Real Name: Anton Hellgate

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Crimelord

Group Membership: His own criminal organization

Affiliations: Andre, Charles, Choam, Dread, Mr. Khali, Red Macklin, Mrs. Mirada, Pulaski, Rak, Ripper, Snowblind; possibly Carlo (see comments)

Enemies: Craig Blaze, Emma Blaze, John Blaze, Roxanne Blaze, Captain Arthur Dolan, Stacy Dolan, Fidel (cat), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Francis Ketch, Sgt. John Logan, Alec Maloni, Luz Santos, Shriker (Jack D'Auria), Lt. Jim Sokolowski, Vengeance (Michael Badilino)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Hon" (pet name given to him by Ripper)

Base of Operations: His lair on Long Island, New York, USA; formerly his mansion in Westchester County, New York, USA

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes): Ghost Rider III#47 (March, 1994); (holographic projection): Ghost Rider III#48 (April, 1994); (fully seen): Ghost Rider III#49 (May, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Due to genetic modification, Anton Hellgate had superhuman strength (lifting between 800 lbs.-25 tons), enhanced durability and possibly superhuman speed up to 700mph (see comments). Anton Hellgate could also project multiple types of energy from his body at varying intensities, ranging from destroying a gun in an opponent's hand to killing an opponent outright. When using these energies, his eyes glowed and the energy was created specifically to disrupt the synapses in Michael Badilino's brain to prevent him from transforming into Vengeance. The energy also had an especially damaging effect on Ghost Rider, another Spirit of Vengeance. On occasion, Anton Hellgate wore artificial wings capable of flight.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Green (glowing yellow)
Hair: Red

History: (Ghost Rider III#50 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Anton Hellgate stopped believing in magic and focused on science.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 5: Marvel Knights - Anton Hellgate entry - BTS) - Anton Hellgate became obsessed with thanatology, the study of death.

(Ghost Rider III#74 (fb) - BTS) - Anton Hellgate came to New York to capture and study the Ghost Rider, hoping to learn the source of the Rider's endless energies.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 5: Marvel Knights - Anton Hellgate entry - BTS) - Hellgate built a large criminal empire due to his scientific process of creating altered henchman out of corpses that he sold to the highest bidder and programmed for absolute loyalty.

(Ghost Rider III#48 (fb) - BTS) - Police officer Michael Badilino learned of Anton Hellgate's experiments with corpses and destroyed numerous experimental machines operated by Anton Hellgate. During this time, Badilino and Hellgate never met face-to-face.

(Ghost Rider III#50 (fb) - BTS) - Two years later, following the seeming death of Ghost Rider, Anton Hellgate became more determined than ever to harness the power possessed by Ghost Rider. After having his agents monitor to odd energy frequencies emanating from the Cypress Hills Cemetary, Hellgate ordered his men to bombard the Cemetary with every energy frequency known to man.

(Ghost Rider III#47 - BTS) - Anton Hellgate sent his agent, Dread, to kill police officers who were once part of a police squad with Michael Badilino. After killing Sgt. John Logan and commenting that Logan should never have stuck his nose in Hellgate's business, Dread was pursued by police Lt. Michael Badilino, who was forced to flee as Dread threatened Badilino with his sword and warned that Hellgate sent his regards. Sneaking into an alley and transforming into Vengeance, Badilino continued to chase down and battle Dread, who commented that Hellgate might be willing to recruit Vengeance as one of his agents, prompting Vengeance to threaten Dread, and Hellgate by association. The police soon arrived, inadvertently allowing Dread to escape when they focused their attention on Vengeance. Escaping, Badilino thought about how Hellgate seemed to be back in his life and, determined to vent his frustrations, Badilino transformed into Vengeance and visited the crimelord Carlo, who Vengeance dangled from a roof while demanding Hellgate's location. A terrified Carlo claimed that he had no connection to Hellgate, commenting that Anton Hellgate was insane. Not long after, Hellgate sent Dread to Badilino's apartment, hoping to kill Badilino as he had the other police officers. Finding the apartment empty, Dread was shocked to see Vengeance, whom Dread claimed was not part of Hellgate's plan. Dread then attempted to leave and return later for Badilino but Vengeance defeated Dread and left him for police, promising that Dread would pay for his murders and deliver Hellgate to Vengeance on a silver platter. As Vengeance departed, Dread whispered that once Anton Hellgate freed him from prison, Dread would be coming after Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#48 - BTS) - Michael Badilino gave Dread a serious beating in an effort to get Dread to give up Hellgate's location but Dread refused to give up any information, defiantly commenting that when all was said and done, Dread would still get his chance at killing Badilino on Hellgate's behalf. Once Badilino had left to cool off, Dread's body healed via his superhuman metabolism and Hellgate sent his agent Rak to bust Dread out of jail. Attempting to stop Rak, Michael Badilino was swatted aside and, determining that Rak was another of Anton Hellgate's agents, Badilino transformed into Vengeance. Beginning a battle in hopes of destroying Hellgate's agents before focusing on Hellgate personally, Vengeance was met by Spider-Man, who aided in the battle against both Rak and Dread. Despite Vengeance's insistence to Spider-Man that Dread and Rak were murderers like Hellgate himself, Spider-Man refused to kill the villains and eventually, Rak informed Dread that he was ordered only to retrieve Dread and return to Hellgate's warehouse headquarters. Minutes after Dread and Rake escaped, Spider-Man revealed that he had planted a spider-tracer on the two agents and both Spider-Man and Vengeance then used the tracer to locate Hellgate's warehouse headquarters, where the two heroes found Rak and Dread hooked up to Anton Hellgate's machines. Recalling his prior experience destroying Hellgate's machines, Vengeance unhooked Rak and Dread and demanded they tell him where Hellgate was located. During the battle with Rak and Dread, Spider-Man once more refused to kill the villains and the battle was interrupted by a holographic projection of Anton Hellgate himself, who admitted his interest in Ghost Rider and now Vengeance. When Rak and Dread attempted to explain their failure, the projection fired laser blasts that killed both of the agents and commented about how they should suffer in darkness for a time to think of their failures. Before dissipating, the projection promised Vengeance that they would be meeting soon.

(Ghost Rider III#50 (fb) - BTS) - Using data collected on Ghost Rider and Vengeance, Anton Hellgate scientifically discovered an energy-based means of harming both of the Spirits of Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#49 (fb) - BTS) - Anton Hellgate ordered two of his cyborg agents to find and neutralize Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#49) - Aboard a ship in the south China Sea, off the coast of Hong Kong, Anton Hellgate met with Mr. Khali, whom he asked how things were going regarding Hellgate's search for information on both Ghost Rider and Vengeance. When Khali reported that the plans for Ghost Rider for going on pace but that more data needed collecting on Vengeance and the expenditures during the attempts to gain that data were enormous, Hellgate blasted Khali dead, commenting that the expenditures of Hellgate's operations were of no concern. He then ordered the rest of the men present to proceed with collecting the data Hellgate desired. As Hellgate departed, Vengeance battled the Hulk, mistakenly thinking the Hulk to be an ally of Hellgate and unaware that the battle was being observed by cyborg agents of Hellgate. Eventually, the cyborgs attacked Vengeance when they thought Hulk was going to kill him, wishing to bring Vengeance to Hellgate alive. When Hulk joined the fight against the cyborgs, however, they were easily defeated.

(Ghost Rider III#50) - Weeks after his initial research into the Cypress Hills Cemetary energy emanations, Anton Hellgate visited Cypress Hills Cemetary, where he confronted Lt. Michael Badilino personally. Using his energy blasts to disrupt Badilino's brain synapses and keep him from transforming into Vengeance, Hellgate picked Badilino up and revealed his desire to obtain the power of Ghost Rider. When Hellgate monologued that Vengeance also had that power, Badilino spit in Hellgate's face, prompting Anton to hurl Badilino into a nearby tree. Badilino quickly recovered and ran, prompting Hellgate's aide Andre to inform Hellgate of Badilino's escape. Anton Hellgate quickly replied that Badilino was running to his friends where Hellgate could follow. Hellgate then asked Andre to stay there, as Hellgate planned on making a night out of the chase for Badilino. Tracking Badilino to his allies, Anton Hellgate attacked Badilino, who disappeared in a blast of energy. Hellgate then returned to attack Ghost Rider, who ordered John Blaze to get his family to safety. Revealing his interest in obtaining Ghost Rider's power, Hellgate announced that his energy bombardment of Cypress Hills Cemetary must have resurrected Ghost Rider and that now, Ghost Rider would belong to Hellgate for dissection on the genetic level. When John Blaze tried to aid Ghost Rider, Anton Hellgate shot an energy blast at Blaze's car, causing it to explode and seemingly kill Blaze's family. Seeing Blaze's family die renewed Ghost Rider's vigor and he grabbed Hellgate by the hand then severed the hand and subjected Hellgate to the Penance Stare. Subsequently recovering, Hellgate admitted that he had underestimated the departing Ghost Rider and, after having witnessed Ghost Rider's power first hand, Hellgate monologued that he would use the captured Vengeance to find a way to defeat Ghost Rider. Later, Dan Ketch thought to himself that his resurrection could not have been purely Hellgate's doing and that he would find a way to make Anton Hellgate pay for his misdeeds.

(Ghost Rider III#52 (fb) - BTS) - Anton Hellgate had Vengeance tortured and tested, leaving him in a partially transformed state, in an attempt to access Vengeance's power.

(Ghost Rider III#52) - Weeks later, after Ghost Rider began an intense search for Hellgate, Anton visited the tortured Vengeance and admitted that he had found out nearly there was to learn from torture. Hellgate then announced that dissection was the next step unless Vengeance would be willing to explain how he gained his superhuman powers. As Hellgate ordered the dissection of the still-defiant Vengeance, Ghost Rider was tracking Hellgate's operations through a variety of corrupt organizations including corporate boardrooms, bars and factory complexes, eventually destroying Hellgate's private jets and luxury yachts. Using Vengeance's journals, Ghost Rider made his way to Hellgate's Westchester County mansion, where he was soon surrounded by several of Hellgate's cyborg guards wielding blasters that used the same energy Hellgate used to disrupt Vengeance's transformations. With the aid of the enigmatic Shriker, Ghost Rider drove off the cyborg guards and busted into the mansion, freeing Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#52/2 - BTS) - As he made his way towards the west coast, Vengeance raided a facility in the Colorado Rocky Mountains searching for information on the location of Anton Hellgate. A terrified facility operative admitted that Hellgate contracted his agents out and that the operatives inside the facility had never actually seen Hellgate. Annoyed, Vengeance tossed the operative aside, only to be confronted by government agent Uno, who attempted to arrest Vengeance. When Uno's weapons proved useless against Vengeance, one of Uno's soldiers found a still-living operative and Uno ordered the operative's interrogation, angry that Vengeance had cost her months of work setting up her own raid of the facility. Shortly thereafter, Michael Badilino met with Uno and announced that he was taking over the file on Anton Hellgate from Uno. He also announced that he was heading out west to run Hellgate into the ground.

(Ghost Rider III#61) - Anton Hellgate met with Rak and Dread in New York Bay, where he reminded them of their past failures. Dread promised that after the past failure with Vengeance, he and Rak would like to start fresh. Agreeing to give them another chance, Hellgate ordered them to retrieve Ghost Rider that night or die. Shortly after finding Ghost Rider at a church, Dread and Rak prepared to capture Ghost Rider, who transformed back into Dan Ketch, and deliver him to Anton Hellgate. When Daredevil and Punisher got involved to protect Ketch, Dread and Rak fled, with Dread commenting that Hellgate would probably be mad at them for failing. After their departure, the police gunned down Ghost Rider on television. Hearing the news reports from his boat in New York Bay, Hellgate exclaimed that Ghost Rider's injuries better be Dread and Rak's doing.

(Ghost Rider III#66) - Some of Hellgate's employees spoke with Anton over the phone, warning Hellgate that he was supposed to provide security for their operation. Ghost Rider soon disrupted the operation, easily defeating the gunmen and picking up their cellphone. From the other end of the call, Anton Hellgate heard Ghost Rider's threats that he was coming for Hellgate before Ghost Rider crushed the phone. Hellgate muttered to himself for Ghost Rider to come, as he would be ready for Ghost Rider this time.

(Ghost Rider III#69) - Angry that Ghost Rider had disrupted yet another of his operations, Anton Hellgate broke the neck of the agent he was interrogating. He then ordered the remaining agents present to contact Choam. Later, Hellgate met personally with Choam, whom he asked to kill in anyway he could. Hellgate also informed Choam that if Choam spilled enough blood, Ghost Rider would come straight to him. Hellgate's words proved true when Ghost Rider arrived to halt Choam's rampage.

(Ghost Rider III#74 (fb) - BTS) - Following an "unfortunate incident" with the Punisher, Anton Hellgate experimented on the deceased Snowblind, resurrecting him, augmenting his powers and setting Snowblind up to manage some of his investments.

(Ghost Rider III#72 (fb) - BTS) - Anton Hellgate was contracted by criminal heads Red Macklin, Pulaski and Mrs. Mirada to provide protection for them.

(Ghost Rider III#71 - BTS) - While a group of druglords affiliated with Hellgate discussed the territorial rights to New York following a possible mob skirmish, Anton Hellgate sent Snowblind to retrieve his cut of the money made by the druglords. Since the particular group had been barely making their minimum cut to Hellgate, Snowblind informed them that they were expected to have a 25% increase the next time. As Snowblind departed, he thought to himself that he would have to make an example of one of the druglords to keep them from gossiping about Hellgate's plans.

(Ghost Rider III#72 - BTS) - After criminals loosely affiliated with Anton Hellgate were turning up dead, a gathering of three local criminal heads met at the Nuvue Centurion Hotel Coliseum Room to meet with Anton Hellgate. Instead, Hellgate's agent Snowblind appeared, prompting the criminal heads to demand to know why Hellgate was not providing the protection he had been contracted to provide. In response, Snowblind hit Pulaski with his cane and warned that if he could not speak to Snowblind with a civil tongue that he would not have a tongue to speak with. Snowblind then continued, informing the criminal heads that Hellgate was aware of the situation involving the murder of goons associated with Hellgate. He then presented the criminal heads with a set of molecular rearrangement guns, which Snowblind claimed could protect them from Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#73) - Annoyed that Snowblind was making a public spectacle of his ambush of Ghost Rider, Anton Hellgate personally traveled to Borum Street in the Bronx to confront Snowblind, nearly hitting local resident Luz Santos with his car before getting out and telling his chauffeur to stay put. Ignoring Luz, Hellgate yelled at Snowblind for making a spectacle but received no response. Once Snowblind was defeated, Hellgate found the public defeat intolerable and summoned his agents Rak, Dread and Ripper from his car. Confronting the seriously injured Ghost Rider face-to-face, Anton explained that it would be the last time he and Ghost Rider since Ghost Rider had seemingly been killing Hellgate's associates. In retaliation, Hellgate unleashed his agents on the injured Ghost Rider, who further injured Ghost Rider before police Captain Arthur Dolan ordered all present to freeze, much to surprise of Anton Hellgate. When Hellgate's agents were defeated by the newly arrived John Blaze, Anton Hellgate returned to his vehicle and ordered his chauffeur to take him home, monologuing that Ghost Rider would soon be destroyed along with anyone else foolish enough to stand in his way.

(Ghost Rider III#74) - From his Long Island lair, Anton Hellgate was lost in thoughts of possibly losing sight of his original goals of capturing Ghost Rider when his agents returned, asking about why Hellgate had left them behind to escape police. Angry at their failures, Hellgate announced that he had begun to wonder why he had resurrected them all in the first place and accused Snowblind of passing his patterns of failure onto Hellgate's other agents. Hellgate then blasted them all and exclaimed that he should have wiped their personalities clean when he restored them to life. When Ripper grumbled, Hellgate grabbed her and harshly reminded her that none of his agents were capable of harming him. Leaving his beaten agents on the ground, Anton Hellgate ordered Snowblind to inform his chauffeur that they would be leaving within an hour, unaware that Snowblind was secretly plotting against him.

(Ghost Rider III#75) - At the Gran Aventura Hotel's grand ballroom in Atlantic City, Anton Hellgate and his agents attended the Annual Mobsters' Cotillion, where Lt. Sokolowski and Alec Maloni were revealed as undercover cops. To take care of Sokolowski, Hellgate asked for a firearm from Ripper and fired a shot into Sokolowski, whose kevlar vest took the brunt of the damage but the impact knocked Sokolowski unconscious. With Alec Maloni already unconscious from a gun to the head, Hellgate ordered Rak to take Sokolowski and Maloni to his car in hopes that he might use their bodies for spare parts at a later date. Later that evening, Anton Hellgate gave a presentation to the other mobsters in which he blasted a group of skeptical mobsters to prove his point that their staff could be easily destroyed. He then presented the idea of the mobsters using Hellgate's custom-made resurrected soldiers and proved how incapable they were of harming him by shooting Rak, who shrugged off the gunfire without retaliation. Despite Snowblind's thoughts that Hellgate obviously wanted more than just money from the mobsters, Hellgate offered to create soldiers for the mobsters. When Ghost Rider and Vengeance fell through the roof during a battle, Anton Hellgate opted to let the Spirits of Vengeance thin out the mobsters rather than send his agents to aid them.

(Ghost Rider III#76) - During the scuffle between Ghost Rider and Vengeance, Anton Hellgate noticed police Captain Arthur Dolan cradling his gravely injured daughter Stacy. After Rak knocked Captain Dolan aside, Hellgate ordered Rak to take the unconscious Stacy Dolan to his car with the other unconscious special agents. After an explosion rocked the Gran Aventura, Anton and his agents found themselves facing Ghost Rider, John Blaze, Stacy Dolan, Alec Maloni and others. Announcing that he originally simply wanted to experiment on Ghost Rider and his allies, he now simply wanted them all dead and Anton quickly motioned for Snowblind, who was knocked out by Ghost Rider's motorcycle before he could erect a white light field. A massive battle erupted between Ghost Rider and his allies, and Hellgate and his agents, with Hellgate facing Ghost Rider one-on-one. Seeing a chance to take out the weakened Hellgate, Vengeance rushed at Hellgate, who ordered Ripper to keep Vengeance away until he could regroup. As Vengeance ordered Ghost Rider to get his allies to safety, Anton Hellgate's agents dogpiled on Vengeance, who subsequently exploded in a massive blast of hellfire, killing Anton Hellgate and most of his agents in the process. In the aftermath of the explosion, only Snowblind managed to walk away.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 5: Marvel Knights - Anton Hellgate entry - BTS) - Given the nature of Hellgate's thanatological research, it was assumed that he and his agents could be revived.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Ron Garney and Chris Ivy.

While the crimelord Carlo claimed that he had no connection to the insane Anton Hellgate, it seems likely that he did...otherwise, why would Vengeance come after him to learn Hellgate's location in the first place?

Anton Hellgate had a profile in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 5: Marvel Knights (2004). In that profile, his speed was listed as a 3 (superhuman up to 700mph). While he was not shown to move at superhuman speed in battle, it's very possible that the speed rating referred to Hellgate's flight speed while wearing the artificial wings.

Anton's hair was miscolored blonde in Ghost Rider III#66 and gray in Ghost Rider III#73.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Anton Hellgate has no KNOWN connections to:

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Andre was a chauffeur for Anton Hellgate. When Hellgate visited Cypress Hills Cemetary to confront Michael Badilino, Andre drove Hellgate there and watched as Badilino attempted to shoot Hellgate, only to have his gun destroyed in his hand by Anton Hellgate. Andre subsequently informed Hellgate of Badilino's escape but Hellgate responded by saying that Badilino was only leading him to Badilino's friends. Hellgate then told Andre to remain at the Cemetary while Hellgate chased Badilino down.

--Ghost Rider III#50


Carlo was a criminal who employed several goons and resided in a large office. When Vengeance was searching for Anton Hellgate's location, he visited Carlo, easily taking down Carlo's guards. Arriving inside Carlo's office, Vengeance mockingly commented that Carlo's guards didn't think that Carlo would want to talk to him and then asked Carlo to tell his guards that they were mistaken. Carlo snarkly asked if it was Halloween, prompting Vengeance to dangle Carlo off the edge of his roof and demand to know Anton Hellgate's location. When the now-terrified Carlo screamed that he didn't know Hellgate's location, further claiming that he didn't mess with the insane Hellgate, Vengeance departed.

--Ghost Rider III#47


Charles was another chauffeur of Anton Hellgate's. He drove Hellgate and his agents to Borum Street in the Bronx to confront Snowblind for his public ambush of Ghost Rider. When Hellgate's agents were defeated, Hellgate returned to his car and ordered Charles to take him home.

--Ghost Rider III#73

Mr. Khali

Mr. Khali was an employee of Anton Hellgate's who originally led the search for data on Ghost Rider and Vengeance. While meeting with Hellgate in the south China Sea, Khali reported that the data collection on Ghost Rider was moving ahead on schedule but then commented that more data needed collecting on Vengeance. Khali also mentioned that the expenditures needed to gain data on Vengeance were enormous, prompting Hellgate to blast Khali dead and comment on how the expenditures were of no concern to Hellgate.

--Ghost Rider III#49d

Red Macklin

Red Macklin was a west side gun runner who had contracted Anton Hellgate for protection. When several criminal associates of Hellgate were turning up dead, Red Macklin gathered with Pulaski and Mrs. Mirada to meet with Anton Hellgate, only to be met by Hellgate's agent Snowblind instead. Snowblind gave all of the criminal heads present molecular rearrangment guns that he claimed were capable of taking care of Ghost Rider.

--Ghost Rider III#72

Mrs. Mirada

Mrs. Mirada was the owner of the Hidden Casinos franchise and had contracted Anton Hellgate for protection. When criminal affiliates of Anton Hellgate were being murdered, Mrs. Mirada gathered together with Pulaski and Red Macklin to meet with Anton Hellgate. They were instead met by Hellgate's agent Snowblind, who gave them all molecular rearrangement guns that he claimed could take care of Ghost Rider.

--Ghost Rider III#72


Pulaski was the proprietor of seventeen brothels in Manhattan and had contracted Anton Hellgate for protection. When several affiliates of Hellgate were murdered, Pulaski gathered with Red Macklin and Mrs. Mirada to meet with Anton Hellgate. Extremely impatient and annoyed that Hellgate was making them wait so long, Pulaski angrily demanded to know why Hellgate was seemingly not providing the protection he was contracted for when Hellgate's agent Snowblind appeared in Hellgate's stead. Annoyed at Pulaski's tone, Snowblind hit him with his cane, reminding Pulaski to speak to him with a civil tongue lest Pulaski not have a tongue to speak with. Agreeing and calming down, Pulaski was given molecular rearrangment guns that Snowblind claimed could take out Ghost Rider.

--Ghost Rider III#72

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