Real Name: Wade

Identity/Class: Altered human clone

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: Employee of the Yakuza

Affiliations: Boss, Daruma, Shigeru

Enemies: Deadpool, the Oyakata, Sazae

Known Relatives: Deadpool (genetic progenitor)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: (Cameo) Deadpool III#6 (June, 1997); (as character) Deadpool Team-Up#1 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: As a clone of Deadpool, Widdle Wade possessed the same powerful regenerative abilities that he did and in the cloning process the scientists were able to increase other attributes such as greater strength, stamina and reflexes. He could speak Japanese, but not English.

History: (Deadpool Team-Up#1 (fb))- Created in a lab with a sample of Deadpool's DNA by Boss's scientists, Widdle Wade was to be their ultimate assassin, whom they would send against the Oyakata. Using electroshock therapy they got Widdle Wade to focus his anger on the Oyakata and sent him on only the most difficult missions in preperation for that kill.

Years later, at their meeting place in Kyoto, Shigeru told him that Boss no longer wanted the Oyakata dead. Refusing to stop the assignment until it was complete, Widdle Wade killed Shigeru, quite brutally.

(Deadpool Team-Up#1)- Widdle Wade went to Club Fish Fish in Tokyo and made an attempt on the Oyakata' life, but was interrupted by Deadpool, who Boss had hired to protect the Oyakata. The two fought, resulting in Widdle Wade being hit by a truck and carried away.

Eventually Widdle Wade dropped into the Oyakata's compund, started a fire, killed the Oyakata's men and sicced Daruma on the Oyakata's daughter Sazae. He was about to kill the Oyakata, when Deadpool taunted him by showing him Daruma's collar. Fearing for his dog, Widdle Wade chased Deadpool to the Dohyo, a sumo ring. The two fought until Deadpool managed to impale Widdle Wade on a broken sword.

As he lay dying, Widdle Wade told Deadpool that he forgived him and asked if he'd lived longer, if he'd killed as many people as Deadpool, would he have felt any better with himself? He asked Deadpool to remove his mask and Deadpool noticed he was not scarred. He replied that the scars aren't the result of Deadpool's genes, after all, "Nature ain't that messed up... or that cruel. We're that cruel."

Deadpool buried Widdle Wade's body in a playground where he had once seen a little boy bury his cat.

(Deadpool III#33) - Widdle Wade was among the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of people Deadpool had killed who were conjured up by T-Ray to attack Deadpool.

Comments: Created as a joke by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness. The character was fleshed out by James Felder.

The blood sample that Shigeru obtained to clone Deadpool was what was left on the floor after the Kingpin had hired Deadpool to kill the Beyonder during the events of Secret Wars II. There was time-travel involved and Shigeru was at an Elvis concert, so Widdle Wade may well have been active in Japan for a very, very long time.

Widdle Wade's appearance in Deadpool III#6 was in the role of a narrator on the first page to catch the readers up to speed.

Widdle Wade was one of the many victims Deadpool saw when Cable tried to teach him a lesson in Cable & Deadpool#35.

Profile by Patrick D Ryall

Widdle Wade should not be confused with:

Daruma was Widdle Wade's puppy dog. Boss mentioned not having seen him since the lab blew up a year ago, so it is possible that Daruma was a product of the labs (he didn't seem like any ordinary dog) and he was taken by Widdle Wade without boss knowing. Widdle Wade brought Daruma with him when he attacked the Oyakata's compound. Daruma was beaten by Deadpool, but lived and was with Deadpool when he killed Boss. It is unknown what became of Daruma after that.

--Deadpool Team-Up#1

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