Real Name: Dan Dunn

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Talk-show host, power-monger

Group Membership: Sons of the Serpent

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Avengers (Black Panther, Goliath (Clint Barton), Vision, Wasp, Yellowjacket), Monica Lynne

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Supreme Serpent

Base of Operations: Serpent Den, an abandoned television studio
a serpent-shaped underwater vehicle

First Appearance: Avengers I#73 (February, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: As the Supreme Serpent, Dan Dunn wielded a powerful laser gun. Sans costume, he was a charismatic speaker.

History: (Avengers I#73 (fb) - BTS) - Dan Dunn was the host of "The Dan Dunn Show," a late-night talk show on WNNT, and had revived the Sons of the Serpent with his rival Montague Hale, each man wearing the garb of Supreme Serpent to lead the Sons of the Serpent. Despite their rhetoric, neither man believed in the cause of racial superiority, only interested in personal power for themselves.

(Avengers I#73) - After Hale was attacked by the Serpents, he took to appearing on Dunn's program, where the two men clashed in order to divide the public.

(Avengers I#74) - After the Black Panther was captured by the Serpents, Hale and Dunn had a white member of the Serpents impersonate him and commit crimes so that the Serpents could pass themselves off as heroes by "capturing" him. Hale and Dunn continued to spar on Dunn's program, further inflaming the nation. Finally, when they had the imposter brought out to be unmasked on television, they were attacked by the Avengers, who set the real Black Panther free. The Black Panther exposed the imposter, and Dunn and Hale were unmasked by Yellowjacket and the Wasp. The two men tried to kill the Avengers with their laser guns, but they were shoved from behind by Monica Lynne, allowing the Black Panther to strike them down.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Frank Giacoia, Herb Trimpe and Sam Grainger.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Avengers I#74, page 5, panel 1
Avengers I#74, page 19, panel 2

Avengers I#74 (March, 1970)

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