Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Human (Post-World War II era) (see comments)

Occupation: Businessman

Group Membership: None 

Affiliations: Charles, Mr. Danning, Ola Montero, Frank Richards, Thelma

Enemies: Charles, Mr. Danning, Frank Richards, Thelma

Known Relatives: Thelma (daughter)

Aliases: Cucaracho, Enchillado, Grapefruit, Pumperneekel, Tortilla (Ola Montero's nicknames for him)

Base of Operations: Mobile;    
Post-World War II era

First Appearance: Uncanny Tales I#3/1 (October, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Malvern was a skilled businessman and a crafty negotiator.

History: (Uncanny Tales I#3/1 (fb)) - Malvern was a wealthy businessman who disliked anyone asking him for anything. He found the quickest way to deal with people who wanted favors was to silently stare at them. In the course of a day at the office he gave the silent treatment to Mr. Danning, his daughter Thelma and her fiancé Frank Richards, and his manservant Charles. Afterwards he met his girlfriend Ola Montero, who asked him to come away to Brazil with her. He accepted the offer, and went back to his office to get some money for the trip from his hidden vault. As he was gathering up cash he heard Frank, Charles, Thelma and Danning all entering his office. Malvern was terrified of them discovering where he kept his money, so he locked himself in the vault. As soon as the door swung shut he remembered that the vault only opened from the outside. He screamed for help, but no one heard him, and he soon ran out of air.

Comments: Created by an unnamed writer and Jack Keller.

As with many 1950's and 1960's Marvel monster stories, this story is not confirmed as part of Earth-616 continuity, but there's nothing to exclude it either.
    --Leave it in unless something rules it out!--Snood.

This story was a flashback narrated by Andrew himself. It was hinted that he now exists only as a ghostly, disembodied voice, but the narration could also have been provided by a near-death and nearly insane Andrew.

This story ("He Died Screaming") was reprinted in Crypt of Shadows #16.


Andrew Malvern has no known connection to:

Frank Richards has no known connection to:


Malvern's loyal servant. He asked Malvern for a paid vacation, but his request was denied. He returned to Malvern's office later that day to tell his boss that he was going away to spend time on his son's farm, but Malvern was nowhere to be seen.

--Uncanny Tales I#3/1(fb)






Mr. Danning

Scientist who discovered a possible way to prevent cancer. He asked Malvern to fund his research, but was rebuffed. He returned to Malvern's office later that day to tell him he had gotten a government grant, but Malvern was nowhere to be seen.

--Uncanny Tales I#3/1(fb)






Ola Montero

Malvern's girlfriend. She told him she was returning to her native Brazil, and asked him to come along. After he accepted she told him to bring her lots of money for the trip.

--Uncanny Tales I#3/1(fb)






Frank Richards

Thelma's fiancée. He told Malvern about his engagement to Thelma, and asked for Malvern's blessing and some money. He received only a blank stare. He returned to Malvern's office later that day to tell him he had gotten a lucrative publishing contract, but Malvern was nowhere to be seen.

--Uncanny Tales I#3/1(fb)







Malvern's daughter and the fiancée of Frank Richards.

--Uncanny Tales I#3/1(fb)






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Crypt of Shadows #16 (March, 1974)

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