Classification: Extra-dimensionals/Immortals

Location/Base of Operations: The Dark Realm, formerly Torach (the ancent name of Tory Island) off Ireland

Known Members:(in the MU) Balor, Bres, Cethlann, Dulb, Elathan, IndechTethra,

Affiliations: Mordred the Evil, Morgan Le Fay

Enemies: Amergin, Avengers, Black Knight, Celtic Gods

Aliases: Fomor, Fomorians

First Appearance: Avengers I#225 (November, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: The Fomorians are a powerful extra-dimensional race with the ability to tap into and manipulate mystical and elemental powers. Many of them have superhuman strength and endurence of various levels with Balor exceeding all others in strength and power. Many of them have specialized abilities dedicated with the objects and concepts they represented; i.e. Tethra has acquatic traits and Indech resembles sentient mud.

Traits: Technically, the term Fomor represents family members of the Celtic Gods who are disfigured or hideous by human standards and/or are deities of extreme evil. Many of them resemble trolls, demons or cyclops. Some of them resemble handsome golden-skinned deities or are considered Fomorian for having malevolent intents.

History: (Celtic Myth) The Fomore are the children and descendants of the the Celtic God Nuadhu and the Earth goddess Gaea in her aspect as Danu, the Celtic mother-earth. The original spirits of Ireland, they withheld mortal colonization of the land for millenia until overthrown by their relatives and descendants the Tuatha da Danaan. One of the Danaans, Bres, however, surrendered Eire (Ancient Ireland) back to the Fomore. During a second battle, Bres and the Fomore were cast from Eire into the Dark Realm, a dimension beyond Otherworld/Avalon.

(Avengers I#225-226) The Fomore finally returned to Otherworld and laid siege to it. Hearing tales of the Avengers from the Twentieth Century from the Black Knight, the wizard Amergin brought them to Avalon to help defeat the Fomore. Bres, however, escaped to the Twentieth Century, but was soon captured by the returning Avengers.

(Power Man & Iron Fist#113) Bres broke loose at Project: PEGASUS where he had been detained. He terrorized the mutant criminal Solarr before having him killed. Bres was then defeated by Iron Fist.

(Black Knight I#3, 4) Balor, and possibly other members of the Fomore aided Mordred the Evil and Morgan le Fay in a plot to take over and reshape Earth.

(Marvel Comics Presents#30/4) The Fomor once more lay siege to Avalon, but were this time dispelled by Leir and Caber.

(Avengers III#1) Morgan Le Fay recruited the Fomore to delay the Avengers in her pursuit of the Twilight Sword, as Asgardian relic lost in England.

COMMENTS: The Fomore were worshipped as gods by the Fir Bholg tribes of Ancent Eire. The Fir Bholg warrior, Sreng, severing the hand of the Danaan ruler Nuadhu suggests that not all the Fir Bholg were willing to accept the Danaans as their new gods. (One reason for the confusion is that the Catholic Church in the 10th Century was rewriting many of the Celtic myths as they first transcribed them to paper. These myths were previously oral legends before civilization came to the area.)

Along with the Danaans, The Fomore were also ancestors of other Irish spirits such as leprechauns (Irish elves), faeries, pixies, kelpies and other such creatures of Celtic lore.

Profile by William Uchtman and Snood.

Clarifications: The Fomore should not be confused with:

Balor should be distinguished from:


BALOR- god of death, son of Buarasainech, was grandfather of the Celtic god Lugh. This hero later killed him at the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh.
Balor, however, was returned to life to battle the Avengers in Avengers#225.
Balor is a giant with vast physical strength (Class 100) and durability. In addition, he can release devastating bursts of energy from his eye.
Balor has an entry in the OHotMU Master Edition.









BRES- Son of Elathan and the Danaan Eriu, Bres was the Celtic trickster who betrayed the Danaans to his father's relatives.
In the MU, he escaped to the Twentieth Century and was later defeated by Iron Fist in Power Man & Iron Fist#113.







CENCHOS (CINCHOL) was also called The Footless was son of Tethra and Indech and had the body of a snake from the waist down. Not seen in MU.





CETHLANN, the goddess of prophecy, was daughter of the Fomor goddess Domnu. Wife of Balor, she predicted he would be killed by their grandson Lugh.
She fought the She Hulk in Avengers I#225.
Cethlann had at superhuman strength (Class 50) and durability.







CONAAN-Son of Net, was the very first Fomor King. He was killed by the invading Nemedian tribes.
Not seen in MU. Not to be confused with the ancient Cimmerian warrior Conan of the Hyborian Age.

DOMNU- Fomorian mother goddess. Mother of Indech and Cethlann. Supposedly was Danu or her daughter. Not seen in MU.



DULB (DUB)- God of weapons, son of the Dagda and the Fomore Goddess Carman. Brother of Diancecht, he supported Bres in betraying the Danaans. Seen in battle with the Avengers in Avengers I#225.
Dulb used a number of magical weapons, including his Tathlum Balls, which were energy spheres that could track and strike a target.










ELATHAN (ELADU) was King of the Fomor. Son of Delbaeth (Delbchaeum), he was father of The Dagda, Leir, Amaethon, Gwydion and Arianrhod (Becuma) by Danu and of Bres by Eriu.
He led the Fomore against the Avengers in Avengers I#225.
He possessed a number of magical and energy manipulative abilities.





INDECH was son of the goddess Domnu and father of the female Indech, wife of Tethra.
He battles Captain America in Avengers I#225.
Indech was an amorphous creature made of a thick, viscous material, which he could reshape at will.





NET was father of Delbaeth, Buarasinech, Domnu and Tethra and grand father of Balor. Not seen in MU




TETHRA was god of sea and the depths. Son of Net, he was killed by the Milesian tribes at the First Battle of Magh Tuiredh, but battled the Avengers in Avengers I#225.
Tethra had dense hide and superhuman strength
(Class 25-50).





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