Real Name: Deuce

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal (dog)

Occupation: Pet; former guide & police dog

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Blind Al, Niomi Brinke, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Macho Gomez, Lightning Rods (Big Bertha, Dinah Soar, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal), Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Normie Osborn, Rosalind Sharpe, Sunny Sitka, Sluggo, Taskmaster, Weasel (Jack Hammer)

Enemies: Various gunmen

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Devil-Dog

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil I#361 (February, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Deuce the Devil-Dog is a retired police dog who was accustomed to aiding detectives in various missions. Now older, Deuce can still run about 30 mph and understand various commands. He uses barks, growls, jumps, and bites when he sees his humans being threatened.

Height: 2' (at the shoulder)
Weight: 77 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, black and white

(Daredevil I#361 (fb) - BTS) - Foggy Nelson acquired the retired police dog, Deuce, as a present for his best friend, Matt Murdock.

(Daredevil I#361) - Foggy introduced "Deuce the Devil-Dog" to Matt (who was secretly Daredevil), but Matt didn't want a dog. When Rosalind Sharpe entered, Matt claimed that Deuce was a present to Foggy from Daredevil himself, and Foggy agreed to keep him.

(Daredevil I#362) - At Foggy's law office, young Normie Osborn was thrilled to see Deuce. When a gunman opened fire on Foggy Nelson, Rosalind Sharpe, and Sunny Sitka, Deuce leapt on the man until Daredevil disarmed him.

(Daredevil I#363) - Foggy tried teaching Deuce to play fetch.

(Daredevil I#364) - Deuce was home with Foggy, who was up all night trying to contact his girlfriend, Liz Allan. When Rosalind Sharpe and Niomi Brinke came over, Foggy put Deuce in the back room for growling, but soon Niomi's stalker burst in with a gun and Deuce leapt at the man before Foggy attacked and disarmed him.

(Daredevil I#366) - Foggy took Deuce into the office, showing Matt and Liz how Deuce could catch a bone off his nose.

(Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97) - When Deadpool came into the office disguised as a delivery man, Foggy sicced Deuce on him, but Deadpool just ordered Deuce to sit. Deuce accompanied Foggy and Weasel to get pizza. Later, Foggy lost Deuce in a poker game, and Weasel gave Deuce to Deadpool, who gave him to Blind Al.

(Deadpool III#8) - Deuce licked Blind Al as she screamed for Deadpool to get rid of the dog. Later, they saw Weasel in the backyard.

(Deadpool III#9) - Deadpool tied Deuce up with duct tape and put him in a large box with Blind Al, to play a cruel prank.

(Deadpool III#10) - His head in a cone as he'd come down with fleas, Deuce was taken by Blind Al and Deadpool to the aquarium. Al commanded Deuce to return home and the dog ran off, but Weasel found him and Deuce led him back to the others, but they found the Lightning Rods there saying Deadpool and Al were lost in time.

(Deadpool III#13) - Still in his cone, Deuce interacted with Blind Al, Weasel, and Deadpool. As a loud bell rang, Deadpool assaulted Weasel and Blind Al, then patted Deuce on the head before teleporting away. Al was frustrated that Deuce had eaten her slippers.

(Deadpool III#14) - Blind Al convinced Weasel to take Deuce with him and hide from Deadpool. After peeing in the park, Deuce left with Weasel as Blind Al reminded Weasel to care for the dog properly and get his stitches out.

(Deadpool IV#36) - With Weasel, Deuce teamed up with Big Bertha, Taskmaster, Blind Al, Sluggo, and Macho Gomez to go after Deadpool. During the fight, Blind Al told Deuce to sic Deadpool, who ripped his own leg off and tossed it away so Deuce would chase it. When Deadpool exploded Macho Gomez, Deuce and the others were covered in blood.

Comments: Created by Karl Kesel (writer), Cary Nord (penciler) & Matt Ryan (inker).

Deuce has an entry in the Marvel Pets Handbook.

Profile by Chadman.

Deuce the Devil-Dog has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Daredevil I#361, p21, pan6 (main)
Deadpool III#8, p15, pan4 (with Blind Al)
Deadpool IV#36, p15, pan1 (with Blind Al)

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