Real Name: Apparently Darkshorn

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Myth-Realm) magic-user

Occupation: Sorcerer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Demons, dinosaur-like creatures, dragon, griffins, harpies, minotaurs, ogres, trolls, yeti-like creature(s)and more.

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), Morgaina, Nimbli, Saraband, unidentified centaurs;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Evil one" (nickname from Hulk)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
Saraband's high tower (at the very heart of Myth-Realm)

First Appearance: HULK#21 (June, 1980)



Powers/Abilities: Darkshorn had a number of magical abilities sufficient to allow him to drive off and usurp the home of the resident sorcerer Saraband, at least when catching Saraband off guard.

    Darkshorn could generate an expanding spell of darkness, with everything that fell under its pall falling under Darkshorn's dark power.

    Darkshorn could trap even another sorcerer within a "sleep spell of death" that might take seven days to take effect

    Darkshorn rode a chariot driven by a pair of griffins, and he was also served by an unidentified number of Demons, dinosaur-like creatures, dragon, harpies, minotaurs, ogres, trolls, yeti-like creature(s) and more.

    After gaining sufficient power from his spell's expansion, Darkshorn could grow to immense size and project bursts of mystical energy.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'; variable up to at least 75-100')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 lbs.; variable up to at least 350, 000 pounds (1750 tons; assuming his expanded form was pure mass)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

HULK#21 (fb) - BTS) - Per Saraband, "For ages, we, in the Myth-Realm, have borrowed your lore and legends through means magical...and created a living, breathing world around them in the forms of fever-dreams, illusions, and so on. "

    Saraband further noted that if Myth-Realm fell, Earth would lose a precious repository of fantasy and magic, and it would be all the poorer for their loss. S

(HULK#21 (fb)) - The evil sorcerer Darkshorn seized the benevolent sorcerer Saraband's high tower (at the very heart of Myth-Realm), which was also the home of Saraband's ward, Princess Morgaina.

(HULK#21 (fb)) - Caught unaware, Saraband fled with Nimbli, but he was unable to take Morgaina with him.darkshorn-myth-realm-morgaina

    Darkshorn put Morgaina in a sleep spell of death, to be completed in seven days. 

(HULK#21 (fb) - BTS) - Thereafter, Darkshorn seized the surrounding lands, binding them in a spell of darkness. The taint spread outward from the high tower, and with each passing moment, more and more of the realm was engulfed by the widening evil.

(HULK#21 (fb) - BTS) - Darkshorn's spell prevented men from entering the high tower, allowing only Darkshorn and his monsters to safely walk its halls and grounds.

(HULK#21 (fb) - BTS) - As Morgaina was the guardian of Myth-Realm's very essence, and all of legend and heroism drew upon the inspiration of her beauty and innocence, without her, Myth-Realm could not exist.

(HULK#21 (fb) - BTS) - From his new castle ship, Saraband sent Nimbli to the mirror gateway farthest from the high tower to secure the aid of a hero. However, he barely had time to do so before the encroaching pall consumed even that gateway, leaving it in the dark/haunted wood, and a fire-breathing dragon menaced Nimbli.

(HULK#21) - While under the influence of a hypnotherapist, Bruce Banner emerged through the mirror into Myth-Realm where he observed Nimbli under attack from the dragon.


(HULK#21 - BTS) - Banner ultimately used Nimbli's sword to slay the dragon, after which Nimbli brought Banner to Saraband's castle ship. Saraband told Banner of the Myth-Realm's nature, origins, and history, and clarified that pathways to Earth were inaccessible until Banner could defeat Darkshorn and set the Myth-Realm free. Additionally, Saraband explained that as only a monster could enter and survive the dark tower, and that only a man could rescue Morgaina, they needed a man who was both man and monster.

    As it was already the 7th day of the sleep spell, Saraband urged haste, as Morgaina's death and thus the destruction of Myth-Realm was imminent.

    Armed with a sword, Banner fought his way through trolls, harpies, ogres, dragons, and more. As they reached the high tower, one of Darkshorn's demons grabbed Nimbli and began flying away, but Nimbli hurled Saraband's vial/potion to Banner. Drinking it, Banner became the Hulk, and he leapt and punched out the demon, recovering Nimbli and then continuing on to the tower. The Hulk swiftly subdued the monsters there (a dinosaur-creature, a minotaur, a yeti-like creature, and another demon).

(HULK#21) - Darkshorn then arrived in a griffin-drawn carriage, irate that Saraband had sent a man-monster against him. Vowing to win nonetheless, Darkshorn resolved that even if the man-monster freed Morgaina from her spell of sleep, they would both remain trapped in the tower for all time.

    The Hulk tore off the dark material covering Morgaina and touched her cheek, reviving her. Initially startled, Morgaina saw the beauty in the Hulk's heart, and she proclaimed him to be her hero and to be beautiful. When Darkshorn warned that though she had regained control of the high tower, if she would leave it, she would die instantly.

    Proclaiming her gratitude, Morgaina suspended time in her hourglass, and for "a time called forever" she and the Hulk enjoyed a romance. Darkshorn waited outside, biding his time.

    Eventually, however, the Hulk refused to believe she loved him, and he shattered the hourglass, breaking the spell and allowing time to move forward anew.

    Wishing vengeance on Saraband, Darkshorn offered that if the Hulk surrendered his life, Morgaina could go free, but Morgaina warned that Darkshorn could not be trusted, and he would slay her anyway.

    Considering that Morgaina could not leave the tower, the Hulk tore the tower free from the castle and carried it to the seaside town beyond the spread of evil where Saraband's ship resided. Outside the region of darkness, Morgaina was able to exit the tower, and she was reunited with Saraband seconds before Darkshorn arrived atop the spreading dark clouds, announcing that he was willing to risk his own life to achieve victory by defeating the man-monster who had humiliated him. The Hulk confronted Darkshorn, tearing free the griffins and the chariot, but Darkshorn remained aloft under his own power while the Hulk fell back to the ground.


    Exclaiming his own power, Darkshorn grew to to perhaps 75-100' tall and unleashed sorcerous withering death-energies at the Hulk.

    However, the Hulk shrugged off these assaults, and he leapt to the attack nonetheless. Darkshorn shouted in denial of the Hulk's assault, but the Hulk reached Darkshorn's face and punched him out, causing him to vanish in a burst of light and a "NOOOOOOOoooo" and a "SPA-BOOM."

(HULK#21 - BTS) - The dark clouds then faded away, replaced by sunlight and singing birds, and the Hulk was hailed as Myth-Realm's savior before reverting to Banner when Morgaina kissed him.

    Banner then faded away, fell through darkness and awakened on the couch of his hypno-therapist who explained that she had used the trance to take him to the heart of his anxiety (the Hulk) and made him face it and realize that it wasn't evil or a demon. After she concluded their session, Banner considered that while the Hulk was his dark side, he was still part of him, and he was not evil.

     Meanwhile, the therapist (described as a servant of "Hypnos" and who was then shown to look just like Morgaina) considered Banners fantasies, ultimately noting that for a guardian of the mind and imagination, it was all in a day's work.

     And the omniscient narrative noted, "Let us hope she will live happily...forever after."

Comments: Doug Moench and Bob McLeod.

    The whole journey to Myth-Realm was apparently part of a trance by Banner's hypno-therapist who wanted him to confront the source of his anxiety, which he did, accepting that the Hulk was an aspect of him and was not evil. However, the final panel shows the hypno-therapist to be identical or Morgaina, and she is described as a "mistress of Hypnos." It leaves the question of whether it was truly all imagination or not...and, of course, in the Marvel Multiverse, even dreams are real in the Dream dimension, etc. So, Myth-Realm exists on some level, hence this profile...darkshorn-myth-realm-maybe.jpg

    It seems likely that following Darkshorn's defeat and the liberation of Myth-Realm from that dark spell that Saraband would have re-established his castle/base instead of continuing to use the castle on the ship, but that's obviously unconfirmed.

    In the image of Saraband conjuring a demon or whatever, that looks like Darkshorn looking in the window...I don't know what that's all about.

Profile by Snood.

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HULK#21, story pg. 10, panel 2 (guy looking in the window at Saraband...looks a lot like Darkshorn);
       pg. 14, panel 2 (imprisoning Morgaina);
       pg. 26, panel 4 (griffin chariot);
       pg. 28, panel 1 (face);
          panel 2 (full, growing);
          panel 3 (super-giant);
       pg. 29-30 (giant vs. Hulk image);
       pg. 31, panel 2-3 (Hulk in face; destroyed)

HULK#21 (June, 1980) - Doug Moench (writer), Bob McLeod (penciler/inker/colorer/letterer), Roger Stern (consulting editor), Ralph Macchio (associate editor), Lynn Graeme (editor)

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