Real Name: Shigeru (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human (Japanese)

Occupation: Mobster

Group Membership: The Yakuza faction led by "Boss"

Affiliations: Boss, Widdle Wade

Enemies: Widdle Wade

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (deceased), Chantal (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hawaii
Kyoto, Japan.

First Appearance: Deadpool Team-Up #1 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Shigeru had no powers but was a devoted member of the Yakuza who never allowed himself to make mistakes.

History: (Deadpool Team-Up #1 (fb, BTS))- Shigeru's father was a powerful member of the Yakuza who made some mistakes that cost the organization power and lives, including his own. Boss, wanting to protect Shigeru from his father's enemies sent him to live in Hawaii and kept him in menial positions in the organization so that the other members would not be jealous.

(Deadpool Team-Up #1 (fb))- Shigeru and Chantal witnessed a battle between Deadpool and the Beyonder. After the two jumped to another time, Shigeru gathered some of Deadpool's blood realizing that the Boss may have a use for it. Later, in Kobe, Japan, Shigeru and Boss watched as a clone of Deadpool was brought to life. Pleased with this, Boss made Shigeru his lieutenant.

(Deadpool Team-Up #1 (fb, BTS))- Shigeru watched over the clone's training and put him on the most difficult of assignments, preparing for the day that he would be sent to kill the Oyakata.

(Deadpool Team-Up #1 (fb))- When Boss decided not to kill the Oyakata, Shigeru met with the clone to tell him. The clone refused to not kill the man he'd been programmed to and killed Shigeru and dismembered him.

Comments: Created by James Felder, Pete Woods and Walden Wong.

Shigeru was at an Elvis concert when he got Deadpool's blood sample from the time-displaced Deadpool. In his narration, Deadpool figures the clone was complete about nine months after that and then was trained for several years. I don't know how that works with Marvel Time and all, but it'd seem that Widdle Wade must've been active in Japan for a long time.

by Patrick D Ryall

Shigeru should not be confused with:

Chantal was a backup singer for the King. She was with Shigeru when they witnessed Deadpool's time-hopping fight with the Beyonder. She went to Japan with him when Shigeru was made Boss's right-hand man.

-- Deadpool Team-Up #1

Images taken from:
Deadpool Team-Up #1, page 6, panel 2
Deadpool Team-Up #1, page 1, panel 2

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