by Jeph Loeb, Whilce Portacio, and Danny Miki. .

Doc Samson has a number of appearances in various Hulk titles over the years, and he has referenced growing up Jewish, meaning his father is likely Jewish as well (see Incredible Hulk II#373). Although Skivorski has only been mentioned once, the nickname of Samson and the fact that he had the same career that his son ended up in tie him inexplicably to the motivations of Doc Samson as a hero. In a story that played out mostly in Incredible Hulk III#64-65, it was revealed that Doc Samson had a son, Ricky Myers, with Sandra Verdugo, but both Ricky and Sandra were seemingly killed in a conflict with the Leader.

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Profile by Chadman.

Leo Skivorski has no known connections to:

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Hulk II#18, p5, pan1 (Leo Skivorski)

Hulk II#18 (February, 2010) - Jeph Loeb (writer), Whilce Portacio (artist), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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