Real Name: Linda Wei

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Investigative news reporter; former pilot

Group Membership: News at Six crew (Chuck, Doug, Mike, others)

Affiliations: Johnny Blaze, Luke Cage, Caretaker, Chuck, Deathwatch, Doug, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Hannibal King, Mike, Vicki Montesi, Wayne

Enemies: The "Getting Paid" terrorists, the Lilin (Blackout, Fang, Nakota, Outcast, Pilgrim, others), Lilith, Punisher (Frank Castle), Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Snowblind, Zarathos

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#5 (September, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Linda Wei had no superhuman powers but was skilled at manipulating her words to take advantage of the public's trust. She was not above taking advantage of any information she was privy to in order to blackmail others.

Height: (by approximation): 5'3"
Weight: (by approximation): 110 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Ghost Rider III#54 (fb) - BTS) - Linda Wei went to journalism school, where she was taught to be objective and report without bias. Working hard to become a news reporter, Linda chose to ignore what she was taught about being objective and non-biased, eventually making a deal with the villainous Deathwatch in which he would feed her information about his enemies and, in turn, she would steer the news media away from Deathwatch's operations. Deathwatch's information helped launch Linda Wei's career.

(Ghost Rider III#5) - Linda Wei and her camera man Doug were driving down a street in Forest Park, Queens when Linda spotted the Ghost Rider riding over the park fence while escaping police. Linda quickly ordered Doug to stop the van and get some footage of Ghost Rider, warning Doug not to screw up as this would be her hottest story yet. The following day, Linda appeared on television as a special news correspondent, reporting on the recent string of "Getting Paid" violence and her run-in with the Ghost Rider the night before. She then commented on how the Punisher was also present at a "Getting Paid" incident that same night, suggesting that the vigilante Punisher could actually be the Ghost Rider and that they were just as dangerous as the "Getting Paid" terrorists. Later that afternoon, Linda appeared on television once more, claiming that the Ghost Rider needed to be tracked down and revealed as the criminal that she claimed he was. She then went on to state that the police can't or wouldn't bring the Ghost Rider to justice and asked the public who they could turn to.

(Ghost Rider III#6) - Linda Wei appeared on television, reporting from the Cypress Hills, Brooklyn section of New York, where she informed the public that witnesses had seen the Punisher and Ghost Rider leaving the scene of a warehouse explosion and that the two vigilantes were wanted by the police for questioning.

(Ghost Rider III#7) - Linda Wei appeared on the Eleven o'Clock News to report to that the Scarecrow was still at large following his escape from the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. She continued her report, stating that the police were investigating that the Scarecrow, and not the Ghost Rider, was responsible for a recent rash of child abductions in the Brooklyn and Queens area. She then reported that police were continuing their search for the Scarecrow, unaware that her news report was being watched by the Ghost Rider from a television store window.

(Ghost Rider III#8) - Linda once again appeared on television to report on the latest string of murders occurring in two New York boroughs. She informed the public that the police had no leads in the murders of Father Michael McDonald or Theodore Larsen and that the police would not comment on any possible connection between the two murdered men. She then asked the public to report any information they might have about the murders.

(Ghost Rider III#9) - Reporting on television, Linda Wei informed viewers that the police were still trying to apprehend the person or people responsible for the recent child abductions that had been plaguing the Brooklyn and Queens area, commenting that the abductions seemed to all be taking place near cemeteries.

(Ghost Rider III#10 - BTS) - The prior night, Linda Wei went on the news and suggested that Ghost Rider was behind the recent rash of Zodiac-themed killings.

(Ghost Rider III#13 - BTS) - Linda phoned Deathwatch to inform him of recent events and when Linda assured him that her information was correct, Deathwatch commended her. Before saying goodbye, Deathwatch commented that he looked forward to her next broadcast.

(Marvel: The Year-in-Review#2 (fb) - BTS) - Linda spoke at a press conference, where she commented that wherever Ghost Rider showed up, mischief would occur and innocents were harmed. She then suggested that Ghost Rider must take responsibility for his action.

(Marvel: The Year-in-Review#2 - BTS) - Linda's quotes at the press conference were used in an article by writer Gary Barnum for Marvel: The Year-in-Review magazine, published by Marvel Comics.

(Ghost Rider III#21) - Linda was next to Deathwatch as Deathwatch received an angry phone call from the villain Snowblind. Thinking that perhaps Snowblind had become a liability, Deathwatch commented to Linda that it might be time to eliminate Snowblind and suggested that there might be a way to resolve all of his problems in one fell swoop. When Deathwatch asked Linda her opinion, she replied that she would do her best and Deathwatch commented that he expected no less. Shortly thereafter, Linda appeared on television, reporting that the police were still attempting to locate Ghost Rider, suggesting that Ghost Rider had killed police Captain Dwight Jones. She then announced that the station had footage of the latest "carnage" that Ghost Rider was involved, only to show footage of Snowblind at Brooklyn warehouse, claiming that the station had shown the incorrect footage. Seeing the footage on television, Ghost Rider rushed to the warehouse, where he was attacked by Snowblind and Lt. Michael Badalino's anti-Ghost Rider squad.

(Ghost Rider III#22) - Linda Wei appeared on television to report about the dedication of a new building by Deathwatch in his guise as Stephen Lords, CEO of International Contractors, Unlimited. She reported that the building would be the first in a series of humanitarian projects undertaken by Lords. As Wei continued to report on how the half of the building would be turned over to charitable projects and the bottom two floors would be a homeless shelter, John Blaze recognized Lords as Deathwatch from the television broadcast.

(Ghost Rider III#23) - After Deathwatch blew up his new building with Ghost Rider inside, Linda Wei reported on the explosion at the scene for News-6. Reporting that the likelihood of survivors seemed slight, Linda commented that one could only hope it was the end of the vigilante Ghost Rider, claiming that witnesses reported that Ghost Rider was responsible for the explosion. Reminding the viewers of the homeless shelter located in the bottom two floors of the building, Linda announced that rescue crews were unable to estimate the amount of casualties "caused by the Ghost Rider." She then reported that Ghost Rider seemed to have been killed in the explosion and that, while Stephen Lords could not be reached for comment, he was reported as being grief-stricken from the loss of human life. Later continuing her report, Linda once again commented that rescue workers were only finding death and that if there was any solace in the explosion, it was that it seeming took Ghost Rider's life as well. The rubble suddenly rumbled and Ghost Rider emerged with a girl in his arms. Linda immediately reported the shock of seeing Ghost Rider alive and claimed that he had taken the young girl hostage, prompting the police to attempt to arrest Ghost Rider. When survivors emerged from the rubble behind Ghost Rider and rushed to thank Ghost Rider for saving their lives, Linda ordered her camera man to cut the live feed but the camera man replied that the studio had told them to keep rolling, as Ghost Rider might be a hero after all. Linda reluctantly agreed to keep going as Ghost Rider rode off to find Deathwatch.

(Ghost Rider III#54 (fb) - BTS) - Having no further use of Linda, Deathwatch gave Linda over to Blackout, from whom she learned Dan Ketch was Ghost Rider. Despite professing his love for Linda, Blackout actually just loved killing and blood.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#15 - Ghost Rider's Supporting Cast entry - BTS) - Linda Wei left her career as a news reporter to become a pilot.

(Ghost Rider III#34 (fb) - BTS) - Linda Wei returned to her news career.

(Ghost Rider III#34) - Reporting from Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, Linda Wei informed viewers that police were investigating a series of grisly killings that were linked to Ghost Rider. Continuing, Linda reported that a street gang had been slaughtered in the Cemetary as well as Jimmy Pierson, who was wanted for several unsolved murders. She then had the camera focus on a message written in blood on a nearby gravestone, warning Ghost Rider that more would die until he could finish what he had originally started. She then commented that police were once again searching for Ghost Rider.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#131/3) - Linda Wei reported on a series of four murders committed by lovers and the most recent victim, super-model Harmony Young, a former ally of Luke Cage.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#135/3) - Linda Wei reported from a news helicopter, which hovered over a big fight between Luke Cage and a crowd controlled by the demon Darklove. Wishing for more footage Linda asked the pilot to turn around once again. Luke Cage jumped from a truck up to the helicopter and ripped off its door to escape the fight and use it as transport. Linda asked him who he was.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#136/3 - BTS) - The helicopter brought Luke Cage to the top of the building where Darklove was fighting Ghost Rider (Ketch).

(Ghost Rider III#44) - Recording a broadcast from the Salem Fields Cemetary in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, Linda Wei informed viewers that a team of hazardous waste specialists from the Environmental Protection Agency had arrived on the scene to investigate the possible toxic nature of a mist that was seeping from the Cemetary. She continued, stating that the police were refusing to comment on the disappearances of civilians and police officers who had entered the mist and that some were speculating on a link between the appearance of the mist and the last sighting of the Ghost Rider. When the mist spread further out, it affected the power, causing Linda's broadcast to be cut. Angrily demanding that the power be brought back online so that her broadcast could make the eleven o'clock news, Linda was shocked when her camera man Mike was grabbed by a strange, green arm and pulled behind the news van. Mike yelled for Linda to get help before screaming, prompting Linda to run for her life. Unable to see within the mist, Linda ran right into Ghost Rider, who promised she would not be harmed, only to be attacked himself by members of the Lilin. Once Ghost Rider had forced the Lilin to flee, Linda Wei was comforted by the Darkhold Redeemers' Vicki Montesi, who was allied with Ghost Rider. As the heroes ventured further into the Cemetary with Linda in tow, they found a massive fissure from which the mist was emanating. Finding Lilith and more Lilin in the center with Zarathos, Linda and the heroes fled and were eventually directed into a mausoleum by the enigmatic Caretaker. Following the heroes inside, Linda accompanied them through an underground passageway as the Lilin destroyed the Cemetary above ground. When the Lilin attacks threatened to cave in the underground passage, Johnny Blaze opted to go back above ground, shooting a passage through to the road above, where the heroes found Vengeance battling Blackout.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#149/1) - Linda Wei reported on the death of corrupt police officer David Johnson, who was involved in armed robbery and murder, and how Johnson had been linked to six crimes, his fatal sixth of which was interrupted by Ghost Rider. She then went on to say that Johnson's funeral was sparsely attended, leaving Johnson's son Billy to wonder what sort of man his father really was.

(Ghost Rider III#50) - Linda Wei appeared on television to report that mysterious dry lightning had appeared over the Cypress Hills Cemetary for three consecutive nights. She then commented that vigilante activity had increased in that area as criminals were being found brutally beaten and terrified. She then posed the question of whether Ghost Rider had returned.

(Ghost Rider III#54 (fb) - BTS) - Linda Wei began seeing a network executive named Wayne, whom she saw a shortcut to the top of her career.

(Ghost Rider III#54) - Sitting in her apartment in the dark, thinking about her past, Linda found herself with Wayne. Moments after Wayne suggested she call her apartment superintendent about the darkness, Blackout burst through Linda's window and nearly killed Wayne before Linda begged Blackout to stop. Admitting that on many a lonely night, his thoughts turned to Linda, Blackout killed Wayne as Linda thought about the past sins she had committed. Blackout then revealed that he was in the employ of a man who would like to ensure a certain assistant attorney general never achieved a higher status. He then kissed Linda and told her to try to wait up, as his job at the Federal Court Building shouldn't take long. As Blackout left, promising to return after taking care of the assistant attorney general, Linda thought to herself how much she wanted these events to stop. Linda then phoned Dan Ketch and revealed that she knew that he was Ghost Rider, warning that if he did not come to her apartment immediately, she would broadcast Ghost Rider's true identity on the following day's news report. Once Dan Ketch had arrived at her apartment, Linda revealed her past association with Deathwatch and how she had been given over to Blackout after Deathwatch had no further use of her. She also revealed that she had learned Ghost Rider's true identity via Blackout and explained that she had called Dan there to kill the returning Blackout. When Dan admitted that Ghost Rider did not kill, Linda pleaded with him, claiming that if he didn't then Blackout would. Linda then showed Dan the blood spot on her carpet where Blackout had killed Wayne and warned that she knew where Blackout was going to kill next, prompting Ghost Rider to go after Blackout. The following evening, Linda Wei appeared on television, where she publicly revealed she had been intentionally misleading the public into thinking Ghost Rider a criminal for months. Apologizing for grossly betraying the public's trust, Linda announced that she could no longer live with herself or the crimes she had committed and pulled a gun to her head just as the lights in the news studio went out. Pulling the gun away from Linda's head, Blackout warned that he would be seeing Danny Ketch soon and then killed Linda Wei himself.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira.

In Linda Wei's first appearance, her eyes were colored brown but in her appearance in Ghost Rider III#21, they were colored blue before returning to brown in Ghost Rider III#44. Either she wore blue contacts for a short time or it was a coloring error in #21.

In Ghost Rider III#54, we learn that Deathwatch gave Linda over to Blackout after he had no further use of her. The only place in her history where that event could have occurred was immediately following Deathwatch's usage of Linda to lure Ghost Rider into a building explosion. The way I see it, after Linda's negative stories on Ghost Rider proved false when her camera crew filmed Ghost Rider surviving the building explosion and saving lives, Deathwatch must have given Blackout permission to do what he wanted with Linda after she had failed to make Ghost Rider look bad. Deathwatch would have had to do that within minutes of Ghost Rider escaping the building rubble because Ghost Rider immediately went after Deathwatch following his escape. Since the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#15 (February, 1992) listed Linda Wei's occupation as a pilot with TV news reporter being her former occupation, it's very possible that she tried to get out of the news business as a pilot to escape Blackout before being forcibly brought back into the news reporting field, given that she was seen as a reporter in all of her further appearances.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Linda Wei has no KNOWN connections to:

Chuck has no KNOWN connections to:
Doug has no KNOWN connections to:
Mike has no KNOWN connections to:
Wayne has no KNOWN connections to:


Chuck was a news anchor for News at Six who introduced Linda Wei the night that she first reported on the "Getting Paid" violence and suggested that the Punisher and Ghost Rider could be the same person.

Chuck had no superhuman powers but presumably a skilled news reporter.

--Ghost Rider III#5 (seen only on a television screen)


Doug was Linda Wei's cameraman and drove the News at Six van when Linda Wei spotted Ghost Rider escaping the police. Stopping the van, Doug quickly tried to get the news camera ready and Linda warned him not to screw things up as this was going to be her hottest story ever.

Doug had no superhuman powers but was presumably a moderately skilled camera man.

--Ghost Rider III#5


Mike was another of Linda's camera men. He filmed her report on the mist emanating from the Cypress Hills Cemetary before being grabbed by one of the Lilin and pulled behind the news van. He yelled for Linda to get help as he was drug away.

Mike did not possess any superhuman powers but was a skilled camera man.

--Ghost Rider III#44


Wayne was a network executive that Linda was dating to get ahead in her career. When he found Linda sitting in the dark in her apartment, he asked about giving her superintendent a call but his conversation was quickly interrupted when Blackout burst through Linda's window and killed him.

Wayne had no superhuman powers.

--Ghost Rider III#54

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Ghost Rider III#5, p4, pan6 (Doug)
Ghost Rider III#44, p2, pan3 (Mike)
Ghost Rider III#54, p1, splash page (Wayne)

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