Real Name: Sazae (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human (Japanese)

Occupation: Chef

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Deadpool/Chiyo, her father's Rikishi

Enemies: Widdle Wade

Known Relatives: The Oyakata (father), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Her father's compound in Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Deadpool Team-Up #1 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Sazae was an accomplished chef.

History: (Deadpool Team-up #1 (fb))- Working as the chef in her fathers heya, Sazae met one of his wrestlers, the man who would become Deadpool, and took a liking to him. She gave him his "shikona", a name to be used in competition. She called him "Chiyonosake", or "the Wolf of the Rice Wine," Chiyo for short.

It was eventually arranged that when Sazae was of age, she would marry Chiyo and he would inherit the heya and all that the Oyakata owned. Then one day, Chiyo recieved the message from Boss that he must kill the Oyakata, but refusing to do it, he decided to leave. Sazae saw him as he tried to sneak away and asked him why. He knocked her out and put her in bed while he slipped away.

(Deadpool Team-Up #1)- Hearing that someone had tried to kill her father, Sazae rushed to see him and he showed her that Chiyo has returned and saved him. She knocked Chiyo (now Deadpool) out with a large fibreglass hot dog.

Later, she entered Deadpool's bedroom and found police files about various unsolved Yakuza murders. Deadpool then arrived and she asked if he was the one who killed those people. He tried to tell her that it was her father and she called him a liar and ran away crying. She ran into her father who, assuming she was crying because she was scared, told her he would do anything to protect her and it occured to her he might have done the killings to make money for her. She ran crying from him.

She tried to speak to Deadpool again, but they were attacked by Widdle Wade. Wade pushed her out of the room and she sought her father's wrestlers for help, but they were dead. Widdle Wade showed up and she prepared to fight him, but he sent his dog after her. Deadpool beat the dog and dragged it away.

After Widdle Wade had been stopped, Deadpool came to Sazae and told her that he performed the murders and then left.

Comments: Created by James Felder, Pete Woods and Walden Wong.

by Patrick D Ryall

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Deadpool Team-Up#1, page 33, panel 1

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