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Real Name: Arthur King

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93121) human

Occupation: Leader of the Knights of Justice

Group Membership: Knights football team, Knights of Justice

AffiliationsBreeze, Brick, Darren, Elaine, Gallop, Guinevere, Lady of the Table, Lance, Lug, Merlin, Phil, Tone, Trunk, Wally, Zeke, Camelot and its inhabitants; indirectly Lady of the Table

Enemies: Blackwing, Lucan, Morgana, Slasher, Viper, Warriors of Vulcan's Forge, Watchdog

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the USA (late 20th Century), Camelot (ca. Middle Ages) (Earth-93121)

First Appearance: King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#1 (December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Arthur King is a normal human teenager with athlete-level fitness. He has a high level of self-confidence and sports team leadership. After being transported to Camelot, he received the distinctive, golden, mystical armor of King Arthur, including the sword Excalibur, which was sharp enough to cut through tree trunks and could discharge electrical bolts, although it required several minutes to recharge. Magically bound to Arthur (or the armor), the unsheathed sword would respond to Arthur's needs, such as hum with approaching danger or generate light in darkness. Using his magical shield, he was able to manifest the giant but obedient Dragon of Justice. When Merlin bound Arthur to the golden armor, it seemed to partially imbue the footballer with skills in sword fighting and horse riding (also see comments).

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#1) - As captain of the Knights football team, Arthur King scored the winning touchdown in an exhibition match. He was cheered by his team and celebrated by sportswriters. The Knights team boarded their coach bound for a big Manhattan game but a fierce storm erupted, causing driver Lug to drive slower, despite his teammates' jokes. However, a spell had been cast through time by Merlin, guided by the mystical Lady of the Table, that sought twelve heroes to substitute the twelve captive Camelot knights and king; this spell found the football team and acted as a portal. The spell pulled each team member back through time to Merlin's chamber in Camelot during the Middle Ages.

(King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#2) - Merlin explained the situation to the surprised footballers, covering the nefarious Morgana's plot to overthrow Camelot's rulers use magically constructed stone warlords and warriors. Merlin next used his magic to transform the sportsmen's clothing into distinctive knights' gear, with Arthur in a copy of the original King Arthur's armor and armed with the magical sword Excalibur and mystical shield; Arthur now viewed himself as the new King Arthur of Camelot. Seeing Guinevere's mystically generated visage, he followed Merlin's lead that their first mission should be to free her. He led his Knights of Justice against Morgana's warriors laying siege to Camelot, soon overcoming the powerful warlords Slasher, Blackwing and Lucan. However, a sorcerous trap set by Warlord Viper saw knights Lance and Trunk magically sent to Morgana's castle. Arthur felt responsible and resolved a solo rescue.

(King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#3) -  Merlin's mystical advice led to Arthur summoning the flying Dragon of Justice from his shield and he rode the Dragon to Morgana's castle. He freed his two knights, as well as Guinevere, who recognized the armor and embraced him. With Arthur the only one armed, Excalibur helped overcome guards, but Arthur went the wrong way and encountered Morgana, who set her vicious demonic Watchdog on him while she fled. As more guards attacked, Arthur used Excalibur to cause the roof to collapse and they retreated, only to be confronted by the blade-wielding Warlord Viper. Arthur had to rely once more on Excalibur's electrical discharge to trap Viper in rubble, and Arthur's group fled on the Dragon. Later celebrating with the Knights of Justice in Camelot, Merlin assuaged Arthur's apprehension that Morgana was still at large, and encouraged Arthur and Guinevere to enjoy each other's company.

Comments: Adapted for Marvel Comics by Mike Lackey (writer), Keith Wilson (pencils) and Evelyn Stein (inks).

Earth-93121 is the Marvel Comics adaptation of the "King Arthur and the Knights of Justice" cartoon (1992-1993) and which also featured a video game spin-off for Super NES (1995).

The "purity of love" between Queen Guinevere and the soon-missing original King Arthur (presumably this reality's Arthur Pendragon) seems farcical when she falls for the next football jock who rolls into town! Well, maybe not that simple... it's evident that Guinevere thinks time-traveling footballer Arthur King is her King Arthur and is oblivious to the substitution, so I'm guessing that this is a case of omniversal Merlin up to his usual meddling hero-kidnapping tricks, including quietly cloaking the football team to appear like the original Camelot knights. But Arthur King is creepily okay pretending to be someone else, at least in the comic.

With two legs, the Dragon of Justice is technically a wyvern.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

King Arthur (Arthur King) of Earth-93121 has no known connections to:

Dragon of Justice

Dragon of Justice

Guided by Merlin, Arthur was able to summon his spiritual familiar, the giant flying Dragon of Justice, from his golden shield. She obeyed his commands (even telepathic). She flew him to Morgana's castle after knights Trunk and Lance had been captured, and waited until Arthur returned with his two knights and fellow escapee Guinevere, who was a little reluctant about the beast. The dragon welcomed Guinevere with a lick before carrying all four away.







--King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#3

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King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#3, p15, pan3 (main image)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#1, p13, pan2 (headshot)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#2, p10, pan3 (on horse)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#3, p6, pan3 (Dragon of Justice)

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#1 (December, 1993) - Mike Lackey (writer), Keith Wilson (pencils), Evelyn Stein (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#2 (January, 1994) - Mike Lackey (writer), Keith Wilson (pencils), Marie Severin (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice#3 (February, 1994) - Mike Lackey (writer), Keith Wilson (pencils), Marie Severin (inks), Renee Witterstaetter (editor)

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