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Real Name: D-7

Identity/Class: Extradimensional terrestrial machinery-sentient electron hybrid

Occupation: Killer of humans

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Humans, notably Al, Chub, Dennis, Tom Jaeger, Kelly, Peebles, Rivera

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Daisy Etta (nickname)

Base of Operations: Unnamed island

First Appearance: Worlds Unknown I#6 (April, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: D-7 was an average red-colored bulldozer until it was taken over by a sentient, intelligent electron cloudform that used it to zealously kill humans. It was susceptible to electricity.



(Worlds Unknown I#6 (fb)) - A billion years ago on a similar Earth, a humanoid race developed machines to serve them, but for unrevealed reasons, the machines were taken over by a murderous sentient cloudform of intelligent electrons, each weapon created by the people taken over by the cloudform and used against them. Eventually a defense against the machines was found - an insulator, neutronium, which provided a domed shelter for the survivors. They developed a massive gun-like weapon that went out of control and decimated practically all life on the planet, causing global firestorms and deluges; however, a hardy mutant cloudform found shelter in a neutronium envelope that sank into the Earth, eventually rising (still contained) as part of a remote island in the midst of a wide ocean as life evolved anew.

(Worlds Unknown I#6) - In the modern era, a group of seven engineers and mechanics were contracted to build an air force landing strip on the island. Unloaded by ship, they were to be left left there alone with machinery for three weeks. The foreman, Tom Jaeger, assigned the mechanic Rivera to clear land using a bulldozer, tagged D-7. Rivera translated this into his native Spanish as "De-Siete," which Jaeger misinterpreted as "Daisy Etta" and the nickname briefly stuck. Rivera found ruins and despite the mechanic's concerns, Jaeger ordered Rivera to charge through them, but this released the mutant cloudform that quickly took over the bulldozer. Immediately in full control, the cloudform jolted the machine, causing Rivera to be thrown off and killed instantly. Jaeger was incredulous at this, but "Killdozer" charged him. Jumping on it, Jaeger tried removing the radiator cap to stop it, then its transmission cables, although this shocked Jaeger. "Killdozer" sputtered to a stop. The other workers doubted Jaeger's account. Days later, second mechanic Peebles repaired D-7 but was electrocuted by the machine manipulating generator cables, killing him. Racist engineer Dennis fomented distrust in Jaeger, and went to get D-7 at night, but, hidden from the others, it instead smeared him across the earth. The surviving men were all shocked at the remains, and believing Jaeger to be the culprit, two workers knocked out the foreman until "Killdozer" roared over the hill and charged at them. Chub carried Jaeger to safety, but Kelly was run down by it. "Killdozer" destroyed the workers' camp before targeting Al, who instead pleaded with the machine to let him live, offering to help kill the other two survivors. Having devised a plan to stop it, Chub and Jaeger grabbed "Killdozer"'s attention and the machine pursued Jaeger into shallow seawater. Dodging the raised blade, Jaeger connected a grounding cable to the sentient bulldozer as Chub switched on the generator's power, delivering a minor explosion that destroyed the bulldozer and killed the cloudform. It was left burning in the shallow water as Chub and Jaeger resolved not to reveal what actually happened for fear of being dubbed insane; the traitorous Al remained in shock.

Cover to "Worlds Unknown" #6Comments: Created by Theodore Sturgeon (original story), Gerry Conway (script adaptation), Dick Ayers (pencils), Ernie Chan (inks).

"Killdozer" was actually the title of the story and named as such on the cover, but it's referred to only as D-7 or the nickname Daisy Etta in the text.

It's not explained why the cloudform tried to exterminate people. Maybe another alien lifeform bent on planetary conquest?

I like the cover for the issue - not at all what's in the story (apart from it being [blood] red) and no woman was on the island. Gil Kane's original art (which was delightfully modified by John Romita - see at right) can be found here. Perhaps that's how the cloudform saw itself?

Profile by Grendel Prime.

"Killdozer" has no known connections to:




Tom Jaeger

Tom Jaeger

Tom Jaeger was the foreman assigned to lead a team of engineers and mechanics to construct an air force landing strip on a remote island. He saw the mounting body count caused by the possessed bulldozer, eventually deducing a way to stop it using electricity. Left as one of only three survivors, he resolved never to reveal the incredible events.







--Worlds Unknown I#6

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Worlds Unknown I#6, p30, pan4 (main image)
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    p15, pan1 (Jaeger)

Worlds Unknown I#6 (April, 1973) - Theodore Sturgeon (original story), Gerry Conway (script adaptation), Dick Ayers (pencils), Ernie Chan (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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