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Membership: Doug, Forge and three unidentified members

Purpose: To serve the police force

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Shiro Yoshida

Enemies: Master Toad, X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/Logan)

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: X-Men: Ronin#4 (June, 2003)



(X-Men: Ronin#5 (fb) - BTS) - Police chief Yoshida sought out a special way to strengthen the police force. This led him to creating the secretive Sentinel Force project.

(X-Men: Ronin#5 - BTS) - Five huge machines were created and outfitted with mutant tracking systems. However, the machines still required pilots to function.

(X-Men: Ronin#4 (fb) - BTS) - Police academy trainees Forge and four other students were selected to join the Sentinel Force project. The group of students would train for almost a year, learning how to pilot the gigantic Sentinel robots.

(X-Men: Ronin#3 - BTS) - Hellfire Club's Emma Frost had used her telepathic abilities to alter the public's perception of the X-Men, making them appear as mutant monstrosities instead of heroes. As a result, a city-wide hunt for the mutants was started.

(X-Men: Ronin#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Sentinels were equipped with new software that still needed to be field-tested.

(X-Men: Ronin#4) - When the mutant problem escalated police chief Yoshida ordered the activation and deployment of Sentinel Force. Concerned about the untested operating software, Forge voiced his concerns but Yoshida overruled him. Soon after the Sentinels blasted off into the sky, they registered the X-Men's mutant signatures and moved in on their location. Once they had them in their sights, the Sentinels ordered the mutants' surrender. Not having any of this, the X-Men's sensei Toad took one of the five Sentinels down with a single punch, which caused a massive fight to start. Forge then revealed to Storm he was piloting one of the remaining robots, urging her to flee while she still could. But he was hit in the back by another Sentinel. Jean then released all the energy she had built up in one enormous show of force, reminiscent of the Phoenix Force, which instantly destroyed all Sentinels and killed their pilots.

(X-Men: Ronin#5) - While searching the rubble, the police found the bodies of Forge and the other pilots. Upset the Sentinels had been destroyed, Chief Yoshida planned to rebuild and recruit again. As part of this plan, Yoshida attended a meeting with the Hellfire Club's leader Charles Xavier to discuss the club aid in funding a new robotics program.

Comments: Created by J. Torres (writer), Makoto Nakatsuka (pencils, inks).

Due to the Asian specific nature of the Mangaverse reality, it goes without saying that while characters might look similar to their 616 counterparts, they most likely will have distinctly different names, codenames or powers. Therefore we will only list the names when they have been used in the comics.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

The Sentinel Force has some connections to


    The Sentinel Force was made up of five individual members who had been trained to pilot one of five Sentinels. Doug was Sentinel Two, Forge was Sentinel Three, Sentinel One, Four & Five's names have been unrevealed.


--X-Men: Ronin#4 (X-Men: Ronin#4-5

Doug / Sentinel Two

    Doug was one of the five trained Sentinel pilots, going by Sentinel Two.


--X-Men: Ronin#4 (X-Men: Ronin#4, [X-Men: Ronin#5]


    He was their immediate supervisor who had trained the five Sentinel pilots. He was under direct orders from Shiro Yoshida.

comments: Thus far his name has been unrevealed, however on his jacked he carried the initials HANAD. A more typical name would have been Hanada.


--X-Men: Ronin#4

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X-Men: Ronin#4, p3, pan1 (main image)
X-Men: Ronin#4, p2, pan4 (team)
X-Men: Ronin#4, p2, pan2 (doug)
X-Men: Ronin#4, p2, pan3 (hanad)

X-Men: Ronin#4 (June, 2003) - J. Torres (writer), Makoto Nakatsuka (pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Stephanie Moore (editors)
X-Men: Ronin#5 (July, 2003) - J. Torres (writer), Makoto Nakatsuka (pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Stephanie Moore (editors)

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