Leaping at a victimDOUBLE EDGE

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human weapon-user, Extra-Dimensional ( Earth-Ultraverse)

Occupation: Crime-fighter of sorts/balancer of scales

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;
Formerly Solitaire

Enemies: Solitaire

Known Relatives: Unknown

Aliases: Personification of the double edge, Edge (used once by Solitaire)

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, USA, Earth-Ultraverse

First Appearance: Solitaire#7 (September, 1994) (Malibu)


Powers/Abilities: Double Edge can match Solitaire in close-quarter fighting, and is a proficient and deadly swordsman, although the sword he wields seems overly large. He'd rank as athlete with regard to strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes. Double Edge is also able to survive a drop from several stories up.
    His mental stability is tenuous at best, and he is a slave to his concept of doing equal good and equal evil.
    He wears a gold-colored chestplate, kneepad, shoulder pad and arm brace, with different styles of boots and gloves, leaving no strong symmetry in design. He has what appears to be a metallic mask that exposes his lower face and hair. He also wears a flamboyant red cape that seems to be fireproof, which is clasped to one side by an indistinct circular amulet. He also has a utility belt that he does not seem to use and may be just for effect. He has no scabbard for his sword, instead sliding it into his belt, leaving the blade exposed. The blade is about 3' in length, but this seems to change slightly with artistic interpretation.
    His eyes are mostly blue, but also brown early in the story, even dark green at one point. Perhaps he keeps colored contact lenses in his utility belt?

Driven to keep the balance!

(Solitaire#7 (fb)) - The exact origins of Double Edge are unrevealed, nor exactly how he developed his fixation on keeping score between right and wrong deeds in order to achieve balance, although he did relate that keeping balance has helped him deal with a lifetime of madness.

(Solitaire#7) - Double Edge appeared on a rooftop, seeking to do a deed that would provide balance to achieving inner peace between the good and bad deeds he has done that night. He jumped from the building, cushioning his fall on a man, intending to steal his car. However, another man came out of a nearby eatery, but Double Edge skewered him with his sword, seemingly uncontrollably. Stealing the car, he wanted to make amends by performing a good deed, but almost collided with Solitaire, who was racing to stop an arson attack. Both vigilantes leapt from their cars and exchange blows.
    Double Edge asked Solitaire to help him perform a good deed, threatening to kill Solitaire if he didn't agree. Solitaire, despite recognizing a lunatic streak in the swordsman, agreed to take him along to help combat the fire. They arrived at Plaza del Rey historic apartments before the fire engines turned up, with the central tower's upper two floors fiercely ablaze. As the two fearlessly smashed through the blaze, saving several lives, Solitaire considered the possibility of recruiting Double Edge into his vigilante network.
    After they helped to save several lives, Double Edge, fearing that he may almost have done too much, forcing the scales to be balanced again, sought to escape amid the confusion and smoke. However, Solitaire saw him go and confronted him in the middle of the blaze. There, Double Edge explained his burden of keeping score between good and bad deeds so as to maintain sanity. Having achieved balance, he stated he was now no longer a threat. However, the gas main blew, sending a large piece of flaming debris flying toward Solitaire. Double Edge saved Solitaire's life by pushing him out the way. Solitaire sought to save the affected firemen, but Double Edge realized that he is once more out of balance.
    Solitaire leaft Double Edge to save lives, but he barely anticipated the swordsman's attack upon returning to his car. The two engaged in battle once more, but Solitaire sought to draw Double Edge into the darkness where Solitaire would have the advantage. Solitaire realized that Double Edge need not kill Solitaire to achieve "balance"; anyone would do, and he raced to stop Double Edge, sacrificing himself as Double Edge's blade sliced him across the stomach.
    Double Edge walked away, commenting on the "beautiful symmetry" as Solitaire bled profusely on the ground. With this result, and against a backdrop of the intensely burning building, Double Edge said, "There is stillness in my heart. Nature smiles". No one saw where he went and it seems no one really cared.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Johnson (layouts), Jeff Parker & Stephen Jones (pencils), and Barbara Kaalberg & Ande Parks (inkers)

    He's dressed as a bit of a proverbial dandy with what seems to be a tailor-made double-handed sword; not quite how I'd imagine a balancer of scales to present themselves. Perhaps not one of Malibu's brightest stars, but an interesting one nevertheless.
    In balance at the end of the issue, he's probably continuing to remain still, as he hasn't been seen since.

Finding stillness in the flames

Profile by: GrendelPrime


Double Edge has no known connection to:


Solitaire#7, page 2, panel 2 (leaping),
page 4, panel 2 (driving)
    page 11, panel 4 (stillness)

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