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Real Name: Angela "Angie" Freeman 

Identity/Class: Human vampire 

Occupation: Writer, former reporter, cleaner 

Group Membership: Formerly reporter for New York Daily News

Affiliations: Upper West Side Community Association (Mr. and Mrs. Burke, others); The People's Defense Association of Harlem (Mr. Androitti, Father Lyons, Mrs. Santos, Tom Freeman, others), Andras Juhasz; Jimmy Sarran; formerly Misty Knight

Enemies: Daughters of the Dragon (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing), Dominic Ferrara; formerly Tom Freeman, The People's Defense Association of Harlem (Mr. Androitti, Father Lyons, Mrs. Santos, Tom Freeman, others), Andras Juhasz

Known Relatives: Tom Freeman (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan 

First Appearance: Vampire Tales #6/2 (August 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Angie possessed most of the classic powers ascribed to vampires: she was unaging, could hypnotize humans with a glance, possessed superhuman strength, speed and durability, could turn into a wolf or mist, and did not age. If she fed off someone, she could forge a mental link, allowing her to monitor their whereabouts and influence their actions. Vulnerable to sunlight, fire and silver, Angie could resist the first of these by walking on a lair of her native soil; she placed the soil in her boots, which somehow protected her from sunlight even when she was in mist form and so strictly speaking had neither feet or boots. She needed to drink blood to sustain herself, though how frequently was undisclosed, and she could turn others into vampires by first drinking from them and then making them drink her blood. She would heal normal wounds in moments, but could be slain via wood piercing her heart or decapitation.

Height: 5'10" (estimated)
Weight: 145 lbs. (estimated)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Vampire Tales #6/2 (fb), BTS) - Angela Freeman grew up in Harlem with her big brother Tom,

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb), BTS) - and alongside her friend Mercedes "Misty" Knight.  

(Vampire Tales #6/2 (fb), BTS) - While studying at Columbia University Angie paid her bills by washing floors for local shop owner Mr. Androitti, who she came to consider a friend. Becoming a journalist, she left her increasingly crime-ridden old neighborhood,

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb), BTS) - and went to work for the New York Daily News. Around the same time, Misty became a cop. Angie continued to stay in touch with her.

(Vampire Tales #6/2 (fb), BTS) - Angie became friends with police detective Jimmy Sarran. One Christmas she gave Tom a custom-designed cape as a present, choosing its distinctive buttons herself. Six weeks after Christmas a string of killings began in Harlem, with the murderer leaving a trail of junkies - and only junkies - drained of blood. Though The People's Defense Association of Harlem, of which Tom Freeman was a particularly vocal member, had been strident about clearing the junkies out the neighborhood, the police didn't consider them serious suspects, believing instead that the murderer was a nut with a fetish for blood. However, Angie became convinced that the killer was a genuine vampire, especially after six-months of investigating uncovered a string of similar slaying crossing Europe starting in mid-1950s Budapest; during these months she occasionally saw Tom, both during the day and at church. Angie convinced the police to humor her, putting one of the dead junkies under 24-hour surveillance to see whether he would rise as one of the undead. When he didn't after a week, the police discounted Angie's belief, and when she persisted, noting that the corpse would not arise if he had been dead before his blood was drunk, they grew tired of her pushing her theories at them. Though he shared his fellow cop's incredulity, due to their friendship Sarran still let Angie accompany him when he patrolled Harlem at night, hoping to catch a lead.

(Vampire Tales #6/2) - Spotting a recently killed junkie, Willie Hanson, in a Harlem alley, Angie and Sarran exited their car to investigate. Checking out the corpse, Angie confirmed Willie was dead,  moments before a scream erupted from a window overlooking the alley. A body crashed through the glass and landed on the fire escape. Ordering Angie to return to the car and call for help, Sarran raced inside and up the stairs. Ignoring his instructions, and insisting her editor would kill her if she missed the story, Angie followed. They found a charnel house, with bodies strewn around the room, looks of fear and horror on their faces. Hearing footsteps on the roof, Sarran again ordered Angie, this time to stay put, before he darted off in pursuit.

(Vampire Tales #6/2, BTS) - Angie returned to Willie's body, and discovered a button in his hand - apparently one of the distinctive ones from the cape she had presented Tom with.

(Vampire Tales #6/2) - Angie revealed this discovery to Sarran when he returned. He informed her that he had caught a glimpse of the killer, who had been wearing a cape. With this evidence in mind, Sarran reminded Angie of Tom's anti-junkie stance, but Angie dismissed the possibility that he could be her vampire, reminding Sarran that she had seen him both in daylight and on holy ground since the slayings began. Despite her insistence of Tom's innocence, Sarran took them uptown to look for Tom. Spotting Mr. Androitti, Angie called out enquiring whether he had seen Tom, and was confused and saddened when he merely cursed and slammed his door shut on her.

The pair eventually found Tom attending a People's Defense Association meeting, but found themselves unwelcome, the Association distrustful of police after years of broken promises by those in authority to help clear up the area. Tom refused Sarran's request to talk about the killings, dismissing the victims as unimportant junkies, and the atmosphere began to turn ugly. Before it could get worse, Angie spotted a figure in the corner wearing the cape she had given Tom, and rushed over to confront him. Pulling out a cross, she proved her theory as the cross glowed with and man reeled away from it, hissing and displaying vampiric fangs. However, Tom pulled a gun and ordered her to put the cross away or he would blow Sarran's head off. Angie tried to reason with her brother, telling him the vampire was the ultimate evil, but another local, Mr. Santos, shouted her down, informing Angie that the vampire kept them safe from junkies and muggers, in return for being protected and fed. Angie tried again to convince her former neighbors that they were being used, but Mrs Santos slapped her and accused Angie of running out and abandoning them to die when she left the area. The vampire (Andras Juhasz) now spoke, asking Mrs. Santos to calm and reminding Tom that their agreement included a once-yearly sacrifice (see Comments), a member of the community to join the undead alongside him. The vampire suggested that Angie could fit that role, and Tom angrily agreed, and when Sarran shouted a protest, Tom's pistol butt smashed the cop's head, killing him. 

Screaming Jimmy's name, Angie lunged towards her friend, then, as community members tried to grab her, she struck out as hard as she could, uncaring of who she hurt, and fled into the night streets with the vampire unhurriedly pursuing, knowing that there was no one out there who would help her. A car nearly ran her down, unintentionally forcing her away from reaching the subway and possible safety, but Angie spotted the local church and raced towards it, calling out to Father Lyons to help her. Instead, as the vampire drew near, the Father blocked her entrance and told her to go back, reminding her that those who loved in the area had to do something about the crime, and asking her forgiveness. As dawn began to break behind her, the vampire spread his arms and cloak to engulf Angie. Soon after Angie, now a vampire, kneeled on a rooftop crying over the corpse of her current victim, a young boy, while her undead creator stood impassively behind her, surveying the city behind them. Drug traffic and crime rate were down, and the streets were safe, and the price for this had been cheap - Angela Freeman's soul.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb), BTS) - Angie dropped out of sight, losing touch with Misty, and came to terms with her new existence, eventually even revelling in it. Angie learned that she could survive sunlight so long as she walked on a layer of her native soil, and took to wearing boots with the soles lined with Harlem earth. When she surfaced, she dropped her investigation and quit her job. She wrote some books, covering unspecified "scary"topics, which Misty read; in turn, she followed Misty's career from a distance. Her creator apparently decided to only make a new vampire every five years (see Comments), and since he had taken Angie early, he didn't make a new one after the first five years. He was destroyed in a fire before the next five years passed, but Angie continued the deal. Ten years after the deal was struck, Angie had kept crime rates down. Now based in the catacombs beneath Angie's townhouse in the Upper West Side, the People's Defense Association had renamed itself the Upper West Side Community Association; increasingly cult-like, members identified themselves to one another via gold wolfshead chokers and necklaces. Eventually Angie's activities drew the attention of local N.Y.P.D. officer, Detective Dominic Ferrara, who lived in the area, and was coincidentally a friend of Misty, now one half of the private detective firm Nightwing Investigations. His investigations brought him dangerously close to exposing Angie, even getting a witness who helped him put together an identikit portrait of her. Angie apparently turned him into a vampire, perhaps intending him to be her latest recruit per the agreement, but after he had been dead ten days he contacted Nightwing Investigations and arranged a meeting at Columbus Circle Subway Station. Believing he was about to betray her, Angie slew him and left his body on the train tracks.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb)) - When Misty, now a private investigator, and her partner Colleen Wing, arrived to meet Ferrara and found his body on the tracks, she and Angie briefly spotted each other in the crowds, but the arrival of the transit police prevented either approaching the other. Angie followed Misty and Colleen to Nightwing Investigations. As a tired Colleen left for the day, she spotted Angie in the hallway. Entering the offices, Angie had a happy reunion with her old friend, and they talked about old times. Angie declined any wine, noting that drinking didn't thrill her as it once had. Misty began to fall asleep, putting her drowsiness down to the wine, rather than the true cause - Angie's hypnotism.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb), BTS) - Once Misty fell under her spell, Angie fed from her, forging a bond between them, and gave her dreams of running naked beneath the moon, hunting and killing. Angie put her a gold wolfshead choker on Misty's neck, then left before morning. During the morning Misty and Colleen investigated Ferrara's demise further, both growing increasingly suspicious of Angie and the Upper West Side Community Association. Finding herself literally unable to say that she recognized Angie's identikit to the homicide team going through Ferrara's apartment, Misty became concerned and, splitting away from Colleen, visited the New York Daily News; Colleen, aware that the woman in the identikit had been Misty's visitor the day before and so should have been known to her partner, covertly tailed her. Learning from the News' files of Angie's last case for them, Misty suspected Angie's true nature, and was relieved to find no bite marks when she checked under the choker on her neck.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb)) - Angie was waiting for Misty as she exited the building, standing in bright sunlight, further dispelling Misty's fears. Hailing a cab, Angie offered to share a ride with Misty, who gratefully accepted. Inside the cab Misty admitted with embarrassment to Angie that she had briefly suspected her old friend was a vampire...just as Angie showed her fangs and lunged. Overpowering Misty, Angie hypnotized her to stop struggling, then drank from her. Spotting Colleen following in another cab, Angie turned to mist, drifted back into the rear vehicle, hypnotized the driver to ignore her presence, and solidified in the back seat next to Colleen. Introducing herself to the shocked private investigator, Angie told Colleen that she looked forward to getting to know Colleen as well as she already knew Misty. Noting Colleen's surprise that the obviously vampiric Angie was active in daylight, Angie explained about the earth in her boots, then choked her unconscious. Angie supervised the two captives being unloaded by Association members, then left as they were transported to the top floor of her townhouse.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb), BTS) - Having woken up as she was being carried from the cab, Colleen overpowered the members and woke Misty. They escaped the building pursued by Association members.

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3) - but Angie's link to Misty meant that the pair could never lose their pursuers. Misty let herself be recaptured to give Colleen a chance to escape. Misty was taken back to Angie's townhouse, and prepared for the ceremony, placed on an altar atop a stage to await her fate. Angie misted into the chamber and solidified in front of the gathered Association members, putting on a show for them. Unbound and aware of events, but hypnotized so she could not move, Misty fought Angie's influence enough to plead with her old friend to stop, but Angie reassured her that a little pain would be followed by an eternity of joy, and they would be together forever. As she leaned in to bite Misty, a silver-coated shuriken flew at Angie's head. Only Angie's inhuman speed allowed her to pull back in time, and she turned to see further shuriken striking down Association members. Racing into the chamber, protected by body armor and a large silver choker and armed with silver-coated weapons, Colleen fought her way through the room, punching, kicking and slashing with her katana, maiming and killing the cultists. Seeing that her people were keeping Colleen busy, Angie turned her attention back to Misty. Spotting this, and realizing that she couldn't reach her partner in time, Colleen threw her short sword, and though the mob blocked an attempt at a heart-shot, the blade still struck Angie in the right forearm, pinning her to the back of the altar. Unable to use her uninjured hand to pull her free because of the silver-coating, Angie shreaked in agony. Breaking free of the crowd, Colleen reached the stage and turned her back on Angie and Misty to face the hostile throng. She called Misty to join her, but still under Angie's thrall, Misty struck her and was about to bite her neck with nascent fangs when she saw her own reflection in Colleen's choker. Breaking free of Angie's control, an enraged Misty grabbed the first weapon at hand - Colleen's short sword - and leapt towards the crowd, unwittingly releasing Angie. The vampire expressed shock at Misty breaking her control, then swiftly dodged as Colleen swung her katana at her. Pointing out that the choker only protected Colleen's neck, Angie attacked, pursuing her foe as she rolled off the stage to evade her. Angie became a wolf, lashed out swiftly to knock Colleen off her feet, then immediately switched back to punch Colleen as she fell, stunning her. Angie stooped to bite her downed foe, promising that when she woke she would be a vampire too, but Misty rushed to her partner's aid. Angie easily grabbed Misty by the throat, thanking her for saving her the bother of chasing her down. Begging for her friend to be spared, Misty offered to become Angie's body and soul if she would release Colleen, but Angie claimed that since she had drunk from Misty she already owned Misty's flesh, and, slicing her own chest above her right breast with a fingernail, told Misty to drink, and so bind their souls together. For a moment Misty tried to resist, but Angie's influence won out, and Misty leaned in to drink. Coming to on the floor by Angie's legs, Colleen saw what was happening, and stabbed Angie in the left leg with a silver hairspike. In pain and enraged, Angie swore to take Colleen's heart for her insult, but her hypnotic spell had been broken. Exclaiming that she could not believe her childhood friend had willingly become a murderous bloodsucker, Misty punched the vampire twice with her bionic arm, sending Angie reeling back. As Angie began to rush forward again, Misty snapped off a piece of the staging and threw it unerringly into Angie's heart; dying, Angie managed to cry out to Misty, and thank her, before Colleen's katana decapitated her, finally ending her cursed existence. Her body instantly reduced to a skeleton, and Misty hoped that wherever her friend's soul now was, it was at peace.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and Andres Balcells (pencils and inks).

The vampire who bit Angie was identified in the Vampire OHOTMU as Andras Juhasz, where Angie also got a mini-entry, with a colored head shot (right). Angie's timeline is a touch messy. In her first story, Angie is turned into a vampire only six months or so after the vampire begins killing, but the second story says it happened after five years (and the two tales disagree how often the vampire was allowed to make a new vampire - once a year in the initial tale, once every five in the second story). Per the second tale, the vampire's work in Manhattan began ten years ago, so Angie had either been a vampire five or nine years when she died, depending on which version you go with. Marvel's "modern era," the time since the F4's space flight, is under 15 years old, and in 1981, when the Bizarre Adventures story was published, was perhaps half that; Angie lost touched with Misty just before Misty lost her right arm to a terrorist's bomb; Misty still had both her arms at the start of the "modern era" (she was still a serving street cop circa Amazing Spider-Man #122, as she was one of the police to find Norman Osborn's "corpse" after he "died" in that issue) - and hence Angie couldn't have been empowered more than 6 years or so when she tried to convert Misty. It's probably best to ignore the specific number of years agreed in the vampire's deal with Tom Freeman,  and just accept that the vampires were allowed to make more of their number "regularly."

It's not stated in the tale that Angie considered Ferrara a candidate to be her regular covert, but since she apparently slew him ten days before he tried to contact Misty, it seems likely. Arguably, she might just have slain him and unwittingly converted him, only for him to rise three days later, but that wouldn't explain why he then returned to work up until the day before he was slain, and waited several days before calling on Nightwing for help, rather than pursuing vengeance against Angie immediately.

In Blade III#12 a prophecy was fulfilled that brought back all vampires that ever died, presumably including Angie.

Profile by Loki.

Angie Freeman has no known connections to

Jimmy Sarran

Jimmy Sarran served two years in Vietnam before returning to the U.S.A. and joining the N.Y.P.D. In six years he became a plainclothes detective, and a friend to journalist Angie Freeman. When Harlem suffered a spate of junkie murders, Jimmy was among the officers who investigated, and though, like his fellow cops, he discounted Angie's outrageous theory that the killer was a vampire, he nevertheless let her ride with him in his car as he patrolled the neighborhood at night looking for clues. Spotting the corpse of the recently slain Willie Hanson in an alley, Jimmy and Angie investigated, and witnessed a second body crash through an upper-storey window on to the fire escape below. Jimmy raced into the building, ordering Angie to stay behind and call for back-up, instructions she ignored. They found a room full of recently slaughtered criminals, and Sarran heard footsteps on the roof above. Again ordering Angie to stay behind (this time orders that were obeyed), Jimmy raced to the roof in time to see a dark shape backlit by the full moon, a man in an opera cape billowing round him as he ran. Jimmy called for the suspect to stop and opened fire, shooting twice in rapid succession before the figure vanished from sight. Standing on the ledge, Jimmy noted that the man had not fallen, suggesting he must have leaped, an impossibility since the next rooftop was forty feet away and since Jimmy was sure his shots had hit the suspect. A cold chill went through Jimmy, aware that something was terribly wrong with the night's events, and he headed back down, finding Angie outside checking out Hanson's corpse. She revealed she had found a button in the dead man's hand, matching a custom design she had made for her brother, Tom, part of a cape given as a Christmas present. The pair argued over Angie's insistence that the slayer was a vampire and Jimmy's growing suspicion that Tom Freeman was behind the killings. They went uptown to find Tom, eventually locating him at a meeting of The People's Defense Association of Harlem, but were given a cold welcome. Jimmy warned Tom that it was his choice whether would be questioned there or the precinct,  but before he could try to carry out his threat, Angie noticed a man wearing Tom's cape, and proved he was indeed a vampire by pulling a crucifix on him. Tom acted swiftly, holding a gun to Jimmy's head, and Jimmy watched helplessly as Angie tried unsuccessfully to reason with the Association members. When the vampire suggested Angie be sacrificed, given to him to become a vampire, Tom angrily agreed, and as Jimmy protested they were insane, Tom struck him from behind with his gun's butt, apparently killing him. 

Comments: Jimmy's death isn't obvious from the artwork, which merely depicts him being struck down from behind. However, the text three panels later mentions that Jimmy was dead, so either the strike from the gun slew him, or the vampire or Association members finished him off as Angie fled.  

--Vampire Tales #6/2

Tom Freeman

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb, BTS)) - While stationed in Europe (presumably with the U.S. Armed Forces), Tom Freeman met and befriended a vampire, Andras Juhasz,

(Vampire Tales #6/2 (fb), BTS) - who was on the run from various agencies and authorities after a decade-plus killing spree across several countries. 

(Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb, BTS)) - Tom struck a deal with the vampire, offering him safe haven, food, and one person every (five) year(s) to join him in the ranks of the undead, in return for the vampire slaying the junkies and criminals blighting Tom's old neighborhood, Harlem.

(Vampire Tales #6/2 (fb), BTS) - Tom joined or helped found The People's Defense Association of Harlem, locals banded together to clean up their streets, but who distrusted the police and those in authority due to years of broken promises to help them. As one of the Association's representatives, Tom was especially vocal about getting ride of the junkies in the area, a detail the police remembered once the vampire killing's began. Tom convinced the Association to accept the vampire amongst them, and for six months the vampire upheld his side of the bargain.  During this time, despite feeling angry at her for "abandoning" the neighborhood by moving away, Tom saw his journalist sister, Angie, on occasion, both in daylight and in church; whether it was his intent or not, this also served to ensure she discounted him as a suspect, as she had correctly concluded the killer was a vampire. Tom gave the vampire a cape his sister had presented to him that Christmas as a present.

(Vampire Tales #6/2) - Angie and police detective Jimmy Sarran came to an Association meeting looking to question Tom, but were met with a hostile reception. When Angie spotted the vampire in their midst and exposed him, Tom took Jimmy prisoner, holding a gun to his head. Tom became increasingly annoyed as Angie pleaded with the crowd, trying to convince them they were wrong to work with the vampire, and when the vampire suggested he might make Angie the first sacrifice the deal called on, Tom angrily responded "Take her!" Jimmy began to protest, but Tom struck him hard on the back of the head with a pistol butt, apparently slaying him.  

Comments: Tom's fate remains unrevealed - he was absent and largely unmentioned in Angie's second tale. Maybe he died, maybe he was only present on leave in the first story and had returned to the military, maybe Angie or Andras had turned him into a vampire too and he was patrolling Harlem while Angie looked after the Upper West Side.

--Vampire Tales #6/2,  Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb, BTS)

Dominic Ferrara

N.Y.P.D. Police Detective Third Grade Dominic Ferrara lived on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and was an old friend of Nightwing Investigations, albeit not a particularly close one. He grew suspicious about the exceptionally low crime rate and began investigating it in his own time. When his investigation came close to uncovering the truth, even allowing him to put together an identikit portrait of Angie, the vampire journalist apparently turned him into a vampire (see Comments). He continued to make all his police roll calls, but after a little over a week as one of the undead he contacted Nightwing and arranged to meet them at the Columbus Circle Subway Station; presuming he intended to expose her, Angie killed him just before the meet, killed him, and threw his remains on the tracks. His body was found by Nightwing and collected for autopsy. The pathologist, Dr. Rosen, initially thought the corpse might be some sort of practical joke, informing Colleen Wing the next morning that Ferrara had been dead for ten days, a detail that ran contrary to his fingerprints confirming his identity and his captain's report that he had even attended roll call only the night before.

Comments: Some small questions left unanswered:

1) If Ferrara was investigating Angie, why did she not simply kill him instead of making him a vampire, then slaying him, thus increasing the risk of exposure? As noted in Angie's comments above, the most likely scenario is that she tried to make him her follower the way her creator had done to her, but he rebelled. 2) How exactly did she kill him? Neither Nightwing nor the pathologist mentions anything like a stake through the heart, and he certainly wasn't decapitated. It looked like Angie broke his neck and perhaps back, but these haven't been previously established as viable ways to end a vampire.

Ferrara got a mini-entry and colored headshot in the Vampires entry of the Vampire OHOTMU.   

--Bizarre Adventures #25/3 (fb)

Upper West Side Community Association

 Upper West Side Community Association members

Mr and Mrs. Burke

Presumably either a renamed People's Defense Association of Harlem or an off-shoot of it, the Upper West Side Community Association marked their membership of what had effectively become a cult by wearing gold wolf neck jewelry. They met in the catacombs under Angie Freeman's townhouse, donning ceremonial robes for such formal gatherings. Their membership included young, old, rich, poor, all sexes and races; some were eager members, others reluctant, still others viewed the group as a necessary but uninteresting civic event. Only Mr and Mrs. Burke, Dominic Ferrara's neighbors, were named, encountering Misty and Colleen when the investigators visited Dominic Ferrara's apartment. When Misty and Colleen escaped from the townhouse, they were hunted down relentlessly by some of the fitter members, and after Misty sacrificed herself to ensure Colleen evaded them, Colleen forced the location of the vampirizing ceremony out of the Burke's. The members fought back as Colleen stormed the chamber, and even though she injured many of them, some fatally, they continued to fight her. Angie was uncaring of any deaths that might occur in their ranks, and when she was slain, the surviving Association members harangued Misty and Colleen for taking away their neighborhood's protector. However, having witnessed the investigators slaying a vampire, none of the members were brave enough to try and stop them leaving.

   --Bizarre Adventures #25/3

Dr. Rosen

Dr. Rosen was the pathologist who examined Dominic Ferrara's corpse. Seemingly an old associate of Colleen Wing, as he addressed her by her first name, he discovered that his "fresh" corpse had actually been dead ten days, and wondered if someone was playing a macabre and poor taste practical joke, until his secretary/assistant arrived to inform them that Ferrara had attended roll call up until the night before.

--Bizarre Adventures #25/3

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Vampire Tales #6/2, p8, pan6 (Angie becomes a vampire)
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Bizarre Adventures #25/3, p18, pan6 (Angie in wolf form)
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Vampire Tales #6/2, p5, pan1 (Jimmy Sarran, close-up headshot)
Vampire Tales #6/2, p8, pan1 (Jimmy Sarran is struck down by Tommy)
Vampire Tales #6/2, p7, pan 3 (Tom Freeman)
Bizarre Adventures #25/3, p2, pan4 (Ferrara)
Bizarre Adventures #25/3, p21, pan6 (Upper West Side Community Association members)
Bizarre Adventures #25/3, p14, pan1 (Mr and Mrs. Burke)
Bizarre Adventures #25/3, p6, pan3 (Dr. Rosen)

Other Appearances:
Vampire Tales #6/2 - Chris Claremont (writer), Andres Balcells (pencils and inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Bizarre Adventures #25/3 - Chris Claremont (writer), Marshall Rogers (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks), Lynn Graeme (editor)

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