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Real Name: Johnny Domino

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-95132) human ultra

Occupation: Adventurer, jazz saxaphone player

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Dawn Parker, Ellie Tremayne, Roger Tremayne, Ultraforce (Contrary, Ghoul, Hardcase, Prime)

Enemies: Chrysalis

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Jazzman" (called by Chrysalis)

Base of Operations: His home in San Francisco, California, USA

First Appearance: Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman" (November 12, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Night Man had superhuman night vision, allowing him to see clearly in the darkest of night, and he could telepathically hear the evil thoughts of others. He also did not require sleep to survive but as a result of his mutation, he could no longer stand being in the sunlight.

As Night Man, he wore an armored costume that was equipped with an eye that granted him telescopic vision. He also carried a gun that fired a bright flash of light and rope.

Height: 5'11"(by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue (see comments)
Hair: Brown

History: (Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman" (fb)) - Jazz saxaphone virtuoso Johnny Domino was driving his sports car through town without a care in the world, when he pulled out in front of a runaway trolley car that had been hit by a burst of energy. As his car was hit, Johnny was also affected by the energy.

(Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman") - A short time later, a recovering Johnny watched on television as the news reported the accident that had left him hospitalized. When Dr. Dawn Parker visited to check on him and asked how he was doing, Johnny replied that he was doing fine but Parker suspected otherwise, asking if he was still experiencing flashbacks from the accident and announced that his pulse was racing. Flirtatiously remarking that his pulse was racing because he was near Parker, Johnny was reminded that the accident had left him unable to stand the sunlight but with incredible night vision. Their visit was interrupted when head of the hospital governing body Roger Tremayne entered the room, having heard that Johnny was being released and hoping that he could persuade Johnny into doing a benefit concert for the hospital's new pediatrics wing. Johnny agreed to do the concert and when Roger left the room, Johnny received a telepathic flash of Roger's thoughts about how he hoped his missing daughter Ellie was never found. Unsure of what he had heard, Johnny pushed the thought out of his mind and was soon released from the hospital. On the way out, Johnny invited Dr. Parker to see him play at the Clip House that night and she promised to try to be there. After Parker went back inside, Johnny received another telepathic flash, this time from the thoughts of Chrysalis, who had recently emerged from a coccoon it had been placed in during the accident that bestowed Johnny's powers while assuming the form of Ellie Tremayne. Seeing an older nurse, who was actually the form-assuming insectoid Chrysalis in the nurse's form, Johnny became curious and followed the running nurse. Chrysalis managed to evade Johnny long enough to assume the form of an investigating security guard, leaving only the coccooned older nurse's body for Johnny to find. Johnny immediately called for medical help and when EMTs rushed the coccoon in the hospital, Johnny admitted to Dr. Parker that he had heard a strange, pained voice prior to finding the coccoon but Dr. Parker was called away to surgery and she told him to go home and get some rest.

Later that night, Johnny played at the Clip House to a packed crowd and when Dr. Parker arrived to watch him, Johnny received another telepathic flash of thoughts from Chrysalis, who was preparing to capture Dr. Parker and assume her form. Witnessing Chrysalis (in the form of the security guard) kidnap Dr. Parker, Johnny leaped from the stage and rushed out to save Dr. Parker, only to find that Chrysalis had already coccooned Dr. Parker and assumed her form. Johnny then battled Chrysalis until he was knocked off a ledge and fell over a cliff. Teleported away mid-fall by the Ultraforce's Contrary, Johnny was informed that he was a superhuman ultra by Contrary, who revealed that many new ultras had emerged following the cable car accident that had given Johnny powers. Contrary's conversation with Johnny was cut short when Ghoul contacted Contrary to inform her that Ultraforce needed help against a superhuman bank robber called Headknocker. After suggesting Johnny consider a career change, Contrary returned Johnny, who later watched on television Ultraforce's Hardcase attempting to stop Chrysalis. Gearing up as he continued watching news reports, Johnny admitted that Hardcase and Contrary had at least tried to stop Chrysalis but monologued that perhaps Contrary was right about Johnny considering a career change. Donning a cape, Johnny announced that it was time for Chrysalis to meet the Night Man. Using his costume's eye to track Chrysalis, Night Man visted Roger Tremayne's benefit and hacked into the computer systems there and looked into Ellie Tremayne, who he thought was Chrysalis, completely neglecting that he was supposed to play the benefit as Johnny. Continuing his investigation at the hospital, where Ellie's actual body resided in one of Chrysalis' coccoons, Night Man returned to Tremayne's benefit just as Chrysalis took the form of Hardcase. Chrysalis recognized Johnny in his new identity and the two began a fierce battle, in which Night Man demanded Chrysalis show her actual form, announcing that she was not Hardcase or even Ellie Tremayne, but rather a mere parasite who had assumed their forms and memories. Chrysalis revealed her true insectoid form and attempted to fly away but Night Man lassoed her foot with his rope, eventually knocked her into a radio tower and electrocuting the parasite. The electrical backlash awakened those whose forms Chrysalis had assumed and Night Man rushed to check on Hardcase. Chrysalis soon reawakened and flew off, prompting Night Man to go after her but Hardcase stopped him, instead pointing out the freed captives. While the true Ellie Tremayne angrily reunited with her father, Night Man disappeared from the scene, shortly after watched from the rooftops as he played a saxophone solo.

Comments: Created by Richard Mueller and Dic Animation (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

Johnny Domino's eyes are first shown to be blue but then later, they appeared to be brown.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-95132's Night Man has No KNOWN connections to:


Chrysalis was an insectoid parasite that emerged when Ellie Tremayne was struck by a bolt of energy during a cable car trip. Following the accident, Chrysalis placed Ellie in a coccoon that rendered her comatose while Chrysalis posed as the true Ellie and placed itself in a coccoon. A short time later, Chrysalis emerged from its coccoon with Ellie's memories and developed an intense hatred for Ellie's father, Roger Tremayne. Assuming the form of an older nurse, Chrysalis drew the attention of recently superpowered jazz saxophonist Johnny Domino and assumed the form of a security guard to escape him. Deciding it wanted the body of Johnny's doctor, Dr. Dawn Parker, Chrysalis followed Parker to one of Johnny's concerts and assumed Parker's form. Brief battling Johnny, Chrysalis eventually began seeking out Roger Tremayne to have vengeance for Ellie while Johnny became Night Man and began investigating Chrysalis. While Chrysalis assumed the form of Ultraforce's Contrary to get close to Roger, Night Man located the true Ellie's coccoon and learned that Chrysalis was not actually Ellie herself. Shortly after Crysalis assumed the form of Hardcase to attack Roger, Night Man arrived and exposed Chrysalis, eventually defeating the creature by knocking it into a radio tower, the electrical feedback from which awakened the comatose victims of Chrysalis. During the distraction of its victims returning, Chrysalis escaped.

Chrysalis was an insectoid that could assume the form of anyone, rendering them comatose within a coccoon of Chrysalis' own generation. In any form, Chrysalis appeared to have superhuman strength sufficient to rip the handle off of a newspaper box and as it assumed more forms, it absorbed their strength and memories as well. In its true form, Chrysalis could still project cocoon fibers from its fingertips and could fly via insect-like wings.

--Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman"

Dr. Dawn Parker

Dr. Dawn Parker was a skilled surgeon who attended to Johnny Domino following the car accident in which he gained superhuman powers. Knowing of his new abilities, Dr. Parker flirted with Johnny, who invited Dr. Parker to one of his concerts. After being called away to surgery, Dr. Parker later attended Johnny's concert, where she was kidnapped by Chrysalis and rendered comatose within a coccon when Chrysalis assumed her form. She was later freed via electrical feedback when Night Man knocked Chrysalis into a radio tower.

--Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman"

Ellie Tremayne

Ellie Tremayne was the young daughter of Roger Tremayne, who had assumed control of Ellie's mother's corporation after the mother's death. Always pressed by her father to be perfect, Ellie developed an interest in entomology and was hit by a burst of energy during a cable car trip. The energy awakened the insectoid Chrysalis, who rendered Ellie comatose within a coccoon while it assumed her form within a second coccon. Chrysalis soon emerged from its coccon and used the memories of Ellie's hatred of her father to pose as Ellie and attack Roger. After being freed from her coccon during Chrysalis' battle with Night Man, Ellie visited her father's benefit and exposed her father's misdeeds within her mother's corporation, having overheard his crimes through Chrysalis from inside her coccoon, and announced that she would be assuming control of her mother's corporation from Roger.

--Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman"

Roger Tremayne

Roger Tremayne was the greedy head of the local hospital governing body. Following the death of his wife, Roger assumed control of the corporation she had founded and pressed his daughter Ellie, who he considered a brat, to be perfect. When Ellie went missing following a cable car accident, Roger feigned worry about Ellie, even dedicating the opening of a new hospital pediatrics wing to Ellie while secretly hoping she was never found. The insectoid Chrysalis, however, emerged from a coccoon in Ellie's form and, having absorbed Ellie's memories of her father, sought out Roger to make him pay for her crimes and the way he treated Ellie. Confronting Roger at a benefit, Chrysalis claimed to actually be a revived Ellie and attacked Roger, who was rescued by the Ultraforce's Hardcase. When Night Man arrived on the scene and exposed Chrysalis as a parasite assuming Ellie's form, Roger was reunited with Ellie when Chrysalis' battle with Night Man resulted in electrical feedback that freed its victims. Having heard Roger's crimes from inside her coccoon while Chrysalis had assumed her form, Ellie announced that she would be assuming control of her mother's corporation from Roger, who insisted Ellie couldn't do that. Ellie angrily just exclaimed that Roger could watch her.

--Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman"

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Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman" (all images in this profile)

Ultraforce cartoon series, "Night & the Nightman" (November 12, 1995) - Richard Mueller (writer), Rick Del Carmen (character design, storyboards), Tec Cornello Manalac, George Perez, Rick Holberg (character design), Sung Hwan Choi (character design, prop design, storyboards), Vadim Sokolov, Jeff Starung, Ricardo Abrines (background design), Chuck Puntuvajana (prop design), Francisco Barrios, Jim Craig, Canuck Creations, Nicholas Filippi, Romeo Francisco, Adrian Gonzales, Tom Nesbitt, Scott Jorgeson, Dave Simons, Jason So, Michael Swanigan, Thom Tholen (storyboards), Martha Moran (story editor), Mike J. Smith (art director, character design, storyboards)

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