Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (Japanese)

Occupation: Oyakata, former sumo wrestler, occasionally a hitman

Group Membership: Leader of own Heya, occasionally the Yakuza

Affiliations: Boss, Deadpool/Chiyo, Sazae, his Rikishi

Enemies: Boss, Widdle Wade

Known Relatives: Sazae (daughter), unnamed wife (deceaced)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His heya, Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Deadpool Team-Up#1 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: The Oyakata was very strong and highly skilled in the art of sumo wrestling. In his days of wrestling he was considered unbeatable.



History: (Deadpool Team-Up#1 (fb, BTS))- The greatest sumo wrestler of his time, holding the rank of Yokozuna, he was famed for a move which the media clamed would be lethal if not done in his expert hands. Eventually he retired and became Okayata to his own heya. His wife died in an "accident", which was more than likely actually caused by the Yakuza. He had Sazae, his daughter, work as chef for his Rikisi.

(Deadpool Team-Up#1 (fb))- When a skinny young man came to train in the heya, the Oyakata would not let him join until the man could beat the Oyakata himself. Every day for years the man tried to knock the Oyakata down, as the Oyakata encouraged him until finally the man, having bulked up and learned much, did it. This man, taking the name Chiyonosake for competition, became a star Rikishi in the Oyakata's heya and grew close to his daughter Sazae. Chiyo and Sazae were eventually engaged to be married when Sazae came of age, and Chiyo would inherit the heya and all of the Oyakata's wealth. Chiyo left, however, before that could happen.

(Deadpool Team-Up#1 (fb, BTS))- At least seventeen times during these years, he secretly took jobs as a hitman for the Yakuza using his famous move fatally, snapping the spines of the targets.

(Deadpool Team-Up#1)- One day, eating at Mr. Fish Fish, the Oyakata was attacked by Widdle Wade, but saved by Deadpool. Thanking Deadpool, the Oyakata recognized his foolish bow as Chiyo and gladly welcomed him back and taking him back to the heya. Then attacked by Widdle Wade again, the Oyakata was mildly injured, but again saved by Deadpool. Later, Deadpool asked if he wanted to take action against Boss for planning to kill him, but the Oyakata said that hiring Deadpool to stop him made it better. It was just business and not personal. With all his Rikishi either dead or hospitalized he asked Deadpool to rejoin the heya, or never come there again, and Deadpool left.

Comments: Created by James Felder, Pete Woods and Walden Wong

I got all the Japanese sumo terms from the issue, I don't actually know any of that myself. The Oyakata is the coach of the Rikishi (the sumo wrestlers). The live/train in the heya (a stable for the rikishi) and the sumo wrestling ring was called the dohyo and their traditional names used in competition are called their shikona.

There's not really anything to say one way or the other in the issue, but I think 'Pool's adventures as a sumo wrestler could have been before he took the identity of Wade Wilson. He has dark hair, but as Wade he was blond and being younger would have made him closer to Sazae's age.

by Patrick D Ryall

The Oyakata should not be confused with:

The unnamed Rikishi who worked for the Oyakata were likely very skilled men. Between Widdle Wade's attack at the restaurant and his attack on the heya, all of the Rikishi were hospitalized or killed.

--Deadpool Team-Up#1

Images taken from:
Deadpool Team-Up#1, page 38, panel 3
Deadpool Team-Up#1, page 29, panel 3
Deadpool Team-Up#1, page 40, panel 3

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