Real Name: Owl

Identity/Class: Human magic user; (unknown citizenship; see comments)

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: Unnamed tribe at the Amazon

AffiliationsDimbura, Dr. Strange

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A village somewhere at the Amazon River

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#31/2 (March, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: He was still a student of the magic arts and mastered only smaller spells, but he also knew a few more powerful spells though he didn't have much control over them. One of those more powerful spells was the transformation into a flying creature (see right picture).


(Marvel Fanfare I#31/2 (fb) - BTS) - For an unknown time, Dimbura taught Owl about the mystic arts. One day Owl began to send out spells and disturbed Dr. Strange twice in a week. When the spell disturbed Dr. Strange for the third time he decided to follow it.

(Marvel Fanfare I#31/2) - The spell returned to Owl, and Dimbura berated him to never do this again before she had taught him the proper methods. Dr. Strange's astral form appeared, and Dimbura was shocked that Owl had disturbed him. Owl showed no respect and transformed into an animal body while telling Strange and Dimbura that the great magics shouldn't be hidden from him because he could master them. Strange broke Owl's spell and he returned to his human form. Owl didn't care if he was abused further by Dr. Strange. He didn't want to wait his whole life to learn powerful magic. Dr. Strange understood and allowed Owl to experience the journey of life in the flash of an instant. He used a spell on Dimbura's book and gave it to Owl. The student lived a reflection of Dr. Strange's life and he loved it. At the end Dr. Strange gave Owl the choice to end his journey by becoming an adult in an instant or to live his life for real. Owl decided to live his life for real. Dr. Strange was proud that Owl learned his lesson and left.




Comments: Created by Mark Wheatley.

The Amazon River runs through Brasil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. There was no further clue given to where Owl came from and I won't take a wild guess.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Owl should be distinguished from:


(Marvel Fanfare I#31/2) - She was the priestess of a tribe at the Amazon River. She taught Owl about magic and saw his potential, but he was impatient and used magics she hadn't properly taught him. She hit him with a book when he used a powerful spell again and was shocked when she learned that Owl had disturbed Dr. Strange with the spell. She explained Owl's problem to Dr. Strange and watched how Strange taught Owl a valuable lesson.

--Marvel Fanfare I#31/2


Owl transformed: Marvel Fanfare I#31, back cover
Owl body shot: Marvel Fanfare I#31, p24, pan8
Dimbura head shot: Marvel Fanfare I#31, p24, pan3

Marvel Fanfare I#31 (March, 1987) - Mark Wheatley (writer/artist), Al Milgrom (editor)

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