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Real Name: Joe (presumably) 

Identity/Class: Supernatural being (jinn)

Occupation: Servant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Rupert Daley (master)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Marvel Tales I#137/5 (August, 1955)

Powers/Abilities: A benevolent magical entity, Joe could manifest himself on the earthly plane through the medium of shaving cream. He would normally appear at a height of about 18 inches, although his size would diminish after he exerted himself; he would later reappear at his normal height after resting. His powers were largely undefined, but he was capable of accomplishing any physical tasks assigned to him with remarkable speed and efficiency, and he had a knack for making profitable financial investments. He could also levitate (and possibly teleport) himself.


(Marvel Tales I#137/5 (fb) - BTS) - The past of Joe is unknown, but under mysterious circumstances he became confined inside a can of shaving cream. 

(Marvel Tales I#137/5) - Rupert Daley purchased the shaving cream at a drugstore. The next morning as he began shaving, Daley pressed the button on the can and Joe appeared in the foam. The little jinn introduced himself and told Rupert he was there to help him. The apprehensive Daley declined the offer, locked Joe in his apartment, and rushed off to work. When Rupert arrived at the office, he found Joe already there waiting for him, so he let the annoyingly accommodating jinn take over his job duties. Joe finished Rupert's business accounts perfectly a week ahead of schedule, and he even wrote a memo suggesting a new auditing system. Daley presented Joe's finished work as his own to his boss, Mr. Franklin; Franklin was impressed that Rupert was showing such initiative and told him he'd have a big future with the firm if he kept up the good work. Seeing Joe as his big chance to finally move up in his career, Rupert went back to his desk to check on the jinn and found that Joe was now only a few inches tall because he had exerted himself so much; the jinn continued to shrink until he disappeared. Rupert was worried that Joe was gone for good, but the next morning the jinn reappeared when Daley was shaving, and Joe was ready to go to work again. Secretly using the jinn's aid, Rupert advanced up the corporate ladder until he was promoted to vice-president of the company; Joe also wisely invested Daley's money and brought him great wealth. But Rupert became a victim of his own success--because of the work-related stress brought about by his increased job responsibilities, his once-friendly demeanor was gone, his personal relationships soured, and he longed to return to his simpler life. The next morning, Rupert found the can of shaving cream empty, and he was glad because Joe was gone as well. Without the jinn's help, Daley ended up getting demoted back to his former desk job, and he lost all his money, yet he was happy because his life was back to the way it was before he met Joe. But on the day of Rupert's wedding, Joe unexpectedly reappeared when Rupert mixed some lather in his old shaving mug. The little jinn told the frustrated Daley he was back to help him again!

Comments: Created by an uncredited writer and John Tartaglione (art).

A jinn is a supernatural creature from which the word "genie" is derived; for more information, see HERE

This story was featured on this issue's cover (by Carl Burgos), where Joe appears as an ominous, ethereal giant wearing a turban--I guess they thought it would sell better with a scarier cover. 

Joe was an atypical genie in both his appearance and his powers (i.e., he didn't spontaneously alter reality), and he looked more like an elf--maybe this was just a part-time gig when he wasn't working for Santa Claus

Yeah, a jinn appearing in shaving cream is silly, but remember that the Golden Age Vision (Aarkus) transported himself through ordinary smoke (from cigarettes, car exhaust, etc.). 

Hey Rupe, here's an easy way to get rid of Joe: Just grow a beard! 

And a BIG Thank You to Atlas Tales for the scans!

Profile by John Kaminski.

Joe the Jinn has no known connections to:

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Rupert ponders his shaving cream

Rupert Daley

Rupert Daley steppin' out

Rupert Daley was a low-level office employee (possibly an accountant) for an unidentified business firm; although a competent worker, he wasn't very ambitious and never sought to advance his career because he was happy with his simple life. The affable "Rupe" was well liked by his co-workers. One evening, he was out with his fiancee Claire Norris and she gave him an ultimatum: Either he had to better himself and make more money, or else she would break off their engagement. Rupert promised Claire he would work harder, then later stopped at a drugstore to buy a can of shaving cream. The next morning, he pushed the button on the can and a jinn name Joe appeared in the foam. Rupert eventually had Joe secretly do his work at the office. He realized that with the jinn's help, he could become a success at his job and he wouldn't lose his beloved Claire. With Joe doing all his work, Rupert was promoted to vice-president of the company, and he attained great wealth. But along with his greater job responsibilities came a change in Rupert's demeanor (as his co-workers first noticed)--gone was the friendly, easy-going "Rupe" and in his place was the dour and aloof "Mr. Daley". And Claire felt neglected because Rupert was always too busy with his job to pay any attention to her, so she broke up with him. Rupert became depressed--he had power and money, yet he felt miserable because he had lost his friends and his fiancee. The next morning, Rupert found the can of shaving cream out of lather and Joe didn't appear, but he was glad because the jinn seemed to be gone. With Joe no longer there to help him, Rupert lost his fortune and he was demoted back to his former desk job; but with his simpler life back, Daley became his old self again, and his co-workers were glad to see "Rupe" return; best of all, he made up with Claire and their engagement was back on! On the day of his wedding, Rupert mixed some lather in his old shaving mug, and he was greatly perturbed when Joe suddenly returned, eager to do his bidding again.

--Marvel Tales I#137/5

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