Real Name: Gayle Rogers

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Television reporter for KTTA

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bobbie Haggerty, Hawkeye, Dr. Dennis Schoolcraft, Thunderbolts

Enemies: Scourge (Jack Monroe)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Solo Avengers#9 (August, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Gayle Rogers was a skilled investigative reporter, and uncovered more than one state secret during her career.

History: (Solo Avengers#9) - Gayle met with Hawkeye to learn what his views on the vigilante Blind Justice were. Hawkeye responded that he didn't care what Blind Justice's motives were, he was against him because of the amount of lives he had already taken.

(Solo Avengers#13) - As Gayle Rogers interviewed witnesses who had seen the Bullet Biker, Hawkeye happened upon the scene, and she convinced him to let her ride along with him so that they could finish their interview from earlier. Gayle asked him if he thought his flamboyant activities had had a positive influence on people; Hawkeye responded that he simply enjoyed showing off.

They arrived on the estate of J. Marcus Waldner, a suspected target of the Bullet Biker, only to find that the Bullet Biker had already been there. Hawkeye attempted to keep Gayle from participating any further in the investigation, but she forced him to bring her along.

They caught up to the Bullet Biker at Waldner's warehouse, and Gayle rode along with him as he pursued the Biker, and finally captured him. At the conclusion of the adventure, Gayle thanked Hawkeye for the ride, and noted that they still hadn't finished their interview; she proposed dropping by the Avengers Compound one day, and that he could show her "what you've really got in that quiver."

(Thunderbolts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in her career, Gayle uncovered information on what had happened to Bob Haggerty while he was in the military. His sister Bobbie was indebted to Gayle as a result.

(Thunderbolts I#18) - After the Thunderbolts began to slowly win back the public's trust after being revealed to be the Masters of Evil, Gayle was assigned by her network to cover the Thunderbolts full-time, and dig up answers on whether the Thunderbolts were reformed or not.

(Thunderbolts I#19) - Gayle made her first "Thunderwatch" report after the Thunderbolts halted a bank robbery, although she cast their motives for doing so into doubt.

(Thunderbolts I#20) - On a Thunderwatch broadcast, Gayle met with Dr. Dennis Schoolcraft, author of "Shadows: The Dark Side of the Marvels," and asked him if he thought the Thunderbolts had really reformed. His reply was negative.

(Thunderbolts I#21) - Gayle went to meet with Dallas Riordan about the Thunderbolts, but Dallas turned them down.

(Thunderbolts I#22) - Gayle was handed a photograph of Hawkeye helping MACH-1 and Songbird escape from the National Guard in Coppervale, Colorado. Gayle was left wondering what angle to place on the photo.

(Thunderbolts I#0) - Gayle met with Hawkeye for dinner in Boulder, Colorado, and attempted to convince her that the Thunderbolts were genuinely reforming. When agents of HYDRA invaded the restaurant to attack the Thunderbolts, Gayle took up her video camera to tape the fight. Afterwards, she placed a positive spin on the fight in her report, aiding the Thunderbolts' reputation.

(Thunderbolts I#23) - Gayle broadcasted the arrest of MACH-1, as he turned himself over to the authorities, and allowed Hawkeye to broadcast his belief that the Thunderbolts could be reformed. Later, Gayle allowed the Thunderbolts to appear on "Thunderwatch," wherein Hawkeye informed the nation that he intended to bring the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil to justice.

(Thunderbolts I#24) - Gayle repeated Hawkeye's declaration the following day, and held reactions from people such as Edwin Cord and Dennis Schoolcraft.

(Thunderbolts I#26) - In another broadcast of Thunderwatch on NTN Gayle reported about the Thunderbolts turning over 23 members of the Masters of Evil to the police. She showed the positive statement of the district attorney and wondered like the the rest of the nation where the Thunderbolts were at the moment.

(Thunderbolts I#34) - Gayle held another Thunderwatch broadcast, wherein Hawkeye promised that the Thunderbolts' next mission was to bring in the Hulk. However, Gayle later ran another broadcast revealing that the Thunderbolts had failed in that mission.

(Thunderbolts I#35) - Gayle held a broadcast at the funeral of teenager "Hallie Shimosato," but realized after going over the tapes that Hallie must have been Jolt when she saw Hawkeye amongst the mourners. She became interested, and obtained the coroner's report on her death, learning that no bullet had been found. Gayle met with Bobbie Haggerty, an employee of Roxxon Oil, who had some information on Omega-32, which was related to the bullet which had killed Jolt. For stumbling into Henry Peter Gyrich's plot to kill all superhumans on Earth, Gayle was assassinated by his agent Scourge.

(Thunderbolts I#36) - Gayle's Thunderwatch van was found crashed off the side of a hill by police, with her body placed inside, to make her death appear as a car accident.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Mark Bright and Jose Marzan Jr.

Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding Gayle's appearance in Thunderbolts I#26.

Profile by Prime Eternal

Gayle Rogers is not known to be related to:

Dr. Dennis Schoolcraft was the author of "Shadows: The Dark Side of the Marvels," and was considered an expert super-hero scholar. He appeared on two broadcasts of "Thunderwatch," and was reluctant at first to believe that the Thunderbolts were capable of reforming, but later admitted that Hawkeye's addition as team leader made it seem possible.

After Gayle's death, Schoolcraft remained connected to the Thunderbolts, appearing on Action Network News with Brie Larmer and Seth Voelker, as they looked over the pasts of the Thunderbolts' members, and pondered whether they could redeem themselves or not.

--Thunderbolts I#20 (Thunderbolts I#20, 24, New Thunderbolts#7

He's very clearly meant to be an hoamge to creator Kurt Busiek-- note the trademark glasses and beard, plus the "Marvels" reference.

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Schoolcraft- Thunderbolts I#24, page 1, panel 6

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