Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Druglord, occasional assassin

Group Membership: Led own drug distribution organization

Affiliations: Blackheart, Donatello, Dread, Anton Hellgate, Captain Gene Hoffman, Leonardo, Red Macklin, Makusa, Mikey, Mrs. Mirada, Pulaski, Rak, "Raphael," Ripper, "Splinter;" formerly Deathwatch, Francesca Tofield

Enemies: Lt. Michael Badilino's anti-Ghost Rider squad (Stern, others), John Blaze, Deathwatch, Capt. Arthur Gerard Dolan, Stacy Dolan, Fidel (cat), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Hag, Doctor Keene, Marissa Maro, Luz Santos, the Spook, Francesca Tofield, Troll, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Linda Wei, Wright

Known Relatives: Unidentified brother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Brooklyn Heights, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#13 (May, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Snowblind could project a "white field" of blinding light, within which he could see where he was blind otherwise. Within the field, Snowblind's physical attributes were enhanced and his strength was boosted to Class 10 superhuman strength, allowing him to lift 2-10 tons under optimal conditions. After his resurrection and augmentation by Anton Hellgate, Snowblind could transform into a being composed of his white light, allowing him to become intangible. While in light form, Snowblind could alter his form to some degree, instantaneously transforming his clothing into his costume. At one point, Snowblind also wielded a molecular disruptor gun capable of physically harming a Spirit of Vengeance like Ghost Rider.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: No visible irises
Hair: White

History: (Ghost Rider III#13 (fb) - BTS) - The man who would become Snowblind grew up without anyone taking care of him. At some point in his past, the adult Snowblind was an assassin and, after becoming a druglord, still occasionally acted as an assassin when needed.

(Ghost Rider III#13) - After saving an older couple from a group of drug-addled teens, Ghost Rider managed to get the name of "Snowblind" from one of them and became determined to find this "Snowblind." While Ghost Rider began an exhaustive search for Snowblind, Snowblind himself received a phone call from Deathwatch asking about the recent hampering of his drug business. Snowblind explained the situation with Ghost Rider and tried to ask for help in dealing with Ghost Rider, commenting that he was no longer an assassin. When asked if he would like to continue business, Snowblind replied that he did and that he would take care of Ghost Rider. Two hours later, Ghost Rider learned of Snowblind's headquarters in a Brooklyn Heights brownstone and Snowblind was informed to expect a visitor shortly after. Asking his secretary Francesca Tofield to destroy all incriminating evidence, Snowblind was pleased to hear Tofield had already done so. He then said goodnight to Tofield and waited alone for Ghost Rider to show up. When Ghost Rider did finally bust through Snowblind's door, he confessed that he was blind in normal light but was able to project a field of visible light that only he could see in. After Ghost Rider accused him of being responsible for the deaths of innocent children, Snowblind shattered his own desk and punched Ghost Rider with his light-enhanced strength. Surprised to see that Ghost Rider could see him within his white light field, Snowblind admitted to not caring what children did after they purchased his drugs. Attempting to end their fight permanently, Snowblind hurled an umbrella through Ghost Rider's chest, prompting Ghost Rider to comment how he was not mortal and then try to use his Penance Stare on Snowblind. Having heard of the Penance Stare, Snowblind ceased his white light field, effectively making him unable to look Ghost Rider in the eyes due to his blindness. Two police officers then showed up but Ghost Rider fled. Informing police Captain Gene Hoffman that Ghost Rider was a threat to his operations and therefore, a threat to Captain Hoffman's new home, Snowblind was pleased when Capt. Hoffman killed his lieutenant and announced that he knew what had to be done.

(Ghost Rider III#21) - After police Lt. Michael Badilino learned of Ghost Rider's involvement in Snowblind's operations, his anti-Ghost Rider task force began putting pressure on Snowblind as they searched for him. Phoning Deathwatch in hopes of getting help, Snowblind was met with questions as to why Snowblind did not have Badilino's police task force under his influence. Snowblind replied that they were a special task force and were untouchable and when Deathwatch explained that he would get back to him, Snowblind angrily exclaimed that he better get back to him quickly, unaware that Deathwatch had decided that Snowblind had become a liability to be eliminated. Hoping to eliminate both Ghost Rider, Badilino's task force and Snowblind in one fell swoop, Deathwatch had reporter Linda Wei purposely show incorrect footage of Snowblind at his warehouse during her news report to lure Ghost Rider to Snowblind's location. Falling for the trap, Ghost Rider and Badilino's squad both quickly made their way to Snowblind's Brooklyn warehouse, where Snowblind created his "white field" and began hurling things at Ghost Rider in an attempt to slow him down. Warning Ghost Rider to be careful where he attacked, Snowblind began strangling his secretary Ms. Tofield in an attempt to force Ghost Rider to leave, apologizing to Tofield for using her as a hostage. Threatening to kill Francesca, Snowblind was hit in the eye by Ghost Rider's chain, causing him to release Tofield. Badilino's squad then entered the warehouse as well and ordered Ghost Rider to surrender. Instead, Ghost Rider brutally beat Snowblind, breaking many of his bones, then fled through a window. Snowblind begged for an ambulance to Badilino, promising to turn over information on Deathwatch, but Badilino merely thanked Snowblind for the information and shot Snowblind.

(Ghost Rider III#23) - Determined to find Deathwatch, Ghost Rider burst into Snowblind's hospital room, explained that he intended to break his vow of never taking a human life and demanded to know where Deathwatch was. Angry that Deathwatch had double-crossed him, the heavily bandaged Snowblind was more than happy to tell Ghost Rider where to find Deathwatch. Snowblind also claimed that he would make Ghost Rider's vow easier and told Ghost Rider that Deathwatch was not human.

(Ghost Rider III#24) - The drugged Snowblind ranted in his sleep about having told Ghost Rider everything from his hospital bed, unaware that Deathwatch and his agents were outside his room. Kidnapped by Deathwatch, Snowblind awoke to find himself in a large room filled with other captives that Deathwatch planned to drain of their life force. Deathwatch then ranted that Snowblind and his brother could have joined him but now, Snowblind's life force would absorbed with the other captives. After feeding off of the captives, Deathwatch exclaimed to Snowblind that Ghost Rider would soon be there and how it was a pity that Snowblind would not be around to see the upcoming battle. Before draining Snowblind of his life force, Deathwatch allowed his associates, Hag and Troll, to inflict pain and "tenderize" Snowblind. Ghost Rider then burst into the room, prompting Deathwatch to absorb Snowblind's life force to boost himself for the fight, effectively killing Snowblind. Tossing Snowblind's corpse aside, Deathwatch commented how Snowblind was even more dissatisfying in death than he was in life. Following Deathwatch's seeming death at Ghost Rider's hands, Ghost Rider commented on how Snowblind, Hag, Troll and Deathwatch were now all dead, pondering what else was left for him.

(Ghost Rider III#62 - BTS) - Snowblind was experimented on by the government research and containment facility known as the Black Hole.

(Ghost Rider III#63 - BTS) - Snowblind remained in the Black Hole's custody while they experimented on the newly captured Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#64 - BTS) - Snowblind remained in the Black Hole's custody as many of its inhabitants escaped during a breakout.

(Ghost Rider III#74 (fb) - BTS) - Following an "unfortunate incident" with the Punisher, Snowblind's form was reconstructed and resurrected by Anton Hellgate, who hoped to use Snowblind against Ghost Rider. While restoring Snowblind, Hellgate augmented Snowblind's powers and set Snowblind up to manage some of Hellgate's investments.

(Ghost Rider III#71) - Snowblind arrived during a dinner of Anton Hellgate's men, commenting that he had not seen some of them since their last payday. He then ordered the men to pay an additional 25 percent on the next payday and left an envelope with the men's pay in it. As Snowblind took a nearby elevator, he thought to himself that he would have to make an example of one of the men next time to quell their gossiping.

(Ghost Rider III#72) - After one of Hellgate's men, Makusa, failed to have Marissa Maro killed by his two thugs, Snowblind met Makusa as he was getting into his car. Snowblind commented how Makusa was lucky that Maro was comatose and out of their hair and when Makusa tried to explain, Snowblind warned that there would be no more amateur productions or Makusa would die. He later arrived at the Nuvue Centurion Hotel, where local crimelords Red Macklin, Pulaski and Mrs. Mirada were meeting to discuss some of their men being killed. When Pulaski demanded to know where Anton Hellgate was and why the crimelords were not being protected as they had all agreed on with Hellgate, Snowblind smacked Pulaski with his walking dead and warned that if Pulaski could not speak to him with a civil tongue, he would not a have a tongue to speak with. Snowblind then explained that Hellgate was aware of the killings and presented the crimelords with molecular disruptor guns that he claimed were capable of defending them against Ghost Rider. Later that night, Snowblind sent goons to attack Luz Santos in an effort to lure out Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider showed up to rescue Luz, Snowblind projected his "white field" and revealed to Ghost Rider that he could now blend into the field, making it more difficult for Ghost Rider to see him. Confused as to why he could no longer see Snowblind within the field, Ghost Rider was hit by a blast from Snowblind using a molecular disruptor gun.

(Ghost Rider III#73) - From inside his "white field," Snowblind, now appearing in his original armor, stood over the injured Ghost Rider and victoriously laughed. While Anton Hellgate was growing annoyed by Snowblind's public spectacle of beating Ghost Rider, Snowblind continued gloated until he became distracted by the cat Fidel, who had entered his "white field." Turning his attention towards the cat, Snowblind was nearly hit by Ghost Rider's motorcycle before becoming immaterial and letting the cycle pass through him. Still gloating over his new tricks, Snowblind blasted Ghost Rider a second time with the molecular disruptor gun before kicking Fidel out of the field. Ghost Rider then managed to use his chain to beat Snowblind, choking him and keeping him distracted in an effort to force Snowblind to lose his focus on keeping his "white field" intact. His concentration sufficiently disrupted, Snowblind's "white field" dispersed but before Ghost Rider could perform the Penance Stare on Snowblind, Ghost Rider was riddled with bullets from Snowblind's goons. The unconscious Snowblind then laid there while Anton Hellgate and his agents appeared in a limo and prepared to kill Ghost Rider, only to be driven off by John Blaze.

(Ghost Rider III#74) - After evading police upon regaining consciousness, Snowblind returned to Anton Hellgate's Long Island lair and complained about how Hellgate had left him and his other agents behind for the police. Angry that they had all failed to destroy Ghost Rider, Hellgate blasted Snowblind and his other agents, exclaiming that he should have wiped their personalities when he resurrected them. Storming off, Hellgate ordered Snowblind to tell Hellgate's chauffeur that he would be leaving within the hour as Snowblind thought to himself that Hellgate was underestimating him and that someday, all of Hellgate's possessions would belong to Snowblind.

(Ghost Rider III#75) - Snowblind accompanied Anton Hellgate and his other agents to the Grand Adventura Ballroom in Atlantic City for the Annual Mobsters' Cotillion. While there, he thought to himself how he would love to see the smug Anton Hellgate "pumped full of slugs." When Hellgate appeared before the mobsters and offered to custom tailor henchmen for them, Snowblind thought to himself how the mobsters seemed to be unable to realize that Hellgate wanted more from them than money. He then thought that if the mobsters couldn't see that than they deserved what they received.

(Ghost Rider III#76) - After the convention was crashed by Ghost Rider, John Blaze, Stacy Dolan, Capt. Arthur Dolan and Vengeance, Anton Hellgate faced Ghost Rider and ordered Snowblind to create one of his "snowfields" but he was hit from behind by Ghost Rider's motorcycle before he could do so. When Vengeance allowed himself to explode, apparently taking Hellgate and his agents with him, Snowblind crawled from the rubble, only to see Blackheart, who offered Snowblind a choice of working hard for nothing or his heart's desire. Blackheart then disappeared, laughing, prompting Snowblind to think that things might finally be going his way.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Mark Texeira and James Palmiotti.

Snowblind had an entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#30 (May, 1993).

Donatello, Leonardo and Mikey were an obvious homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their victim even commented for them to "go back to playing with the Teenage Mutant--" before being hit with a baseball bat. In keeping with that theme, I opted to name the other two thugs "Raphael" and "Splinter."

Ghost Rider III#62 showed a somehow alive Snowblind on a video screen showing the Black Hole's captives. While no explanation was given as how he was captured after supposedly dying at the hands of Deathwatch, Anton Hellgate later mentioned that he had reconstructed Snowblind's form following an incident with the Punisher. During the "In Chains" storyline in Ghost Rider III#62-64, the "Castle Project" was mentioned, suggesting that the Black Hole was also experimenting on the Punisher. Perhaps the inexplicably alive Snowblind was killed (again) by the Punisher during the Black Hole breakout and Hellgate later reconstituted Snowblind's form following that? Or maybe Hellgate was mistaken and the Black Hole were just experimenting on Snowblind's corpse before Hellgate reconstructed Snowblind's form.

Snowblind's hair was miscolored brown in his Ghost Rider III#75-76. It was corrected to white at the end of #76, suggesting that it was meant to be white the entire time.

Interesting how Snowblind was met with Blackheart at the end of Ghost Rider III#76. It seemed to suggest that Snowblind might have been planned as one of Blackheart's lieutenants, who would show up at the end of the 3rd Ghost Rider series. When the arc finally came around however, Snowblind was nowhere to be seen. I suppose Snowblind decided that he didn't want to work for Blackheart after all...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Snowblind has no KNOWN connections to:

Donatello, Leonardo, Mikey, "Raphael" and "Splinter"

Donatello, Leonardo, Mikey, "Raphael" and "Splinter" were a group of teenagers who were supplied drugs by Snowblind. One evening, the five thugs cornered an older couple and demanded money. When the older man suggested they go back to playing with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo broke his leg with a baseball bat before hitting him in the face as well. Leonardo and Mikey then robbed the man before beating him some more. When the man's wife begged for them to stop, Donatello and "Splinter" decided to focus their attention on the wife, wondering if perhaps she had money too. After Ghost Rider showed up to help the woman, the five thugs, too drugged up to fear the Ghost Rider, surrounded Ghost Rider and were quickly taken out by the demonic vigilante. Wrapping them all up in his chain, Ghost Rider promised the woman that her husband would be avenged.

None of the thugs possessed superhuman powers but the massive amount of drugs in their system prevented them from feeling fear.

Donatello was the blonde haired guy with the blue jacket.
Leonardo was the red haired, green jacketed guy with the red cross tattoo over his eye.
Mikey was the African-American guy with the "LAZ" shaved into his hair.
"Raphael" would be the blue jacketed guy whose face is partially obscured in the image.
"Splinter" would be the African-American guy with the red jacket and the yellow "Evans" baseball cap on.

--Ghost Rider III#13

Captain Gene Hoffman

Captain Gene Hoffman was a corrupt police captain who was paid to turn a blind eye to Snowblind's operations. When Snowblind was attacked by Ghost Rider, Captain Hoffman and another police lieutenant responded. After Snowblind told Hoffman that Ghost Rider was a threat to his operations and a threat to Hoffman's new home and the money provided to Hoffman, Hoffman replied that he knew what needed to be done then killed the lieutenant. Snowblind commended Hoffman on his inventiveness, commenting that Hoffman would receive bonus pay as well as the amount that the lieutenant would have received had he lived and became corrupt. Hoffman then reported an officer down.

--Ghost Rider III#13

Francesca Tofield

Francesca Tofield was Snowblind's secretary at his Brooklyn Heights brownstone headquarters. After being informed that he was to expect a visitor in Ghost Rider, Snowblind asked Tofield to destroy any incriminating evidence. Upon learning she had already done so, Snowblind told Francesca to have a good evening as she left for the night. Later, when Linda Wei lured Ghost Rider to Snowblind's warehouse by purposely showing incorrect footage on her news report, Snowblind attempted to take Francesca hostage in an effort to keep Ghost Rider away. Before Snowblind could kill Ms. Tofield, Ghost Rider hit Snowblind in the eye with his chain, forcing him to drop Francesca.

--Ghost Rider III#13 (#21,

images: (without ads)
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Ghost Rider III#13, p15, pan1 (Francesca Tofield)

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