Real Name: Kar-Sagg

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Kree)

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Midnight Sun, Nenora

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hala, Greater Magellanic Cloud

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#29 (November, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Kar-Sagg is a specialist in genetics, cybernetics and other advanced areas of Kree science.

History: (Silver Surfer III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Kar-Sagg was employed by the Kree empress Nenora to design a warrior who could best the Silver Surfer. Kar-Sagg turned to the lifeless body of Midnight, a human warrior whose corpse had been kept by the Kree on Bodoni-20. Kar-Sagg reanimated the body's brain, and transferred it into a new cloned body, genetically engineered to match the Silver Surfer physically. He hoped that its unique combat styles would be the perfect match for the Silver Surfer.

(Silver Surfer III#29) - Kar-Sagg presented the newly-christianed Midnight Sun to Nenora, who was pleased with him, and had him sent to battle the Silver Surfer.

(Silver Surfer Annual#4/4 (fb)) - When Midnight Sun was retrieved after his defeat by the Silver Surfer, Kar-Sagg was ordered to repair him. Kar-Sagg studied the remnants of memory that still existed within Midnight Sun's brain, and decided that they might be responsible for his failure. Just as he was about to purge them, Midnight SUn rose up, and tried to escape. Kar-Sagg summoned guards, but Midnight Sun defeated all of them. Kar-Sagg was impressed with his creation. Although he knew that he could summon enough guards to defeat him eventually, he realized that Midnight Sun was alive, and that he could not purge his memory. He allowed Midnight Sun to escape, accepting whatever punishment he might receive as a result.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, Ron Lim and Tom Christopher.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Silver Surfer Annual#4, page 49, panel 1

Silver Surfer Annual#4 (1991)

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