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Real Name: Mona Rand

Identity/Class: Human spirit magic user (1950s)

Occupation: Getting revenge

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

EnemiesTom, Danny, Jim Darvis, her former lover and all men in general

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mina

Base of Operations: Rand family crypt in an unidentified town

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery I#8/2 (May, 1953)
    {prima apparizione italiana: Capitan America#93 Editoriale Corno (3 novembre 1976)} 

Powers/Abilities: Mona was a ghost. Her actual form was almost evanescent and intangible and she moved floating above the ground. She could make some or all parts of her body solid as real human flesh and shapeshift her clothes as well. In her ghostly form she was immune to aging and probably to any harm, but when she was in human form she was vulnerable.
    She also had some limited sorcerous powers that she used to torture and kill men: she performed a cursing ritual that needed a picture of the victim she hit with darts as a target of her hate. Every hit caused pain and or strain to the victim. She was also a very good dart thrower.


(Journey Into Mystery I#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - Mona was a very beautiful young woman who fell in love with the wrong man. Her boyfriend used her, took her money and then left mocking her. Mona committed suicide. It was 1952 and she was 24.

    But Mona did not rest in peace. She became a ghost, filled with resentment and hatred, seeking revenge against all men.

    She changed her name to Mina and used her human form to meet men. Finally Jim Darvis fell in love with her. She got a picture of Jim from him and used it to torture him. Two weeks after their engagement, Jim Darvis died of a heart attack because of Mona's tortures.

(Journey Into Mystery I#8/2) - Mina's friends were very sorry for her, Danny, who loved her, in particular. Mina soon accepted his courtship and a few weeks later, the two announced their engagement. Mina asked for and received a picture of Danny. One night, a few weeks later, Danny confessed to his friends that he did not feel so good, since morning. Mona's ghost was infact throwing darts at his picture. Danny died of a heart attack, despite the intervention of Dr. Ferris.

    Mina continued her game and met another man interested in her: Tom. Tom was ready to give her a picture of himself. But Tom was a vengeful ghost as well, as bad as Mona.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Sam Kweskin (pencils and inks).

    In the Italian reprint, Tom was another vengeful ghost and the two ghosts had the end they deserved.

Profile by Spidermay.

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    Danny was a normal man.

    Danny fell in love with Mina even before she killed Jim Darvis. When she was single again, he soon declared his feelings. Mina was happy to have found another person to torture.

    After a while, Danny gave a picture to Mina. He began suffering pains in various parts of the body, caused by Mina throwing darts at his picture. The strain was too much for him and he eventually died of a heart attack.

--Journey Into Mystery I#8/2




    Tom was a normal human, another victim who gave a picture to Mona, after Danny's death.

--Journey Into Mystery I#8/2


Dr. Ferris

    Ferris was a doctor.

    He arrived running in to help Danny, but it was too late for him as the torture of Mona's ghost were too much for Danny. Ferris could only discern a heart attack.


--Journey Into Mystery I#8/2

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Journey Into Mystery I#8/2, p5, pan5 (main image)
    p2, pan2 (head shot as Mina)
    p5, pan1 (head shot as ghost)
    p2, pan1 (Danny)
    p5, pan3 (Danny's picture)
    p5, pan7 (Tom)
    p4, pan5 (Dr. Ferris)

Journey into Mystery I#8 (May, 1953) - Sam Kweskin (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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