Classification: Terrestrial building

Creator: Sons of the Serpent

User/Possessors: Sons of the Serpent (Black Panther impostor, Simmons, Supreme Serpent/Dan Dunn, Supreme Serpent/Montague Hale, numerous unidentified others)

First Appearance: Avengers I#73 (February, 1970)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Serpent Den was created from an abandoned television studio and retained the former studio's broadcast equipment, which was used to televise Sons of the Serpent meetings and to tape videos that the Sons of the Serpent sent to media outlets. The stage in which the Sons of the Serpent taped their videos housed the Serpent-Chamber, a large decorative snake head that contained an interior chamber where captives could be held or Sons of the Serpent members could hide.

The Serpent Den also housed a sophisticated communications room containing several large video screens from which a Sons of the Serpent, typically the Supreme Serpent, could view actions of its members outside of the Serpent Den, likely using hidden cameras on the members' uniforms.

History: (Avengers I#73 (fb) - BTS) - When the Sons of the Serpent was reorganized under dual Supreme Serpent leaders, they created a new Serpent Den out of an old abandoned television studio.

(Avengers I#73) - The Sons of the Serpent held a meeting within their new Serpent Den, where the Supreme Serpent stood in the mouth of a giant decorative serpent and announced that anyone wearing the Sons of the Serpent robes were destined to be masters of America. Some time later, the Supreme Serpent watched from the Serpent Den as several Sons of the Serpent agents failed to capture singer Monica Lynne due to the Black Panther's interference. Annoyed that the Sons of the Serpent had gotten into battle with the Black Panther, the Supreme Serpent activated a lever from within the Serpent Den that blasted the individual Sons of the Serpent agents dead. The Black Panther later tracked the Sons of the Serpent to the Serpent Den, where he knocked out the guard Simmons and took his place among the other Sons of the Serpent to infiltrate the group.

(Avengers I#74) - Following a broadcast by the Supreme Serpent in which he promised to publicly unmask the captured Black Panther, the Avengers discovered the Serpent Den headquarters in the abandoned television studio and made their way inside. After defeating the guards, the Avengers came across a stage from which the Supreme Serpent was broadcasting a Sons of the Serpent meeting. During the broadcast, the Sons of the Serpent unmasked the Black Panther and the Avengers subsequently freed the Panther during the audience's surprise. Now freed, the Black Panther rushed at the Supreme Serpent, toppling the Serpent-Chamber. The busted up Serpent-Chamber revealed a second Supreme Serpent and a Black Panther impostor whom the true Black Panther unmasked as a Sons of the Serpent member, who loudly confessed that he was forced to impersonate the Black Panther. The Avengers then made short work of the Sons of the Serpent, unmasking both Supreme Serpents as television personalities Dan Dunn and Montague Hale, respectively. The Avengers' ally Monica Lynne then helped the Avengers take down the two Supreme Serpents.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Frank Giacoia and Sam Grainger.

The Serpent Den was never identified as such on-panel but was later identified by name in the 1980s Official Marvel Index to the Avengers series.

The Sons of the Serpent had many different headquarters throughout their history but only two were called the Serpent Den. This profile covers only the 2nd headquarters, based out of an abandoned television studio, while a profile of the original, cave Serpent Den is linked below in the clarifications section.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Serpent Den should be distinguished:

images: (without ads)
Avengers I#74, p17, pan1 (Serpent Den stage, main image)
Avengers I#73, p1, splash page (Serpent Den with Supreme Serpent standing in front of the Serpent-Chamber)
Avengers I#73, p13, pan4 (Serpent Den's monitor room)
Avengers I#73, p18, pan4 (Black Panther stalking the outside of the Serpent Den)
Avengers I#74, p15, pan5 (The Avengers entering the Serpent Den)

Avengers I#73 (February, 1970) - Roy Thomas (writer), Frank Giacoia (pencils), Sam Grainger (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Avengers I#74 (March, 1970) - Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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