Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassDemon (Class 3)

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ecstasy (Renée Deladier);
unwilling pawns Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Jack the Ripper (Dr. Gregory Rossilli), others;
possibly Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa)

Enemies: Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Day (Anthony Zerbe), Father Francis Delgado, Jack the Ripper (Dr. Gregory Rossilli), Lord of Light, Mr. Jip, Night (Lea Farr), Rodent, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Dr. Stephen Strange, Zapper (Caesar Cirigliano), many others;
indirectly Farouk al-Fasaud, Union Jack (Joey Chapman) (they destroyed Ecstasy's connection to the Darkforce dimension)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Darkness", "Shadow"

Base of Operations: Darkforce dimension

First Appearance: (BTS) Spectacular Spider-Man II#64 (1982); (shadowed) Cloak & Dagger II#1 (1985); (full) Cloak & Dagger II#6 (1986); (identified) Cloak & Dagger II#10 (1987)

Powers/Abilities: The Predator is a millennia old, shape-shifting demon from the Darkforce dimension. He feeds upon the life force of people caught in his realm when their defenses were weakened by desperation caused by the nightmarish illusions he made them live through in the Darkforce Dimension. Psychically connected to Cloak and Ecstasy the Predator is the reason why Cloak hungers for the light of life. Predator is trained in black magic that he utilizes to trap souls on their way to Hell and to create scrying energy globes. On Earth Predator can only exist when surrounded by Darkforce.

Height: 7'2" (variable)
Weight: 510 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Red (variable)
Hair: Green (variable)


(Marvel Graphic Novel: Predator and Prey - BTS/Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 - BTS) - Predator ruled over a pocket within the Darkforce dimension for approximately 2500 years. During his reign he waylaid many souls of evil men on their way to Hell.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Predator and Prey (fb) - BTS) - Jack the Ripper (Dr. Gregory Rossilli), a serial killer, who had moved to New York city was buried alive in a cave-in on a construction site of the Holy Ghost Church, and died. On his way to Hell the Ripper's soul was waylaid by the Predator, and kept imprisoned with the souls of other evil men.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#64/Cloak & Dagger I#1/Cloak & Dagger I#4 (all fb) - BTS/Cloak & Dagger: Predator & Prey GN (fb) ) - Mutated by a snynthetic heroin created by Simon Marshall Tyrone Johnson was transformed into a portal to Predator's portion of the Darkforce dimension. Satiated by the equally mutated Tandy Bowen (later known as Dagger)'s light-powers, the Predator saw an opportunity for never-ending nourishment provided to him by Cloak. Allowing Cloak to stay a portal to his realm, Predator watched as the two runaways became the vigilantes Cloak and Dagger.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Predator and Prey/Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 - BTS) - Though Cloak was a realiable source for sustenance Cloak often fought his addiction to light, not knowing a demon was behind it, feeding Predator only enough to survive. Predator despised Cloak for fighting his "addiction" to light.

(Cloak & Dagger II#1 - BTS) - Father Delgado was driven insane by the images shown to him on a short stay in the Darkforce dimension. Dagger saved him before the Predator could feed on him. (Predator:"Hahaha! Weak-minded human!")

(Cloak & Dagger II#1) - Unable to attack due to Dagger's light the Predator watched from afar as Dagger and innocent people caught by Cloak in the Holy Ghost Church escaped his realm. (Predator:"Come on! >:( ")

(Cloak & Dagger II#3) - Predator closed in on criminals caught by Cloak, but Dagger convinced Cloak to release them before the Predator fed too much on them. (Predator:"Tastes like chicken!")

(Cloak & Dagger II#5) - A bartender caught by Cloak was slowly driven insane by the Predator's illusions in the Darkforce dimension, but once again Cloak released the man before Predator could take his life. Later on a corrupt police officer drove through the Darkforce dimension with his car...was nearly driven insane...and landed in the sea. (Predator:"*nomnomnomnomnom*")

(Cloak & Dagger II#6) - Mayhem tossed a criminal into Cloak, but before the Predator could feed too much on him Dagger arrived inside the darkness to drive off the demon. She left him behind when the criminal refused to betray his superiors. Predator fed on the criminal and Cloak was hardly able to release him again. When Cloak was finally able to let him out the criminal was barely alive. (Predator:"The girl was on my side? By the outer darkness, what is this madness?")

(Cloak & Dagger II#7) - Cloak and Dagger boarded the Santa Angela, a smuggling ship headed for Europe. A member of the crew found them and Cloak caught him within the Darkforce dimension. Dagger pulled him out before the Predator fed too much upon him. (Predator:"*nomnomnom* Seafood!")

   Later on Cloak caught some corrupt French policemen and smugglers from the ship in the Darkforce dimension, but Cloak soon released them again taking Predator away his meal once again. (Predator:"Sacrebleu! The French are invading my realm? Lets eat them! :)")

(Dr. Strange II#78) - A drug dealer led Cloak to French drug merchant Ecstasy. Cloak engulfed her within the darkness, but the "Darkness" liked Ecstasy and enabled her to control the darkness, but Dr. Strange, whose Cloak of Levitation was mended by the extradimensional weaver Enitharmon, incidentally came across a Darkforce dimension portal within Enitharmon's house and heard Cloak's screams. Entering the portal to aid Cloak against Ecstasy, Dr. Strange ultimately distracted the "Darkness" (the Predator for those not in the know) with the Eye of Agamotto's light. The "Darkness" rejected Cloak and Ecstasy, who escaped through a portal opened by Strange, who soon followed them and sealed the portal from Earth. Cloak once again controlled the Darkness and wasn't too happy about it. (Predator:"I keep that chick on speed dial. She seems to be my kind of human female.")

(Cloak & Dagger II#10) - Cloak caught Dr. Doom, but Doom saw the stalking Predator and attacked him. The pain inflicted upon the Predator was felt by Cloak and he was forced to release Doom. (Predator:"Don't shoot me! Are you even a real doctor? Dammit!")

(Strange Tales II#1/1 - BTS) - The Lord of Light overloaded Cloak with bio-energy, cutting Cloak off from the Darkforce dimension temporarily. (Predator:"Dagger's daddy is worse than her...*blargh*!")

(Strange Tales II#2/1 - BTS) - Cloak sent some of Lord of Light's followers to the Darkforce dimension. (Predator:"Twice the light they should are they trying to copy me?")

(Strange Tales II#2/1) - Lord of Light once again attempted to oversatiate the darkness and ultimately plunged himself into the darkness where he became a victim of the Predator. Lord of Light's sacrifice once again cut Cloak off from the Darkforce dimension. (Predator:"A minor setback after a big meal! I'm feeling good, nananananana! :D")

(Strange Tales II#3/1 - BTS/Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 - BTS) - Whenever the demons inside the Darkforce dimension, including, and most importantly Predator, were satiated Cloak was turned back into his human form from this point on.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Predator & Prey) - When Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) accidentally sent undercover cops to the Darkforce dimension he was left by his Dagger and driven away from the Holy Ghost Church with holy water by Father Delgado. Cloak stopped feeding on humans because he believed himself to be a "demon" after this incident. Predator grew hungry, angry and then afraid because his connection on Earth no longer provided him with sustencance. The Predator took action to drive Cloak insane and ultimately reunite him with Dagger by sending the soul of Jack the Ripper (Dr. Rossilli) to Earth. The Ripper left the Darkforce dimension through Cloak and slew his first man, a criminal, right after Cloak had left. Predator kept a psychic connection to the Ripper and promised him he would stay alive as long as he wanted if he killed people in a way that Cloak could be blamed for the murders. The Ripper turned immediately on Predator and planned to close the portal to the Darkforce dimension by slaying Cloak. After the Ripper's first murder Dagger started searching for Cloak because Dagger believed him to be behind the murder. Meanwhile the Ripper used the Predator's darkness to remold Cloak's surroundings to make the area like it had looked around 100 years ago, driving Cloak, who slowly started to believe that he was the murderer, insane. Predator liked the Ripper's style, but not his scheming and reminded the Ripper that Ripper's existence in the world of the living was dependent on Predator's powers. Ripper threatened the Predator to strand him in the Darkforce dimension without sustenance after learning to feed himself.

   After more murders by the Ripper the Predator beseeched Cloak to feed him to strengthen them both, but Cloak resisted Predator's influence. After another murder the Ripper came across Dagger and wondered if he could absorb her powers to close the portal to the Darkforce dimension forever. Predator grew incensed by Ripper's treachery and told him to feed him for bringing him back to Earth, but the Ripper did no such thing. Shortly after Dagger was reunited with Cloak and fed him with light. He took the light she gave him, but it oversatiated Predator, who fled further back into the Darkforce dimension. Ripper had followed her and was going to take her life. Predator watched and hoped Ripper would succeed, so he could strengthen his hold over Cloak once again and then get his revenge on Ripper in the near future, but before Ripper slew her he revealed the existence of the Predator to Cloak and Dagger. The realization made Cloak even more determined to feed only those deserving punishment or none to the "Darkness". Predator grew afraid. Dagger stepped aside and Cloak pulled the Ripper into the Darkforce dimension where he was tormented by Predator with Ripper's fear of being dissected by surgeons. Dagger followed, saw Predator standing over Ripper and blasted the demon with light, but couldn't force him away from the Ripper, who was taken by the Predator, because her powers were too depleted. Dagger fled back to Earth and told Cloak to never let the demon escape from the Darkforce dimension. Cloak promised to not let the demon escape and Dagger promised to aid him.

(Strange Tales II#5/1 - BTS) - Cloak sent the child-abducting Rodent to the Darkforce dimension. Rodent saw his fear that all rats would be poisoned manifest in front of him and despaired. The Predator fed on him, but Cloak showed mercy and released the Rodent. He then saved the children, protected by Dagger from the darkness. (Predator:"A rat? Disgusting! >:( ")

(Strange Tales II#6/1) - The Predator fed on small-time criminal Zapper (Caesar Cirigliano), who drove Predator back with a energy blasts from his exoskeleton. (Predator:"Do you really want to hurt me? :'( ")

(Strange Tales II#11/1) - Deprived of light for too long and with Cloak's mind unable to stop him (because the evil Mr. Jip had Cloak under his spell at the time) the Predator reached through Cloak to Earth and grabbed Jip's agent Day, who was fighting against Dagger. Predator tossed Day into a wall, then went after Mr. Jip, who didn't know about the very existence of the Predator. Jip quickly fled the Holy Ghost Church, leaving behind Day, Night and Yipyap. Dagger used her light powers to drive Predator back to the Darkforce dimension through Cloak. Afraid of an overdose of light the Predator retreated back home to the darkness. Cloak regained control over his body and mind due to Mr. Jip's disappearance.

(Cloak & Dagger III#1) - Cloak pulled Dagger, filled with darkness by Night, to the Darkforce dimension to purge the darkness from her, but Predator, realizing she was helpless, went after her. Dagger escaped his grasp and the darkness was purged from her body before she returned to Earth. Unfortutely she was also blinded during this.

(Cloak & Dagger III#4 - BTS) - While trapped in space Cloak passed out and was pulled to the Darkforce dimension.

(Cloak & Dagger III#5 - BTS/Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 - BTS) - Predator apparently guided the cloak to Ecstasy (in Cloak & Dagger III#8 it was revealed that she kept Tyrone drugged while he was trapped in the Darkforce dimension), who usurped Cloak's powers to serve the "Darkness" again. She started by sending competitors in the drug business from Marseilles to the Darkforce dimension. Two were slain in the Darkforce dimension while the others burnt in a fire. (Predator:"I'm in love! ☆_☆ ")

(Cloak & Dagger III#6 - BTS) - French policemen fell victim to Ecstasy when they were pulled into the Darkforce dimension. Later on a plane Ecstasy sent the cloak after her treacherous bodyguard Gerald. Inside the Darkforce dimension he was almost completely consumed, leaving behind only his skeleton. (Predator:"A complete meal! Better than a sandwich!")

(Cloak & Dagger III#7 - BTS) - Tomkins, Ecstasy's spy within Kingpin's organization, was pulled into the Darkforce dimension when Ecstasy sent the cloak after him. Tomkins died! (Predator:"Another full meal!")

(Cloak & Dagger III#8 - BTS) - Ecstasy caught one of Crimson Daffodil's henchmen in the cloak and the lifeforce was sucked out of him within the Darkforce dimension. (Predator:"Another one!")

(Cloak & Dagger III#9) - Dagger and Wasp led people endangered by the Avengers fight against the Assembly of Evil through the Dark Dimension. Wasp and Dagger drove away the Predator to get everyone through savely. (Predator:"Two pesky females thwarting my plans! I'll get you for this!")

(Cloak & Dagger III#3 - BTS) - Cloak asked the Old Man about the Predator, but got no answer.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9) - Cloak protected Dagger from Spider-Man and caught him. The hero was hunted by the Predator in the Darkforce dimension. Before Predator could catch Spider-Man Cloak released the webswinger from his cloak. (Predator:"Damn you, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!")

(Web of Spider-Man Annual#8/5 - BTS) - When the Lightmaster threatened Dagger, Cloak sent him to the Darkforce dimension. Predator seemingly feasted on his light until only a husk was left of him. (Predator:"*NOMNOMNOMNOM* This was a tasty treat.") Cloak returned the husk, which was taken away by Genetech employees for future experiments.

(Marvel Knights I#1 - BTS/Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 - BTS) - Due to ongoing problems with Cloak as his portal, Predator loosened his grip on him and Nightmare took the opportunity to manipulate Cloak and redirected his portal to the Dream Dimension. (Predator:"I don't even care anymore!")

(Union Jack II#3 - BTS) - Predator strengthened Ecstasy's connection to the Darkforce Dimension because she was more willing to keep him fed. During an attack on an English prison local hero Union Jack (Joey Chapman) used the bio-energy of prisoner Fasaud to oversaturate the darkness and cut Ecstasy's connection to the Darkforce Dimension once again off. (Predator: "*nomnomblargh* That was too much at once! And the portal is closed.....? My little French butterfly is gone? _ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!")

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils) & Terry Austin (inks).

The Predator is BTS every time Cloak hungers for the "light" (human lifeforce) least it was that easy to explain before D'Spayre, the Lightform and Darkform were added to Cloak & Dagger's origin in Cloak & Dagger III#19 by Terry Kavanagh. Predator should also be counted BTS whenever Ecstasy appears because Predator is the Darkness and the Darkness prefers Ecstasy over Cloak and is allegedly responsible for her connections to the Darkforce dimension.

Sunspot is listed under pawns because he gained Cloak's connection to the Darkforce during Marvel Team-Up Annual#6 and New Mutants I#23-25 though it is unclear if he somehow became a person of interest for Predator.

In Strange Tales II#4 it was stated that Francis Delgado had turned on Cloak & Dagger and was somehow responsible for unleashing the Predator in Marvel Graphic Novel: Predator and Prey, but I don't see how he could be considered responsible. Maybe indirectly because his holy water attack on Cloak made Cloak believe he was a demon when the holy water actually hurt him, but directly Delgado had no intention to free Predator. Funny part of this revelation is that Bill Mantlo wrote the Marvel Graphic Novel and Strange Tales II#4.

Clarification: The text in italics written as the Predator's dialogue is not from the comics....that was just me trying to be funny. ;) I really dig this character and it would be so awesome to see him return, but with all the changes to Cloak & Dagger over the years I doubt he will make a return.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Predator has no known connection to:

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Cloak & Dagger III#9, p18, pan5 (running away from Dagger)

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