Drone R-11 on jetstream addressing Galactus DRONE R-11

Real Name: Drone R-11

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Robot servant drone of Galactus

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Galactus, Dazzler

Enemies: Not indicated

Known Relatives: Galactus (probable creator), other Galactus drones?

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Galactus’ starship, universe-wide by Galactus’ side

First Appearance: Dazzler#10 (December, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Drone R-11 was able to communicate directly with Galactus (not as easy as it sounds). It was also able to make decisions without Galactus’ approval. It also utilized at least some of the vast and incredibly complex machinery on Galactus’ starship, including control of matter transport devices.
    Drone R-11 traveled on a personal jetstream (sub-light), which provided a platform that flew across the ground or into the air. Drone R-11 also displayed the ability to resist inertia when it stopped suddenly. However, Drone R-11 also identified an apparent weakness in that its "optical sensors" could be disrupted by intensely bright light.
    Drone R-11 was green in color and appeared to be completely composed of unspecified metal, excepting a "visor". The "armor" was reminiscent of early Iron Man armor. It was about 6' in height.

Drone R-11 on jetstream addressing GalactusHistory: The exact origins of Drone R-11 have not been revealed (see comments)

(Dazzler#10) - Drone R-11 provided information to Galactus that the human "mutate", Alison Blaire, codenamed Dazzler, who has the mutant ability to change sound into light, was the only life-form "in the universe" that could assist in the task to capture the renegade herald Terrax, who had escaped into a black hole to evade Galactus’ judgment. Galactus promptly ordered the kidnapping of Dazzler from Project: PEGASUS so that her light powers could be utilized. Drone R-11 helped orientate Dazzler once she came aboard Galactus’ starship, and showed her his zoo and weapons area, and also acted as a type of mediator between the angry Dazzler and the dismissive Galactus.

Drone R-11 on jetstream addressing Galactus Drone R-11 assisted in imbuing Dazzler with solid sound in the energy bombardment chamber, and in sending her into the black hole to capture Terrax.

(Dazzler#11) - Drone R-11 observed Dazzler's efforts on an observation monitor and recounted the events (possibly into a recorder) up till then. Dazzler was struggling against Terrax at that point. Having witnessed Dazzler's peril, Drone R-11 then sought guidance from Galactus, who instead ordered his drone to prepare systems for departure, given Dazzler's apparent failure to tame Terrax.

(Dazzler#11 - bts) - Drone R-11 sent a reddish beam of solid sound to recharge Dazzler, which gave her the power to knock Terrax unconscious, and left the black hole carrying Terrax.

(Dazzler#11) - Drone R-11 was discovered by Galactus as it watched Dazzler's progress on a monitor. Galactus recognized a disobedient servant in Drone R-11 and accused it of daring to presume the intent of Galactus. However, Drone R-11 revealed that Galactus must have harbored some feeling for Dazzler, as he maintained her protective invisible shield. Drone R-11 was permitted to continue the operation, and teleported Dazzler and the disabled Terrax aboard the starship. Drone R-11 transported Terrax into clamps, then placed the exhausted Dazzler into a pink healing chair, computing the correct settings. Drone R-11 transported itself and the chair-bound Dazzler to Galactus' laboratory to attend Galactus' judgment of Terrax. As Dazzler revived, Drone R-11 announced Galactus’ judgment of Terrax.

Drone R-11 stood silent as Dazzler angrily shouted that Terrax and Galactus were ultimately similar beings. Dazzler’s outburst potentially swayed the "trial" for a more lenient judgment of Terrax, the repercussions of which would be evidenced later and elsewhere. Galactus decided to keep Terrax as his herald, before walking away from Dazzler, who was then unable to raise Galactus' attention to get him to send her home.
    Drone R-11 assisted Dazzler, infusing her with a little more sound power. She delivered an intense blast that distracted Galactus from his work. Annoyed, he transported her home using eyeblasts. Drone R-11 seemed satisfied that its plan had worked. The drone then monitored Terrax's transmission for Galactus to proceed to the planet of Galador.

Comments: Created by Danny Fingeroth (writer) (from an idea by Tom DeFalco), Frank Springer (penciler), and Vince Coletta (inker).

Drone R-11's voice was yellow (i.e. in yellow talk bubbles).

    Although Drone R-11 displayed personality characteristics of a life-form, it was described by Galactus as being "programmed" and "inorganic". Drone R-11 might have been a captured prize from a devoured planet, but it seems more likely that Galactus created it. The Drone also seemed confused as to the differences between "mutate" and "mutant", or had not been programmed to make the distinction.

    Galactus’ timeline in Dazzler#11 led straight into Rom#26, with Galactus preparing to devour Rom’s home planet of Galador. However, Drone R-11 was not to be seen when Rom successfully invaded Galactus’ starship. There are various plausible explanations for this: Drone R-11 may have been assimilated, in hiding/stasis, getting reprogrammed, engaged in other duties, etc.

    Drone R-11's recharge of Dazzler traveled faster than light, given that it occurred when Galactus' ship was already two light years away from the black hole. The gravity within black holes is so intense that not even light can escape, but what signal Drone R-11 used to observe Dazzler was not specified.

    The "R" in its title presumably denotes "Robot".

    Dazzler was not actually imbued with the power cosmic, like Galactus' heralds are. This was later addressed in What If#33, also featuring Drone R-11, wherein Galactus took her on as a singing herald (seriously) (she may have sung "two-eyed purple planet eater" (to the tune of "one-eyed purple people eater"), heh - er - sorry).

Profile by Grendel Prime


Drone R-11 has no known connections to

Drone R-11 should not be confused with other Galactus agents, including:

Dazzler#11, p4, pan1 (on jetstream)
Dazzler#10, p17, pan1 (with Dazzler-still)
Dazzler#10, p8, pan4 (with Dazzler-moving)

Dazzler#10-11 (December, 1981 - January, 1982) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Frank Springer (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Jim Shooter (editor)

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