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Membership: Andrew, others unnamed (several numbered identifications shown)

Classification: Extradimensional human clones ("androids")

Purpose: Workers, soldiers

Affiliations: Dr. Terrance Marney

Enemies: Unnamed extraterrestrials

Base of Operations: Earth ("year 2300")

First Appearance: Uncanny Tales I#22/3 (July, 1954)

Traits/Characteristics: The Half-Men were all male clones and appeared the same with cubic-like heads and uniforms plus heightened resilience. They potentially incorporated mechanical components under their skin (see comments). They were hard and loyal workers, and kept the same emotions and linguistic characteristics of their non-cloned brothers, despite the 12-day period from creation to adulthood. They were each tattooed with a number on their left upper arm for identification purposes.

Andrew the android


(Uncanny Tales I#22/3 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Terrance Marney developed a system of cloning that generated multiple versions (dubbed "androids") of the same man. Marney used a growth agent (B 18) to speed up the physical and mental development of the clone to adulthood.

(Uncanny Tales I#22/3 (fb)) - Dr. Marney revealed his successful research and first clone (whom he dubbed Andrew) to his peers, one of whom then pursued the matter with the government and industry leaders; they were concerned at their development and made laws to segregate them from the human population, although they saw the Half-Men's worth as factory workers. Manufacturing of the clones was limited to males and to a certain number. The Half-Men were tattooed with serial identification numbers on their upper left arm that were checked and the "androids" housed underground under curfew with food allocated upon revealing their ID number.

Their days are numbered

    The advent of an alien invasion that millions of humans and forced the human population to move underground. The clones' heightened resilience to alien weaponry made them better fighters and so production was increased until they outnumbered the humans. However, despite the war, further laws were passed in the underground cities that forbade the Half-Men from gathering together or even talking to humans. Andrew was angered by the segregation but Marney calmed him. As the human population began to understand that their survival depended upon the androids achieving victory, the caste system began to evaporate and Half-Men were allowed to move more freely, with Andrew starting a relationship with a woman called Jenny. Increased equality drove the Half-Men to fight harder until the aliens were smashed in an epic space battle. Landing back on Earth with high hopes for a newly constructed and equal society, the Half-Men were instead rounded up at gunpoint into the underground tunnels with curfew imposed and serial numbers checked. Andrew saw Jenny and called to her but she refused to recognize him and he was shunted into the tunnels. Having tasted freedom, he swore not to rest until equality was achieved some day.

(Uncanny Tales I#22/3) - The Half-Men broke free from their chains in a large-scale revolt and advanced upon their human jailers...

Comments: Created by uncredited writer and artist (possibly Myron Fass according to Atlas Tales).

Perhaps the author was a bit confused, but human clones should not be mistaken with mechanical androids. Given their cubic heads, it would seem that they incorporated mechanical parts, making them more like cyborgs.

The Half-Men were effectively duplicates in green outfits with a connecting yellow pattern on the front of their uniforms is reminiscent of Madrox the Multiple Man.

Specials thanks to Pappy's Golden Age for the scans (which come from Crypt of Shadows#9 (March, 1974)). The web site notes that this story "is an allegory about Jim Crow and the treatment of African-Americans in the U.S. after returning from World War II. They rightfully felt they'd be recognized for their service and given full rights as citizens. Even in 1954 when dealing with such subject matter as race, the main characters shown are white. It undercuts the point, but publishers tread a little more lightly in those days when they were scared of losing readers in areas of the country where segregation was the law." Some interesting links on the discriminatory so-called Jim Crow laws can be found here, plus the Wikipedia entry.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Andrew and the Half-Men have no known connections to:

Dr. Marney

Dr. Terrance Marney

The creator of the Half-Men, Dr. Terrance Marney spent several years of research perfecting the cloning method that would yield a new man. He dubbed the first of his creations "Andrew". He also developed the process that would advance the Half-Men's aging to an adult in just 12 days. He felt affection for his "sons" and stood by them despite the discrimination.


--Uncanny Tales I#22/3

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Crypt of Shadows#9/3, p1, pan1 (main image)

p4, pan3 (Andrew smoking)
p2, pan6 (showing ID tattoos)
p2, pan5 (Dr. Marney)

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