Real Name: Gerard Arthur Dolan

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Former police captain and officer

Group Membership: Formerly NYPD (Lt. Michael Badilino, Carmichael, Duffy, Lt. Rob Gordon, Alec Maloni, Lt. Sokolowski, many others)

Affiliations: John Blaze, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Caretaker, Jack D'Auria, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Stacy Dolan, Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch/Noble Kale), Barbara Ketch, Francis Doris Ketch, Hannibal King, the NYPD (Carmichael, Duffy, Lt. Rob Gordon, Alec Maloni, Lt. Jim Sokolowski, others), Vengeance (Michael Badilino)

Enemies: Dread, Anton Hellgate, Jennifer Kale, Naomi Kale, the Lilin (Blackout, Dark Legion, Meatmarket), Nightmare, Rak, Ripper, Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Snowblind, Wraith (Brian DeWolff), Zodiak (Norman Harrison)

Known Relatives: Cassie (wife, deceased), Stacy (daughter), unborn grandchild (see comments)

Aliases: "Dad" (name called by Stacy), Deep Throat (name for himself when secretly giving info to Ghost Rider), "Gerry" (nickname from police Lt. Rob Gordon), "Old Man" (insult from John Blaze and Rak), "Pig" (insult from Naomi Kale)

Base of Operations: Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, New York, USA

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#1 (May, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Captain Arthur Dolan did not possess any superhuman powers but was an experienced police officer, moving his way up from officer to captain in the span of a decade. He routinely carried a police issue handgun and was an experienced shot, capable of hitting bullseyes in his police shooting range. As he aged, Capt. Dolan became an accomplished researcher, using his police connections to gather information on various super-powered criminals which he then forwarded to Ghost Rider. Also after he had left the police force, he was prone to heart problems, suffering during extreme stress.

Height: 6'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 185 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (graying)

History: (Ghost Rider III#46 (fb) - BTS) - Capt. Dolan and his daughter Stacy went through tough times when Stacy's mother died.

(Ghost Rider III#-1) - As he made his way to Barbara Ketch's birthday party, where his daughter Stacy was visiting, Officer Gerry Dolan passed by Naomi Kale on her motorcycle, unaware she was actually Barbara and Danny's Ketch true mother. When Naomi began coughing, Dolan asked if she needed any help but was met with an insult from Naomi. As Naomi sped off on her motorcycle, Dolan called her a witch under his breath before arriving at the Ketchs' home with a present for Barbara. He then greeted Stacy and asked if she had been behaving herself, prompting Francis Ketch to respond that Stacy had been an angel.

(Ghost Rider III#77 (fb) - BTS) - Sokolowski began working as a police officer under Capt. Dolan's authority.

(Ghost Rider III#1) - Thirteen years after his run-in with Naomi Kale and following the comatose Barbara Ketch's hospitalization, the now-Captain Dolan and his daughter Stacy were present with Francis Ketch when a bloody Danny Ketch arrived in the hospital. Dolan warned Danny to step back and promised everything would be ok before Danny passed out. When Danny came to, Capt. Dolan explained that he had given them all quite a scare and asked for his help in determining what exactly had happened earlier in the cemetary and how Barbara had been so seriously injured. Danny replied that he couldn't remember much but Capt. Dolan commented that Danny would have to try to remember if they were going to catch those responsible for Barbara's hospitalization. Later, after reports of Ghost Rider had made it into the newspapers, Danny was present at the hospital when Capt. Dolan exclaimed how Ghost Rider must have been the same "freak" that had injured Barbara Ketch. Unable to believe newspaper reports that Ghost Rider could be a hero, Capt. Dolan announced that Ghost Rider was nothing more than a killer and that Dolan would not rest until Ghost Rider was brought in. When Danny meekly tried to remind Dolan that news reports had also said that Ghost Rider had saved two children, Dolan exclaimed that Ghost Rider was only trying to cover his butt. Danny then excused himself to see Barbara.

(Ghost Rider III#67 (fb) - BTS) - Capt. Dolan began keeping tabs on the Ghost Rider, noticing that he first appeared in Cypress Hills Cemetary.

(Ghost Rider III#3) - Capt. Dolan and a group of police officers burst into Barbara Ketch's hospital room while Danny Ketch was visiting Barbara and ordered one man to stay in Barbara's room at all times and one to remain outside her room as well. When Danny asked what was going on, Capt. Dolan replied that the officers were for protection, as Barbara was the only person still alive and capable of identifying the killer from the cemetary. He further commented that ten police officers had been killed the night before and he wanted to assure that Barbara would remain protected until she came out of her coma. Capt. Dolan then suggested that Danny return home since there was nothing more he could do to help the case but Danny ran from the hospital room, exclaiming that he couldn't just stand by while people were being killed.

(Ghost Rider III#10) - Capt. Dolan and a couple of police officers investigated the death of Hector Borgone and a child as part of the recent "Zodiac killings." When one of the officers came up and informed Dolan that the adult had been identified, Dolan expressed sadness that one of the deaths was a child, the first as part of the Zodiac killings. Feeling like the child's death was a waste, Capt. Dolan ordered his men to wrap things up, as forensics had finished their job and it was time to handle the paperwork.

(Ghost Rider III#21) - When NYPD Lt. Michael Badilino did not show up in his office, Capt. Dolan found Badilino enjoying target practice with members of his anti-Ghost Rider squad of police officers. Chewing Badilino out, Dolan angrily exclaimed that he had been fielding several phone calls concerning Badilino's squad using excessive force and reminded Badilino that his time in military special forces did not mean a thing while he was active as a policeman. Dolan then yelled that, as a cop, Badilino was to uphold the law instead of breaking it. After Badilino reminded Dolan that his police officers couldn't do the job of stopping Ghost Rider, which "forced" Badilino's squad into existence by mayoral demand, Dolan commented to himself on what he felt the police force was coming to and expressed worry that his daughter Stacy would soon be joining the force. While he didn't like the idea of Stacy joining that type of police force, Dolan commented that at least Stacy had a "good kid" like Danny Ketch to keep her balanced. He then fired a shot into Badilino's target shooting area, hitting a skull dead center.

(Ghost Rider III#25) - Capt. Dolan attended the birthday party of Francis Ketch with his daughter Stacy and was later getting into his car when Danny Ketch attempted to talk to Stacy about their relationship. When Blackout later escaped the Firm after they repaired his scarred face, he went after Danny Ketch, kidnapping Capt. Dolan, Stacy, Jack D'Auria and Francis Ketch in an attempt to draw Danny into a confrontation. Blackout's plan worked and Danny managed to track Blackout down, finding the unconscious Capt. Dolan and his other friends.

(Ghost Rider III#28) - Following the disappearance of Danny Ketch, Capt. Dolan and Stacy visited Francis Ketch until the phone rang. Answering it, Capt. Dolan learned that Ghost Rider had resurfaced and that Lt. Badilino's squad had him cornered. Wanting to be there, Capt. Dolan explained the situation to Stacy and Mrs. Ketch then departed.

(Ghost Rider III#30 (fb) - BTS) - Danny's disappearance instilled Capt. Dolan, Stacy Dolan, Francis Ketch and Jack D'Auria with fear, allowing the demon Nightmare to influence them and feed off of their fears. Once inside Nightmare's realm, they were kept in stasis tubes that kept them sleeping and allowed Nightmare to continue feeding off of their fears.

(Ghost Rider III#30) - As Danny Ketch was dying and under attack by the demon Nightmare while in the void between realms, his screams from Nightmare's realm affected Capt. Dolan as well as the other friends of Danny trapped inside Nightmare's realm. Unaware he was actually trapped in a nightmare, Dolan lived his normal life and seemingly met up with Stacy, Francis Ketch and Jack D'Auria to discuss their shared nightmare about Danny. Within the dream realm, Dolan and Dan Ketch's friends were attacked by Lilith and her Lilin children, unaware that outside their dreams, Ghost Rider and Danny Ketch were battling Nightmare to save them. Upon defeating Nightmare, Capt. Dolan and the others were freed by Ghost Rider and Dan Ketch and, waking up, they were returned to Earth with no memory of the events other than a bad dream.

(Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear) - Capt. Dolan and a squad of police officers were called in a Brooklyn Laneco Foods grocery store to help in a hostage situation. Once he had placed his team in position, police Lt. Rob Gordon warned Capt. Dolan that they couldn't play with the hostages' lives by waiting much longer for Dolan's signal. Dolan replied that he was well aware of the situation and that he also knew that Ghost Rider would soon show up. Dolan then ordered Gordon to have his men ready and if Ghost Rider did show up, they were to take him down with the rest of the criminals. Almost as if on cue, Ghost Rider arrived and smashed his way into the store through a glass window. After Ghost Rider took out the thugs, Dolan ordered Gordon to have his men fire on Ghost Rider, knocking Ghost Rider back. Getting back up, Ghost Rider rode off, leaving Dolan to chew out Gordon for his men's failure to take down Ghost Rider. Gordon replied that he was attempting to prevent casualties and warned that Dolan was headed for a cardiac arrest if he kept letting Ghost Rider get to him. When Gordon asked if perhaps Dolan was afraid that Ghost Rider was actually on the side of the law, Dolan replied "not likely." Capt. Dolan later met with Police Commissioner Robert H. Stubbs, who ordered Dolan to give up on the Ghost Rider case. Stubbs then ordered Dolan to drop all leads on Ghost Rider and focus his full attention on apprehending the escaped Scarecrow. As Dolan left Stubbs' office, Stubbs explained that Scarecrow had to be caught and that Dolan had permission to continue his Ghost Rider investigation once Scarecrow was in custody. Scarecrow eventually went after the NYPD, painting "Oh Captain, My Captain" on a police car. Thinking that Scarecrow was after his daughter Stacy, Dolan silently looked at the police car until Captain America showed up and exclaimed that the message was actually meant for him. Cap then revealed Scarecrow's back story and promised Dolan that he would find both Scarecrow and Dolan's daughter Stacy. Capt. Dolan refused to let Captain America go without his help but Ghost Rider was seen on a nearby rooftop, prompting Cap to investigate. Following Captain America and Ghost Rider, Capt. Dolan found Captain America as Cap was recovering from the Scarecrow's powers. Cap told Dolan to call in police back-up and Dolan quickly summoned a SWAT team. Captain America then ordered Dolan to stay there while Cap met back up with Ghost Rider and continued the battle against Scarecrow. Dolan instead decided to investigate Scarecrow's headquarters and upon seeing the violent "slaughter house," Dolan became fearful that Stacy might have become the Scarecrow's victim. Venturing further into Scarecrow's headquarters, Dolan was nearly impaled by the Scarecrow's pitchfork but Captain America managed to hurl his shield to intercept the pitchfork. Following Cap further inside, Capt. Dolan located Stacy, whose mouth the Scarecrow had stuffed with straw. Thinking Stacy dead, Capt. Dolan began firing his gun until Stacy managed to say that she was still alive. While Capt. Dolan freed Stacy, Scarecrow initiated another attack on Captain America and Ghost Rider until Stacy managed to shoot Scarecrow. The insane Scarecrow exclaimed that he had a been a good boy and tried to escape through a nearby window, only to be tripped up by Ghost Rider's chain and end up impaled on a fence below. As the police arrived to clean things up, Dolan allowed Ghost Rider to leave and when questioned about a possible change of heart by Captain America, Dolan replied that he wasn't sure how he felt about Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#38) - After the Scarecrow was inadvertently released from the Firm's headquarters following their defeat, Capt. Dolan arrived to investigate and found his daughter Stacy already on the scene. Stacy claimed that she was waiting on backup after Ghost Rider and Scarecrow tore through the back of the building and Capt. Dolan commended her on a job well done. After making sure Stacy was okay, Capt. Dolan left to pursue Ghost Rider, unaware that Stacy was hiding Ghost Rider in a nearby room and that she had intentionally misled him away from Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#44) - Capt. Dolan had Lt. Michael Badilino in his office, where he chewed him out for disappearing for nearly a month. Badilino's scolding was interrupted when another officer entered Dolan's office and informed him of reports of missing police officers in Cypress Hills Cemetary. Upon hearing that reporters had also turned up missing, Dolan asked if one of the missing reporters was Linda Wei, who had been raking the NYPD over the coals lately. Another officer soon entered and opened the window blinds to show Capt. Dolan the eerie mist that had begun spreading through the city. Dolan loudly asked what was happening to New York while Badilino thought that the mist likely represented something that would transform him into Vengeance. Eventually, those affected by the mist sought refuge at the police station until the Lilin Dark Legion, Meatmarket and Blackout smashed their way in, forcing Stacy Dolan and Capt. Dolan to fight off an army of Dark Legion's duplicates. Upon seeing Stacy in danger, Ghost Rider jumped into the battle and rescued Stacy, earning Capt. Dolan's thanks. Ghost Rider then decided to take the fight directly to Zarathos, who had organized the attack on New York. Ghost Rider's heroic allies convinced Ghost Rider to retreat in order to marshal their forces before the attack and Capt. Dolan told Ghost Rider to go ahead, asking only that if the Dolans died there, that Ghost Rider make them pay for it. As the heroes departed through a portal, Doctor Strange cast a spell over the Dolans to prevent any Lilin from seeing them.

(Ghost Rider III#46) - After Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch seemingly perished, Capt. Dolan prepared to go to work and checked on Stacy, who was distraught over the death of Dan Ketch. Reminding Stacy that they had been through rough times before, Capt. Dolan asked Stacy to tell him why she was so upset but she replied that she wasn't ready. Capt. Dolan commented that he understood and promised things would get better. He then left for work.

(Morbius I#18) - When two boys prepared to jump off of a building in a suicide attempt, Capt. Dolan got on a megaphone and announced that he would like to speak to the boys. When they waved to acknowledge that they could hear him, Capt. Dolan announced that he would send up some officers to talk, asking that the boys not jump or do anything they might not be able to regret later. A nearby officer, mind-controlled by the Wraith, then fired at the boys, prompting Capt. Dolan to order Officer Duffy to grab the shooting officer. A riot soon ensued due to the Wraith's mental tampering as Morbius rescued the jumpers.

(Ghost Rider III#48) - After Michael Badilino had finished beating up the superhuman Dread during an interrogation, Capt. Dolan informed him that the press were waiting for Badilino in front of the precinct. Badilino replied that he would exit through the back but Dolan reminded Badilino that the mayor had wanted Badilino to handle the press since Badilino was in charge of the case that brought Dread to justice.

(Ghost Rider III Annual#2) - After four nights and thirty-plus kidnappings, Capt. Dolan began smoking and stressing over what to do. A nearby officer warned him that if Dolan continued smoking so much, he would die before he would go mad, and Dolan asked what else he should do with a serial kidnapper invisibly abducting people at random. Later, Capt. Dolan accompanied two officers in patrolling Brooklyn in an effort to deter the kidnapper but Scarecrow directly attacked the police car, snatching up the two officers and attempting to impale Dolan with his pitchfork. Dolan managed to press the car's gas pedal with his hand and erratically sped the car out of harm's way until it crashed into a lamppost. Stumbling out of the car, Dolan groggily asked where Scarecrow had gone and Ghost Rider soon caught up to him, informing Dolan that Scarecrow had taken his officers and warning Dolan to keep the officers off the streets and let Ghost Rider handle Scarecrow. Once Ghost Rider had defeated Scarecrow, Dolan arrived with the police, having followed Ghost Rider to Scarecrow's location. Having the officers dismantle Scarecrow's makeshift home, Dolan and the police noticed that Ghost Rider had broken nearly all of the bones in Scarecrow's body and held them in place to force them to heal crooked.

(Ghost Rider III#63) - When Dan Ketch disappeared again, Francis Ketch visited the home of Capt. Dolan and informed Stacy Dolan that she expected more from her, given her past with Danny. Mrs. Ketch then warned that, when she found Danny, she did not expect to see Stacy anymore. Having heard the doorbell when Mrs. Ketch arrived, Capt. Dolan made it downstairs in time to see Mrs. Ketch leave and he asked if everything was alright. When Stacy replied that it wasn't, Capt. Dolan grew worried about his daughter and later sent Lt. Sokolowski to check on her when Stacy ran from the house.

(Ghost Rider III#65) - While Dan Ketch stood at the grave of Barbara Ketch, Capt. Dolan arrived and expressed his worries about Stacy Dolan. He admitted to missing seeing Dan around the Dolan home and started to suggest that Dan and Stacy get together before Dan interrupted him and explained that he was late for an appointment. As Dan left, Dolan told him to take care.

(Ghost Rider III#66) - Staying in the shadows of Cypress Hills Cemetary, Capt. Dolan waited for Ghost Rider to return there and, keeping himself hidden, offered to provide intelligence to Ghost Rider on known super-powered criminals within the New York City limits. Wary to trust anyone who would not show himself, Ghost Rider refused the help but Dolan tossed a photo to Ghost Rider of 17-year old Alicia Walker following an attack on her from Blackout. Explaining that the police would not do anything to stop Blackout, Dolan asked Ghost Rider how badly he wanted to find Blackout.

(Ghost Rider III#67) - Meeting with Ghost Rider in Cypress Hills Cemetary and still keeping his face hidden, Capt. Dolan announced that he would like to work together with Ghost Rider, admitting that he had been keeping tabs on Ghost Rider since he had first appeared in Cypress Hills and also admitting that he had once thought Ghost Rider a superpowered criminal. His opinion now changed, Dolan agreed to continue helping Ghost Rider track down superpowered criminals on the condition that his identity remain a secret. After Ghost Rider agreed to the terms, Capt. Dolan informed Ghost Rider that he had been gathering information on Anton Hellgate and that he would ready to strike soon.

(Ghost Rider III#72) - Capt. Dolan, still keeping his face hidden, met Ghost Rider at Woodlawn Cemetary, where he warned that trouble was looming and that all sorts of people wanted Ghost Rider dead. When Ghost Rider replied that he had no fear, only the mission, Dolan responded that Ghost Rider's single-mindedness was one of the traits he liked about Ghost Rider, commenting that Ghost Rider would make a good cop.

(Ghost Rider III#73) - Capt. Dolan made his way to Boerum Avenue in the Bronx, where he witnessed the white dome of energy surrounding the block as Snowblind battled Ghost Rider. When the dome fell and Ghost Rider was gunned down by agents of Anton Hellgate, Capt. Dolan called for police backup to the area as Hellgate himself appeared. Receiving only static from his police radio, Capt. Dolan ran out and ordered Hellgate and his agents to freeze. Hellgate's agent Rak easily kicked Dolan aside, provoking Ghost Rider into fighting back. Rak then picked up the unconscious Dolan as the other agents took down Ghost Rider. The battle ended when John Blaze also appeared and took down Hellgate's agents, prompting Hellgate himself to leave the agents behind as Capt. Dolan regained consciousness.

(Ghost Rider III#74) - As John Blaze threatened to kill Ghost Rider over his misunderstanding that Ghost Rider had become a murderer, Capt. Dolan got back to his feet, thinking about how much his back hurt. As the two heroes argued and John Blaze demanded that Ghost Rider relinquish his form, Dolan grew suspicious, unaware that Ghost Rider had to "change" back to anyone. When Blaze mentioned changing back into Danny, Capt. Dolan put two and two together and realized that Danny and Ghost Rider were one and the same. Dolan's subsequent attempts to break up the fight between Ghost Rider and Blaze failed and the police soon arrived. Dolan then warned them that if the police caught them, they would be trying to explain the situation for days and eventually, the two heroes agreed to continue the argument somewhere more private. Dolan then announced that he knew the perfect place and hitched a ride on Ghost Rider's motorcycle as they all departed the scene. Arriving shortly thereafter in Woodlawn Cemetary, Dolan worried about how his daughter had relations with Danny, who was now revealed to him as Ghost Rider, and tried to recover from the injuries suffered at Anton Hellgate's agent. His worries intensifying as he grew more tired of listening to John Blaze spout accusations at Ghost Rider, Dolan interrupted their argument and ordered the two heroes to calm down. Properly introducing himself to Blaze as being formerly with the NYPD, Dolan continued worrying when Blaze mentioned demons and admitted that he had been providing Ghost Rider with information on criminals. When Blaze and Ghost Rider commented that Vengeance could be behind the murders, Dolan suggested that they all focus on finding Vengeance, determining his guilt and taking him out for good. Traveling to Dan Ketch's apartment, Capt. Dolan took a phone call while Danny and Blaze made up. Dolan soon returned to the conversation, explaining that he had learned of the Mobsters Cotillion in Atlantic City the following day, which might present Vengeance with a chance to kill more mobsters and give them a chance to catch Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#75) - As Capt. Dolan, his daughter Stacy, John Blaze and Danny Ketch entered the Grand Adventura hotel in Atlantic City, one of the guards demanded they freeze and was quickly knocked into the wall. Continuing their entrance in the Mobsters Cotillion, Dolan wondered how Stacy could still have feelings for Danny when she knew he was also Ghost Rider. Upon entering the casino, Dolan wondered who still played baccarat and when Blaze commented that eventually, Ghost Rider would go bad, Dolan told Danny not to let Blaze get to him. When an explosion occurred a few floors above them and left Stacy hanging off of a ledge, Danny transformed into Ghost Rider and Dolan explained the situation but Ghost Rider interrupted, asking how Dolan could have let that happen. Ghost Rider then rushed off to save Stacy and Dolan and Blaze followed up the stairs, although Dolan got winded trying to rush up the stairs. Blaze stopped to comfort Dolan as he worried about Stacy and together they witnessed Ghost Rider jump into battle against Vengeance. Seeing Stacy's motionless body terrified Dolan but when he rushed to her side, he found that she was ok, much to his relief.

(Ghost Rider III#76) - With the battle between Ghost Rider and Vengeance raging, John Blaze jumped down to help while Capt. Dolan continued to watch after Stacy. Anton Hellgate's agents soon found Capt. Dolan and Rak knocked Dolan against the wall while Anton Hellgate ordered Stacy to be taken captive with the other unconscious special agents Alec Maloni and Lt. Sokolowski. Due to his injuries, Capt. Dolan could little more than scream as Rak carried Stacy away. Vengeance, eventually some semblance of control, decided to take himself out along with the mobsters. Ordering his former friends to get out of the building, Vengeance was tackled by Anton Hellgate and his agents and exploded while Ghost Rider and Blaze got Stacy, Alec Maloni and Lt. Sokolowski out safely. Realizing that Capt. Dolan was still inside, Stacy prepared to rush back inside the now-blazing hotel but Ghost Rider stopped her and went inside himself. Returning with Capt. Dolan, Ghost Rider announced that he would take Capt. Dolan to the nearest hospital and offered to have Stacy accompany him.

(Ghost Rider III#77 (fb) - BTS) - Capt. Dolan was taken to St. Bernard's Hospital in Atlantic City.

(Ghost Rider III#77) - Capt. Dolan remained in the St. Bernard's Hospital Intensive Care Unit with Stacy Dolan as Lt. Sokolowski admitted to Alec Maloni that he also wanted to stay to see Capt. Dolan wake up and cuss everyone out. Sokolowski also admitted that, after years of working with Capt. Dolan, he had suspected that Dolan's life might end in the hospital but that he didn't think it would happen so soon.

(Ghost Rider III#79 (fb) - BTS) - Capt. Dolan was transferred from St. Bernard's Hospital in Atlantic City to St. Michael's Hospital in New York.

(Ghost Rider III#79) - In order to spare Dan's friends and family from being attacked by the Furies, Dan and sorceress Jennifer Kale visited St. Michael's Hospital, where Jennifer used mystic dust to erase Stacy's memories that linked Ghost Rider to Dan Ketch. A very weak Capt. Dolan tried to do something but Jennifer then turned to Capt. Dolan himself and announced that it was his turn. Despite his weak pleas of "no...," Jennifer blew the dust into Dolan's ventilator, forcing him to lose the memories he had that linked Dan to Ghost Rider as well. Dan asked Jennifer if the dust would affect Dolan's weak heart but Jennifer replied that it wouldn't much and it was better than letting the Furies get to him.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira.

Capt. Dolan's first name was first revealed as "Arthur" in the Ghost Rider's Supporting Cast entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#15 (February, 1992) but in Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear (October, 1992), he was called "Gerry" by another police officer. The Ghost Rider: Official Index to the Marvel Universe TPB lists his full name as "Gerard Arthur Dolan." In Ghost Rider III#79, Capt. Dolan's first name was erroneously listed as "James."

In Ghost Rider: Finale, Stacy Dolan was revealed to have been pregnant and the plotline was never touched on again. It was unclear if she had the child or not but the child would be Capt. Dolan's grandchild.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Ghost Rider III#46, p4, pan5 (Capt. Dolan in uniform)

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