deathlok-12928-full.jpg DEATHLOK L17 of Reality-12928

Real NameUnrevealed;
    as a collective/composite entity, he/they was/were originally desigated Deathlok (or Peacelok) Unit L17

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality/alternate future/extratemporal (Reality-12928) counterpart of extradimensional/alternate reality/alternate future/extratemporal (Reality-10511) cyborg;

Occupation: Freedom-fighter;
    former assassin;
    former serial killer

Group Membership: Formerly Peaceloks/Deathloks of Reality-10511;
    see comments

Affiliations: See comments

Enemies: X-Force of Reality-12928 (Cable, Frank Castle, Deadpool, Hope, Magistrate Braddock, Nuke, Wolverine);
    X-Force of Reality-616 (
Deadpool, Eva, Nightcrawler-295/, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan)
    see comments

Known RelativesNone;
    Deathlok Unit L17 was specifically created by Roxxon scientist Martin and his unidentified one-time lover;
    other Deathloks created alongside him might be considered his brethren

Aliases"Cyborg of Christmas Future" (nickname from Deadpool);
    see comments

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    former a subterranean base (accessed via manholes) in Manhattan, New York, Reality-12928
    see comments

First AppearanceUncanny X-Force I#28 (September, 2012)deathlok-12928-face.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Deathlok is a sentient program housed inside a cybernetically reanimated human brain operating a bionic frame augmenting the tissues of that same human's organic remains. 

    Deathloks' sentient program, which generally controls the Deathlok form, is dedicated to the protection of humanity and is interested in peace and love, though is more than capable of performing destruction as needed; nonetheless, the program perceives the difference between violent conflict and deliberate acts of murder, and does not believe the end justifies the means. In some circumstances, the program is willing to allow its human host to take control as long as the host works toward its general goals.

    In contrast, Deathlok's human host and mind is a violent sociopath who lives for killing and violence. Typically prevented from controlling Deathlok's form by the program, he is willing to serve the program's goals as long as he is allowed to fulfill his violent goals.

    Deathlok's form is equipped with tachyon probability to generators that enable him to calculate exact statistical forecasts for all possible future timelines. Further, he can communicate directly with alternate reality counterparts of himself.

    Deathlok possesses superhuman strength of an unspecified level (lifting perhaps 1-10 tons). He may be able to redistribute his energies to temporarily augment his strength. Via computer programs, algorithms, and targeting, he can execute efficient combat operations, incapacitating foes faster or stronger than himself.

    He utilized a
Kree Nebula staff; shaped something like a double-sided light-sabre (like Darth Maul's), it was able to evaporate all flesh on contact. He aslo carried a large rifle-type weapon on his back.


    He had access to psi-shield devices that looked like roaches, which could be placed in the ear, to protect its wearer from the psychic detection of Magistrate Braddock, at least.

    He claimed to have access to one of Kang's chronos cubes, which could send other beings across time and realities.

     Like his alternate reality counterpart active in Reality-616, he may or may not have the following abilities:

    Among Deathlok's offensive capacities are energy claws able to cut through solid metal, Iron Man-like repulsor blasts from his left palm, and Spider-Man-like web-shooters. He also carries an energy blaster able to put substantial holes in a human body in rapid fashion. He can teleport, although this may be only when he is linked to computers that actually teleport him. 

    Deathlok does not appear to feel pain and is frequently unphased by attacks unless they physically incapacitate him, such as by binding or severing a limb, etc. He can even temporarily function without a head, though decapitation seems to render him inert for an extended period. Presumably via nanotechnology, he can rejoin severed body parts, even his head.

    Deathlok's organic form's heart has atrophied, and all bodily fluids are circulated with the aid of nanorobotic molecular propellers.

: Approximately 6'3"

Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 600 lbs.; possibly lighter via construction from futuristic materials) ;
(original human form) approximately 230 lbs.
Eyes: (Organic, right) red (sometimes glowing); though the eye appears to have taken on a cloudier appearance following his physical death and cyborg transformation presumably blue; (original human form) blue (too distant to see color in his adult form, but his younger form had blue eyes)
    (bionic, left) glowing yellow

Hair: Appears dark (black or brown) and is very sparse; (original human form) blond

History: See comments.

(Uncanny X-Force I#28 (fb) - BTS) - When Genesis (Evan, a clone of En Sabah Nur) ascended as the new Apocalypse, the worst threat the world had ever known, and Wolverine had gathered an X-Force army that murdered Apocalypse. The liberated world celebrated X-Force as war heroes, and Wolverine was elected to ensure such monsters never again rose to threaten humanity. 

    After killing every known criminal within a few years, they began pre-emptively eliminating anyone as soon as they made up their mind to kill. This led to a world built on fear and blood.

    Psylocke took on the role of Magistrate Braddock and deployed teams (including Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable, Warpath, Hope Summers, and Frank Castle) to stop criminals. 

    Deathlok remained an avid opponent of X-Force.

(Uncanny X-Force I#28 - BTS) <Reality-616's modern era> - To escape imminent death from a ready-to-explode Ultimaton, Psylocke had Gateway send herself and the remaining members of X-Force (Deadpool, Eva, Nightcrawler-295, Wolverine) "away."

(Uncanny X-Force I#28 - BTS) <30 years forward from X-Force's relative time in Reality-12928> - Via his tachyon transmitter the Deathlok/L17 who lived out the divergent future of Reality-12928 sensed their approach in his reality.

(Uncanny X-Force I#28) <Reality-12928> - Deathlok was present as X-Force arrived on a rooftop in this time/reality's Los Angeles. He took them into hiding to avoid the Magistrate Braddock's law enforcement team (including Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable, Warpath, Hope Summers, and Frank Castle) -- who wanted to send them back before they could see what they had become and change their ways -- and offered them insect-like earpieces that would keep them shielded from the Magistrate's crime surveilance. 

    Wolverine was anxious to get home to stop Daken and his allies from converting Genesis into Apocalypse, noting that there were lots of folks that needed killing. Telling Wolverine that murder was the wrong solution, Deathlok noted he had access to one of Kang's chronos cubes and would send them back once he had a chance to teach them. 

    En route, Deathlok told them of the hellish world of totalitarian fascism, preemptive assassinations, and peace bought through fear; alternatively, hedeathlok-12928-death.jpg fought for true liberty, love, and forgiveness. 

    After Deathlok revealed how this future had come to be, Wolverine questioned why preemptive strikes were do bad. Deathlok angrily slammed him against the way, shouting that murder for any reason was still murder. Wolverine tried to rationalize that murder was sometimes needed to protect the innocents, and Deathlok told him there was doubt in his voice, and that he did not believe this. deathlok-12928-death2.jpg

    When Wolverine noted how his actions proved he did believe it, Deathlok deferred to his human host to save the world from them the only way they understood. Despite Deadpool trying to point out Deathlok's hypocrisy, Deathlok dropped Wolverine and Deadpool, and then pulled a Kree Nebula staff -- which could evaporate all flesh -- intending to destroy them to prevent this future reality from coming about. 

    As Deathlok raised the weapon, however, he was dropped by multiple rounds from this reality's Cable, Deadpool, and Hope in personal aircraft. Noting he had failed himself by turning to murder and deserved to die knowing this world persisted, Deathlok fell from the rooftop to the ground below.

(Uncanny X-Force I#28 - BTS) - Seeking to prevent this reality, Psylocke-616 impaled herself with her katana.

Comments: Created by Rick Remender and Julian Totino Tedesco.

    This Deathlok presumably diverged from Deathlok-10511 after it traveled back to Reality-616's modern era; at what point the divergence occurred thereafter is unrevealed, but it very likely shared most, if not all of the Deathlok-10511 that remained associated with Reality-616, at least up until the Uncanny X-Force adventure. Regardless, I'm mostly going to stick to only the information confirmed in Uncanny X-Force#28.

    To try to clarify further, Deathlok-12928 is kind of like Kang the Conqueror. Many/most of the Kangs have a common origin point in one reality, Earth-6311 in its year 3000. It's only after he went back and started traveling through time that he diverged himself. So, the divergent Kangs are identified by the reality within which they have been most active. 

    Typically, altering the past does not erase a future, it just diverges a new one. Writers typically write the stories as if there is only one future and they are affecting it, because that makes it more relevent and interesting. But then, after the future is "erased," we commonly see beings from said future in other stories, with their future just being divergent.

    Time travel makes your brain hurt.

Profile by Snood.

This Deathlok of Reality-12928 should be distinguished from its divergent reality counterparts, including:

He has even less connections to:

images: (without ads)
Uncanny X-Force I#28, story pg. 2, panel 2 (full);
        pg. 3, panel 3 (face);
        pg. 6, panel 3 (insectoid psi-shields);
        pg. 15, panel 4 (Kree Nebula staff);
        pg. 16, panel 1 & 3 (death);

Uncanny X-Force I#28 (September, 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Julian Totino Tedesco (artist), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor)

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