Type: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-13182

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement 

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Fantastic Four Consolidated (Dragon Man, Sandman, Triton), Galactus, the Red Guys (Crimson Dynamo, Gremlin, Titanium Man), Reed Richards

First Appearance: Motormouth Remix#2 (May 1994; see comments)

Motormouth Remix#2 and/or #3) - On Earth-13182 Reed Richards never undertook the space flight that empowered the Fantastic Four in other realities. When the planet devourer Galactus came to Earth, appearing over Moscow, capital of the Soviet Union, he was opposed by state heroes the Red Guys: Crimson Dynamo, Gremlin and Titanium Man.

    With the fate of the world at stake, Richards hastily assembled a team of four superpowered individuals to assist: Sandman, Dragon Man, the Inhuman Triton, and Motormouth, the last a visitor from Earth-616 who had only recently arrived on Richards' Earth while hunting for her missing friend Killpower.

Comments: Created by Rafael Marin and Carlos Pacheco.

   Intended as a four issue miniseries, Motormouth Remix is another of the stories planned for Marvel UK that was lost thanks to the line's implosion during the mid-1990s. Solicits in Comics International#38 listed the series was to start in March 1994, the overall plot for the series had been hashed out, and the first issue had been written and at least partially penciled, when the axe fell. The series was intended to show Motormouth hunting for a missing Killpower across Marvel's multiverse; though four issues, it was intended to be split into three chapters, one for each of the realities visited. As such, this reality would presumably have featured in the second, and perhaps third, issues.

   Pacheco revealed some of the first issues' pages along with character designs on his Twitter account. Apart from the small amount of information these provide regarding the characters and realities involved in the story, they also show a framing sequence that appears to show a Watcher (Uatu?) discovering the body of another, slain Watcher who died while viewing alternate realities, and discovering a crystal lying on the floor nearby within which can be seen visions of the Green Goblin murdering Aunt May in the "Spider Punisher" reality. Someone, possibly still the living Watcher, but perhaps not, is then seen holding that or an identical crystal while moving pieces on a three dimensional chess board; said chess board looks to be the same as the one Merlyn and Roma used while playing against one another in Alan Moore and Davis' Captain Britain run, down to the pieces being characters from the realities Motormouth was about to visit. Given that Merlyn had been revealed to still be alive and manipulating events back in 1992's Excalibur I#50, the chess board's presence may be evidence that Roma and/or Merlyn were involved in the tale, perhaps manipulating Motormouth to visit these realities as a pawn in the Omniversal Protectors' games.

    In the real world and Earth-616, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The fact that the Soviet Union existed in a story written in 1994 may mean different circumstances allowed that reality's USSR to persist beyond 1991. What are those circumstances? The world may never know...

Profile by Loki.

The residents of Earth-13182 have no known connections to:

Fantastic Four Consolidated

    Fantastic Four Consolidated were four superpowered individuals gathered together by scientist Reed Richards to assist the Soviet Union's state heroes in repelling Galactus. They consisted of the android Dragon Man, interdimensional traveler Motormouth from Earth-616, the mutate Sandman and aquatic Inhuman Triton.

--Motormouth Remix#2

The Red Guys

    Consisting of the Crimson Dynamo, Gremlin and Titanium Man, the Red Guys, unofficially dubbed the Soviet Supersoldiers, were the state heroes of the Soviet Union, and so the first line of defense for planet Earth when Galactus arrived over Moscow.

--Motormouth Remix#2

Reed Richards

    On Earth-13182, Reed Richards never undertook the space flight he attempted in many other realities, and thus neither he nor his close friends gained superpowers nor formed the Fantastic Four. He remained a great scientist though, and when the world-eating Galactus appeared over Moscow, Richards assembled four superpowered individuals to help repel the threat, dubbing them Fantastic Four Consolidated.

--Motormouth Remix#2


    On Earth-13182, Galactus appeared over Moscow rather than Manhattan. Soviet heroes the Red Guys were assisted by Reed Richards' Fantastic Four Consolidated in trying to prevent him eating the planet.

--Motormouth Remix#2

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Motormouth Remix (uncertain issue/page numbers) and design sketches for same.

Motormouth Remix (intended for March-June 1994 publication, but ultimately unpublished) - Rafael Marin (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils)

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