(of Earth-760207)

Real Name: Shikata (first name presumably unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-760207) human magic user

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: Led her own group of agents

Affiliations: Her own agents; formerly Richard Damien

Enemies: Richard Damien, NYPD, Raymond, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Mary Jane Watson

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile

First Appearance: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode, "The Sword of Shikata" (July 18, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Shikata possessed a mystical sword that, when wielded by her, could cut through nearly any substance. If anyone else wielded the sword, its properties would change to resemble any ordinary sword. While meditating in conjunction with holding the sword, the aged Shikata could restore her youth and vigor. In this form, she could heal injuries within moments by meditating and possessed telekinesis sufficient enough to move an automobile.

In addition to her superhuman powers, Shikata was an expert martial artist and had access to high-tech resources including a portable caging device used to cage in opponents, gas bombs in the shape of the yin/yang symbol and dust that she could blow at an enemy to distract them.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 140 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

History: (Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode - "The Sword of Shikata" (fb) - BTS) - Quite aged, the assassin Shikata was able to heal herself through meditation while holding her mystic sword, periodically returning her aged body to a younger state. She was at some point contacted by wealthy businessman Richard Damien, who offered her 2.5 million dollars to bring Spider-Man to him alive.

(Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode - "The Sword of Shikata") - To research Spider-Man for Damien's offer, Shikata, along with numerous agents, observed Spider-Man in action to ascertain his abilities. After witnessing him lift several thousand pounds to rescue bystanders at a construction site, Shikata remarked that Spider-Man seemed like her kind of challenge. Meeting with businessman Richard Damien shortly after, Shikata waited as Damien showed up late and apologized, explaining that he was financing a movie and had trouble pulling away from the auditions. Shikata reminded Damien that in her line of work, if she didn't pull away fast enough, she would be dead. She then fiddled with a small rhinoceros statue on Damien's desk, pulling its horn and opening various secret rooms housing his rare animal collection. Admitting he liked the sound of Shikata's statement, Damien remarked that he was sure he had sought the right person for the job of "collecting" Spider-Man. Viewing all of Damien's rare species, Shikata explained that she had observed Spider-Man in action and that she accepted his price of 2.5 million dollars to bring Spider-Man in alive. When she then overheard Damien's bodyguard Raymond whispering that he didn't think Shikata could accomplish the task, Shikata drew her sword and challenged Raymond to fire his gun at her. When he did, Shikata deflected the bullet into a nearby hippopotamus statue with her sword, prompting Damien to remark that he was having so much fun, he wouldn't even deduct the cost of the statue from her pay. Raymond fired again, with Shikata deflecting the bullet to knock Raymond's gun out of his hand. When Raymond went to pick up his gun, Shikata telekinetically pushed the gun from Raymond's grasp, further proving herself to Damien. Later that evening, Shikata arranged a trap for Spider-Man, which she lured the webslinger into by staging a mugging. When Spider-Man investigated, Shikata had the area caged in and revealed herself, attacking Spider-Man. Unfortunately for Shikata, Spider-Man's spider-sense allowed him to anticipate nearly every move she had and he soon had her pinned to the ground. She managed to escape, however, and the two fiercely fought back and forth until the police arrived on the scene. Shikata's agents tried to end the fight quickly by shooting at Spider-Man, who dodged their gunfire before Shikata slashed the gun out of the man's hand and warning that no one decided how to take down her opponents but her. Before the police could arrest anyone, Shikata threw down a gas bombs and escaped during the confusion, catching a glimpse of Spider-Man and smiling before departing. The following morning, Shikata meditated on the rooftop of her building when she was interrupted by Spider-Man, who had traced Shikata there using a cellphone dropped at the scene of the previous night's attack. Admitting she had underestimated Spider-Man's tracking skills, Shikata informed Spider-Man that honor was the only thing that mattered to her and that worthy adversaries were extremely hard to find. When Spider-Man asked to come along peacefully, Shikata responded that there would be no fighting, assuring him that it would come soon. Spider-Man approached Shikata but she blew an orange dust into his face and escaped in the distraction. That evening, Shikata met again with Richard Damien to inform him that she could not accept Damien's money, as she could no longer promise to bring Spider-Man in alive. Despite Damien's anger, Shikata left, telekinetically pushing Raymond down when he tried to block her exit. Shortly after, Damien sent Raymond and two armed men after Shikata and they soon confronted her in an alley. Shikata held her own against Raymond and the two men but was hit when a third man emerged from their van. Spider-Man saw the attack from afar and jumped in to assist Shikata against the armed men, proving his noble nature to Shikata. When Raymond and the men fled, Shikata healed herself and admitted that Spider-Man was noble, announcing that it was indeed their destiny to fight to the death. She then remarked that tonight was not that night and departed. Returning to Damien, Shikata took down his guards, forcing Damien to back away and leave Raymond behind to fight Shikata. Shikata slashed Raymond's gun in half then stabbed Raymond with her sword before turning towards Damien himself, who claimed the attack had been all Raymond's idea. Damien followed by opening fire on Shikata, who also slashed Damien, leaving him to die. Unaware that Mary Jane Watson, who had showed up for an appointment with Damien, was watching from Damien's office, the now aged Shikata performed a meditation technique that restored her youth. When she awoke from her meditation, Shikata noticed Mary Jane Watson in the window and smiled, terrifying Mary Jane into fleeing the scene.  Moments later, Shikata caused a traffic jam to lure Spider-Man into a final confrontation. After succeeding in luring Spider-Man, Shikata fought a fierce battle with the webslinger until Spider-Man webbed Shikata to a mailbox. Shikata then used her powers to dissolve the webbing and shortly after, Mary Jane Watson saw Spider-Man and yelled for him, prompting one of Shikata's men to hold Mary Jane hostage. Shikata then warned Spider-Man to fight to the death or she would have Mary Jane killed instead. Spider-Man brutally renewed the fight to save Mary Jane but Mary Jane soon managed to free herself using mace and warned Spider-Man that Shikata's sword kept her young and powerful. Shikata immediately used her telekinesis to threaten Mary Jane with the sword before pulling to herself. Unfortunately for Shikata, Spider-Man grabbed her sword from the air and destroyed it, much to Shikata's horror. Realizing she had faced a worthy foe and lost, Shikata then bowed to Spider-Man before aging into an elderly woman and disappearing a flash of bright green light.

Comments: Created by Todd Felderstein, Morgan Gendel and David Hartman.

Shikata was voiced by actress Gina Gershon and rumor has it she was (loosely) based on Elektra.
Update 8/6/2019: Shikata creator Todd Felderstein had this to say about the Appendix website in general, the Shikata profile and Shikata's creation:
Thanks [Snood] for creating your site and [Proto-Man] offering so much detail on Shikata, we sure had a good time creating that character. I can tell you that Elektra had nothing to do with her development, it was actually Kraven that offered inspiration. A little insider info is that way back in 2003 Sony was in production on a Spidey feature so the TV show had to choose our villains wisely. Shikata was our invention and we were (and I still am) thrilled to create such an awesome character that remains exclusive to our animated universe. Whether she turns up again is anyone's guess but I can tell you that Gina [Gershon] did an absolutely terrific job bringing her to life."

I apologize for the sort of fuzzy images. I was going off of youtube to write this also didn't help that the cartoon was animated with computers and used a weird, cel-shaded look.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-760207's Shikata has no KNOWN connections to:

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Richard Damien

Richard Damien was
a wealthy businessman and collector who financed an independent movie. After viewing some of the movie's casting auditions, Richard Damien departed alongside his bodyguard Raymond as Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, who were there to see their friend Mary Jane Watson audition, watched. Richard then returned to his mansion home, where the assassin Shikata was waiting. Apologizing for his delay and explaining about the movie's auditions, Damien admitted he had made the right choice in seeking Shikata to acquire Spider-Man for his rare animal collection. When Damien's bodyguard Raymond whispered to Damien that he didn't think Shikata could accomplish the task, Shikata bade Raymond to shoot at her. Damien gave his permission was delighted when Shikata deflected the bullet into one of Damien's hippopotamus statues, excitedly remarking that he was having so much fun, he wouldn't deduct the statue from Shikata's pay. Later, Harry Osborn made an appointment with Richard Damien to discuss the script on his independent movie for Mary Jane Watson just as Shikata arrived to meet with Damien. Damien bragged again about his independent movie but Shikata went right into business, explaining that her terms had changed and she could no longer promise to bring Spider-Man in alive. Angry, Damien subsequently sent Raymond and two armed men against Shikata for reneging on their deal. After surviving the attack, Shikata returned to Damien and, after killing his bodyguard Raymond, killed Damien, who had opened fire on Shikata.

--Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode, "The Sword of Shikata"


Raymond was businessman Richard Damien's bodyguard and right-hand man. After accompanying Damien to the auditions for a movie Damien was funding, Raymond returned to Damien's home, where he remained silently watching as Damien met with assassin Shikata to acquire Spider-Man for Damien's collection of rare animals. When Shikata accepted Damien's price, Raymond brought a briefcase containing 2.5 million dollars for Shikata to check then whispered to Damien that he didn't think Shikata could actually capture Spider-Man alive. Overhearing Raymond's whispers, Shikata challenged him to draw his gun and fire on her and, with Damien's permission, Raymond did just that. Shikata deflected the bullet with her sword, prompting Raymond to fire a second time, this time with Shikata deflecting the bullet to knock Raymond's gun from his hand. When Raymond went to pick up the gun, Shikata telekinetically pushed it from his grasp. Raymond was later present when Shikata reneged on her deal with Richard Damien and tried to block her exit but Shikata telekinetically pushed Raymond down and left regardless. Raymond was subsequently ordered to kidnap Shikata for backing out of Damien's deal and took two armed men after her. Confronting Shikata in an alley, Raymond and his men opened fire on Shikata, who deflected most of the gunfire but was grazed by one bullet. When Spider-Man intervened, Raymond fled, losing Spider-Man in the crowded streets. Returning to Richard Damien, Raymond reported Spider-Man's involvement just before Shikata fought her way into Damien's quarters. Raymond pulled a gun but Shikata slashed his gun in half then stabbed Raymond with her sword, killing him.

--Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode, "The Sword of Shikata"

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Spider-Man: The New Animated Series
cartoon episode, "The Sword of Shikata" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cartoon episode, "The Sword of Shikata" (July 18, 2003) - Todd Felderstein (writer), Morgan Gendel (writer, developer for television, executive producer), David Hartman (character designs), Chris Cairns (supervising animator), Johnny Darrell (CGI director), Brandon Vietti (director), others

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