(of Earth-928)

Membership: Dom, Driver, Jacey, Slithar, others

Purpose: To "punish" the Punisher

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Fearmaster (Darryl King)

Enemies: Kerry Dowenn, Duke, Punisher (Jake Gallows)

Base of Operations: A mobile headquarters active within Nueva York, Earth-928

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, identified): Punisher 2099 I#6 (July, 1993);
(fully seen): Punisher 2099 I#7 (August, 1993)

History: (Punisher 2099 I#6 - BTS) - After the Punisher took out the Fearmaster's agent Multi-Fractor, Commissioner Bennelli reported the defeat to the Fearmaster, who announced that he was bringing in a special team, the Ninja-Nostra, to take care of the Punisher. When Fearmaster remarked that the Ninja-Nostra specialized in preparation, Bennelli protested that the Ninja-Nostra were nothing more than underworld criminals. Fearmaster replied by telling Bennelli to shut up and he remarked that he would have Slithar lead the Ninja-Nostra before phoning Slithar and ordered him to use whatever hardware or men he had to in order to take down the Punisher. Further explaining that money was no object, Fearmaster assured Slithar that he could guarantee an absence of the Public Eye police force and that the Ninja-Nostra would have a clear field to punish the Punisher.

(Punisher 2099 I#7) - As Punisher drove his cycle through the city, accessing traffic computers to turn every light green, the Ninja-Nostra monitored the computer weather systems, noticing the shock waves and drops in air pressure in a specific region of town. The Ninja-Nostra's leader, Slithar, ordered his men to cross reference their data with traffic anomalies and one of the Ninja-Nostra quickly confirmed that someone was manipulating the traffic computers to make lights green. Deducing that someone had to be traveling at the speed of sound through the city, Slithar suggested that the Ninja-Nostra had found the Punisher. Announcing that all the Ninja-Nostra had to do was follow the changes in air pressure to locate the Punisher's headquarters, Slithar also informed the Ninja-Nostra not to inform the Fearmaster of their discovery yet, as Fearmaster only wanted the Punisher's head not details. When Punisher stopped in the Bronx, Slithar announced a red alert for the Ninja-Nostra and ordered them all to be ready for a full-scale assault. Traveling to the Bronx, the Ninja-Nostra noted that the signal stopped at an old brownstone and Slithar was informed of a series of maze-like tunnels beneath the brownstone, where Slithar announced they would be entering. Public Eye para-psych Kerry Dowenn soon entered the brownstone as the Ninja-Nostra secretly watched, prompting Silithar to suggest that the Punisher might secretly be a cop. As Kerry met with the Punisher, the Ninja-Nostra used a directional explosive charge to silently enter the tunnels beneath the Punisher's brownstone. Once inside, Slithar remarked that for each member of Ninja-Nostra that died, he lost points with the Fearmaster, and he then ordered the Ninja-Nostra to use their machinery to disrupt the building's sensors. Unfortunately, Punisher was awakened by a back-up alarm and donned his costume to investigate, soon finding members of the Ninja-Nostra that he shot dead. Slithar quickly ordered the other Ninja-Nostra members to shoot the Punisher but Punisher managed to activate his hidden floor guns, which killed several Ninja-Nostra members. As the battle progressed and nearly all Ninja-Nostra members were killed, Slithar called for backup, ordering every available Ninja-Nostra (including Driver) that was not present to show up. When Kerry Dowenn came downstairs to check on the Punisher, Slithar grabbed her to use as a hostage and ordered Punisher to drop his weapons or risk Kerry's life. Remarking on the cliche hostage speech, Slithar continued, stating his plan to kill both Kerry AND the Punisher.

(Punisher 2099 I#8) - A Ninja-Nostra member reported to Slithar that eight of their number had been killed, leaving only six, Slithar commented that his bonus would be affected by the loss of life but killing the Punisher should grant him a plat card with some of the Ninja-Nostra receiving a gold card for their work. Unfortunately for Slithar, one of the Punisher's prisoners managed to break his arm through his cell and he punched Slithar while demanding a gold card from the Punisher. The distraction allowed the Punisher to grab Slithar and use Slithar's gun to kill the Ninja-Nostra member that had reported the deaths. When the other Ninja-Nostra members fired back, Punisher snapped Slithar's neck and used his corpse as a human shield before firing back and killing the attacking Ninja-Nostra. One of the remaining Ninja-Nostra managed to shoot out the light systems and then hit Punisher with a heat-seeking shuriken, which revealed the Punisher's location when he screamed in pain. Punisher then removed the shuriken from his arm and hurled it, killing Ninja-Nostra members Dom and Jacey when it exploded and costing the life of the final member of Slithar's Ninja-Nostra squad when he checked on Dom and Jacey.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, Tom Morgan and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Dom & Jacey

Dom and Jacey were members of Slithar's Ninja-Nostra squad who attacked the Punisher beneath his brownstone home. During the battle, the Punisher was hit with a heat-seeking shuriken and he hurled it back at his attackers, killing Dom and Jacey when the shuriken exploded. The last surviving Ninja-Nostra member checked on Dom and Jacey, accidentally revealing his position to Punisher, who killed him.

--(unidentified): Punisher 2099 I#7; (identified): (#8d,


Slithar was the leader of the Ninja-Nostra and was hired by the Fearmaster to kill the Punisher. Gathering together a Ninja-Nostra squad, Slithar traveled with them as they monitored weather systems and tracked the Punisher to a Bronx brownstone using changes in air pressure. Once there, Slithar led an invasion into the Punisher's brownstone, soon drawing out the Punisher, who killed nearly all of the Slithar's squad. After calling for backup, Slithar grabbed Punisher's friend Kerry Dowenn and took her hostage. Unfortunately for Slithar, he was hit by one of the Punisher's criminal prisoners, distracting long enough for Punisher to use Slithar's gun to kill another Ninja-Nostra member before snapping Slithar's neck and using him as a human shield for incoming gunfire.

--Punisher 2099 I#6 - BTS (#7-8d, 

images: (without ads)
Punisher 2099 I#7, p10, pan2 (Ninja-Nostra, main image)
Punisher 2099 I#7, p17, pan1 (Ninja-Nostra group shot)
Punisher 2099 I#7, p20, pan1 (Ninja-Nostra attacking)
Punisher 2099 I#7, p10, pan1 (Ninja-Nostra within their mobile headquarters)
Punisher 2099 I#8, p6, pan1 (Dom & Jacey)
Punisher 2099 I#7, p10, pan4 (Slithar)

Punisher 2099 I#6 (July, 1993) - Pat Mills, Tony Skinner (writers), Tom Morgan (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Punisher 2099 I#7 (August, 1993) - Pat Mills, Tony Skinner (writers), Tom Morgan (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Punisher 2099 I#8 (September, 1993) - Pat Mills, Tony Skinner (writers), Tom Morgan (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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