Real Name: Jacqueline Davenport

Identity/Class: Human Psychopath

Occupation: Doctor/Serial Killer

Affiliations: Nightcrawler, Harry Flanagan and other pimps

Enemies: see Affiliations

Known Relatives: a dead unnamed sister

Aliases: Jackie the Ripper

Base of Operations: London, England

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#110/2 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: None. She has all the abilities of a good doctor and is therefore well trained in the use of scalpels or other sharp instruments like knives.

History: Her sister was a prostitute and died of an overdose a month before. Jacqueline wanted to avenge her sister and started killing pimps.

(MCP#110/2) - The Ripper tried to kill another pimp, but this time Nightcrawler was around, and the Ripper had to run away. Shortly after Jacqueline arrived with her instruments and pretended to help the pimp. Jacqueline instead killed the pimp with her scalpel, while Nightcrawler held back the audience with the police. Later, she talked with Nightcrawler about the Ripper in a bar, and told him that the Ripper could be Harry Flanagan, one of the more successful pimps around. Jacqueline and Nightcrawler followed Harry, and he ran away from them. He fell over a trash can, and Jacqueline pretended to help him. She told Nightcrawler that she heard someone crying for help, and so he left to check it out. Jacqueline put on her trench coat and tried to attack Harry, but Nightcrawler returned and stopped her. She told Nightcrawler the story of her sister, and then attempted to attack Nightcrawler, but ran into a wall. Jacqueline was taken into custody.






Comments: Created by Barry Dutter and Mark Runyan

Profile by Markus Raymond

CLARIFICATIONS: Ripper should not be confused with:

Nightcrawler aka. Kurt Wagner should not be confused with: Harry Flanagan should not be confused with:

Harry Flanagan

He was one of the more successful pimps in London and business didn't get worse for him, when the killings started. It got worse when he fled from Nightcrawler and Jacqueline and fell over a trash can. Jacqueline turned into the Ripper and tried to kill him. Harry was saved by Nightcrawler and couldn't resist showing his luck in front of Nightcrawler. The hero threatened Harry to leave the pimp business and Harry decided to leave London and get a job at his cousin's bakery in Cambridge.

--Marvel Comics Presents#110/2



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