Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Devourer of life-energy

Affiliations: As he viewed all life as his food source, he didn't really brush up on interpersonal skills

Enemies: Thor, Hercules, Susan Austin

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: "the Dark Void"

First Appearance: Thor#416 (April, 1990)

Powers: The Dark Dweller possesses the ability to absorb the life-energies of others into himself, to replenish his own strength. He can convert his body into energy, in which form he can travel through space, into vapor, to elude capture, or into a monstrous form for combat. By gazing directly into an opponent's eyes, he can take control of their body, and issue them commands. They remain under his control for as long as he wishes. He can control over a dozen people at once in this manner. He can also command machines to obey him in the same manner he does people. His touch produces intense cold, which can give pause to even Thor. He can also cast illusions.

History: (Thor#416)- The Dark Dweller arrived upon earth in search of new sources of life-energy. An attempt to kill a police officer brought him to the attention of Thor, who impressed the Dweller with his strength, convincing him that Thor would be a great source of fuel to him. Thor fought back bravely, and the Dweller determined to escape, and return for him later.

The Dark Dweller's attempt to track Thor the next day was hindered due to Thor being in his then-mortal guise, Eric Masterson. However, he was able to locate Thor's ally, Hercules, and take command of his mind, also taking Eric's assistant Susan Austin captive. When Eric Masterson returned to his apartment, the Dark Dweller ordered Hercules to throw him from the building.

(Thor#417)- Landing on the ground cane-first, Eric turned into Thor, and the Dark Dweller dispatched Hercules to fight him, while once more retreating himself. Thor defeated Hercules, and after regaining consciousness, Hercules seemed to be freed from the alien's power. The two of them followed the Dark Dweller's trail to an auto yard, where they found he had amassed an army of hypnotized slaves-- and that Hercules had been under the Dark Dweller's control all that time. Thor managed to separate Hercules and the others from the battlefield with a powerful wind, and finding that a blast of lightning wounded the Dark Dweller, pressed on, blasting him with electricity until the Dark Dweller decided to leave earth. But Thor would not let him, and instead contained his energies within his hammer, then released them into earth's sun, destroying the Dark Dweller.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

The Dark Dweller's monster-form bears a striking resemblance to the Lurking Unknown.

by Prime Eternal

The Dweller in Darkness, of the Fear-Lords, @ Thor I#229
The Dweller-in-Darkness, of the Si-Fan, an agent of Fu Manchu who trained a gorilla as a servant, @ Master of Kung-Fu#92
The Dweller in Shadows, alias for the House of Shadows, @ Strange Tales I#120

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