Real Name: Alex Grimond

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Foreigner

Enemies: Errol Duke (Foreigner doppelganger), guards of the Foreigner

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Foreigner (as a doppelganger)

Base of Operations: Estate of the Foreigner

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#142/4 (late November, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: He used following technologies and weapons:

with the artificially duplicated powers of the Foreigner:
He was able to hypnotize opponents for a short time and possessed superhuman strength when he was focused on it. He probably had other equipment on him which he didn't use in this story.

History: (MCP#142/4 (fb)) - Alex Grimond wanted to become the most sought-after assassin in the world by killing the head of the assassins' guild known as the 1400 Club. His target was the Foreigner. For some time he observed the estate of the Foreigner. He knew everything about it and even taped the codes the guards used a night before he started his attempt to kill the Foreigner.

(MCP#142/4) - The night to kill the Foreigner finally came and the first problem for Alex was the dogs which were so well trained that they didn't touch the doped meat. He had to use his tranquilizer gun to put them out. He then used his infrared vision to see the alarm beams. He passed them and the razor wired wall. He listened to the guards and they were using the same codes as the night before. He broke the neck of one guard and used a tape he made the last night to continue the reports of the dead guard. Alex activated his chameleon suit. He only had two-point-one-five seconds to cover the distance to the house because the sensors in the gargoyles would detect the output of the suit's power source if it was activated any longer. Alex made it and entered the house. He saw the Foreigner and opened fire on him. The Foreigner ducked his shot and attacked Alex with a kick. Alex lost his gun. The Foreigner's attempt to use his hypnotic zap via eye contact failed because of the angled lenses in Alex's goggles. He tried to hit the Foreigner with his elbow and nearly broke it on the Foreigner's body armor. Alex hit the Foreigner with a billiard ball on the chin and threw three more after him which didn't hit the target. Now Alex was on the defensive and got caught by metallic claws that came from the bar. Foreigner wanted to smash him with the billiard table, but Alex used his Chameleon Suit to break the concentration of the Foreigner with light beams and he dropped the table. Alex freed himself from the metallic claws and threw a billiard cue through the chest of the Foreigner. Alex Grimond was victorious and thought for one second that he was now the greatest assassin on the world. Suddenly the real Foreigner came through the door and told him that this was just a step into the right direction. Alex had killed a doppelganger who had previously tried the same thing as Alex - to kill the Foreigner. The Foreigner told Alex that he would get a chance to qualify himself for the 100 (see comments) Club which surprised Alex. The Foreigner would give him the means to artificially duplicate his powers and all Alex had to do was to survive the next young assassin who tried to kill the Foreigner.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman & Derek Yaniger

He probably did take the opportunity, but we will never know if he made it or if he was killed like his predecessor.

1400 Club? 100 Club? Alex thought there were 1400 members, but in the end there were just 100. No explanation was given in this story, but probably somewhere else.
    I'm pretty certain it is called the 1400 Club everywhere else. Probably just a typo...or a lettero.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Alex Grimond has no known connections to

Errol Duke has no known connections to

Errol Duke

Errol Duke was the predecessor of Alex Grimond. He tried to kill the Foreigner, but he only succeeded to kill another doppelganger and had to become a doppelganger of the Foreigner himself to become a member of the 100 Club. He was able to duck the first shot of Alex and gave him a good fight, but in the end he was killed by Alex with a cue. He never made it to the 100 Club.

--Marvel Comics Presents#142/4

Marvel Comics Presents#142, barcode side, p10, pan1 (main image)
Marvel Comics Presents#142, barcode side, p14, pan2 (head shot)
Marvel Comics Presents#142, barcode side, p16, pan3 (Errol Duke)

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