Membership: Delores, Janet, Ruth (none of their last names were revealed)

Purpose: Seeking revenge against New York City-- Delores because she was raped there, and sisters Janet and Ruth because they blamed New York City for the death of their father

Affiliations: None

Enemies: New York City, Punisher

Base of Operations: Jacobson's (an abandoned hotel)

First Appearance: Punisher II#41 (Late October, 1990)

History: (Punisher II#41 (fb, BTS))- Janet and Ruth's father warned the city council of New York about their water supply. Later on he was passed over for promotion in favor of a foreign person. Some time later, Janet and Ruth's father died.

Delores was raped by a young minority kid, and to add insult to injury, the kid was put on probation because he was a poor minority kid with personal problems.

Delores teamed up with the two sisters, for revenge for their father's rejection by the city council and later death, and Delores wanted to get even with the city by blackmailing them.

(Pun II#41 (BTS))- The Waterboys blew up the Kensico pumping station to make a statement against New York City.

They sent a blackmail letter to the mayor of New York City demanding $20,000,000 for not destroying the works.

(Punisher II#41)- At Jacobson's, Janet and Delores are waited for Ruth. Janet made it clear that she wanted revenge against New York City, while Delores made it clear that she also wanted revenge, but that she wasn't getting mad, she was getting even, and therefore aimed for the money. Ruth arrived with the explosives for their action. They turned on the TV to learn if the Mayor had accepted their demands. The Mayor told them via the TV that they needed to be patient, and that they would get the money soon. Janet and Ruth decided that the city didn't have that kind of money, and that they had also told their father to be patient. And Ruth said "after we finish off the water system, we'll try again with a city that has money!". Delores broke in and told them "I told you this was a one-time deal. And we're going after the money." After a short argument, Delores left to put the heat on the Mayor, while Ruth and Janet decided to go to the next pumping station to be ready to blow it up if and when Delores didn't get the money.

Later at Bronx Pumping Station, Janet told one of the cops that she had locked herself out of her car, and needed help. The cop decided to help, and went with her. Suddenly he was attacked from behind by Ruth who broke his neck, killing the cop, and thereby gaining access to the pumping station. When they got inside, they took down two more cops, and used the elevator to go down. They now had the entire pumping station to themselves. While doing their work, suddenly they were interrupted by the Punisher. Ruth used her gun against Punisher, but he managed to evade her bullets. He began to fight Ruth, and managed to push her down. The alarm began to ring, and Punisher told Janet that they needed to escape. Janet threatened Punisher with a gun, telling him that she wouldn't leave without her sister, but Punisher managed to outsmart and defeat her, bringing her with him to the surface. He left her to Nick Fury and Al MacKenzie. Nick Fury asked her if it was about the money, whereto Janet answered "We hate New York."

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Bill Reinhold, John Nyberg, M. Ritter, Tony De Zuniga and Jose Marzan Jr.

by The Beetle

The Waterboys have no known connection to:


Clearly the brain of the team. Delores hated New York City because she had been raped twice by the same man, who had been put back on the streets early due to his being a minority. Delores' motivation was revenge and money. She didn't take the New York City thing as personal as her teammates. She wanted to get even instead of mad, and that's why she wanted the money, and not to blow up the pumping station, or kill anyone. The fate of Delores after the Bronx Pumping Station blew up has yet to be revealed-- either she was captured by the police or she is still out there... - Punisher II#41


Daughter of a former New York City employee, and the sister of Janet. Ruth was the strongest girl in the team, and had some expertise with guns and explosives. Ruth was clearly the girl on the team willing to take the mission the furthest. Ruth never hesitated to kill people in the way of her goal. Ruth presumably died in the explosion at Bronx Pumping Station. - Punisher II#41


Daughter of a former New York City employee, and the sister of Ruth. Janet wasn't the strongest or the smartest girl on the team, but she still hated New York City with a passion. She had some experience with handguns. After the explosion at the Bronx Pumping Station, Punisher brought her to Nick Fury, and she is probably spending time in jail. - Punisher II#41


An abandoned hotel which served as the headquarters of the Waterboys. - Pun II#41

Punisher II#41 (Late October, 1990) - Mike Baron (writer), Bill Reinhold (pencils), Tony DeZuniga, Jose Marzan Jr., John Nyberg & Michael Ritter (inks)

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